Employee Spotlight at Digital Marketing Skill Institute: “I Wanted A Professional Experience”

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Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Temitope Awoyemi, I am the Financial Accountant and also the academic registrar of the Digital Marketing Skill Institute.

As the financial accountant and academic registrar, I am responsible for payment confirmation, onboarding registered students on the learning platform, ensuring that learners have a hassle-free learning experience. I am also in charge of the preparation of the budget and debt recovery.

How long have you been working at Digital Marketing Skill Institute?

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I have been working at Digital Marketing Skill Institute since October 2019 and that’s a total of 20 calendar months as of June 2021.

What was your journey to joining the Digital Marketing Institute?

Before I Joined DMSI, I had worked in a couple of places ranging from educational institutes to Real estate and Accounting organizations. 

I had a desire to get professional experience and accomplishment, and this desire led me to apply for the vacant position in Digital Marketing Skill Institute being a foremost and reputable international educational institution.

What do you find interesting about your role?

The fact that I am responsible for ensuring that students get maximum support during the program and also ensuring they get the best learning experience is one of the many things I find interesting about my role. I also enjoy making sure all statutory remittances are done as at when due.

I love the feeling of knowing my services are important for the successful running of the organization.

How has your career grown since you joined Digital Marketing Skill Institute?

My career has grown so well in the short time since I joined the team at Digital Marketing Skill Institute. The growth has been massive, progressive, and also made a positive impact on my life as an individual.

DMSI has a conducive environment for personal development and growth, which has made it possible for me to be able to gain additional certifications that would help me to effectively carry out my duties and also advance my career.

Digital Marketing Skill Institute supports me in enhancing my skills and delivering quality through various international professional courses.

Recognizing the power of advanced technology, I am leveraging it to improve my proficiency and efficiency in carrying out my duties.

What are you most excited about?

I am most excited about the right and conducive environment for professional growth and access to continuous opportunities.

Digital Marketing Skill Institute gives total support and encouragement to all team members, in a bid to ensure everyone grows professionally and has more knowledge and skills that will help them to work smart in a smart way. And also help them to become great at what they do.

What do you like best working with Digital Marketing Skill Institute?

I love the fact that we practice what we teach our students. Digital marketing has made it possible for people to work and earn from the comfort of their homes.

Team members at DMSI are replicating this model, working both from the comfort of their homes and occasionally at the office when necessary. The sumptuous lunches served during office days go beyond mere sustenance – they signify DMSI’s commitment to nurturing its team. It goes beyond extracting services and skills; it’s about ensuring our team members are well-fed and cared for as they actively contribute to achieving the company’s goals.

At DMSI, the focus isn’t solely on the work; it’s on creating an environment where each team member thrives. Working remotely or in the office, our dedication to both professional excellence and employee well-being remains unwavering.

What are your favorite DMSI culture values and why?

My favorite DMSI culture value is the no-excuse policy. This has helped me to take full responsibility for the result I achieve and also ensure I put in my best effort to achieve the desired results.

I focus on resolving challenges encountered in my duties rather than making excuses. My commitment is to be a solution provider in every situation.

If you could choose anyone as your mentor, who would you choose and why?

I would choose Tony Elumelu because he is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist who is committed to empowering women and men across our continent in a bid to drive poverty eradication and ensure job creation.

If you would love to join Temitope and other amazing team members at Digital Marketing Skill Institute, visit www.digitalmarketingskill.com/careers/

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