Instagram SEO: 11 Tips To Increase Your Reach In 2024

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Understanding Instagram SEO can help you increase your reach, visibility, and engagement on Instagram as a business owner or as an individual.

Instagram has about  1 billion monthly active users, making it a great platform for you to reach your target audience but majority of its users are business-savvy and are there for the purpose of connecting to their audience.

There are millions of businesses who uses this platform to reach out to target audience, so how do you standout?

You can standout with Instagram SEO.

By having your content show up on Instagram search results is one way. You can reach a wider audience who would be interested in your product or services organically through this.

As a business owner, Instagram SEO is very vital for your business if you want to get more engagement on your Instagram post which will eventually lead to an increase in sales.

What is Instagram SEO?

Hashtags and user accounts used to be the only option you can use to search for businesses or users on Instagram.

But now, Instagram has added another Feature to enable its user to search base on interest rather than just hashtags and user account.

Instagram SEO is the process of optimizing your account and content on Instagram for positive search term results.

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If your account and content is well optimized for a relevant keyword similar to what you offer in the Instagram search box, then your name will appear in the top section of the search result.

Instagram seo

As many Instagram users get to search by interests, your options are expanded, allowing you to explore keywords that are relevant to what you offer. Because users can search for specific topics or by interest on Instagram just like Google.

How can you create content on Instagram that is optimized for users who are searching by interest?

Why is Instagram SEO important?

SEO makes it easier for users to find your profile and content on Instagram and connect you with more ideal followers.

  • Increased Visibility: Implementing SEO strategies on Instagram enhances the visibility of your profile and content. This is essential for reaching a larger audience and growing your followers.
  • Discoverability: SEO practices help your Instagram content appear in relevant search results, making it easier for users interested in your niche to discover your profile.
  • Profile Credibility: A well-optimized profile and content reflect professionalism and credibility. Users are more likely to trust and engage with profiles that appear in search results.
  • Competitive Edge: In a competitive landscape, effective Instagram SEO gives you an edge. It allows you to stand out and be easily found by users searching for content similar to yours.
  • Business Growth: For businesses, Instagram SEO is essential for attracting potential customers. Optimized content ensures that your products or services are visible to users looking for offerings in your industry.

Top Instagram SEO Ranking Factors

Instagram SEO is the process of optimizing your account and content to rank higher in Instagram’s search results. There are several factors that can impact your Instagram SEO ranking, including:

1. Relevance to the search query

Instagram’s algorithm tries to match what the user has searched with top posts, accounts, audio, tags, and places. This is the most important factor.

2. User Activity

Instagram prioritizes posts that it thinks someone will be more interested in based on their previous activity on the app.

3. Information about the search results

The number of likes, shares, and follows for an account or post can also influence where the search result is ranked.

4. Search text

The text a user types into the search bar is the most important signal to search. Based on the search terms, Instagram looks for relevant usernames, bios, captions, hashtags, and locations.

5. Popularity signals

Content that’s already popular is most likely to rank higher in the search results. Instagram determines popularity using signals like the number of clicks, likes, shares, and follows.

11 Instagram SEO tactics to increase your reach

Regarding how to improve your Instagram SEO, it all comes down to what you post, what your content is all about, and taking into account Instagram’s algorithms.

1. Optimize your Instagram profile for search

It is very important to optimize your Instagram profile for search. Whenever people search for a particular keyword on Instagram just like Google, Instagram go through millions of accounts to find the keywords that are relevant to the search terms.

Any account on Instagram that contains the relevant keywords gets to be displayed in the search result.

Which makes your Instagram profile and bio the best place to include relevant keywords and search terms.

Also, Instagram SEO begins with your Instagram handle, hence your Instagram handle and profile name should be relevant to what you offer.

For example, when I searched for the keyword “marketing”, if you noticed, in the image below, all of the accounts that appeared in the top search results for marketing had marketing keywords either in their Instagram profile name, handle or bio.

Instagram SEO

Therefore, ensure that your Instagram handle and bio contain the keywords that are relevant to what you offer. This will help improve the chances of your business being discovered in the long run.

