Google Analytics for Nigerian Businesses
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On-page SEO: The anatomy of an optimized website
March 4, 2016
Google Adwords for Nigerian Businesses
Google Adwords for Nigerian Businesses
March 16, 2016
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Google Analytics for Nigerian Businesses

Today, I will be sharing with you a tool called Google Analytics.



What it does

Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic.

Google launched the service in November 2005 after acquiring Urchin. Google Analytics is now the most widely used web analytics service on the Internet.

Google Analytics is a FREE service that provides comprehensive statistics regarding the visitors to a website. Data available through this service consists of site visits, page views, bounce rate, average time on site, pages per visit and percentage of new visits.

Google Analytics is a FREE service that provides comprehensive statistics regarding the visitors to a website Click To Tweet

In addition to the data mentioned above, Google Analytics can also track referral traffic including search engine, direct visits, website referrals and marketing campaigns (Pay Per Click, Banner advertising, e-mail marketing etc.)

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Google analytics can help you do the following:

Dashboard Date – By clicking on the arrow button next to the date you can sort what dates you want to see data for. The default setting is for one month’s data but it can be changed to incorporate several months or even a single day.

Visits: This is how many times a user has visited your website. A visit is counted regardless whether they enter through the homepage or through an internal page.

Pages/Visit – This number is the average amount of pages a single visitor is viewing before leaving the website. Remember that this is just an average, some visitors view many more pages and some may view less.

Bounce Rate % – Bounce Rate % is the amount of people who visit your site but leave after only viewing one page. Bounce Rate can be determined by this mathematical formula:

Bounce Rate = total # of visits only viewing one page / total number of visits.

Avg. Time on Site – The average time spent on the website by visitors.

% New Visitors – A new visitor is classified as someone who visits your website that has never visited before. Google places a unique ‘cookie’ within your browser for every website you visit. When you visit a site and Google doesn’t find the cookie they report your visit as a ‘new visit’ within Analytics.

The newer version of Google Analytics tracking code is known as the asynchronous tracking code, which Google claims is significantly more sensitive and accurate, and is able to track even very short activities on the website.

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This version was later updated with some other features such as real-time analytics and goal flow charts.

This is one major thing that I really like about google analytics.

A look at the dashboard

Google Analytics for Nigerian Businesses

What I like about it

Once you’ve added the tracking code to every unique page on your website, you can track almost anything. Almost anything! You can know your traffic sources for each page. This is just so amazing. Now you can even check in real time what is happening on your website.

How does this help you?

With the massive amount of data you can gather from this tool, you can know what is working or not working on your website. Here are some of the things the data can do for you:

  • Audience Engagement: This metric, measuring a viewer’s time on a page and the number of pages accessed, indicates how well an audience’s attention is being captured. A web site owner can add calls to action or links to encourage users to visit more pages.
  • Mobile Traffic Behavior: Increasing mobile traffic is one reason to follow this metric, but there’s also the fact that Google ranking – the result of a secret algorithm – might be adversely affected for sites that do not have a mobile site.Net searches from mobile devices have doubled from 2012 to 2013. More time on a mobile site – Average Visit Duration – can also indicate a better mobile user experience, since users won’t spend much time on a badly optimized.
  • Traffic Sources: Obviously, this metric can help a company determine the strengths and weaknesses of an online marketing campaign, since it identifies the online sources leading people to your site.
  • Social Media Traffic: This metric identifies the top social media referrals and can help you target your social marketing.
  • Site Content Trends: Performance over time can show such trends as traffic spikes around holidays or the benefits of specific promotions.
  • Page Bounce Rates: Landing page bounce rates are “a better indicator of the website’s performance than the overall site page bounce rate.” Bounce rates can be improved with calls to action or more interesting content. The reasons for bouncers could be anything from the page not looking good on mobile to the content being hard to understand. “If bouncers are huge,” you might want to have “more calls to action or smaller chunks of content.”
  • Site Search Behavior: This metric can indicate if visitors are looking for something that isn’t obvious in your site. If it needs improvement, remedies can include additional or clearer content, better navigation and better optimized search engine keywords.
  • Funnel Visualization: How effective is your strategy, based on your goals? This metric allows a site owner to determine if users are, say, reading about member benefits and joining – and, if not, where they bailed.

Google Analytics for Nigerian Businesses

Who should use this?

Do you own a blog or website and want to track how you are performing? Do you think you have loop hole in your sales funnel? Are you losing customers? Do you have a low return on investment on your adverts? It might be that your advert is displaying at a time that is not helping your conversions.

You might have to focus on only mobile if, let’s say over 91% of your visitors are using mobile phone.

Whatever you are doing with your website, this tool would help anybody that wants the greatest ROI on investment. This would help anyone looking to grow his or her email list. It would help you to know who to re-market to.

If you want to have close to 100% success for your website, then this tool is really for you. You need to check it out today.

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