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At Digital Marketing Skill Institute, Our single ultimate goal is to help and empower 10,000 people by year 2022 to start, grow and scale profitable and successful businesses or careers using smart digital marketing skills, channels and strategies.

This is a big deal for us because what we do does not just impact the people we help but the people that work for them, their family and even their customers. Most importantly what we do creates jobs.

Top decision makers and employees from these great companies choose us over other companies: World Bank, Lagos State, Suzuki Nigeria, Boulos Enterprises Limited, Google, Spectranet, Heir Holdings, UAC of Nigeria, GTBank, Sterling Bank, Wema Bank, Diamond Bank, Chi Limited and much more.

About the Role

You are in charge of conversion and retention of students, affiliate partners, corporate clients, corporate partnership and sponsorship. This means that you’ll drive our growth engine by building deep relationships with all our stakeholders.

You will perform one of the most important roles at DigitalMarketingSkill Institute Services Limited. You will learn from experience – your role works closely with and reports directly to the CEO and Founder.

Job Benefits

Great health, dental, vision, & life insurance plans – We want our team to be healthy always and financially protected.

Pension Plan — We want to help our team save for retirement! We add 10% of your salary monthly into your pension plan.

Education reimbursement — Learning is very important in our culture! Based on approval, we reimbursement you to encourage you to buy books, listen to webinars, and purchase materials that will help you grow professionally and personally.

Internet Allowance — We want you to be connected always – we pay for your internet monthly.

Accommodation Allowance – Monthly we pay some money in a accommodation target account to ensure you do not become homeless.

2 Weeks Paid Time Off & Sick Days – Burnout is the number one killer of creativity and productivity, so we encourage our team to take some well deserved time off (entitled to this after 1 year employment).

Yearly Performance Bonus – Earn big fat payout based on your performance for the year.

Free access to our courses – you will enjoy access to our courses during your time with us.


This involves (Your day-to-day responsibilities will shift and grow but to start with):

1. Daily effective follow-up with aspiring students and corporate clients to convert and retain them.

2. You will ensure that all students receive the best possible learning experience – take responsibility for addressing the learning needs of all students. Ensure that everything required for a smooth training is in place at all times.

3. Develop and manage training products and schedules.

4. Develop, implement and manage strategies to acquire and retain valuable corporate clients for in-house training and empowerment sponsorship.

4. Develop, implement and manage strategies to acquire and retain valuable strategic partnership with university to promote our course for their graduates.

5. Develop, implement and manage strategies to grow an affiliate partner network that will promote our course for commission.

6. Develop, implement and manage strategies for strategic partners to share a valuable in partnership with us to their audience.

7. Develop, implement and manage strategies to grow our hiring network.

8. Plan and excute Digital Marketing Growth Acceleration Conference yearly.

9. Plan and excute charity fundraising initiative where we sell one of our products to raise fund for a charity (money goes directly to charity).

10. Plan and excute impact day and meetup event.

11. Prepare and deliver engaging and confident presentations (both at one-to-one level and at a much larger scale) about our company and it services.

12. Develop and implement a systematic and efficient strategy to identify prospective new corporate partners, negotiate new partnerships and win their support.

13. Execute strategic projects that involve partners.

14. Planning and executing events for the company.

15. Develop, implement and manage strategies for training partnership with chambers of commerce, associations, industry events, business groups and so on.

16. Develop, implement and manage strategies to partner with agency.

The qualities we look for

We’ve built a company that embodies the qualities we look for:

We’ve never raised a dime of venture capital — 100% of our business is funded by our customers — which gives us the ability to think long term and build the industry’s highest-quality training and consulting products and deliver them with high standards.

We believe in scale. We’re not interested in vanity metrics but focused on actual results that are measurable that adds to our Return-On-Investment and impact lives.

We believe in being the best. In a world where companies compete with pricing, we believe in competing with value as this what makes us the best in the business and people will pay for value from the best.

We also look for special qualities in our teammates.

Solve hard problems. We’re driven by hard problems if they have a big payoff. The harder it gets, the more we shine. If you’re driven by tough intellectual and technical challenges, we’re interested in talking to you.

Move fast. This is a startup. We move fast and iterate. We appreciate time and we are efficient to the max. We spend our time taking productive action that is focused on long term goals. This isn’t a fit for everyone.

Be weird to push yourself beyond achievement. You have to be a little weird to work here. You have to be a little weird to push yourself when you’re already great. We get it and love it. So be weird. If you are not complacent then you’re in good company.

Avoid Excuses – We hate giving excuses and we are able to work with little or no supervision. We believe excuses limit our chances of succeeding. We love completing tasks because there is no success without completing task successfully. If you hate excuses like we do then this is a good fit for you.

Work hard in a Smart way – We work hard in a better and smart way to get awesome results without wasting time and other resources. We are big believers in the power of keeping it simple. We take difficult problems and make them simple. When we get a task, we think of the simplest and fastest way to accomplish it. We take our time to do research, discuss it with colleagues and then choose the solution that is both simple and genius. If you are hard working then this is for you.

Pay attention to the details – We keep attention to details because this is what differentiate us from the rest. We believe that great customer experience is about details. Do you pay attention to details? If you said yes then apply.

Be Passionate about Digital Marketing Skill Institute, Digital Marketing and Our Clients:  We are inspired because we believe in what we do and the impact we make. We put all our heart into getting results for our clients. We really give a damn about our company, digital marketing, and clients and we think about it 24/7, it’s not just another job, but it’s a mission to show the world what we can do. We are proud to talk about digital marketing, our company and the results we get for our clients even if you wake us up in the middle of the night. If you are passionate about digital marketing and joining our team then we want to talk to you.

Be Positive – We believe in the law of attraction. We understand that positive thoughts will help us reach our goals faster. Therefore, negative attitude will only lead to failure. We don’t take ‘it is not possible” for an answer. Anything is possible if we set our mind on it and work hard in a smart way. If you think positive alway then we want to talk to you.


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Position: Course Manager - Retail and Corporate

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