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We train the most talented, motivated and passionate people. Everything we do and teach is designed to prepare our talent to be highly impactful and result focused in driving sales conversions and brand awareness online.

Our built-in AI scans our trained talents resumes and your job requirements, processing this information to tag potential matches based on relevancy, portfolio and proximity. 

Why should you hire from Digital Marketing Skill Institute? Our graduates:

Practically Trained and Certified

Our graduates are trained practically with the full core digital marketing skill that is required to grow any business sales, customer and revenue. From website design, to online advertising, you name it.

Rigorously Tested

Our graduates are rigorously tested practically to ensure they can implement successful digital marketing campaigns before they can graduate.

Exclusive Access to Support

While our graduates work in your company, they get real time support through our community if they get stuck or they need help optimising to get better results for you, all they need to do is ask and they get answers.

Continuous Learning

We run weekly masterclasses for our graduates to keep them up to date with the ever changing digital marketing industry to ensure they keep implementing only what's working for your company.

Exclusive Access to Resources

Get access to up to date execution plans, guides, checklists, tools and templates to achieve success in any digital marketing campaign they are executing for your company.

Produce Value and Results

Our graduates have built up an impressive portfolio of practical work. Each has proven their ability to commit and complete complex projects well, and fast.


Get matched to the best digital marketing talents through our proven methodology.


Understand your talent needs

Our matching team takes a deep dive into your marketing needs, culture, short and long-term goals.


Find matches in our network

We map your requirements to our network, and quickly shortlist the best candidates with our best-in-class matching algorithm.


Interview candidates

You will interview the shortlisted candidates to find the perfect fit.



Once you found your perfect fit, we help you on-board the right hire with a define Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Goal.


Most popular questions

Our graduates are Born To Do. They graduate with a range of strong digital marketing skills and experience in problem-solving, working in teams, and communicating with others.

Let’s say you’re an employer looking for social media manager for a 6-month contract in Abuja, Nigeria. Once you enter the talent request into our system, our algorithm goes to work, zipping through our trained and tested talent pools and looking for resumes with the background and experience you need whether that’s proficiency in Twitter or Youtube. Then, it ensures that those talents are within the specified region. In this case. only talents who can commute to Abuja are flagged for recruiters to further screen and submit, unless you indicate that you allow for remote work. Essentially, we’ve built a way to quickly provide you with the best talents for the jobs you’re hiring. 

In order to recommend the right candidates to the right job, we’ve programmed our technology with AI that matches recruiters in our hiring network to the best candidates in our talent pools. This AI uses multiple metrics to determine which of our talents are likely to excel in your company. And we consider both the talent and the employer to ensure that everyone will be satisfied with the match.

To speed the sourcing process, our technology compares a candidate’s entire resume to each open job requirements, checking the relevancy of their experience and skills against the roles’ requirements. Think: industry experience, hard skills, keywords, and more. This provides a baseline match to ensure that the candidate has the necessary background.

By automatically narrowing down a list of qualified, and available talents, our AI takes the pressure off of recruiters, freeing them up from screening tasks so they can use their time to help great talents through the hiring process. 

Yes, you can verify candidates are our students from anywhere in the world by using our verification portal. You will enter their certificate number to verify. Click here to visit our verification portal.

Our students are trained in all major digital marketing skills. This includes: Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning, Social Media Management, Basic Graphic Design using Canva, Social Media Advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn), Google Advertising (Search, Display and YouTube), Email Marketing, Funnel and Landing Page Development, Website Development, Search Engine Optimisation and So on. Click here to learn more about our digital marketing course.

Many companies and organisations sponsor marketing projects giving our students exposure to real-world challenges and a feel for deadline pressures, client meetings, and budgets. While exploring solutions and interacting with industry professionals, students learn to become professionals.

By working in partnering with us, we are able to provide students with opportunities to intern and face real-world marketing challenges. 

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