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Earn ₦20,000 For Every Paying Student You Refer.

Turn your social networks, your blog, and your contact lists into money by sharing with your friends and contacts to attend our digital marketing course, and we’ll make it worth your while with a reward of ₦20,000 for every paying student you refer (Plus the person you refer will get ₦10,000 discount to boost your conversion making you more money).


Meet Oluwaseun Oyedokun who is earning over ₦40,000 monthly just by referring our digital marketing course.

He earned over ₦520,000 last year

"I always refer 2 to 3 people to attend the digital marketing skill institute course every month and my referrals love the course. They come to tell me how wonderful, impactful and interactive the course was. Even my referrals are now also referring their friends and contacts to attend the course and earning their own referral commission now. The best part is that Digital Marketing Skill Institute pays you your referral commission within 24 hours."

Oluwaseun Oyedokun

Why you should join our affiliate program?

We believe that a recommendation from our fans, followers, and course graduates is the best marketing we can ever receive. So for every referred student, we’ll reward you with ₦20,000 each for every paying student. Our mission is to help people succeed in their business or career. Come join us!

Enjoy unlimited commissions

The more students you refer, the more you earn – we give you ₦20,000 for every additional paying student. Plain and simple.

Get Paid within 24 Hours

Once the student you refer pays us you will get paid within 24 hours. Why not earn an extra ₦20,000 each time you refer someone that pays for our course!

Get top notch support from our dedicated affiliate manager

Maximize your earning potential with our amazing support. If you have questions, just reach out. We're here to help! Our dedicated affiliate manager can answer your questions and work with you on strategies to help you and your referrals get the most from our course.

Exclusive Affiliate Strategies and Tips

Strategies and Tips you can use immediately to double or triple your earning. As an affiliate, you’ll receive access to a special affiliate marketing strategies and tips with important product updates and promotion techniques to grow your blog, social media and so on.

Free to Join

It's free to become our affiliate marketer and join our referral community. It only takes minutes to sign up and start promoting.

Proven Results

Enjoy easy conversion from your efforts as it is easy to sell a course that is significantly better than other courses and people love our course.

Creatives and Content

You need the right promotional materials. We provide you with high-performing ads and engaging content you can use to consistently reach out to your audience and add value.

Get the resources you need

We give you the resources you need to be successful in promoting Digital Marketing Skill Institute.

The easiest way to make ₦20,000

How does it work?

Apply to be our affiliate partner, if approved, we will give you a unique affiliate code with tips on how to promote our digital marketing course.

All you need to do is tell the people you know who might be interested and can afford (₦200,000) our digital marketing course.

Next, give the person our contact details with your unique affiliate code to contact us and get a discount ₦10,000 (you can also send us the name, phone number and email of the person you are referring with your unique affiliate code - We will contact them and do the rest).

The unique affiliate code will let us know you are the referral and the ₦10,000 discount will encourage the person you referring to use the unique affiliate code as well as it will boost conversion.

Example: Use this code xxxxxxxxx to get ₦10,000 discount of the digital marketing course.

Immediately the payment is made, we will inform you and pay you your ₦20,000 commission.

In essence, when the person you refer pays for our course, you get paid ₦20,000 within 24 hours.

Do not worry, the person you refer will love our course, Click here to download our brochure that talks about what the people you refer will get when they register for our course in comparison with other courses out there - the difference is clear (plus we will give you resources to that will yield high conversion for you).

We know you are thinking, how will I know when someone I refer pays? Well, you can always contact them. And most importantly, we take our partnership very seriously and also ensure you get paid within the next 24 hours even before the person you referred tells you he has paid for our digital marketing course (however, it is important you let us know of your referrals).

We would also send you an email like this:

Email Title: Congrats! You just got paid ₦20,000


You referred Eniola to us, and she has paid us. So, we have paid you ₦20,000 to the Zenith Bank Account you gave us.

Keep up the good work, you are on your way to earning ₦1,000,000 this year! Your total earning so far is ₦200,000.

Do not forget, the more people you refer that pay to us, the more ₦20,000 payment you can receive from us.

This month the top earner has made ₦140,000, you too can achieve this as well.

Note: We would remove you from the partnership if you send more than 3 unserious people or people that are not interested in our course (you must have spoken to them and they must have shown significant interest).


The easiest way to make ₦20,000