Instagram for Nigerian Businesses: Gain brand recognition in Nigeria
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May 15, 2015
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Instagram for Nigerian Businesses: Gain brand recognition in Nigeria

Gain brand recognition in Nigeria by using social media platform like Facebook,twitter to gain awareness online,but have you given Instagram a trial?

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Just like other social media platforms, the Instagram is an online social networking service, mobile photo and video-sharing application that allows you to take pictures and videos, and share them on a variety of social networking platforms.

Instagram is rapidly gaining popularity with over 300 million users as of late last year. Leading brands across the globe have incorporated Instagram into their overall social media marketing strategy to gain brand recognition, grow their consumer database, reach a wider audience and drive sales.

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The issue remains that the role of Instagram in terms of building and gaining brand recognition cannot be questioned. Imagine! What was once a simple photo sharing app is now a key brand builder.

No doubts,Instagram marketing campaigns are delivering such dazzling results and there are strong indications that Instagram will overtake Facebook as the leading social media marketing platform within the next 2 years.

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However, let me inform you that Instagram is not merely a photo sharing app among friends. Instagram has become a tremendous and viable channel for gaining brand recognition, not just that but also helped in effectively marketing products and reach new customers.

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The truth is that if you are not leveraging Instagram as a brand for social media marketing, you could be losing out on prospective customers, as well as falling behind the competition. This is not good for your business.

I really have interesting statistics culled from Wikipedia website, and I think it will reshape your thinking about the efficacy of Instagram. One, Instagram boasts 15 times more engagement than Facebook, Twitter or Google.

With more than 200 million active users and 60 million daily posts. And two, Instagram is the world’s fastest growing social media platform greatly surpassing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ in year on year growth.

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Interestingly, 13 percent of Internet users have Instagram accounts and more than half of the world’s top 100 brands are on Instagram. So why can’t you follow that trend that has helped your competitors gain and build brand recognition.

Not just building and gain brand recognition but acquiring more potential customers as well. Leverage the following steps below:

Find Influencers On Instagram

Finding influencers on Instagram is one of the fundamentals as far building brand recognition using Instagram as a social media marketing tool is concerned. Influencers are social media platform users that have accumulated a large number of followers and exert influence over them.

Finding these people on Instagram is a good step stone that will help you create awareness and build your brand. The truth is that influencers are not just carriers of massive number of followers, but they have the ability to elicit action from their connections, that is exactly what makes them influential.

And you must find those people for you to achieve your social media marketing objectives on the Instagram. It’s those qualities that make influencer particularly helpful to your brand.

Be very sure of the influencers you are searching for on Instagram, because the influencer on Instagram may not be the same influencer that produces results on Facebook or Twitter. Therefore you need to be cautious in identifying influencers on Instagram that suits your brand needs.

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Engage Those that Follow Your Competitors on Instagram

Now, the question is how and where do you start from in terms of engaging with those people that follow your competitor on Instagram? Well, there are different tools you can actually use to achieve that.

For instance, you can use the “JustUnfollow” to search for your competitors’ Instagram accounts by name and it gives you a list of everyone who follows your competitors on Instagram.

Now that you have known those that follow your competitor on Instagram, how does it building and gaining brand recognition? That is quite simple, with that list that you already have, start engaging by following them and like or comment on one of their photos.

Audience-Specific Hashtags

One of the keys in gaining brand recognition on the Instagram is by using hashtags. The Hashtags does not only describe your photos and business, but are also actively searched for and used on Instagram.

By including the appropriate hashtags in your updates, you can effectively reach new people interested in your products. They make it easy for other people to find others who are posting about topics they’re interested in.

There are different types of tools such as Iconosquare or Websta that provide a list of popular hashtags based on keywords. These tools will enable you to most relevant hashtags for your updates.

Know when to post

In social media marketing knowing the time frame to post on the social media platforms is very important. That is also applicable to Instagram. However, knowing when your social media community is most likely to engage helps you… Click To Tweet

For instance, the IconoSquare has an optimization report that identifies the best times for you to update based on your previous posting history and engagement. You can as well leverage that to effectively drive results.

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