Building ecommerce sales funnel: 3 strategic tips ecommerce companies need to build their sales funnel in Nigeria
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Building ecommerce sales funnel: 3 strategic tips ecommerce companies need to build their sales funnel in Nigeria

If you are really poised to building ecommerce sales funnel you have to consider and handle all of the marketing instruments to create harmony.

I see building an effective sales funnel as an art of orchestration. Every company has a sales funnel, but business to business sales funnels is considered generally to be more complex than business to consumer. The basic steps could be the same just as the supporting sales and marketing activities in most companies.

On the other way round, most of the service businesses usually have diverse sales funnel. Some of these sales funnel could anchor on research, but the challenge here is that may not include an actual sales transaction.

The basic fundamental is that e-commerce sales funnel is the key to boosting the website’s performance. For instance if your business has a fantastic brand, the tendency becomes high that you have to be able to acquire customers.

And that will definitely help you in building an ecommerce sales funnel. Sometimes the challenge is that most of the ecommerce companies feel reluctant to spend money in terms of acquiring more customers.

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But basically, any ecommerce company that very much willing to spend money to acquire more customers and successfully converts them, wins in their niche of building an ecommerce sales funnel.


Fundamentally, there are certain very key important steps of a building sales funnel, yet most ecommerce companies aren’t implementing most of these procedures.

And apparently, they’re missing out on the ability to convert more customers cheaper and faster than everybody else. By implication, these ecommerce companies are also missing out of the long term return on investment these steps could fetch them.

In this article I will give strategic insights of converting visitors to customers, most effective conversation patterns, tested and proven strategies to help you in building your sales funnel.

There is no how you will follow the tips which an about to give to you without achieving results in building an ecommerce sales funnel for yourself.

Know your customers first


In building an effective ecommerce sales funnel, it is very important to first invest your time in order to identify who your target customers are. There is no how you can build you sales funnel without knowing your customers.

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There are various ways you can know and identify your target customers. For instance an ecommerce company might decide to find out how its customers finds out about their products or services One of the effective ways to do that is that you should be able to understand the dynamics of Google Adwords.

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For instance, as an ecommerce company, you can research this using the keyword tool within Google AdWords or any other search tools.

Drive them to your website

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Now that you have identified them, another task ahead is to make sure that your website becomes visible to the identified customers via the search engines. You also make sure that your website also becomes visible via other online sources such as the directories, affiliate sites, relevant blogs.

Just know that the goal here is for you to identify them and drive them to your website. This is just similar to driving online traffic; here are some of the strategies to drive them:

-Social media: You cannot build sales funnel without being active on the social media. You have to sure you are visible in the various social media sites. The more you appear on these social media platforms the more you are likely to improve your ecommerce sales funnel.

-Blog: In building ecommerce sales funnel, your blog must relevant and compelling enough to attract traffic.
-Content development: Create relevant videos, write ups, articles, infographics, and pictorials that would appeal to the needs of your customer. Update relevant information that supports your keywords, all these will appeal to your target customer.

-Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You have to be focusing on keywords; they are likely to draw visitors to your website. It makes your website rank high on Google search engine and that is a plus to building your ecommerce sales funnel.

Transform visitors into customers

If you have succeeded in doing the first step that I have discussed above, i.e. driving visitors to your website. There is no need to waste time; you just have to initiate strategies in keeping them engaged beyond their initial landing.

Sometimes it becomes very difficult to task to convince a visitor to your website whose intention wasn’t to buy in the first place to do this from the first visit. It is a very difficult task. But trust me; you would cross that bridge successfully.

Here are some of the key factors to turn visitors into prospects. There are no two way about it, the solution is just to focus on achieving intermediate goals. The goal here is to transform visitors to customers.

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However, you should also know that in this stage people are not ready to buy yet, they are just visitors. What you need to is to build a relationship with them.

You can also go to the extent of demanding for their email address. You can start by sending them email. The email is a very powerful tool in terms of its personalization attribute. The email has great Return on Investment (ROI) and often cost effective.

There are other tips you can use in achieving that such as site promotions, you try as much as possible to offer daily deals, such as free shipping or promotion that any customer could find appealing. And also feeding questions from customers such as phone calls instead of sending emails, but should be immediate responses.

Conclusively, these are tested and proven tips that will aid any ecommerce company to build and boost is sales funnel.


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