Increasing business sales: Clever tricks to increase your business sales
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July 13, 2016
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July 15, 2016
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Increasing business sales: Clever tricks to increase your business sales

Clever tricks to increase your business sales

Leading with value is what the concept of content marketing is built on. You are struggling to increase your business sales, probably due to the fact that you are having problem with how you are structure the offers you are laying in front of your customers and prospects. In this article, I have listed out some clever tricks and insights on how to increase your business sales


Some of the business persons I have come across in the past sometimes think that, just because they have a cool product, they are rest assured of increasing their business sales.

They fail to realize that one of the crucial aspect in terms of increasing business sales is trust. Customers and prospects  don’t trust you and don’t think that you have their best interests at heart. You have to thrive and win the trust of customers and prospects.

Now, how do you win or earn this trust?

One of the ways to win the trust is by creating better offers crafting better offers in such a way to that your prospects can’t refuse, which on the long run would step up your business sales.

The art of crafting an offer they can’t refuse. Even if you have their best interests at heart, and you will give your customers and prospects  value for their money you have to start from this foundation.

Show your product value

When it comes to convincing a reluctant customer to make a purchase, flowery, glowing praise for your product or service is only going to get you so far.

To really get the customer on your side, show your customer how the thing you’re selling will make their life better. Whether it will save them money and time, give them peace of mind, or simply make them feel good, make sure your customer understands exactly how the item you’re selling benefits him in real, practical terms.

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Try offer free valuable gift for free

One of the ways of providing value is through the development of contents that are very useful. If you give away enough free content, they might become a customer of yours as a natural consequence.

In fact, providing value is content marketing in its purest form. Valuable information that can bear fruit for the prospect is given away for the right or privilege to have a conversation with customers and prospects.

For instance, when you buy from the people that make you feel excited and you tend to have established trust with them. For those that need their sales to increase, content is a reliable way to get this done.

Further, you can even offer something of value that is physical. This works ridiculously well when combined with personalization.  Another key way of doing this, is that you can come up with a personalized video on a flash disk that addresses the prospect directly.

Apply money back guarantee

The “money back guarantee” strategy also applies to the principles of trust,  when your customers and prospects are yet to put their on you, do you think would give you their money? Offer them a risk-free trial.  What the “money back guarantee” does is to remove the risk. You can as well eliminate some of the objections they might have. You are going to get some time wasters with this, but that’s okay if it improves your close ratio.

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For instance, when you offer risk-free trials with no credit card required, you can attract prospects to try their product and may lead to a sale. The fact is that it works very well for some companies. You have to understand that it’s just a reality that people like free offers. And they are likely to share with others what they’ve received for free if they like it.

Get personalized

Certainly, whether you are personalizing an offer or an email, your customers and prospects will feel valued will reward you by opening up to a conversation. Personalization is a way that you can distinguish yourself from your competitors.

However, creating a conversation might be the exact purpose of this whole exercise. Just  open discussion places both of you in the position to decide whether it will be mutually beneficial to establish a solid business relationship with customers and prospects.

Always be creative

When everyone else is doing something, you have to do the opposite to get noticed. There has always been the opportunity to distinguish yourself from the herd and there always will be

For instance, you can just come up with direct mail or voicemail for, once in a whirl you send it out to your customers and prospects. For some time now, people have underestimated such powerful tools. to put simply, if you want to get noticed, always be creative.

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