Doubling Your Sales in Nigeria: 5 effective sale method to doubling your sales online
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September 18, 2015
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Doubling Your Sales in Nigeria: 5 effective sale method to doubling your sales online

Presently, online business is easy to kick off to some extent in Nigeria just as most people think. Everybody wants his or her goods and services to be sought for, sellers need more customers, double their sales, and revenue. Basically, these are the thrust behind the existence of any business.

Everybody wants his or her goods and services to be sought for, sellers need more customers, double their sales, and revenue Click To Tweet

However, I have outlined 5 out of the most effective sales methods you can actually implement in your business to double your sales, not just increasing your sales, but more profit as well.


1.Advertise: One in a while you advertise your products and services. It is advisable to advertise only the benefits the product/solution can give and never hype anything. Whatever you are advertising make sure that you are trying to solve a particular problem.

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Advertising is essential to bring your product to the spot light. Make use of the advertising medium that best suits your product and the time it is released. Sometimes, it is good to contract different advertising agencies to run your advert.

Always avoid giving your entire advertising contract to one company. If you have a line of products, ensure that you give each product to a different agency and do a split test on who can produce the maximum benefits.

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Moreover, you don’t have to stop there. It’s not enough that you just advertise your services. What advertising does is to make your prospects or customers more open to embracing the product or service. Once they have felt how your products or service is, the next thing to do is to reach out to them.

2.Use content marketing: Presently, there is a huge revolution in the market system, not the companies that spend exorbitantly close business deals or even make sales. Gone are those days when you spend huge sum of money to get your message across to everybody, using banner, newspapers, television, display and all that.

All of these traditional forms of marketing get weaker day by day. Most people see it as deceptive and are not usually ready to pay attention to any message

It’s good that some companies are beginning to understand the power of content marketing, they have embraced relationship marketing, has already understood the power of content marketing.

One unique thing about content marketing is that you are getting found by prospective clients rather than trying to push your product or service to the unconcerned crowds.

You should embrace content marketing not just for the benefits. Although it takes time, Irrespective of he fact that content marketing is time consuming and what works very well now, the fact remains that is is a marketing technique that has good prospects.

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3.Be strategic in your pricing: Your pricing has to be realistic enough. Most people do a price comparison, is not everybody that pays immediately.

Your pricing has to be competitive and attractive enough. You may have a wonderful product everyone needs. However, if your price is high compared to your competitor, you are going to find it tough to make sales.

Customer loyalty program: A customer reward program could be done on a quarterly basis, you don’t have to be a multinational before you start organizing a customer loyalty programme. The essence of this is to offer discounts to your prospective clients.

Apply upsells strategy : If applied effectively, it is absolutely one of the ways to increase or double your sales. But if you are not using upsells at all, that means you are leaving money on the table.

Many businesses that run online use affiliates and give pay them 100% commission as well on their product. If for instance, somebody buys this product, they are given another high end product as upsell.

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