List Of Online Businesses in Nigeria - Latest Online Money Making Opportunities In 2018
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January 3, 2018
29 Latest Online Money Making Opportunities In Nigeria (2018)
January 3, 2018

Latest Online Businesses in Nigeria 2018

Have you ever asked yourself, what are the latest online money making opportunities and other online businesses in Nigeria?

Do you really want to know how to make money online in Nigeria without spending a dime?

You can quickly check out my post on how to start an online business with a thousand naira (₦1000).

The online-sphere is highly saturated with amazing money making ideas and I’m just going to show you all the latest ways you can make money directly from your comfort zone.

What people don’t understand is there are various means of making money online in Nigeria and a lot of people are ignorant of this. So many people spend time online across different social media platforms, the statistics are there for you to see.

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  • 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users (Source)
  • There are 1.15 billion mobile daily active users (Source)
  • Twitter has 313 million monthly active users (Source)
  • There are 500 million Tweets per day, that’s about 6000 per second (Source)

These are just a tip of an iceberg, you can navigate to to get more live internet statistics that would marvel you.

There are so many online businesses in Nigeria with money making ideas, you can make money online because your target audience spends almost all their entire day online on different social media platforms.

Only the smart ones can capitalise on the abundant money making opportunities.

During my Masters (final year) at the Portsmouth University, I teamed up with my flatmate to start an online business with just a laptop, internet connection and a sofa.

Do you know what?

I lost my savings to a digital marketing firm that drove little or no results for the online business.

I became broke and frustrated that I took matters into my own hands and I decided to learn digital marketing. I became obsessed and so passionate about digital marketing as I began to drive real sales and customer growth results.

It was then that I realised digital marketing could help all types of businesses grow quickly.


If only the right person with the skill is implementing the right digital marketing strategy and for that reason…

Digital Marketing Skill Institute was founded to help people succeed in their business or career using the proven digital marketing strategy that works.

Our institute’s single ultimate goal is to help and empower 10,000 people and businesses in the next 5 years to succeed in their businesses or careers using smart digital marketing skills, online money making channels and strategy

In 2018, the rate at which people want to learn how to make money online in Nigeria is unbelievable.

I visited Google to search for the most successful small business ideas, my search was driven by my undying need to generate multiple streams of income for myself, but I was surprised the search results I got were not able to answer my queries.


I took my time to compile all the latest online businesses in Nigeria with numerous online money making opportunities. This will help us further reach our main objective of helping 10,000 people and businesses in achieving their desired success growth.

With my write-up, you will understand what small business makes the most money online, how to make money online in Nigeria fast, businesses that make money while you sleep, most money making business in the world and other fast ways of making money in Nigeria.

On the other hand,

This post won’t cover quick money making ideas illegally, illegal money making schemes like MMM, and other fraudulent ways of making money online in Nigeria.

Let’s go…

List Of Top Online Businesses in Nigeria (2018)

1. Digital Marketing

This is definitely going to be my number one online business in Nigeria.

Digital marketing has helped to provide for my needs, it’s a career that has vast opportunities and does not require a lot.

Digital marketing is an online advertising technique that businesses use to deliver their product or services right in front of their customers without physical contact. Click To Tweet

With just a laptop and an internet connection, you can start promoting services and goods for other business online and get cool cash from it.

Having a digital marketing skill is a plus for any business driven individual, another reason why this is coming first is that all online businesses in Nigeria survive using the various digital marketing tactics and strategies.

I’ve used digital marketing to promote other people’s business and also empowered ambitious men and women through our digital marketing training course.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is an online advertising technique that businesses use to deliver their product or services right in front of their customers without physical contact.

There are so many ways you can use digital marketing to promote your products online and if you know absolutely nothing about digital marketing, you should REGISTER for our next digital marketing training to get started with digital marketing.

2. Website Design

Adeyinka Adenaike is a web developer and he earns money online through website development for clients. He has done lots of great jobs for companies, entrepreneurs, and other non-techy individuals.

Website development or design is thriving business online. The fact that every business that wants to get known online needs to get started with a website should ring a bell in your head.

If you have a passion for design, you have to get started with this career right away.

Out of the many online businesses in Nigeria, this is one of the best.

This is because:

…it gets your work seen by a lot of web visitors who visited the website you previously designed for a client.

How is that even possible?

In the footer region of the website you designed, you can get to include …designed by [Your brand name] based on your agreement with the client. This simple gesture will get you more customers.

In fact,

Adeyinka gets 90% of his overall client through referral!

