Facebook Marketing for businesses in Nigeria: mistakes to avoid when using Facebook for your business
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August 19, 2015
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Mistakes to avoid when using Facebook for your business

Facebook marketing has been one of the commonly adopted digital marketing strategy in the world. There are other social media marketing platforms, but Facebook is the most popular, hence most businesses in Nigeria today  have leveraged it. Leveraging Facebook, however, does not guarantee multiple revenue or sales for your business.

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The fact remains that, Facebook is not for every business. If Facebook marketing is working for A, it doesn’t mean it would work for B. You have to ensure that your business type is properly defined to actually know if Facebook Marketing would work for you or not.

It is either Facebook is not for your type of business, or you are making common mistakes that really need to be avoided.

However, in this write up, I have come up with Facebook marketing common mistakes that you need to avoid in your business, as well as how to steer back in the right direction.

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For instance, the Facebook fan pages are valuable tools for reaching with your audience with a website. You can broadcast messages on their Facebook homepage news feed, raise conversations that can provide your company with valuable feedback, and encourage fans to upload their own content.But there are some common mistakes that some firms make when using Facebook for business.


Before, I go into unveiling these common mistakes, let me make this clarification. The Twitter for example, is another great place to reach with your audience, but it’s a completely different platform, and should be treated as such. The way you send tweets on Twitter, is not the way it would be replicated in Facebook.

They are two different platforms with its own different strategies. Additionally, you don’t want to duplicate the same exact content you use of Twitter for Facebook.

Twitter just allows less than 150 characters, why not take the advantage of re-purposing the same concepts as your tweets; just rework them to fit Facebook.

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You don’t allow fans to share their views or content

The is one major set back, I have noticed, but this is particularly done unconsciously. That is the truth, sometimes, you forget to navigate through your Facebook page settings to actually know if someone can post something on your wall. Sometimes we forget that the settings are not activated.


To make sure the share settings are turned on, go to wall settings and make sure all the boxes are checked. Not only do you want to share your updates with fans, but you want to allow fans to share their thoughts, opinions, feedback, and even pictures and videos with you.

You use a profile image that has a poor thumbnail

One distinct feature about Facebook is that when you upload a new profile image, the image gets automatically sized down to fit the thumbnail size that appears in users’ news feeds and your wall.

The implication of this is that your brand’s logo on your Facebook wall could be cut off in the thumbnail, and that could be dangerous.

In order to avoid this, any image you upload on Facebook should be 200 px wide, however, make sure that your desired thumbnail is within a 12 pixel border. Also, you have to ensure that you get the dimensions of your Facebook profile image right for the thumbnail resize.

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You post worthless things on Facebook

In order for your sales-focused posts to generate traffic you need to have an engaging Facebook page with a lot of variety. Don’t forget to publish new posts frequently, but not worthless things.

In order for your sales-focused posts to generate traffic you need to have an engaging Facebook page with a lot of variety Click To Tweet

For instance, some companies insist on posting information about their prices and links to their products on Facebook, even though these posts often don’t create any activity or engagement. It is not bad o post about that, but there are other relevant things that could be posted.


The most successful company pages on Facebook offer interesting, engaging, entertaining and informative posts at least daily. Whatever you are publishing on your Facebook wall should be able to incorporate the following; or you should be able to bear the following in mind whenever you are creating or posting on Facebook:

Creative images


Personal and entertaining content

Behind-the-scenes views of your business

Varied calls to action.

You share content on Facebook with relevant multimedia

Avoid posting updates, or sharing content without relevant images or photos. There are many ways of sharing content; posting just a standard text update is capable of leading to boredom. There are quite different ways of sharing information or content on Facebook.

For maximum effectiveness, you just have to ensure that you add links, photos or videos. You can also ask questions that are actually aimed at eliciting responses from your audiences. Just like you’d want to vary the content type in your blog to keep readers interested, mix up the content type on your Facebook page to make it interesting.


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