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⚠️ THIS IS NOT A MARKETING GIMMICK: Because of the high level of personalised support we provide for our students we only take a limited number of students per cohort hence it is important you secure your spot in this cohort before we sell out of all programs. This is because we are increasing the tuition after this cohort. The choice is yours – procrastinate and pay more or secure your space today and save a lot of time and money.

Professional Diploma Program

Perfect for you if you want to learn practically with daily group support sessions to achieve your results.

This is a 6-month online program to start and grow a business online or secure a job anywhere in the world. 4 months of learning practically with group mentoring and 2 months of career & business success challenge with group mentoring.  

TOTAL PACKAGE VALUE = 2,550,000.00 

Master Diploma Program

*MOST PREFERRED: Perfect for you if you want to learn practically with personalized 1-to-1 support to speed up your results.

This is a 6-month online program to start and grow a business online or secure a job anywhere in the world. 4 months of learning practically with group mentoring and 2 months of career & business success challenge with group mentoring.  

TOTAL PACKAGE VALUE = 2,863,500.00 

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, we are here to help.

** Price is shown with a payment plan broken down across 6 months. Monthly payment may change if you default a payment. However, you can save money by paying for the program upfront.By making payment you agree to our training terms and conditions.

Earn a UK Certificate

We are Verified on the Official UK Government Website for
the UK Register of Learning Provider: 10091103.

Master Digital Marketing, Capstone Project with a U.S. Company & Open Doors to 7 Profitable Opportunities...

👇Watch Now! 7 Ways You Can Profit from Our Digital Marketing Course👇

3 spaces left as of Today, August 28, 2023 7:23 pm

1. This is a golden opportunity as Digital Marketing Skills is like having a global passport to over 50 countries that offer digital marketing professionals special residency visas with citizenship pathway such as Digital Nomad Visa, Global Talent Visa and other. We have students that have relocated to countries of their choice by building a career in digital marketing with us. 

2. This is another golden opportunity that allows you to work in over 50 job roles and make money from anywhere in the world with the certificate and skills you will get from us. We have some of our students that have been able secure digital marketing jobs internationally with our certificate, support and have relocated to Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom, Dubai and many other countries.

3. Even more amazing, you can start an agency or become a freelancer and charge any amount you want in exchange for your service. The best part of this is that you will be on a retainer meaning they will pay you monthly. With just 1 or 2 clients, you could make back the course fees and continue to profits from the knowledge you will gain from our course. We have students that are making up to $10,000 and more monthly working for clients all over the world.

4. Isn’t this awesome, even if you have a digital marketing job or agency, you can make extra money in an estimated $12 billion Affiliate Marketing Industry plus it is recurring income from affiliate marketing. You will double your income and make back your money with profit. 85% of our students doing affiliate marketing earn their first $1000 within 30 days of completing our course.

5. This is great, if you have a business, you will drive your business awareness and acquire more customers spending less while making more money. You will simply profit and increase your revenue and sales. 89% of business owners that take our course have recorded a 300% increase in online sales without spending a fortune on marketing and advertising.

6. This will make you excited because you do not need to have an existing business. We’ll show you how to start a profitable online or eCommerce business (including how to make money on YouTube) and turn it into a sustainable money-making venture. Then we’ll show you how to scale it and automate it, so it earns you revenue every month — automatically.

7. Another exciting advantage is that you’ll know what to do when it comes to monetising your business online – eBook, Online Course, Online Coaching, Dropshipping, Mini-Importation Business, Youtube Monitisation and much more.. No more guessing about marketing or driving sales or making money online.

If you are committed to taking action then you too can make a lot of money online and we will show you exactly how. Our course is not for you if you are looking for overnight success or looking for miracle without putting the effort to implement (anyone that promise you success without implementing is a scam). 

The only way to truly fail is to lack the right knowledge, resources and support, get stuck and give up, so we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. We will give you the right knowledge, resources and support you need to make sure you are geared toward success.

We expect everyone to get at least 10x returns from this in their first year. These skills will serve you profitably for many years to come. The best part is that we teach you the recurring and customer lifetime value method that you will often earn over-and-over from just one client (basically making your investment into this course over and over again)!


YES, SEE PROOF BELOW…Our students that intentionally implement what they learnt from our digital marketing course make back the entire course fee within a single month or 2 because our course gives them many options with unlimited earning potential with no age or location barrier.

If you are looking to relocate and secure a high paying job abroad?

Anselem Orisakwe got a Job in CANADA while he was in Nigeria after attending our digital marketing course using our globally recognized certificate.

If you are looking to increase your sales without spending a fortune?

Ayooluwa Osemi tripled her sales on Facebook and Instagrams by implementing just one of the many funnel and advertising strategies she learnt from our digital marketing course.

