Digital Entrepreneurship Online Training For 13-18 year olds

An online project-based program specially designed to teach teenagers to become digital technology entrepreneurs in the new digital economy. 

The world has become digitised and the internet has become part of our lives, therefore it is never too early for your teen to acquire digital technology and entrepreneurship skills.

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10 digital skills to unlock your teens potential to become a successful digital entrepreneur

Your Teen Could Be The Next Digital Technology CEO

Digital entrepreneurship skill is a program designed for teens between the ages of 13-18, to develop digital technology skills and learn how to monetise the skills profitably while building confidence in a globally digitalised world.

Your teen will learn digital technology and entrepreneurship skill to build a full-functioning website with a blog of their own, write contents on their website and rank their website on google while making money from Google Adsense. 

They will learn how to use social media to make money online while increase their productivity on social media platforms. 

The best part is that they can use this skill to grow your business using digital marketing. These skills will serve your teen profitably for many years to come.

Why are we so passionate about this program?

My name is Tobi Asehinde, Founder and CEO of Digital Marketing Skill Institute (DMSI), an EdTech company that uses digital technologies to accelerate the development of digital marketing talents and match them with organisations globally either as employees or entrepreneurs (freelancer or agency) using artificial intelligence (AI).

Let me share my digital entrepreneurship journey that started when I was 13 years old to starting and building a global EdTech company with over 115,384 people trained in over 37 countries and 4 continents and registered offices in the United States and Nigeria.

I was 13 years old when my parents brought a computer to the house and introduced me to the world of Digital Technology and Entrepreneur. I remember spending hours learning and this experience helped me start enterprises early in life.

Based  on my early start in building both digital technology and entrepreneurship skills, I started my first digital technology business when I was 20 years old during my master’s final year at the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom in my bedroom with just a laptop, a sofa, bed and internet connection.

I have been able to build a global business without never raising a dime of venture capital money.

I am forever grateful to my parents for giving me an early start in life. It is for this reason that we want other parents like yourself to give your child this life-changing opportunities to build their digital entrepreneurship skills.

An online program built upon real-world digital technology entrepreneurial concepts that schools won’t teach.

Digital Technology

We help teens develop relevant digital technology skill that will be of benefit to them in an ever growing digital world and economy.

Entrepreneuship Skill

We train teens to develop entrepreneurial and business skill which will help them turn their ideas into profitable business.

Creative thinking

We create an avenue that will help teens develop their minds and come with solutions to problems through hands-on practical project.

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We develop your teen potentials by training them in these digital technology and entrepreneurship skills.

Social Media Management

Your teens will learn how to use social media platforms such as Facebook,Instagram, and You-Tube in an effective and productive which will lead to income generation.Since, social media platform is now part of our everyday life this skill will help your teen communicate effective online and prepare them for future opportunities. Also in this digital age; this skill will be of relevance to them because the need for people who can manage social media platform is on the rise.

Social Media Advertising

Your teens will learn how to run ads on Social media platforms to create visibility for their interests or tell the world about a product they want to sell or services they want to offer. This skill can also be of an advantage to you as parent because with this skill they can help you promote your product and services online. So, with this skill your teen will spend their time online doing something profitable and it will help them develop analytic skill.

Web and eCommerce Development

Your teen will learn how to build websites and online shop practically and they will also build their own website or online shop. These skills can be used to build websites for you, others relatives and friends while getting paid to do so. These skills will result in problem solving and creative thinking.


Learning to write is one of the most important skills a teen can learn. Blogging is great for children to learn how to write effectively. It can help your teen develop confidence, get a sense of fulfilment after publishing their article; and become more creative.

How To Rank a Website on Google

The higher a website rank for a particular keyword, the more website traffic and money your teen can make from their website. We teach teen step-by-step process on how to improve the quality of a website and get the site to rank higher on Google and drive more traffic.

Monetisation of website through Google AdSense

Google AdSense can help your teen earn money from their website and blog. We teach teen how to monetise their website or blog content and start earning through the Google AdSense program.

Staying safe online

We teach teen how to stay safe while surfing the internet because as helpful as the internet might be; it can also be overwhelming and dangerous. Therefore, teaching your teen how to stay safe online is an important skill that can help protect them and they will know things to trust and not to trust and make better decisions while surfing the internet.


Your teen will be educated about how the digital technology business world works, how people and businesses make money online legitimately. Many studies show that learning about Entrepreneurship at an early age promotes leadership qualities and equips teen to do amazing things and nurtures them grow into a happy, successful adult.

What happens when your child gets started with this Digital Entrepreneurship Online Program for Teenagers?

It’s an online, practical training program that not only teaches teenagers about digital technology and entrepreneurship… But also sets them up to become successful, fulfilled individuals… Oh, and did we mention it’s FUN too?

Your teen will improve their love for learning while building confidence and self esteem.

Your teen will become more resilient and not be afraid to take on new challenges.

Your teen will be able to recognise opportunities, solve hard problems and start enterprises early in life.

Your teen will be able to set goals, sell themselves more and handle rejection.

Your teen will cultivate the essential tools of self-drive, determination, focus, and grit.

Your teen will break down the often-difficult concepts of business into bite-sized, easy-to-understand pieces.

Download Case-Study

Discover how 15 teenagers have become Millionaire Entrepreneurs Using digital skills.

How It Works - 100% Practical Online Training

Our uniquely-designed program for parents who are serious about teaching their teens what it takes to succeed in our global new digital age economy, equip them with the success skills while empowering and inspiring them to have fun learning about digital technology and entrepreneurship at a young age.


Online Pre-Recording Training Video

The course is broken down into simple, easy, and fun step by step instructional video that can be implemented immediately by your child. 


Implementation Coaching Classes

Your teen will join our LIVE coaching class on Monday to Saturday for 3pm – 5pm to implement with a coach and get support from anywhere in the world. 


Real-Life Based Practical Project

Your teen will implement real-life projects by building website, ranking the website and monetising the website while getting personalised feedback from us.


Earn an International Certification

Your teen will earn certificate they can be proud of and use to build their future career. Your child will be internationally certified as a Digital Entrepreneur and certificate will be verifiable globally.

Not to forget to add...

Exclusive Resources

Your teen will gain access to the best proven worksheets and activities that can help guide them to plan out their idea, launch their business, and help them master the game of digital technology entrepreneurship.

How to register your child today?

⚠️ You are saving: ₦65,000 ($110) if you pay before the early bird discount ends Today, May 19, 2024 ⚠️

Tuition Fees:₦100,000 ($200) Early Bird Discount: ₦45,000 ($90)

Training Starts: 16th August 2021 

Pay ₦45,000 into the institute’s account: Sterling Bank PLC / DigitalMarketingSkill Institute Services Limited / 0065324232.

After payment: email [email protected] with proof of payment with your name, phone number and teen name (Your teen must be between 13-18 years old).

Note: Additional 10% for 3 or more teen.

Pre-requisite: Basic Computer Skill, Laptop and Internet Connection.

Tool Requirement: To build a website, online shop or blog, a domain name and hosting is required however, we will provide temporary one for a period of 3 month. If you would want your teen to have their domain name using their name (for example: with hosting then you will need to purchase one using this videoclick here to watch how to buy your domain and hosting plan.

If you have questions, or just general inquiries about how the program works – Call 📞 0902 161 9466. We are happy to assist you

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