Why are waiting? DMS Institute digital marketing course is one of the most complete digital marketing training in Nigeria. In one of our module, we’ll train you how you can develop a WordPress blog or simply click here to learn it for FREE!

3. Premium WordPress Theme/Plugins development

In my list of genuine online businesses you can do in Nigeria, developing WordPress themes and plugins comes third.

No question, this is another great way to secure a great future for yourself.

Seems like Yinka is raking in a lot of money offering different services online.

Coupled with his website design skill, he also develops premium themes and plugins for sale, he creates plugins to help enhance a WordPress site and then upload it online for sale. He uses sites like and as his choice platform to sell his themes and plugins.

It may sound astonishing, but…

…what was once just an obscure content management system is now powering more than 26.4% of the web, according to and w3techs.

To get started,

You need to acquire a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JQuery and PHP. You can then get the advance knowledge.

Interesting, there are many schools that will endow you with these skills in Nigeria. You should search on google for the best depending on your location in Nigeria.

4. Fiverr

Fiverr is one one the biggest marketplace online. Just like you have it on JiJi and OLX, it’s a platform where buyers meet sellers and sellers meet buyers.


Do you offer services in the following categories listed below?

  • Graphics & Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Business
  • Fun & Lifestyle

If yes, then Fiverr is the best place for you. You can simply register on Fiverr and start offering gigs for as low as $5.

The sweet thing about Fiverr is, you offer services for cheap to be delivered in less than 48 hours or more depending on how complex the service you’re offering is. You get paid instantly for after you’ve successfully delivered the gig! Register now and monetize your skill right away.

5. Fiverr Affiliate

To those searching for how to make money online in Nigeria without spending a dime, this is the online business in Nigeria you need to start doing.

You can also get paid by driving traffic to fiverr.

Yes, traffic!

Receive flat-rate CPA commission for every first-time buyer!

Starting an affiliate partnership with them is just another great way to make money online in Nigeria without spending a dime on Fiverr. You can click here to REGISTER on Fiverr for free and start making money.

6. Affiliate marketing

Mentioning Fiverr affiliate up there quickly reminded me of other affiliate business you can venture in.

So, I will just write a few of them under the affiliate section.

If you are looking for how to make money online in Nigeria without spending a dime, affiliate marketing is another perfect online making money idea.

The affiliate marketing business allows you to get commissions on products or services when you refer people to buy. It means you will promote other people’s businesses and get paid for referring customers to their websites to buy their products and services.

Do you know how to promote your affiliate products, generate more customers and revenue for yourself?

No, right?

…worry less, I will teach you how to go about that if you click to join our digital marketing course in Lagos.

In Nigeria, there are many affiliate businesses you can start today, the most popular ones are:

Apart from these indigenous affiliate market, there are more money making affiliate platforms you can start in Nigeria. The good thing is, they are foreign and you will earn money in dollars instead of naira.

Here they are:

I will show you a lot more affiliate businesses you can start if you CLICK to register for our Digital marketing training. You will also get my ultimate strategy on how to make $3000 in 30 days using affiliate marketing.

7. Blogging

Blog blog blog!

Everywhere you navigate to online, you find one or more blogs. People have asked really strange questions like..

  • How do bloggers make their money in Nigeria?
  • Do bloggers get paid based on the number of traffic they get on their website?

Some even ask weird questions like…

  • How much does Linda Ikeji makes in a month?

Well, here is the truth.

Blogging is now a lucrative business in Nigeria. If you ask me, I’d say blogging gives you unlimited ways to make money online in Nigeria.

One of my employees monetised his tech blog with Google Adsense and he also runs affiliate marketing on the side with Jumia and Konga.

Isn’t that nice?

Click here to join our digital marketing training and learn different ways on how to monetize your blog and start earning money online.

To be a successful blogger, all you need is…

…Passion, dedication, be hard-working, PC and/or Mobile phone, internet connection, money (obviously, you need to pay for a domain and a hosting plan), time and perseverance.

So no worries about technicalities, programming, etc. You compulsorily don’t need to be a geek to get started with blogging.

The fun thing is,

You can get started with blogging when you join our training. It’s also included in our course outline.

Also, you might want to check out this detailed post I wrote on how to start a blog.

8. Sell Products & Services (eCommerce)

Do you have a passion for selling clothes, shoes, phones, crafts materials, electronics, educational items and more?

Do you offer services such as teaching, tutoring, phone repairs, digital agency, website development etc?