Instagram SEO

2. Use relevant keywords on your Caption

Writing relevant and descriptive captions can increase your content visibility on Instagram especially on the Instagram explore page.

Instagram explore page algorithm learns from the actions people take on the app. Such as the accounts people follow and the post they like or comment on to help identify what content interests them.

This is why your explore page as an Instagram user is completely different from one another.

Instagram uses machine learning to determine what content to display on its Explore page. So, it focuses on the most relevant accounts based on individual interests rather than individual posts.

For example, if you show interest in “Marketing”, this will serve as a trigger for Instagram and they will deliver content from accounts that often post on marketing.

How does Instagram determine account that post on Marketing?

They use machine learning to identify accounts that are similar in content.

Hence, it implies that Instagram evaluates keywords on accounts to determine how relevant they are to one another. They are derived from an account name, username and bio while others are derived from your post caption.

When you write captions that are descriptive of your business, Instagram will identify this and group you with accounts that are similar to yours.

Therefore, using relevant, descriptive keywords in your Instagram captions can increase your chances of appearing on the Explore page of users who have previously expressed an interest in topics related to those keywords.


3. Use hashtags that are relevant to your products or services

Use hashtags that are relevant to what you offer on Instagram. This is one of the best ways to reach a new audience.

This can lead to an increase in engagement, followers, and eventually customers for the business.

When using hashtags, do not use hashtags that are not relevant to your content or what you offer.

Use hashtags that are well-known in your niche. You can also research for hashtags that your target audience are using to conduct their search.

This will broaden your discoverability and make it easy for people to discover what your business does easily.

In addition, you should never use too many hashtags, your hashtags should be between 3-5.

Remember, hashtag is a tool that provides context about your post and deliver your content to people who are interested, so, use it wisely.

Your content and the way people interact with it affects its distribution more than the hashtags.


4. Use alt text to your images

Alt text is a feature similar to the alt text on the web used on Instagram to help users describe an image or video. The purpose of creating this is to assist visually impaired Instagram users.

Alt text allows you to write custom alternative text for a detailed description of your photos or videos.

Instagram creates an automatic alternative so they can hear descriptions of photos through screen reader.

The alt text uses object recognition technology to generate an automatic description of each photo.

Alt text provides information to the Instagram algorithm and search results about the content of your photo. This helps Instagram to better understand what is in your content and if relevant to a specific search.

So, it is important to create an alt text whenever you upload a photo or a video on Instagram. Without that, Instagram automatically generates one for you and which sometimes might not be relevant to your photo or video.

alt text

5. Keep a high-quality account

Maintaining a high-quality Instagram account is a fundamental element of your SEO strategy to increase reach and engagement.

Adhering to Instagram’s Community Guidelines is essential, as violating these guidelines can result in your content appearing lower in search results or being excluded altogether.

By consistently producing high-quality, compliant content, you demonstrate respect for the platform’s standards and values, fostering trust with both Instagram and your audience.

This, in turn, can positively impact your SEO ranking, leading to increased visibility and improved discoverability.

6. Add a location to your bio

add location on instagram bio

Adding a location to your Instagram bio is a strategic move that can help increase your reach and attract local followers. Including a location tag in your bio makes it easier for people to find your account when searching for businesses near them.

Moreover, adding a location to your bio improves your Instagram SEO ranking because it helps Instagram associate your account with specific geographic regions.

To add a location to your bio, simply click on the “Edit Profile” button, scroll down to the “Location” field, type in the name of the city, town, or neighbourhood where your business operates, and select the correct option from the dropdown menu.

Once added, your location will appear below your username in your bio, making it easily visible to anyone viewing your profile.

7. Post your niche content

Posting content that relates to your niche is a fundamental Instagram SEO tactic to increase your reach and attract a targeted audience. Creating content that speaks to your ideal customers’ interests and pain points establishes your brand as an authoritative source in your niche, encouraging engagement and building trust.

When you focus on your niche, you can leverage specific keywords, hashtags, and locations to improve your Instagram SEO ranking. Furthermore, posting content that relates to your niche helps you stand out from competitors and attracts followers who are genuinely interested in your products or services.

