Digital Marketing Courses in Nigeria: Top digital marketing courses       
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December 5, 2016
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Digital Marketing Courses in Nigeria: Top digital marketing courses   

Digital Marketing

We are not bluffing; 15 out of every 20 inquiries we get through the back end of our website are training on digital marketing courses. a sound incredible, but that is just the simple truth.

We also get enquiries in other aspects too, such as developing a digital marketing strategy for a firm, or for an eCommerce website, as well as managing digital marketing campaigns for a company and amongst others things.

There are a quite a lot of digital marketing courses newbie can go for, but there seem to be some particular set of courses that appear inevitable as far as digital marketing is concerned.

Meanwhile, this is a field that is quite fascinating for any Nigerian who is trying to make headway in the career.

Anybody that is gearing towards digital marketing is not making a mistake especially in countries like Nigeria where Digital marketing is still thriving.

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The existing digital marketing professionals who know their onus are quite not doing badly. We have trained some in the past, and they are doing impressively well.

One thing is just into, as a digital marketer you are a like a hot cake in the industry, for those that are yet to make a move, this is just the right time to take the bold step.

At the end of taking some basic digital marketing courses which we will treat below, you can set up your digital marketing agency, work as a freelancer, work for a firm or even work as a consultant.

You can imagine how much you could get if you are consulting for a firm, company or even an eCommerce website.

That’s quite lots of money. The money can sustain you for months, though it depends on the business and how much you can manage.

Talking about the significance of attending a digital marketing course or training to organisations, they are quite enormous.

For instance, at the moment digital marketing is very vital to adding value to ROI; site.

Digital marketing course is recommendable for a variety of professions and all levels of marketing experience.

Digital marketing is very broad in nature with different courses in it, but you will learn how to effectively integrate digital marketing methodology into overall marketing strategy and maximize your company’s digital marketing performance.

Digital marketing is very broad in nature with different courses in it, but you will learn how to effectively integrate digital marketing methodology into overall marketing strategy and maximise your company’s digital marketing… Click To Tweet

Whether you are a business owner who wants to improve your online engagement or a complete beginner, attending a digital marketing course would be of immense payback.

However, apart from all of the courses, we offer different professionals training for every participant of our training.

At the end of the digital marketing course, you would realize that you have been getting a whole lot of things wrong.

You conception and idea creation process about social media marketing, for instance, would change.

Why did I say that? In Nigeria, people think that digital marketing is about posting on Facebook and Instagram.

Also, our training is taught by digital marketing experts that are active in the digital marketing industry which means you learn up-to-date with a degree of authority from an expert that know what they are talking about.

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Email Marketing Course


The email marketing course is not broad like other digital marketing courses. You can learn within a day or 2 days what it takes to design a befitting newsletter a company where you work or for yourself.

Email marketing training offers you the opportunity to keep pace with all the digital marketing trends affecting email marketing.

There are lots of email marketing software you can use to design newsletters such as mailerlite, Aweber, MailChimp or Getresponse.

Meanwhile, there are rules as well regarding how you use these digital marketing tools and you are meant to comply.

Sending effective email marketing campaign can tremendously skyrocket conversion rate.

Students or trainees will understand the how to use email marketing grow opt-in databases, craft highly-targeted and optimised direct email marketing campaigns to drive ROI, and you will also  figure out why email marketing is such an important marketing channel.

Google Analytics Course


Google Analytics is one of the most used web analytics and not just the most used; it is one of the most powerful and useful digital tools available to industries.

With the proper understanding of Google analytics, you would be able to measure and improve your online marketing efforts.

However, taking the Google Analytics course will help you to better understand the activities of your customers, potential customers and even competitors to and around your website.

Search Engine Optimization Course


Even as blogger or a company you want your website to be visible enough for search engine results and ranking.

You can get your site found or rank for keywords that are relevant to your industry if you have the search engine optimisation skill.

People come on Google to make enquiries every second using specific keywords if you are ranking for those keywords, once they search for those keywords your website becomes visible.

For you to be able to rank for these keywords you have to embed some SEO tricks in it. What are these tricks? Your website must be well optimized, up to date and other key feature necessary for search engine visibility.

Although, you will learn from search industry experts that will help you understand not just how to optimise websites but how to measure, analyze and improve your contents for sustainable results.

Google Adwords (Pay Per Click)

Even if you decide to run a private digital marketing agency attending the Pay Per Click course would be an advantage as well. There is no way you can even run a digital marketing agency without running an online advertisement.

With Google AdWords course, we will help you drive targeted traffic to your website and get necessary conversions from the target customers.

Meanwhile, you will get to know how to analyse what it means, so you know which of your marketing initiatives lead to traffic and conversions.

This means you can confidently concentrate your time and resources on what has the best ROI.

The Google Adwords course entails showing you can set up an online advertising campaign, as well as managing budgets.

Adwords training student will have a clear understanding of the essentials of fundamentals of PPC, effective keyword research, targeting Ads, how to measure and analyse their effectiveness by exporting detailed campaign management reports.

Content Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Courses in Nigeria

No content, no digital marketing.  Content is what actually creates the awareness in long term. Content marketing is virtually applicable in aspects of digital marketing.

Content marketing can drive more traffic to your website; improve brand recognition, also a great way of indicating your industry expertise and passing on your message.

This is not just where it stops; it has become an inevitable tool for search engine visibility.

Preparing the trainees with current information and skills in content marketing remains a core service part of our services.

This expertise will incorporate content across several digital channels to accomplish the defined objectives.

Social Media Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Courses in Nigeria

Social media marketing course is another course that is common amongst all the digital courses.

Social media course gives you an insight on how the social media platforms work; you would be able to understand where to find your target market, target audience as well.

There are other tools associated with the social media such as the Hootsuite. This tool basically allows you to share contents on different social media accounts. It could be used personally or for the company.

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