15 Real Freelance Websites for Nigerians to Make Money from Home

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Are you tired and frustrated that there are not enough real freelance websites for Nigerians to advertise your creative skills and make money from home as a freelancer?

You are not alone.

In my years of digital marketing experience, I have met dozens of skilled and professional Nigerian creatives who complain of how it is difficult for Nigerian freelancers to find freelance gigs

That would not only be local in nature, but also favour them in terms of pricing, payments and scope of work.

If you’re like them, too, then you are in the right place because this article is designed to help you reverse this trend.

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Surprisingly, many Nigerians are making a living working as freelancers.

In fact, the number of Nigerian freelancers is increasing by the day, while the search volume for  how to become a freelancer    has increased.

This increase can be associated with two main reasons:

  • Employers are now turning to freelancers to work on different projects; and
  • Individuals find freelance jobs to be more rewarding compared to full time paid jobs.

Still, as a Nigerian freelancer, you may be tired of hearing of freelance websites like PeoplePerHour, Nexxt, Broker, Elance, etc., and not being able to apply and make money from these platforms as much as you can.

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[bctt tweet=”The good news is that it’s now a lot easier to get home based freelance jobs in Nigeria, thanks to the many global and local freelance sites now in existence.” username=”dmsinstitute”]

You can get   freelance writing jobs    or any other freelance jobs online, work from home and get paid.

All you need to do is register for free with a freelance website that soothes your profession and freelancing niche.

This post will help you find and browse the various freelance websites and show how to register with them and begin to get your freelance jobs for them.

But first, before you dive into registering on these sites, you need to know the recipe for succeeding on these websites.

What You Need to Become a Freelancer

To kickstart your career as a freelancer,  you need to learn from this    ultimate freelancing for biginners guide     to help give you the direction.

You would also need to take trainings like   our digital marketing training   that will empower you with high demand freelancing skills that will pay you so much money even in dollars.

Below are some specific and actionable recipes that you would need to start off your freelancing career. You would need:

  1. The freelancing idea and resolve to   start freelancing
  2. A strategic plan for success
  3. Skill acquisition or upgrade to   learn the top freelancing skills
  4. Funds to set up and acquire hardware and software equipment
  5. A quality client base that you can get from freelance websites
  6. Your   freelance pricing system
  7. To be able to work with productivity and time management, accounting, project management, etc., tools
  8. The mind and attitude of a freelancer

So, without further ado, now that you are equipped with the necessary freelancing recipe, let’s get to our list of 20 real and genuine freelancing websites in Nigeria that will pay you.

Freelance Websites for Nigerians #1: Fiverrfreelance websites for Nigerians - fiverr

Fiverr   is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed.

Don’t get it confused…

You can easily make up to hundreds of dollars per day if you know how boost your earnings with Gig Extras.

There are several Fiverr alternatives on the web; however, it has remained most popular among Nigerians. A lot of Nigerians work from home on Fiverr and reach thousands of clients living in far away countries.

Popular Services on Fiverr:

  • Proofreading & Editing
  • Writing of articles and contents for blogs and websites.
  • Virtual assistance
  • Graphics design (logo, greeting cards, etc.)
  • Transcription services

Freelance Websites for Nigerians #2: UpWork

Upwork is another platform to get work from home jobs in Nigeria.

It is a global freelance marketplace where businesses and independent professionals are able to connect and collaborate remotely.

The platform was formerly known as Elance-oDesk and was re-branded to Upwork in 2015.

Unlike Fiverr, Upwork is not so popular among Nigerians. That’s why I’ve decided to include it to my list to help those Nigerians willing to work from home on several freelance sites.

Upwork takes a 20% cut until you build up a regular relationship with a client. It’s very beginner friendly.

Popular Services on UpWork:

  • Proofreading & Editing
  • Writing of articles and contents for blogs and websites.
  • Video editing
  • Graphics design (logo, greeting cards, etc.)
  • Programming

Payment method: Payoneer and PayPal

Freelance Websites for Nigerians #3: Freelancer

freelance websites for Nigerians -freelancer

Freelancer  is a global crowdsourcing marketplace that allows potential employers to post jobs that freelancers can then bid to complete.

Freelancer creates a platform for employers and employees to be able to reach each other.

The site enables employers to post work for available freelancers, while bidding in a competitive process.