115,384+ People from these great companies around the globe trust us and you should too…Just to mention a few…

Looking for a well-paid job with top companies globally?

Harrison Acha got recruited to work for Facebook (Meta) in Nigeria within few weeks into our Digital Marketing Course.

Looking to start a profitable digital marketing business?

Joy Akosa made back triple the amount she paid for our digital marketing course within a month just by implementing what she learnt.

Looking for a globally recognised digital marketing certification?

Raphael Sholaja was able to get a high-paying digital marketing job without using his university degree and even got a potential promotion offer from his boss within a few weeks of starting the job

Looking to earn an income in foreign currency (Dollars)?

Damola Akanbi quit his job and now gets paid an average of $1,500 to help businesses run effective digital marketing campaigns after attending our Digital Marketing Course.

Could this be your story?

If yes, then you want to make the right decision today and secure your space now in our digital marketing course. Don’t sit on the sidelines watching others chase and catch their dreams. You have proof that our course works. You’ve seen results from people just like you. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Ultimately, investing in our digital marketing course cost you nothing because our students aren’t just satisfied, they have real business or career results when they intentionally implement what they learnt from the course and make back the entire course fee from their next job or clients in a single month or 2!.

From remote working to earning in foreign currency and getting good-paying international jobs or even relocating to the country of your dreams. Our Digital Marketing Course can unlock all of these opportunities and more for you.

We gauge the success of our digital marketing course by the results people get with what they’ve learned and applied. And the results speak for themselves…


We have bundled all you need to succeed however, If you bought all of what you will learn and get in our digital marketing course separately, the total actual cost would be a minimum of 3,450,000.00. But you won’t pay anywhere near that, you will be getting this bundle at the best market price with us. Keep reading for the price plan and payment options.

Digital Marketing Fundamentals,
Strategy and Planning Course

This is where you’ll learn how to spy on your competitors to know what is working for them, define who exactly your customers are. You will learn how to develop strategy to attract, convert and engage strangers to become paying customers.

Retail Price: 75,000.00

WordPress Website and eCommerce Development Course Course

It is a hands-on practical training that teaches you step by step on how to build and manage a websites using WordPress. You will also learn how to build eCommerce, Blog, Forum and Directory using one of the most popular page builders in the world.

Retail Price: 75,000.00

Lead Generation, Email Marketing and Automation Course

Learn how to run effective lead generation campaigns and the convert the leads through email marketing techniques – how to effectively run email marketing automation with the perfect promotional calendar and how to build your list of qualified prospects”.

Retail Price: 135,000.00

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Content Marketing Course

Equip yourself with the practical knowledge to build and implement an SEO and content strategy to attract, convert and engage your customers on the most popular search engines while drastically improving any website ranking, search traffic and sales conversions.

Retail Price: 149,700.00

Google Advertising - Search PPC Ad, Display Ad, Discovery Ads, Gmail Ads YouTube Ads Course

Learn practically the essential skills to plan, run and manage an effective targeted and retargeting online advertising, traffic and awareness campaign to acquire ready-to-buy customers to achieve demonstrable ROI..

Retail Price: 209,700.00

Google Analytics Course

We will guide you through analytics and other data sources to better understand your digital channels and user characteristics and behaviour. You will understand the most important and appropriate metrics, and how to set conversion goals and use them to improve your digital activities ROI (return on investment).

Retail Price: 142,500.00

Social Media Marketing, Analytics and Graphic Design Course

Learn how to use various tools to manage, measure and optimise your social media channels and learn the graphic design skills that you will need to design awesome graphics for social media posts, banners, logo, flyers, brochure and so on.

Retail Price: 89,700.00

Social Media Advertising Course

Learn practically how to plan, run and manage an effective social media advertising campaign using Facebook and Instagram Ad, YouTube Ads, Gmail Ads, Twitter Ads, and LinkedIn Ads. How to use Artificial Intelligence to effectively target your ideal customers.

Retail Price: 119,700.00

Digital Marketing Monetization Course

If your goal is to kickstart a career in digital marketing, start your own digital marketing agency or apply digital marketing to your business or start an online business (Affiliate Marketing, eCommerce, eBook, Online Course and Coaching, Drop-shipping and Mini-Importation) then this course is for you.

Retail Price: 142,500.00

Earn Internationally Recognised Certification To Secure a Job or Make Money Anywhere in the World

You will be internationally certified and your certificate will be verifiable globally. We are a verified United Kingdom Learning Provider (UKPRN is: 10091103). We have some of our students that have been able secure digital marketing jobs both locally and internationally with our support and have relocated to Canada, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Dubai, and many other countries.

Retail Price: 599,700.00

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