Join Our Winning Team

Would you like to join a team and learn more in 3 months than you did all of last year while helping millions of people improve their finances, start  and grow a business, and find their dream jobs — and see the results of your work in under a week. We are a performance focused, OKR-oriented team.


It’s a simple, but powerful mission: Our single ultimate goal is to help and empower 1 million people by 2030 to start, grow and scale wildly profitable business and career using digital marketing across the globe.

It’s an important mission, and it’s one we’re committed to because we sincerely believe it can change the world.

This is a big deal for us because what we do does not just impact the people we help, but the people that work for them, their families and even their customers. 

Most importantly what we do creates jobs.

If we achieve this goal, we will add millions of jobs, and millions of money to the economy.


We’ve never raised a dime of venture capital — 100% of our business is funded by our customers — which gives us the ability to focus on the customer success and think long term while building the industry’s highest-quality training and consulting products and deliver them with high standards.

We believe in scale. We’re not interested in vanity metrics but focused on actual results that are measurable that adds to our Return-On-Investment and Impact Lives without limiting ourselves.

We believe in being the best. In a world where companies compete with pricing, we believe in competing with value as this what makes us the best in the business and people will pay for value from the best.


“Work harder in a smart way without excuses but with a focus on measurable results and rejecting the status quo while having fun doing the work you love”

You’ll be working with exceptional people

Learn to be the best in the world.

We’ll reveal every secret we’ve ever discovered about growing successful businesses. You get to be entrepreneurial but without the risk.

Be highly productive

You can spend the whole day doing productive work from home and the whole evening with your loved ones without facing traffic.

Work with great colleagues.

Learn from one of the world’s number-one team that are highly accomplished and who know their stuff. We have extremely collaborative culture.

Become fulfilled

Imagine what it will feel like knowing that what you do is changing someone else life for the better and you are getting rewarded for it.

Perks & Work Life

Beyond helping our customers become successful, we also offer some pretty great perks that promote work-life balance!


Great Health Insurance

We want our team to be healthy always and financially protected.


Personal development

Learning is very important in our culture! Based on approval, we reimburse you to encourage you to buy courses that will help you grow professionally and personally.


CUG Phone and Internet Allowance

We want you to be connected always – we pay for a CUG Phone with call and internet subscription monthly.


Annual Perks

We love our team members and want them to grow with us, which is why we offer annual perks. The longer you stay, the more attractive they get!


Free Daily Lunch

Catered lunch every day as well as snacks to keep you going when you work at the office.


Accommodation Allowance

We will support you with accommodation subsidy to the tune of ₦200,000 annually to ensure you do not become homeless.


2 Weeks Time Off

Burnout is the number one killer of creativity and productivity, so we encourage our team to take some well deserved time off.


Equipment Purchase

We are big on supporting and enabling team members by ensuring that they have access to the equipment necessary to execute their duties to meet their goals.


All Expense Paid Team Bonding Retreat

Company-paid retreats that we call staycations. We gather once a year for some days to work, learn and have fun together (Insane team outings).


Pension Scheme

We offer a pension plan and a generous employer match.



You have the freedom to take on and lead new projects within the company as long as they support our overall goals.


Access to our Courses

You will enjoy free access to our courses during your time with us.

*All perks and benefits are subjected to employee terms and conditions and company policy.

**Working at Digital Marketing Skill Institute (DMSI)  means being surrounded by smart, passionate people that love what they do and inspire us to do our best work at all times. Most importantly we have fun – click here to check out our 2020 team bonding retreat 

*** We are an equal opportunity employer that promote gender balance and our team comes from all walks of life, just like our students, who come from all backgrounds all over the world.

Our Team Values and Culture

We like people who know how to roll up their sleeves and make it happen. Overthinking isn’t what got here; taking action is what did!


Move Fast and Think Long Term

We take small steps but fast and iterate. We appreciate time and we are efficient to the max. We spend our time taking productive action that is focused on long term goals.We invest in things that matter long term.


Impact Driven

We are self-motivated to work beyond our assignments. Some days are busier than others. We want to want to make an impact hence we find other things to work on during down times that will help the company grow.



We are inspired because we believe in what we do and the impact we make. We put all our heart into getting results for our customers. We are proud to talk about digital marketing, our company and the results we get for our customers even if you wake us up in the middle of the night.


Work Harder in a Smart Way

We work very hard in a better and smart way to get awesome results without wasting time and other resources. When we get a task, we think of the simplest, smartest and fastest way to accomplish it without compromising on quality.


Push Beyond Achievement

You have to be a little weird to work here. You have to be a little weird to push yourself when you’re already great. We get it and love it. So be weird. We are not complacent, when we achieve a goal we raise the bar to a much higher goal. We continuously seek to improve ourselves.


No Excuses

We hate giving excuses and we are able to work with little or no supervision. We believe excuses limit our chances of succeeding and creativity. We understand that challenges will always come and we are ready to face them without excuses. We love completing tasks because there is no success without completing task successfully.


Solve Hard Problems

We’re driven by hard problems if they have a big payoff. The harder it gets, the more we shine. Can you figure out steps on how to execute a hard task on your own to meet a goal? We are driven by tough intellectual and technical challenges. If we see something that is not work we do not ignore it but find a solution for it.



We work hard to see everything through the eyes of our customers. It’s not easy (and we’re far from perfect), but we try to bake this customer-centric view into the way we operate. We keep attention to details to customer and believe that great customer experience is about details hence why we like to take feedbacks and address them immediately.


Strong Positive Spirit

We believe in the law of attraction and understand that positive thoughts will help us reach our goals faster. We don’t take ‘it is not possible” for an answer. Anything is possible if we set our mind on it and work hard in a smart way. We ask the right questions – “How can I make this possible” and Not “Is this possible? Because your answer will alway be NO and this will stop you from achieving results.


Learn and Share

We believe that it is through learning something new that brilliant ideas come up. We share our knowledge to help each other grow together. We love to research, read and learn something new and then apply it immediately into our work because we believe that learning without implementation is useless. We are very inquisitive and we like to ask questions to get a better understanding of things.


Keep Healthy and Love

We need everyone to be in the best shape and treat everyone with respect. We take care of our health and everyone around us. We do not spend all our time working, we ensure we eat well, sleep well and exercise well. If there are things that needs discussing, we are brave to bring it up. We want to cultivate an open environment, where everyone feels respected and heard.

What Our Employees Are Saying

Tobi Asehinde


The best gift a company can have is a dream team that is focused on GROWTH. I am building a company culture of working harder in a smart way and rewarding ourselves BIG to achieve more.

Working here gives me an all encompassing skills on how to start and scale a successful brand leveraging digital marketing. The ever fulfilling and consistent opportunity to impact profound knowledge into students is top notch. This makes you keep an open-mind to continue to improve on delivery at every point in time. You become so accountable for every efforts you made and get rewarded for it. The energy level is unmatched.

Moshood Atinshola

Getting to work with a highly motivating and result-driven team that debunks the "generic rules" of growth but get results through consistency, optimization and implementation. Also I love it here - because of the warmness of the team, the drive the team creates in you to achieve personal result and the absolute balance between work, life and fun and also seeing the company metamorphosing throw different growth stages is highly promising.


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