Social Media Marketing in Nigeria: Choosing the right platform
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April 18, 2016
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April 27, 2016

Social Media Marketing in Nigeria: Choosing the right platform

The climate of social media in Nigeria has changed since it was ever created. Social media isn’t just another tool to communicate and talk with your friends, but it has grown to become this amazing opportunity to create an experience for your target audience, engage with them and boost your bottom line.

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With the growth of social media, it has also come with some complications, a lot of business owners are confused on which platforms they need to concentrate their campaign efforts on. Do you pay attention to Pinterest or Instagram? Twitter or whatsapp, google+ or facebook, how about LinkedIn?

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It’s hard making the right choice on which platform will drive the most ROI on time and money invested into it. With all of the great options available for a business, you have to choose wisely.

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That’s why we’ve created this straight-forward guide to direct you on what you need to do to choose the best social media platform, no matter what business you’re into.

Do You need to Choose Just one?

People use various social media channels for various reasons. For example, I use facebook to connect with my family and friends and possibly share memories of pictures, videos and just essentially keep up with the interesting things that are going on in the lives of my friends.

On the hand I use linkedIn to connect with CEO’s, Editor’s and other people that will find my business proposition valuable.

Whichever platform you choose to use, it’s important to understand where your target audience are doing and the platforms they frequently use.

The amazing thing about having a multi-platform strategy is you get to reach as many clients as possible that are engaging on all these other social media channels.

If you have the strength and capacity to maintain a multi-platform strategy then there’s nothing wrong with that. But any business lacking the resources to maintain several social media platforms will find it very difficult to succeed in their social media campaigns.

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So if you are a small company, it might be best to take it easy, start and perfect one social media platform before jumping to others, most people underestimate what it takes to make one successful.

The truth is, at the end of the day, what’s most important is, whichever platform you choose to roll with, you must always, put out relevant and quality content on a consistent basis. Always engaging, always active and always producing content.

How necessary is Facebook?

Well, according to statistics Facebook has over 1.15 billion users, the closest social media platform in terms of users is google+ with over 350 millions users. There is almost no comparison when it comes to the power of reach that facebook has over these other social media platforms.

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Another thing, the data that you have access to is exceptional from age, location, interests, behaviours, demographics, and so much more, you can use all of this insights to find a more targeted reach of users.

the disadvantage of this really lies in the fact that facebook organic reach has been decreasing gradually, now it’s down to ten percent. It’s very hard for a brand to gain visibility except they push their purses.

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It’s a “pay for audience” game and for new brands just stepping into the market, it’s a bit hard for this brands to push an advertising budget.

And the big brands have the big bucks, so getting visible is quite a challenge due to a high stake of competition, except you are a very low competitive.

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Other Possible Platforms for social media strategy

There are other possible options where you can reach your desired target audience, you just need to figure out where they hang out and engage them through that platform.

A great way to go about this is to model what others are doing. A simple competitor/peer report will work in this instance.

This involves researching which social media platforms your direct and indirect competitors are very active on. Benchmark international and local competitors to see get more ideas of trends.

In your report state whether they operate one social media platform or several social media platforms, which of this platforms are they getting most engagement. You can use tools such as to analyse their website and see which platforms are responsible for their social traffic.

You can use tools such as to analyse their website and see which platforms are responsible for… Click To Tweet

You can also ask your customers via email, which platforms they would like to use to interact with a brand of yours, which social media platform they like best and more questions to understand their reasons for choosing certain social platforms.

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What’s your ultimate goals for being on social media?

It’s very important that before you go about creating a social media strategy, that you know what you’re ultimate goal is. Try going beyond engagement and seeking growth, what else are you trying to achieve, what’s the ultimate goal at the end of the line.

Different businesses have different goals and these goals translate differently in terms of strategy on how to implement them. For example, some companies have the goal to drive just sales and profit towards their bottom line.

And their goal is to drive engagement to increase revenue, that’s what most companies are going for.

Now there are other services that are going for building a very deep rapport and connection with their customers, and they want to build an experience with their customers.

Both of these objectives are very important and well it all depends on your business and the particular objectives you are trying to achieve at some point.

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