Lead conversion strategy for businesses in Nigeria: Convert leads to customers
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November 28, 2016
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December 2, 2016

Lead conversion strategy:How to convert leads to customers

lead conversion strategy can boost your business tremendously in Nigeria. Not all of your prospects are going to pass through your automated sales funnel and automatically convert into customers as you intend.

Sometimes it requires a little assistance to get them to buy from you. In lead generation,for instance, there are various stages and the conversion process that requires strategy implementation.

But, each step of this process is expected to be well designed and communicated effectively and efficiently. This is to ensure that the processes can be properly tested and reevaluated when necessary.

There are a lot of tips and tactics that could be adopted when it comes to lead conversion strategy. And one of the reliable ways to maintain success with your lead conversion strategy is to remain up-to-date and flexible. The diversification of your tactics and practice will ensure you are getting the most from each technique you develop.

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You can also make yourself accountable with metrics to rate performance. This way you can gauge what is working and what is not to determine the changes your strategy needs in order to increase your leads. Email, social media, trade shows, events, search engine optimization, online ads, website traffic, advertising, can as well positively contribute to your lead generation and conversion strategy.

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Immediate follow-up– Following up with prospects is an integral part of the lead conversion strategy. For instance, all of the prospective customers that we have generated through our website were immediately contacted and we also follow up with them, not just to contact them. This is a great way to quickly convert them into a customer before too much time passes.

We try as much as possible to proffer answers to their questions that they might have. Often times a simple follow-up email or phone call asking your prospects if they have any additional questions will get them back into purchase mode.

Ask for the sale– One of the mistakes that people make is the fact that, they shy away from proposing or asking sales from their prospects or leads. This is a simple thing to do, but yet you feel even shy to name your price. Once a prospect calls you or contacts you, then it means your prospect  is interested in your product or services.

One of the mistakes that people make is the fact that, they shy away from proposing or asking sales from their prospects or leads Click To Tweet

It just requires common sense, yet many people don’t do it. Ask your prospects if they are ready to get started and watch how many says yes or no. They became a prospect because of their interest in what was being offered.

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Put FAQ section on your website- Put together a FAQ section on your website. Address questions that your prospects might have and make it easily accessible on your website. It adds credibility, as well as serving as a trigger. Try as much as possible to figure from your sales team and customer service representatives the most frequently asked questions.

Ask your prospects questions-In marketing, when you engage prospects or your leads, you are making them feel valued. For instance, when you ask questions that require your prospects to reply, they feel very much engaged. For example, you can just call a prospect and email a prospect and say, “Hello, it’s been a long whirl.

I called to actually follow up on your request regarding the items, what is your decision”.  Just try something like that. This is a good way to apply the pressure while also opening up the dialogue to discover questions or concerns the prospect might have.

Always spice up your email marketing– Mix in some fun facts about your company or your local area. This can really get the attention of your prospects, causing them to forget about the other options. Most of your prospects are also being marketed to by your competition, so do something to stand out from the brand and overly promotional emails that are flooding their inbox.

Offer incentives– When offering incentives, you have to be very careful. There are no prospects that don’t like free stuffs, who doesn’t like free stuff?  Offering a discount is often a great way to convert sales. It doesn’t have to be a very big discount or something valuable. Many prospects simply can’t pass on something for free.

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