Helping You Start and Grow Successful Global Career and Businesses using Digital Marketing Skills

Gain the work experience, mentorship, and support you need to start and grow your business online using digital marketing skills. 

What is Digital Marketing Skill Institute all about?

We are an EdTech company that started from a Bedroom in the University that has grown to become a Global Business with over 115,384 people trained in over 37 countries and 4 continents and registered offices in the United States, the United Kingdom and Nigeria.

All this was achieved without never raising a dime of venture capital money — 100% of our business is funded by our customers — which gives us the ability to focus on the customer success and think long term while building the industry’s highest-quality training and consulting products and deliver them with high standards.

We believe in being the best. In a world where companies compete with pricing, we believe in competing with value as this is what makes us the best in the business and people will pay for value from the best.

Here's What We Do...

Digital Marketing Certification Course

Become an Internationally Certified Highly Paid and Sought-After Digital Marketer and position yourself to actually make money, get a well-paid job and boost any business sales and awareness faster… Practical Training with Personalised Support.

Corporate Program

We will give your team the skills, tools and support they need to develop, implement & optimize a winning high-growth strategy and plan that’s tailor-made for YOUR business to drive rapid profitable business growth online.

Government and CSR Partnership

Partnering with Government and Private Organisation to tackle unemployment by creating and sponsoring digital marketing program for young people in underserved communities to acquire digital skills and match them with jobs.

Our story

How we started and why we are doing what we do.


The journey started in a Bedroom in Portsmouth, United Kingdom.

My name is Tobi Asehinde and I started the journey with a website called during my master’s final year at the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom in my bedroom with just a laptop, a sofa, bed and internet connection.

Before I started, I teamed up with my flatmate to start an online hotel booking business and I lost my savings to a digital marketing firm that drove little or no results for the online business.

I became broke and frustrated that I took matters into my own hands and decided to learn digital marketing. I became obsessed and so passionate about digital marketing as I began to drive brand awareness, sales, and customer growth results for businesses that paid me very well.

It was then that I realised digital marketing could help all types of businesses grow quickly if only the right digital marketing strategy is implemented with the right skills and tools.

The best part is that people started paying me to help their business run effective digital marketing campaigns to grow their business and then I could afford to pay for the life I have always desired.

For that reason, a business was born to help and empower people acquire the right digital marketing skills to start, grow and scale a wildly profitable business and career using our proven digital marketing strategy that works to make money online.

Through a relentless ambition and focus on the ultimate goal to make people succeed online using digital marketing channels and strategies, I now have a brilliant team of experts globally with experience working with various clients both within Nigeria and internationally.


We changed name to Digital Marketing Skill Institute.

As part of our growth strategy, we saw a need to change name to power our  growth and registered the company in Nigeria as DigitalMarketingSkill Institute Services Limited.



We became a global Company

To further our growth, we registered our company with a registered office in the  United State of America. The company was registered as Digital Marketing Skill LLC.

This allowed us to reach more people outside Nigeria and today we have trained people in over 37 countries and 4 continents.


We Redefined our mission

It’s a simple, but powerful mission: Our single ultimate goal is to help and empower 1 million people by 2030 to start, grow and scale wildly profitable business and career using digital marketing across the globe.

We are achieving this by using digital technologies to accelerate the development of digital marketing talents and match them with companies globally either as employees or entrepreneurs (freelancer or agency) using artificial intelligence (AI).

It’s an important mission, and it’s one we’re committed to because we sincerely believe it can change the world.

This is a big deal for us because what we do does not just impact the people we help, but the people that work for them, their families and even their customers. Most importantly what we do creates jobs.

If we achieve this goal, we will add millions of jobs, and millions of money to the economy.


The Netherlands Government

With our mission in mind and to tackles unemployment, we partnered with the Challenge Fund For Youth Employment (CFYE), which is funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs to launch “Digital Marketing Women Employability and Entrepreneurship Programme (DM-WEEP)”, a programme designed to train, match and create digital marketing jobs for 4,500 women.

The Launch Of Accredital and Wizlancer

We are focus on the success of our learners hence why we launched 2 platforms to boost opportunities for our learners – Accredital platform connects companies to our well trained digital marketing talents for employment opportunities while Wizlancer Platform allows companies outsource digital marketing campaigns to our well-trained digital marketing talents. 


Expansion to The United Kingdom and Europe

Due to the impact we are making in the digital technology sector in Africa, our founder was endorsed as a UK Global Exceptional Talent in 2021 with the aim to expand the business to the United Kingdom (UK) and the entire of Europe. 

In January 2022, Digital Marketing Skill Institute in the United Kingdom was fully registered and birthed. Why is this important to you, taking our course now means you receive both the United States and United Kingdom Accredited Certification in Digital Marketing that’s globally recognised. 


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