How to generate more enquiries from your website?
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July 8, 2016
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July 13, 2016

How to generate more enquiries from your website?

Do you have a responsive website with compelling content? Does your our online team keep updating the site with meaningful content over time?

Do you are have this feeling that you are not getting enquiries or sales from your sites, even when your team regularly work on your website?

A lot of websites in Nigeria are designed visually well, and most of them are not intended to convert your visitors when they land on your website. You need to work with your web designer on how you can convert first time visitor on your website.

A lot of websites has failed when it comes to converting visitors on their website.

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At Digital Marketing Skill Institute, our team works hard day and night to optimize our client website on a regular basis to increase the enquiries on their websites.

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We currently have few tips to help other business owners in Nigeria to make use of the knowledge we are about to share on how to generate 80% enquiries from your brand or business website.

Here is a list of our thoughts on what to get more enquiries and what to avoid when setting up or building a responsive, engaging and high converting website.

Add Phone Number on your website header

If you have customer service team, stand by who answers the phone during business hours. It is essential to position your contact details on the header of your website.

A lot of business has sealed a lot of deals because potentials customers were able to reach the business owner via the website; this is an essential elements that should be added to your website.


Here are some tips on how to integrate your business phone number to increase the leads on your website.


  • Position your phone number on the top right corner of your website header. I also recommend it be your subsequent call to action. Your primary call to action on your website should be like make a quick enquiry, request a quote, speak to our agent, make an appointment, get in touch with us, etc. All the tips above depend on your business module.
  • When you write content on your website, you encourage your website visitors to book meeting with you, call your customer support team or download your guide. etc.
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Include Call to action button on your websites

Every small business in Nigeria needs to have call to action strategy

Just as we described above, your aim is that you want to provoke your visitors to book an appointment with you, visit our offline shop or office, or make an enquiry or request a quote.

Whatever your call to action might be on your website, you should make sure it is displayed in form of a button on your website. You can also use contrast colour to design your button so that your call to action can be more visible to your visitors.

Include website contact form towards the bottom of the website.

You might have noticed the latest trends in web design which has to do with creating a long scroll pages. Majority of their website I visit are now trying to outline benefit visitors will get on their website and only few are encouraging the visitors to take an action via their website.

We would recommend that you add an enquiry form towards the footer of your website by also including a phone number to drive quality online inquiries.


Demonstrate your product or services with a video

Is your product or services complex to understand, we recommend you to create videos well defined heading to demonstrate what your business offers.

Uploading videos on your websites has a lot of benefits, apart from that Google loves videos which invariably means that a video has a higher chance of ranking on the first page on search engine than a website with a video.

A landing page with a video averagely have 30% bounce rate( a bounced visit occurs when a visitor enters a website/webpage or landing page and then leaves the same webpage without having clicked anywhere else).

From conversion point of view, a website with a video has an 85% higher conversion rate when visitors visit such website page.


Develop a responsive website design for your brand/business

Delivering a remarkable experience for your client has to be realized whether your clients are visiting your website via computer or smartphone. This means your website has to responsive on all devices.

If you are prospective client are looking or searching for your services, chances are that they would likely not have access to a computer system and they will eventually access it through their mobile phones.

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If your website is not mobile friendly to your visitors, they will leave your website which will leads to fewer enquiries. For you to take charge of the online audience, you develop a responsive website where your clients can easily have access to your contact information.


To conclude this article, you have to work towards implementing the essential elements on your business website in Nigeria to increase your leads. We hope this has been helpful.

Good luck with what you have learnt from this article and get in touch with us, if you would like increase your website leads.

At Digital Marketing Skill Institute, we have worked with many businesses in Nigeria to increase their conversion and help them generate enquiries on their website more than what they have used to receive.

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