[bctt tweet=”The advantages Freelancer has over the rest is their very easy to navigate and user-friendly interface and good chat plugins; you are able to stay in touch with clients with ease.” username=”dmsinstitute”]

Popular Services on Freelancer:

  • Proofreading & Editing
  • Writing of articles and contents for blogs and websites.
  • Virtual assistance
  • Graphics design (logo, greeting cards, etc.)
  • Transcription services

Freelance Websites for Nigerians #4: Indeed

freelance websites for Nigerians -Indeed

Indeed   collects all the jobs on the internet and puts them all in one place.

They’re easy to search through, and looking specifically for remote jobs is a piece of cake.

If you’re open to working at a local company, you can search that too.

Best of all, it’s free!

Popular Services on Indeed:

  • Proofreading & Editing
  • Content writing
  • Virtual assistance
  • Copywriting
  • Transcription services

Freelance Websites for Nigerians #5: Guru

freelance websites for Nigerians -

With over 3 million services on offer, freelancers of all kinds can find useful work on Guru.

The platform works on a bid system where freelancers have to submit quotes in reply to client job postings.

Guru also allows employers to easily facilitate communication with either freelancers or groups of talents with a unified, comprehensive dashboard that streamlines all your project management tasks, from creating agreements on payment scheme to sharing work documents.

Popular Services on Guru:

  • Programming and web design
  • Graphics design
  • Writing & Translators
  • Virtual assistance, Business support, admin and legal support
  • Social media   Managers

Freelance Websites for Nigerians #6: iWriter

iWriter, as the name implies, is a freelance platform set aside particularly for writers.

Nigerian writers can offer to write unique articles,    blog posts ,   eBooks and any other form of content writing, depending on a buyer’s request.

I recommend signing up with iWriter if you want to become a freelancer in the area of writing, because it is very easy to get integrated into iWriter if you possess exceptional writing abilities.

[bctt tweet=”The amount of money you make on iWriter depends on the following: your overall writing points (rating), the number words in your article and your overall efficiency (how many articles you can write per day/week or month, etc.)” username=”dmsinstitute”]

Buyers can also decide to tip you if they are impressed by the article you have written.

Popular Services on iWriter:

  • Copywriting
  • Content and SEO writing
  • Ebook writing & Translators, etc.

Freelance Websites for Nigerians #7: Toptal

freelance websites for Nigerians -toptal

Toptal,  as the name implies, is a freelance company dedicated only to recruiting the top talents from around the world.

Talented network of developers, designers, and financial experts from all over the world are welcome to sign up with Toptal, but must be ready to face stern competition as their application process is very challenging.

Toptal makes it easy for employers to easily find the freelancers they are in search of; as their strict screening process has already ensured that only the most qualified candidates are selected.

This platform also allows Nigerians to register on the platform, provided you meet up with these  Toptal requirements:

  • You must be able to read, write, and speak English extremely well
  • According to Toptal, you must be passionate about your fields of expertise, with proven mastery
  • You must possess and learn unique skills and services for freelancing
  • You must possess all the technical knowledge in your fields of expertise to be able to pass the test.

Freelance Websites for Nigerians #8: DesignCrowd

freelance websites for Nigerians - designcrowd

DesignCrowd is a custom design marketplace where businesses and organizations can bring their ideas to life by crowdsourcing.

From the logo of your brand to graphic designs, DesignCrowd is a platform where you can receive multiple quality proposals from artists all over the world.

[bctt tweet=”DesignCrowd plays host to over 600,000 freelancers globally to populate your design contests.” username=”dmsinstitute”]

Posting a design contest will allow you to receive over 50 designs from various designers. Project turnover is also quick, allowing you to set a deadline submission date of 3 days, 5 days, or 10 days.

Design seekers can also shortlist designs and provide constructive feedback to bring their envisioned design closer to reality, or request for further polishing on the winning design.

Once you’ve selected your winning design, you gain full copyright ownership to the design files.

Popular Services on DesignCrowd:

  • Graphic Designers
  • Logo Designers
  • Merchandise Designer
  • Book & Magazine Cover Designer

Freelance Websites for Nigerians #9: 99Designs

freelance websites for Nigerians - 99designs

Do you possess unique abilities in graphics design? Well, if you do, then  99designs  is the platform for you.

[bctt tweet=”Unlike other freelance companies that offer a wide range of services, 99designs, as the name implies, is set up particularly for creative work from home designers from countries all over the world.” username=”dmsinstitute”]

It is the largest freelance graphic  design website,  with over 1 million freelancers who offer their unique creativity to entrepreneurs, companies and businesses who are in need of graphic designs.

