Is Your Site 'Mobile- Responsive and Friendly'? Google’s About to Decide for You
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November 8, 2016
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November 10, 2016
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Is Your Site ‘Mobile- Responsive and Friendly’? Google’s About to Decide for You


It’s the question that retailers love to dismiss: “Is your site optimized for mobile users?” Google is now making it harder to ignore the smartphone-wielding elephant in the room with a new mobile search listing label that will identify mobile-friendly sites for users.

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In the coming weeks, Google will be assigning the new “mobile-friendly” label to the mobile search results of sites that provide a pleasant cross-device experience.

Google’s intention is to alert mobile searchers to sites that will provide them with a better overall user experience. The new “mobile-friendly” text label will appear below the URL in the first line of the search result’s snippet. Here’s an example of how a listing might appear on the search results page:

is-your-site-mobile-responsive-and-friendly is-your-site-mobile-responsive-and-friendly-1

If you want your site to qualify for this label, start with the following tips:

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  1. Avoid using software that could cause visibility issues on mobile devices, like Flash.
  2. Make sure that your text is readable on mobile devices without zooming.
  3. Content should be sized to the device screen so that horizontal scrolling isn’t required.
  4. Links should be spaced far enough apart so that mobile users can easily click on the correct one.
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Also, enter your site’s URL on Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to help determine how mobile-friendly it is. Additionally, Google has released a new feature called the Mobile Usability Report in Google Webmaster Tools that will help identify common usability issues on your mobile site.

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With mobile transactions expected to account for almost 26% of total web sales by 2017, make sure you’re providing a pleasant experience for all customers, no matter their device.

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