7 Factors To Choosing A Digital Marketing Agency / Company In Nigeria
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September 25, 2017
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October 2, 2017

7 Factors To Choosing A Digital Marketing Agency In Nigeria

Factors To Choosing A Digital Marketing Agency In Nigeria

There are certain factors to choosing a digital marketing agency, unfortunately… a lot of advertising company didn’t meet these criteria.

There are quite a huge number of digital marketing agencies in Nigeria.

But the truth is:

There are vastly experienced ones that could help you grow your online business tremendously.

Despite the proliferation of these digital marketing agencies in Nigeria, any firm or organization looking forward to consulting any of the agencies should always consider some top agency qualities.

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These qualities are what I am going to expose in this article to avoid making mistakes when choosing the right digital marketing agency.

7 factors to consider when choosing a digital marketing agency

1. Optimized Website

The website has been identified as the marketplace where any business transaction can take place.

It is one of the most important parts of digital marketing.

Many experts sees the website as one of the many selection process to choosing a digital marketing agency.

So, why ignore it?

To start a digital marketing company, it’s important that you have a mapped out a traffic generation strategy.

What’s benefit of a website that can’t get you customers?


If you are seeking for the services of any digital marketing agency in Nigeria, always find out if its website is updated and optimized.

There are websites and there are optimised websites.

Optimised websites are website that can be easily found by on SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages) and that is what we call SEO good practice.

If you are preaching SEO and your website hardly ranks on Google that means,

…such digital marketing is not practising what she preaches.

The website should be up to date, well optimized, and modernized, with critical components such as responsive design, good landing page, effective call to action and others.

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2. Dedicated Team

Another process to choosing a digital marketing agency is to look at one with a dedicated team memebers.

Any digital marketing agency you are searching for should have dedicated team members.

A dedicated and powerful digital marketing agency should have various experts in every aspect of digital marketing – Search Engine Optimisation, Google Adwords professionals, Social Media Marketers) etc.

What you can do actually is to search on the website of the agency you intend to work with.

Such agency should also find it deem to update their team members on their about us page on the website.

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They have a team of specialised experts – SEO Experts, Campaign Manager, Growth Hackers etc. Choosing such digital agency will produce results in an efficient way becuase these experts specialises on different component of digital marketing.

3. Vast Digital Marketing Experience

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Experience they say is “The best Teacher”.

Any digital marketing agency you intend to consult must be very vast in digital marketing experience.

It doesn’t necessarily matter the number of years of existence.

What matters is the kind of project such agencies have handled in he past, countries that they have worked for, the caliber of clients they have worked for, and other essentials.

You can also check their profile either their websites.

Conduct enough research to get this information, it will guide your decision making.

4. Good Client Service Skills

You should be consulting with an agency that will drive that customer experience.

You don’t need to transact with a digital marketing agency that doesn’t make any extra effort to satisfy its client.

That is not advisable.

When making a choice in this regard,

Look for an digital marketing agency with exceptional customer service experience and skills.

Any dedicated digital marketing agency that knows its onus will always ensure that the demands and expectations of customers or clients are met.

It doesn’t matter if it will require any extra mile for it to happen. Any agency with such you quality should be your target.

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5. Practicing What They  Do Preach

Do all these digital marketing agencies practice what they preach to other people?

That is a critical question that needs to answered before you go on to patronize them.

Any reliable digital marketing  agency must practice what they preach.

They tell you to get your website well optimized, while theirs is not up to date let alone of being optimized.

Any reliable digital marketing agency must practice what they preach. They tell you to get your website well optimized, while theirs is not up to date let alone of being optimized. Click To Tweet

They tell you to post on social media platforms twice on a daily basis, while they are still struggling to gain ground online.

Any reliable digital marketing  agency must practice what they preach.

 6. A Perfect Understanding of Emerging Digital Trends

One feature of digital marketing is dynamism.

The trends will continue to emerge, as new trends are emerging, digital marketing agencies are expected to follow in par with such trends.


Any client or organization seeking for the services of digital marketing agencies should also put that into consideration.

It is pertinent as well for any agency to adapt to the variations because the effect, in the long run, would be on their digital marketing campaigns.

7. Physically Located

Yes, digital marketing is all about online transaction, but having a physical location is important for your offline visibility.

Any digital marketing agency should be found somewhere.

The business location should be well defined, even on the page on its website.

It shows that such companies could be traced.


Before you transfer your digital marketing campaign for an agency to handle, you have to consider physical location, it’s very important.

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There you go.

Those are the seven essential factors to consider before choosing a digital marketing agency or company in Nigeria.

Digital marketing is now a serious business and should be carefully selected if you want results.

A lot of digital marketing agencies aren’t doing the right thing.

Imagine searching for SEO company in Nigeria and the company that claim to be the best is found nowhere on Google search result. That doesn’t speak well and such company is surely doing something wrong.

Digital Marketing Skill Institute is a digital marketing training Institute and we rank for digital training marketing in Nigeria. That’s clear we know exactly how to optimise our website effectively.

If you want criteria for selecting a digital advertising agency, then follow the seven points carefully and make sure you select the best agency for your business.

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