Digital marketing jobs in Nigeria : Breaking the jinx of unemployment with digital marketing
Digital marketing jobs in Nigeria
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January 13, 2016
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January 18, 2016
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Digital marketing jobs in Nigeria : Breaking the jinx of unemployment with digital marketing

There are two basic innovations that correlate with digital marketing that gladden my heart, the internet and entrepreneurship.

When entrepreneurship course was introduced into Nigerian University Curriculum, I was a bit excited. Why was I excited? I saw it as measure by the government to curb unemployment rate and alleviate poverty.

Despite this measure, yet, Nigerian graduates complain about the lack of job, on the other hand, the graduates that have entrepreneurial mindset are beginning to set goals and also achieving them.

Digital Marketing Jobs in Nigeria

Now the internet, a lot can be done with this innovation. Many have achieved vast knowledge and information through the internet.

With Google Incorporated coming into play, access to information has become flexible, though other search engines still exist. You can become an expert in any field, in as much as you are ready to leverage the internet by giving out your time. You can learn anything; I repeat anything on the web. It just requires dedication and focus.

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I have mentioned the two innovations that gladden my heart.  Now the question “how does it relate to the subject matter, which is breaking the jinx of unemployment with digital marketing. In one of my blog posts, I said digital marketing is entrepreneurial.

Digital Marketing Jobs in Nigeria

Digital marketing being entrepreneurial means that you can work independently.

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You can earn as much as you can as a digital marketing entrepreneur, you are not responsible to anybody. You have skills, you have a PC, you have the internet, and you also have the entrepreneurial mindset. What else do you need?

If you do not have the skill that becomes an issue, having the basic skill is a prerequisite, that is, if you want to break the jinx of unemployment through digital marketing. Let’s assume you do not have digital marketing skills what do you? There are two ways, I look at this issue. One, it is either you attend a digital marketing training course and acquire a certification.

Secondly, there is no harm in leveraging the internet, sourcing for information and studying materials put out there by seasoned digital marketing experts.

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You can watch online videos, subscribing to free webinars. However, the combinations of the two methods of acquiring digital marketing skills are paramount. Enroll for a digital marketing course and start visiting relevant website.

The second innovation I pointed out is the internet. Let me illustrate the indispensable nature of the internet by giving you an account of my encounter with a young man that applied in my firm for the post of a junior web developer.

A quick glance through the young man’s resume got me astonished. He has experience in graphic design, HTML, CSS, and WordPress.

A closer look as his resume the second time shows that he never attended any professional training and he was just a secondary school leaver. Wow! That really caught my attention. I asked how he was able to learn this skill without any form of training or even a university degree. I learnt on my own from CodeAcademy, he said.

I presume that account is thorough enough to give you an insight of how the internet could also be part of the measures to break the jinx of unemployment. When I asked the young man his salary expectation, it was quite amazing, if I should benchmark it with his qualification.

But, in the real sense, it is the skill that will do the job not the qualification. When you have the skill, you name your price. Your negotiation power becomes high.

In synopsis, you have no reason to remain unemployed, always thrive to acquire skills, not just skills but trending and high demand skills. That is where digital marketing skill comes in; the skill is on high demand presently and in future.

digital marketing job in Nigeria

The demand for it didn’t just came up, there is a significant shift in the way marketing is being done presently, hence influenced by the internet.

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