Digital Marketing Corporate Training

Looking to train your team to double your business profits and drive rapid profitable business growth online?

Then you’re in the right place. Here at Digital Marketing Skill Institute, your team will get hands-on expertise, personal attention and 1 year support and coaching from real digital marketing experts with both local and international experience. We will give your team the tools they need to develop, implement & optimize a winning high-growth strategy and plan that’s tailor-made for YOUR business to drive rapid profitable business growth online.

We are a LinkedIn Authorized Education Provider that have trained people from some of the best and multinational companies.

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Get Better Value from Agencies and Your Marketing

At Digital Marketing Skill Institute, we’re all about training your team to build, implement and optimize tailored strategies that work for *your* business to drive rapid growth. And we created this company because we’re tired of seeing this happen:
If you and your team do not understand digital marketing, you will waste a lot of money and time. You will also be vulnerable to being billed far more than you should need to pay by agencies or being presented with fabricated reports and key performance indicators that do not matter.
For example, you can be billed for an advert placement online that will not drive you any return on investment or you get a fake budget spend report at the end of the campaign or simply spending a lot of time and money on digital marketing activities that will not drive you any return on investment (ROI).
Most of our clients come to us after they have experienced one or more of these issues, we strongly recommend that you and your team get the right training from us to avoid these issues and more, it will give you a clear road map to a better brand awareness and revenue growth online for your company.
You will avoid costly mistakes and save a lot of time and money.

More profit because your team are only implementing what is working and not wasting your money on strategies that do not work.

Nearly all of our clients have in-house digital marketing teams, and nearly every corporate client has one or more agencies at their disposal. Digital Marketing Skill Institute does not compete against these existing resources; we make them better.
Social likes, followers, traffic and rankings are great, but if those visitors, likes or followers don’t convert into actual customers or leads, it doesn’t matter.
Think about this as well, it is very easy to buy likes or impressions so, most agencies and in-house team will always show you the numbers but then you have no customers or even a chance of making sales.
Even if your campaign is to build brand awareness, you need to make sure your awareness is within the right target audience and it makes the impact required. Most companies spend a lot of money on awareness campaign but still a lot of people still do not know them, they must be doing something wrong.
Specifically, we will focus on how your digital marketing campaign can drive you maximum revenue, not just traffic or vanity matrix. This is because if those visitors don’t convert into actual customers or leads or impact your sales, it doesn’t matter.
This way not only will you enjoy better employee retention and happiness since your team is growing but you will also turn them to asset that generate profitable revenues for your company compare to the salary you pay them and the investment you make in them. We will help you build a rock-star marketing team that gets results.

Help your team overcome any road blocks that they might come across while trying to implement digital marketing strategies.

Although our corporate training is VERY thorough and in step-by-step format, we are sure that a question or two will pop up as you and your team implement and practice the strategy, techniques and skills learnt.
That’s why we are offering you access to our coaching community - to share, learn and help one another. The coaching community provides members with access to hundreds of digital marketers (experts and past students) who have done what you’re trying to do, have worked in your industry and who can pull from valuable experience.
You can just ask your question in the coaching community and you’ll get a detailed answer back from us or other members. Simple and easy
Our Coaching Community will guide you through your learning experience, providing you with the latest news, updates and advice on digital marketing. It will allow you to connect with other present and past students to share ideas, ask questions and receive feedback.
Get answers: Our expert team and past students are always on hand to answer your questions.Whatever your problem, someone else has already dealt with it.
Get your campaign/funnel critiqued: A second (third, fourth) pair of eyes can help spot problems you might have missed in your digital marketing campaign or funnel.
Get motivated: Chat with members who are already achieving results - who have done what you’re trying to do, have worked in your industry and who can pull from valuable experience.
Stay On Top of Changes: One of the primary challenges for Digital Marketers is that the tools and strategies are constantly changing. Keep up with the changes, thanks to daily and weekly updates in the group of what is new, working and not working.

Leverage Our Proven and Tested Training Built With Industry Experts to Transform Your Team Into a Digital Marketing Dream Team That Gets You Lead and Sales


2 Days | ₦800,000 | 1 Year Online Support and Coaching Inclusive | Max of 20 People Per Class
Businesses can't afford not to be active on social media. Having a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account keeps you tuned into your customer base and helps drive traffic to your website or brick-and-mortar store.
Learn what it takes to be successful at social media marketing, turning total strangers into followers and then loyal customers. In this training our digital marketing expert will explain the key terms and definitions (everything from Social Media SEO to hashtags) and tells you how to start finding your target audience on social media and getting them to turn to leads and loyal customers that advocate your brands.
Learn how to make an action plan and calendar that outlines your goals, and budget. You and your team will learn about what content to publish where and the tools you need to measure the success of your efforts.


