Why You Should Have a Digital Strategy
Email Marketing Tools for Nigerian Businesses
Email Marketing Tools for Nigerian Businesses
May 20, 2016
How to turn traffic into sales lead
How to turn website traffic into sales lead
May 31, 2016
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Why You Should Have a Digital Strategy

Why You Should Have a Digital Marketing Strategy

I remember years back, when marketing campaigns were only done via TV, radio, billboards and flyers? Back then marketing was very limited to just the traditional modes.

Those days are OVER.

The trend has changed now because, a lot of people simply make use of the search engine like google, devilfinder, Bing or yahoo to get specific information regarding product or services they intend to buy which help the visitor (people searching) to make smart decision concerning your business here in Nigeria.

Am sure you would have noticed a decline in print ad and few other marketing channels in Nigeria, most brands are ready to move along with digital marketing, but most of the brand can’t figure a way on how to implement digital marketing or have tried digital marketing at a point and it didn’t work out the way they want it.

Why You Should Have a Digital Strategy

Progression is a symptom of change in any business, and to move ahead, you need to be open to explore massive avenue in digital marketing strategy for your business in Nigeria. The world of digital marketing brings endless possibilities you can ever think of in your business.

You might have heard in digital marketing that without the right strategy, you won’t get anywhere. Digital marketing is far beyond social media shares and likes but it has to do with continuous sales and repeated customers.

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A digital marketing strategy for businesses in Nigeria is very important before starting any digital marketing plan to achieve your set business goals.

So you may be pondering what digital marketing strategy is?

Digital marketing strategy for business is a high level marketing plan of how digital channels can be used to achieve the set goals of any organization or business/brand and the role of it is to establish which digital platform that can be used and how you can achieve great results.

Ultimate goal of every digital marketing strategy is to make SALES and retain CUSTOMERS

When your digital marketing strategy is done properly, you will generate results from Organic SEO, Paid search marketing, email and social marketing.  I believe without the right digital strategy, you have no direction regarding sales and you going to face the RISK of spending your advert budget without getting any return of investment.

Think about it?

We will outline reasons why businesses in Nigeria need digital marketing strategy

Digital Strategy gives your business focus and direction to stay on top of your industry.

Why You Should Have a Digital Strategy

A business that don’t have a well written digital marketing strategy might not have a sense of what they want to do online and its approach, but they are unlikely going to have a proper defined Key performance Indicator(KPI) and their target market and they could end up spending more money with little return on Investment ROI.

I have met business owners, who would say they want to rank for a particular keyword and also get more social media likes.

Well, it good to rank for more keywords related to your business and also get social followers but not having an achievable end goal is like wasting clean water in your apartment and paying huge bill on them without proper use of it.

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You need to create measurable end goals to your digital marketing campaign that you will be able to track once your digital marketing campaign has started.

You need to create measurable end goals to your digital marketing campaign that you will be able to track once your digital marketing campaign has started. Click To Tweet

Digital marketing strategy goals for your businesses in Nigeria includes

  • Generate leads
  • Generate sales
  • Build brand awareness
  • Generate site traffic
  • Retain new and repeated customers

Once you are able to add the above set goal in your brand or business, you will experience a tremendous change in digital marketing strategy set up for your business as well as powerful online value proposition.

Digital marketing strategy ensures that the business owners as well as the digital marketing agency are on the same page.

Most digital marketing agency allows themselves to be carried away without following the marketing plan assigned to the campaign insteading of executing their plan.

They can be asked certain questions like,why are you spending so much money on online marketing and you still unable to generate result. But if you have a well written digital strategy by communicating effectively with your clients and what is going to be done to achieve the result with a timeframe, it will make your client trust you more based on the fact that you will deliver exceptionally result for them.

Why You Should Have a Digital Strategy

A well written digital marketing strategy will help you target the right audience.

Once you have a clear digital marketing strategy for your business in Nigeria, you will have a clear audience personas develop for such campaign.

It is very essential for your business to know who your real value customers are? Digital marketing strategy will help your business evaluate your target audience.

Once you are able to identify  your customer profiles, a clear digital marketing strategy will assist you get across to them efficiently, depending on their online behaviours.

Some of your customers online are more likely to search for your business or brand on Google, while others will use the social media platform, blog to get to your business to find what they are looking for.

With well developed digital marketing strategy plan, you will able to access those people who are genuinely interested in what you offer.

Integrated Digital Marketing campaigns delivers higher Return on Investment

Many firms in Nigeria are not sure whether to invest huge amounts in newer digital platforms which is all about ROI and traditional way of marketing has worked in the past. Digital marketing is not about website and social media or SEO only.

By the time you develop a strategy, you will come to have up with a clear view which includes various elements, contents, promotional methods and tactics to use for your business. Digital properties for such as your website, social media channel and mobile apps.

Your website, social media profiles and mobile apps are examples of your digital properties, while tactics may include the use of email marketing, PPC advertising, SEO, affiliates or content and bloggers to reach your goals.

A clearly defined digital strategy will help you understand how you can make use of each channels and what message needs to be communicated on these channels.

Why You Should Have a Digital Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy allows you to measure success

The digital marketing world is constantly evolving and more and more companies in Nigeria are embracing all digital channels for their businesses.

For your company to stand out from the competitive market, you need to provide up-till date report on strategy executed.

In order to differentiate your company from the competition, data should be at the heart of your digital marketing decisions.

All marketing activities need to be measured for ROI-and digital is no different.

With a strategy, you will have the mechanisms in place to understand your efforts, so you can make tweaks or wholesale changes as required. All your digital marketing activities should be monitored and managed to ensure we save time and cost, but if you fail to strategically check your digital marketing checklist such as bounce rates,exit page and landing page,website ranking on search engine, you will definitely struggle to meet your business or marketing/sales goals.

Writing a digital marketing strategy requires a lot of critical analysis on what your customers wants, for you to be able to writing a good digital marketing strategy which has to be filled with goals, tactics and KPI that alone will make huge difference to your online marketing performance.

Start generating leads and also (revenue) for your business by writing a well detailed digital marketing strategy for business, brands in business in Nigeria.

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