Building an Online Marketing Strategy in Nigeria
Email Marketing Tools for Nigerian Businesses
May 20, 2016
Why You Should Have a Digital Strategy
May 27, 2016

Creating an online marketing strategy is very necessary if you are trying to get online and build a business with the power of digital marketing.

Online marketing requires a knowledge of email marketing, social media marketing, building landing pages, content marketing and so much more.

Read the steps below to find out more on how to create a proper online marketing strategy:

Who are your current customer base?

Before preparing your marketing strategy there needs to be an in depth understanding of your current database, if possible a one on one conversation with some of your current customers will go a long way to understanding the reason and why behind their purchases.

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Because your business is created to solve particular problems, and by understanding the reasoning behind the purchases of your customers you get insights into why they buy from you and more importantly how your business solves their problem.

Because of all the email marketing and social media tools out there and the help of eCommerce facilitation it’s very easy to believe that as a business you are dealing with robots, because you can get to the point of no human connection with all the tools out there.

But at the back of all these tools and all these strategies, you must understand that there is a need to develop a constant human relationship between your customers, whether online or offline.

Whichever medium you use to communicate with your prospective customers whether email marketing, social media marketing or something else, they are all very important, but it must be done with the understanding that you are trying t build relationships and create an experience for your customers.

Online marketing’s goal is to help you achieve this objective depending on the platform you choose to stick with.

How are people buying from you currently?

Once you understand who your customers are, you then need to understand what they stand for, their values, their behavioral characteristics, interests, traits and how all of these converts into sales for your company.

Things you should look out for:

  • How are people getting in touch and finding out about your services currently, are they relying one print media, online ads, social media, word of mouth, direct traffic?
  • What questions are they concentrating on and asking on a regular basis. Incorporate these questions into your current online marketing ads and landing pages, sales pitches and offers. When you anticipate what people want you have a better chance of building a proper relationship with them.
  • What are the common reasons why sales does not happen, you need to define this at every stage of the marketing cycle and address these issues to enjoy long term uninterrupted engagement with your customers.
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Crack your current sales and conversion funnel

This is a tool used to show the process and pathway of a buyer road to sales.

The first thing to understand about conversion sales funnels is that they are unique to your business. Essentially you can’t copy another company’s sales funnel simply because your operations will have a differentiating factor to it.

you can model and get insights from other companies sales funnel, you have to ensure that yours is built as a carbon copy match of your sales operations not another company’s.

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When building your sales funnel ensure you keep to mind that you’re building a process around connections. You are talking and selling to people not robots or tools, so your sales funnel should reflect this.

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Bury Spray and Pray Philosophy

When creating an online marketing strategy the mindset of taking N50,000 and dumping it into google adwords and then praying for results will not work.

Before creating your campaign first you need to know the exact results you are aiming for, ROI is a very deliberate process and not a guessing or wishful game.

When it comes to results only two are important to business executives and CEO’s and that is sales and profit. No matter the diagram you draw and all the key performance metrics analytics you come up with you have to tie it down to how the company is making sales and profit from all these data.

And that is the brilliance of online marketing, because everything can be tracked with analytics even down to the click that got the sale for the month.

So it all comes down to the ROI not just activity, let’s dive into the what you need to do to prove to a CEO or Business Executive your marketing campaign’s ROI, the only way to achieve this is to promote the right products to the right customers, while maximizing revenue during the process.

Get Your Marketing Goals

First you need to start by identifying your business goals, asking the right questions is very essential towards helping build a proper marketing strategy:

What’s are your strategic goals?

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Are you trying to drive sales or leads build awareness, your goals will determine what marketing strategies you implement.

What is your budget?

Marketing involves a lot of testing and while it’s important to track and analyse every click m it’s also important to note that everything will not start clicking from day one. You budget will determine how much actionable learning progressions you can engage in

Results! Results!! Results!!!

Set appropriate goals and align with the resources (budget) you are willing to part with for that online marketing campaign. Make sure you also research on other campaigns of similar brands and get ideas which will help in creating the campaign that will meet your business exact needs.

In Conclusion

Always remember when you are creating your campaigns to always:

  • Ensure every marketing campaign is part of a goals-driven framework. Know what your company wants to achieve before just jumping in with a test or marketing spend.
  • Remember that timing is everything. Strong marketing frameworks are built around delivering the right message to the right audiences at exactly the right time.
  • Start by listening and asking questions. Learn what your customers need, and take the time to understand your company’s most pressing priorities. The marketer’s job is to create connections between your brand and customers.
  • Remember that your marketing initiatives will fall into the following core areas: awareness, engagement, conversion, and retention. Understand which of these four functional areas are most important to your business and why. Make sure that your marketing campaigns align with the goal that are most important for your business to achieve right now, in the medium term, and down the road.

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