Digital Marketing Jobs in Nigeria: Digital Marketing Graduate Internship Programme.
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July 16, 2015
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July 24, 2015

Digital Marketing Jobs in Nigeria: Digital Marketing Graduate Internship Programme.

Let me start with two of my favorite quotes on opportunities. 1. “When Opportunities knock, do not let fear hold you back, open the door and embrace the opportunity that has come forth”. 2 . “To succeed, jump at quickly at opportunities as you jump into conclusions”.

For those that will have a rethink and avert missing subsequent opportunities, then applying for a Digital Marketing Graduate Internship Programme  in Nigeria would be a bold step.

Undoubtedly, the rate of unemployment in Nigeria has continued to surge, as millions of Nigerian graduates pass out from all tertiary institutions. Reason being that the labor market is not large enough to accommodate the teeming graduates.

Irrespective of the aforementioned factors, there are still job opening for Nigeria graduates, the question is how prepared are you to grab these jobs when the opportunity comes.

The fact still remains that most companies are looking forward to employing graduates that would add value. And some of these job openings require any graduate applicant to be skilled and a bit experienced in them.

Now, beaming the spotlight down to the jobs that require skills and very high in demand, thus these jobs are usually in the area of digital technology. This is due to the fact that, Nigeria as a developing country is still on the run to find a niche in digital technology.

And that boils down to digital marketing, where companies are thriving to make perfect online presence and bring return to their investments. There is no doubt about this, the demand for digital marketing jobs in Nigeria is high.

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However, if the demand for digital marketing jobs in Nigeria is high, do we have graduates that have the capacity to fill these digital marketing job positions. I do not think so, even if there are, it might just be few. These and other factors are the thrust behind the Digital Marketing Graduate Internship Programme initiative.

How does the Digital Marketing Graduate Internship Programme work?

The Digital Marketing Graduate Programme is extensively designed for graduates who are passionate about digital marketing, interested applicants would undergo 6 weeks professional course on 10 different courses, after enrollment, but this is solely dependent on the success of admission interview.

After the 6 week professional certification courses, Digital Marketing Skill Institute would get an internship placement to practice what graduate trainees have learnt in a real company with a real digital marketing challenge.

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Interestingly, over 20 companies in Nigeria have already shown interest in hiring graduates that would undergo the professional training as interns.

The 6 week graduate professional certification course is unique in that active industry experts with both local and international experience produce and teach our syllabus. Which means you learn up-to-date with a certain level of authority from experts that know what they are taking about. –


Who can apply?

The Digital Marketing Graduate Programme is open to graduate applicants, as well as applicants with an undergraduate degree in any discipline. The Digital Marketing professional certificate course is suitable for people who are excited by digital technology and the opportunities it provides for marketing.

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A background in marketing or digital media is not required, but a passion for these areas and a willingness to engage with new technologies and techniques is essential. The aim of the Professional Diploma is to allow you to learn everything you need to know about digital marketing and to kick-start a new and exciting career.

Furthermore, other qualifications and experience will be considered with entry being subject to our judgement that the person has a reasonable expectation of being able to fulfill the requirements of the programme award.

In certain circumstances, students with OND/HND who have extensive appropriate work-experience within the sector can be admitted to this particular programme.

Internship placement in companies

To qualify for a certificate from us and an internship with some of our partner companies, you must have had undergone the 6 week professional certification course, as well as score over 65% in our 1 hour, 40 questions online examination. In addition, you have to score over 65% in your practical coursework and not miss any class.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Graduate Internship Programme and job positions

One of the most outstanding benefits of enrolling for the Digital Marketing Graduate Internship Programme is that, there is a huge demand in the market as far as digital marketing jobs in Nigeria is concerned.

After the programme, you get an internship placement in a good organization, which could subsequently get you a permanent job placement.

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However, the following are some of the job openings that you can take up after undergoing the training.

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Online Advertiser: Online advertising will help you drive targeted traffic to your website and get the attention of future customers. Getting trained in online advertising shows you how to analyze what it means so you know which of your marketing initiatives lead to traffic and conversions.

Email Marketing: After the training, you would be able to handle and manage email marketing for any company. Presently, email marketing, is an integral part of digital marketing.

In email marketing training you will learn how to grow an opt-in databases, craft highly-targeted and personalized direct email marketing campaigns to drive ROI, and understand why email marketing is such an important marketing channel.

Search Engine Optimizer (SEO): What you can do as a search engine optimizer are enormous. Digital marketers that actually know their onus in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are well demanded. The essence of this course is that, you will be able to make websites very visible in search engine results for specific keywords.

Content Developer: All organizations need content developer that will create contents that will aid and speed up lead conversion process. Content marketing is not only a great way of demonstrating your industry expertise and passing on your message, but is now a crucial tool for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Google Analytics Person: Google analytics help you to track all records regarding the performance results of  websites, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and other digital marketing tools.

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