On-page SEO: The anatomy of an optimized website
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On-page SEO: The anatomy of an optimized website

On-page SEO- The anatomy of an optimized website




What you need to know about Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Search engine optimization has to do with improving the amount of quality traffic to a website from different search engines like Bing,Yahoo via Organic (un-paid)search result.

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The more a website appears on the search result, the more visitor it will receive from the search engine.

SEO target all type of search which include image search,local search,video search and so on.

Understanding search engine optimization requires a lot of hard-work, analysis, understanding algorithm and time consuming.

I will be sharing  tips we often overlook when its comes to ranking on Google


1. Content is the King: If you want to be noticed on the search engine, you need to publish high unique and quality content. The content published should be readable and understandable.

Content must be written for visitors, not for search engines.


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2.Backlinks Exchange: Backlinks are links received on a websites. Search engine use the numbers of backlinks that a site has as one of the determining factor to rank website’s on search engine.

For your website to achieve result, you have to link your website to high authority relevant site related to your topics and also you need to also insert  link in-between pages within your site.

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3.Save your Image with keyword phrase: Google is aware of keyword phrase for any image search. They display both image and text on search engine result which serves as a reference and link to the post.

You need to apply keyword for a particular subject in your file name. What I mean is that instead of using DSR3455.jpg you can use keyword related to your content you are working on.

4.Use Short Permalinks,including keywords

Permalinks has to do with permanent static hyperlink to a particular web page or entry in a blog. You have to use understandable permalinks which will be seen on your address bar of your browser.


For instance, instead of using http://yourwebsite.com/page-id=?676767, you have to use http://www.yourwebsite.com/how-to-create-bead-in-fast-way.
By applying the permalinks correctly, only the first four words in your permalinks are relevant.

5.Use a well search engine optimized themes:

Get fast performing themes which are good for ranking, some website themes use a lot of codes to create webpage layout and design. What Google does is to wade through the source code of your website theme to find high relevant content.

The more source code you have, the less the keyword density and content.

6.Create a sitemap in XML format: With WordPress, there are plugins that has been made easy such like Google XML Sitemaps which is a very easy task to carry out. Google has other tools to create XML Sitemap too, such as Webmaster Central.

7.Outline by highlighting informative content or keywords on your website.

You can include h1-h6 to highlight subtitles or heading of article that is about to be published or any important sentences. Add strong tag too.But you don’t have to overdo it.

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8. Update your posts on social media Platforms: Promotion of blog is important when its comes to ranking. when your social media officer promote your post on social media sites,your audience will honour your post by clicking on your post which will link them back to your website.

9.Avoid black hat techniques or mirror html sites: If you think you can trick Google, they will find out the moment you setup your black-hat techniques. Some high authority website were punished by Google for black hat techniques.

10.Optimize for Mobile device

Most people access the web through their smartphones therefore, ensure your content is searchable via mobile search engine, If your website is not mobile friendly, your audience will find it difficult to navigate your website which can reduce your brand equity. You need to ensure Google understand the  content of your website within a mobile device.

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I will show with you how to carry out Google Mobile test for any website.

Simply click: Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Step 1: Enter your Website Url

Step 2: Click on Analyse

You will get a result like this

Awesome www.smedigitalhub.com is mobile-friendly.


11. Article size matters
An article with 1200 to 1500 words ranks higher on search result. The size of article needed to rank (especially if you are not an authority) is different from three to four years ago where 300 words article could rank on first page of Google search engine.

Google is making a lot changes in order to send real targeted traffic that will motivate people which will make it easy for readers to easily digest.

Anatomy of an optimized website has to do with basic rules to follow when setting up or designing a website for optimization.

By optimizing your website, here are the things you’ll benefit:

Increase search rank on Google and Bing

Receive traffic from social media sites

Engagement of audience with links and share

Creating awareness and building brand

Retaining visitors.

Sure payroll  developed an info-graphic that give detailed illustration of how the anatomy of website works

If want to optimize your page for ranking on search engine you can install Yeast SEO which  is a quick and easy way to rank your article on search engine.

Follow the rules of SEO game and increase your website ranking on search engine.

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