1 Day | ₦500,000 | 1 Year Online Support and Coaching Inclusive | Max of 20 People Per Class
As a business, you might be offering an amazing product or service but booking that first meeting or making that first sale with your dream clients is usually the hardest part.
Most people aimlessly try finding new clients by cold calling or going to networking events, which we all know can lead to inconsistent results, and frankly, can be a huge waste of time. There has to be a better way, right?
Fortunately, there is a PROVEN method top sales people, recruiters, and entrepreneurs having been using to schedule appointments and increase sales with their dream clients for years, and this is where our experts come in to teach you practical ways of generating leads and nurturing them for maximum results and great ROI.
You will also learn how to effectively carry out Email marketing, architect the perfect promotional calendar and how to use automated email marketing to Literally “sell while you sleep”, as email marketing remains the highest performing digital tactic for building awareness, boosting acquisition and increasing conversion.
At the end of the training you will be able to effectively monetize any email list, while simultaneously increasing returning purchases and referrals with your leads and customers.


2 Days | ₦800,000 | 1 Year Online Support and Coaching Inclusive | Max of 20 People Per Class
As a business owner you need to place your business in front of highly qualified customers.
Online advertising gives your business added exposure online, and can be focused in your area and in your market, it can connect you directly with consumers and connect those consumers directly to your business online or even send them there in person.
In our training you will learn how to create highly optimized and high quality paid ads on all Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter and LinkedIn, run search engine marketing campaigns on Google AdWords to get best possible results, apply techniques for great ROI for your online sales, lead generation or brand building.
You will also learn how to create effective adverts that grab people’s attention which will increase your website traffic and write emotion-based descriptions to help potential buyers visualize themselves owning and benefiting from your product or service.


1 Day | ₦500,000 | 1 Year Online Support and Coaching Inclusive | Max of 20 People Per Class
As a business it is critically important to the success of your marketing, sales, product development, and delivery of services that you have a deep understanding of who your customer avatar is. You've likely heard the phrase, "You can't hit a target you haven't set." This applies perfectly to the importance of having a clearly defined customer avatar.
Here, our experts will be training you on the psychology of turning your product from "nice to have" to a solution your market has the "burning desire" to pay for.
How to create a customer avatar that represents all your ideal customers and attract them instantly. How to determine which social platforms they are spending time on so you know where your business should be present and active.
Be more effective in your advertising. So that when you know where to advertise and who to target for maximum exposure. Write copies that connects with your business avatar, which will give you a better understanding of their pain points, goals, and successes. Deliver and develop better products and services because you are able to anticipate your markets’ needs, behaviors, and concerns.
It is clearly important for businesses to measure their competitors’ investment in social media therefore, knowing how effectively your competitors are promoting their content is the first step towards aligning your budget, so that you can gain exclusive insights into your competitors’ paid strategy and gain the competitive edge.
You will also be learning how to use some online tools to know how your competitors are spending, Measuring the effectiveness of their promoted content, identifying the type of contents your competitors invest in and visualizing robust competitive and industry benchmarks.


2 Days | ₦800,000 | 1 Year Online Support and Coaching Inclusive | Max of 20 People Per Class
We will equip you with the core understanding, technical know-how and insight to build and implement an SEO strategy that dramatically improves any website position and ranking with the most popular search engines. SEO is about attracting the right customers at the right time.
You will learn how to write contents that are SEO friendly and can convert site visitors into customers. You would also learn how to distribute this content effectively so they attract your ideal customers. We will teach you how to grow any company's customer base, sales and revenue through blogging, and content marketing.
Also, how to use blogging and content marketing to improve your search result ranking and drive more traffic. You'll also learn how to leverage "other people's content" to generate free, organic leads while simultaneously building your brand's value and authority.


1 Day | ₦500,000 | 1 Year Online Support and Coaching Inclusive | Max of 20 People Per Class
As a business it is never enough to just run web and social campaigns without tracking, measuring and optimizing it for success and greater ROI. What you will be learning in this training is how to set up, test, track and optimize campaigns on web and socials such as your website, Facebook and Instagram to establish campaign goals, KPIs and other important metrics to track
Incorporate Google Analytics into your campaigns to view overall traffic sources that deliver visitors to your site. Optimize your campaigns through methodical A/B split testing and convert social and web data to marketing insights to keep you ahead of competition.

Not Sure Which Training Is Best for the Next Level of Growth You are Looking for in Your Business?

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You might not know what you need next to achieve the growth that you need – and that’s OK! Just answer a few quick questions to tell us more about your business, and we will help you decide which training will make the biggest impact in your company.