To determine the kind of content that would appeal to your target audience, conduct market research, analyze trends, and pay attention to the conversations happening in your niche.

8. Post at the appropriate time

Posting at the appropriate time is a crucial Instagram SEO tactic to increase your reach and engagement. You have to understand your audience’s behaviour and when they are most active on the platform. This can significantly impact the visibility of your posts and the number of engagements you get.

When using Instagram Insights or third-party analytics tools, you can identify the times when your followers are most active and schedule your posts accordingly. Additionally, consider the time zone of your target audience to ensure that your content reaches them at the optimal times.

Posting when your audience is most engaged increases the likelihood of your content being seen, liked, and shared, ultimately boosting your post’s visibility and helping to improve your overall SEO ranking on the platform.

9. Engage with your followers


Engaging with your followers is a vital Instagram SEO tactic to increase your reach and foster a loyal community. Responding to comments, acknowledging direct messages, and actively participating in conversations not only boosts your post’s visibility but also signals to Instagram that your content is valuable and worthy of being shared.

Building meaningful connections with your audience can encourage more likes, comments, and shares, which are all positive signals for Instagram’s algorithm. Additionally, engaging with your followers humanizes your brand, making it more relatable and trustworthy.

To effectively engage with your audience, allocate time each day to interact with their content, ask questions, and run polls or contests to encourage participation.

10. Instagram’s recommended guidelines

Following Instagram’s recommended guidelines is essential for maximizing your reach and engagement on the platform. Adhering to these guidelines ensures that your content is in line with Instagram’s best practices, which can positively impact your SEO ranking.

By following the rules, such as avoiding prohibited content and using appropriate hashtags, you can maintain a positive reputation and avoid penalties that could limit your content’s visibility.

Additionally, staying informed about Instagram’s algorithm updates and new features allows you to adapt your strategy to align with the platform’s current priorities.

Ultimately, by following Instagram’s recommended guidelines, you can enhance your content’s discoverability, build trust with your audience, and improve your overall SEO ranking.

11. Instagram Analytics

Monitoring your Instagram analytics is a critical component of your Instagram SEO strategy to increase your reach and engagement.

Analyzing your performance metrics allows you to identify strengths and weaknesses in your content strategy, pinpoint opportunities for growth, and make data-driven decisions to improve your overall SEO ranking.

Some key metrics to track include follower growth rate, engagement rate, reach, impressions, and average time spent per session.

Using Instagram Insights or third-party analytics tools, you can access these metrics and gain valuable insights into your audience’s behavior and preferences.

Instagram Seo FAQs

Can you do SEO on Instagram?

Yes, you can do SEO on Instagram. Instagram SEO is the practice of optimizing your Instagram content to be discovered in search results on the platform. Instagram SEO tactics include using Instagram SEO keywords in your captions, using SEO-driven hashtags, optimizing your alt text, and more.

Does SEO work on Instagram reels?

Yes, SEO works on Instagram reels. Instagram reels are a type of content on the platform, and optimizing them with SEO tactics can help increase their visibility and reach. Some SEO tactics for Instagram reels include using specific keywords, using relevant hashtags, and writing descriptive captions with keywords.

How do I master Instagram SEO for faster growth?

To master Instagram SEO for faster growth, you can follow some best practices such as optimizing your Instagram profile for search, using specific keywords to help your Instagram SEO ranking, using relevant hashtags, writing descriptive captions with keywords, and including up to 30 hashtags in your posts. You can also use free SEO tools for Instagram keyword discovery, such as Google Analytics and Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool. Consistency is key, and maintaining a consistent SEO message about your brand can help increase your discoverability and reach on the platform


Always ensure that keywords are in your bio and description, and likewise in your captions. You can also use them in your sentences, but make sure the most important ones are at the top of your captions.

Also, don’t neglect hashtags.

Instagram is open to more keyword usage but hashtags are still a player in Instagram SEO if you ask Instagram. So, use relevant keywords that your customer base is interacting with, and use them often.

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