Find out the reason why people leave your website
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July 14, 2016
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July 18, 2016

Find out the reason why people leave your website

Undoubtedly, there are many factors behind why people leave your website. As a website owner, the nitty- gritty of website optimisation is to attract traffic, keep visitors, and convert them as quick as possible.

Most times you labour very hard in making your website look pretty and cool to suit your taste without considering user’s needs or expectations.

It is never the intention of a visitor to leave your website; visitors are there to see if they can derive solutions to their problems. If your website doesn’t suit their expectations they will leave your website.

The fact still remains that if you thrive to show that you can proffer solutions to their problems by perfecting your website design, increasing the loading speed, developing good contents, to mention but a few, they will have no reason to leave your website but to convert.

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However, based on my years of experience in digital marketing and research, I discovered some hitches behind why people leave your website. Below are some the reasons and practical ways to handle the issue.

Website design and layout

The layout and the way you design your website is very important. If the design and layout of your website is poor, visitors will leave your website. You have the chance to increase the rate at which people leave your website by using outdated components to design your website.

However, your design shouldn’t conflict with the user experience because that is what matters most. For instance if your website is embedded with variety of contents, implement a more robust filtering system through which the users can eliminate the distractions and find what they are searching for.

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Action step: Revamp your website. Put some dash in it but never put design above experiences.

Ambiguous content

There is nothing that is more thrilling to readers than a content that is clear and comprehensive. If your content is difficult to read then that becomes a strain.

No visitor will spend much time reading stuffs that is not comprehensive. On a related note, consider that design isn’t just about colors, images and graphics.

The fonts you use, as well as the colors of your text and background, can determine how easily people can read and digest the content on your website. If it can’t be easily read, it’s simply not going to convert very well.

Action step: Avoid grammatical blunder when writing. In terms of design, stick to high-contrast color combinations. Stick to larger fonts to give visitors a better experience. Use a font size of 24 px for headlines and to 15 px for body copy.

Stop using outdated plug-in

People will move away from your website if your website plug-in is outdated. In a bid to ensure better experience for users who cannot afford your video, you can also include a note that summarizes your video. Remember, the fewer bells and whistles your site adds, the less time you’ll have to spend jumping on new technology trends.

Action step: Use HTML5 for multimedia like the videos or animations

Excess Ads on your website

Your Ads shouldn’t be the first thing visitor sees, and they shouldn’t take up more of your site’s real appearance and your actual content. Yes, the whole idea is to increase the conversion rate, so you just have to ensure that you make your Ads very moderate by limiting the number of ads you use and the locations where they’re displayed.

If your website is running based on Ad driven motive, then removing them from your website entirely may not be the best. But just because you need to have Ads doesn’t mean you need to place them everywhere.

Action step: Let your Ads be moderate and always ensure that they are placed at the appropriate positions.

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Unclear navigation set up

There is nothing appalling like visiting a website that you find strenuous to navigate to your desired option. Personally, if I get to such website, I have no option but to leave that website. Unclear navigation is one of the reason people will leave your website, not just for bad user experience but also affects your Search Engine Optimisation efforts.

In order to avert that, you have to think through your website’s setup. The truth remains that, you just have to ensure that anybody on arriving on your website looking for a specific piece of information and wouldn’t get caught in a seemingly endless maze of poorly laid-out navigation options.

When you get the actions you need to take right, you’ll stop losing potential sales due to bad content organization.

Action step: Rearranging your entire navigation putting into cognisance the user’s needs and. Always ensure that you rearrange your content in such a way that its suits.

Inactive content

This is why people would leave your website. If your website continues to keep old contents without updating fresh contents nobody will keep navigating your website.

If a visitor has nothing new to read, why would he or she stay on your website? It is good to have a rhythm in your postings and it is just as important to stick to those posting schedule.

Action step: At least have one or two contents on two-day intervals.

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