Freelancers are able to participate in design competitions, where they are able to showcase their unique abilities, win contests and get paid accordingly.

After winning any design contest, you can get paid using PayPal or Payoneer as your payment option.

Popular Services on DesignCrowd:

  • Graphic Designers
  • Logo Designers
  • Merchandise Designer
  • Book & Magazine Cover Designer

Freelance Websites for Nigerians #10: Contently

[bctt tweet=”If you’re enthusiastic about the written word and have an established track record in creating exceptional content, then you can head to Contently.” username=”dmsinstitute”]

Contently  is a high-quality agency style platform that (when you’re hand-selected by their account management team after creating a portfolio) connects you directly with clients for very well-paid freelance writing projects.

Because Contently is so sophisticated so that writers can charge top dollar for their articles (charging upward of $100+ for each article).

They also have a stern editorial method but, the great marketplace and demand for writing make this marketplace one of the best.

Popular Services on Contently:

  • Copywriting
  • Content and SEO writing
  • Ebook writing & Translators, etc.

Freelance Websites for Nigerians #11: Yokebay

freelance websites for Nigerians - yokebay

With more than 50 different categories, Yokebay offers great online freelance jobs that pay for every type of freelancers in Nigeria.

It has jobs ranging from a website designer, graphics design, social media marketing to various online marketing jobs.

Wherever you are in your freelancing career or whatever your level of experience, Yokebay is most likely to have jobs for you.

In addition, you have the choice of setting your own price for jobs that you want to take on.

With the Yokebay freelance website, project owners also have the option to contact the right candidate for the particular job.

Popular Services on Yokebay:

  • Proofreading & Editing
  • Content writing
  • Video editing
  • Graphics design (logo, greeting cards, etc.)
  • Programming
  • Virtual assistance
  • Transcription and translation services

Freelance Websites for Nigerians #12: Gigs Nigeria

freelance websites for Nigerians - gigs nigeria

Just like any of the indigenous freelance website in Nigeria, Gigs Nigeria offers freelance jobs in business support, advertising, computer programming and many more.

The registration process for both clients and freelancers are as simple as any of the other freelance website.

Also, you can get your job done on gigs Nigeria for as much as N100,000.

Freelance Websites for Nigerians #13: JustFrom5k.com

Are you looking for basic errand jobs? Justfrom5k.com  may be the answer to that.

Justfrom5k.com platform is an ideal place for you to browse through if you want local freelance errand jobs.

In addition to the basic errand jobs, justfrom5k also offer professional tasks that freelancers can do and get paid for.

While some of the other freelance websites in Nigeria are open to freelancers around the world, justfrom5k.com website focuses mainly on local errands and professional freelance jobs.

Freelance Websites for Nigerians #14: SourceGig

freelance websites for Nigerians - sourcegig

In reality, Sourcegig.com is designed for local freelancers and job posting clients; given clients to post jobs and at the same time, freelancers can look-up the job posted.

As a freelance marketplace, sourcegig.com has jobs for content developers, graphics design jobs and many more.

As stated on their website, SourceGig main aim is to reduce unemployment in Nigeria and at the same time, increase business productivity.

Freelance Websites for Nigerians #15: Asuqu

freelance websites for Nigerians - asuqu

If you are looking to sell a professional service in Nigeria, Asuqu.com will provide you with the platform.

While it offers a professional platform for job posting, it also provides services for SMEs.

The Asuqu SME services include social media marketing, graphic designs and many more.

Popular Services on Asuqu:

  • Proofreading & Editing
  • Content writing
  • Video editing
  • Graphics design
  • Programming
  • Virtual assistance


Despite the fact that many Nigerians are unemployed, only a few are taking advantage of the services provided by freelance websites.

For you to break the jinx of joblessness and to make extra income from the comfort of your home, you would need to begin to put your skills to work on these platforms.

However, in order for you to be successful as a freelancer, you will need to register with at least two of the websites mentioned above.

Take it or leave it, these are the most genuine and real freelance websites that are Nigeria friendly in terms of pricing, payments and scope of work.

In addition to registering on more that one of these websites, you will need to equip yourself with high demand freelancing skills.

And this can be achieved when you take trainings like our digital marketing training, where you would learn in-demand freelance skills like email marketing, social media marketingSEO and content writing, and many more, can get you on the right track and put you in charge of your education.

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