The good news is, you don’t have to run around the streets marketing these items for potential buyers. With digital marketing, reaching out to your potential customers become as easy as pie.

Another cool way to make money online in Nigeria is through eCommerce.

Take a look at Konga and Jumia…

…those two are the biggest eCommerce stores in Nigeria and Africa.

What they sell is the same thing you can get anywhere in Nigeria but their mode of selling is modern unlike the traditional ways, they make use of different digital marketing strategy to sell them.

So if you have one or more goods you want to sell, click here to join our digital marketing training, let’s show you how to promote your products or services online and helping you reach you desired customers who will eventually buy.

9. Web hosting reselling business

I almost forgot this!

Website hosting reselling business is a form of affiliate marketing but quite different. I use this as a means of generating passive income.

To be candid,

The website reselling business is a bit saturated but a serious-minded individual can cope even with the competition surrounding this niche. All it requires is for you to be creative and focused on the ultimate goal.

Here is the good news about this business:

The first target is getting the necessary traffic… after getting your first set of customers, it’s commission is recurring. What this simply means is, you can set it on autopilot once the initial effort has been made. People who hosted with you will most likely be renewing their hosting and domain name services.

What this simply means is,

You can set it on autopilot once the initial effort has been made. People who hosted with you will most likely be renewing their hosting and domain name services.

I do web reselling business with GoDaddy and I make cool money in dollars. You can click here to register and start a Website reselling business and join our digital marketing training to learn how to receive funds (dollars) directly into your naira bank accounts in Nigeria.

10. Email marketing

There’s no doubt about what email marketing has done for big online businesses in Nigeria.

Have you even thought about why big commerce giants like Konga and Jumia push out subscription forms when you visit their website?

You don’t know, right?

Here’s why:

They want your email list so as to nurture you until you turn into paying customer and it won’t stop there. They will continually advertise their products to you via this means for as long as you don’t unsubscribe from their newsletters.

Isn’t that interesting?

Email marketing is hot cake right now, It’s one of the many lucrative business ideas in Nigeria with small start-up capital.

Entrepreneurs have learned how to use email marketing to grow their businesses online. Despite announcing that we’re a digital marketing training institution, companies continually contact us to carry out email marketing campaigns for them.

What does this simply means?

Email marketing can be translated to money if you know how to go about it.

Do you have a list of email addresses that you have abandoned for too long?

My friend,

…that email list is your key to success through email marketing.

Start marketing businesses using those emails you’ve abandoned and you will see yourself smiling to the bank.

If you don’t know how to fully monetize your email list, then click here to join our digital marketing training to learn how to start marketing business through email marketing.

11. Content marketing

Do you know that content marketing is the soul, life and death of digital marketing?


Content marketing is the practice of creating and distributing content that is entertaining, informative and helpful to potential customers.

Textbroker gave a proper insight on the importance of content marketing and you might want to have a peek.

There are ways to drive returning customers online and content marketing is just one of it.

With the right content marketing strategy, you will be assured of success. There are certain questions you need to ask your clients as a content marketer if you truly want results when marketing their business.

You can monetize your content marketing skill by helping businesses generate more traffic via social media platforms. This is one of the things you will learn if you click to register for our digital marketing training, we will show you how to promote businesses through all the various social media platforms.

12. Graphics Design Business

The world is really going digital, hence, businesses are springing up every day and a lot more will.

With the growing rate of businesses going digital, graphics designers will be at the gaining end.

The digital sphere is surrounded by different kind of contents – Images, videos, logos, banners, and other visual content are the backbone of content marketing. We cannot leave out these folks because they are a crucial part of the revolution and will continually be.

Have you been procrastinating about learning graphics design?

Then you’re getting it all wrong!

Graphic design will fetch you a huge income online. Despite having tools like,, etc, graphics designers can never be compared to this online design tools.

When it comes to producing complex designs, you will be hired, so why the worries?

How do I market myself and get more clients calling?

I already shared (4) how to make money online via Fiverr, well, that just one way to sell your design services online and making money on a day to day basis.

If you allow me,

I will show you more ways to promote your design business online if you click here to join our digital marketing training today!

13. Social Media Marketing

It overwhelms me when I see “social media expert” in people’s social media profiles on Facebook.

The funny part about it is,

…not everyone who tags this profession on their profile truly knows how to run a simple Facebook ad.

I laugh when I see such titles!

Do you know that social media marketing now is a big online business in Nigeria?

With a Social Media Marketing Certification, you can bag yourself a job as a social media expert in big companies in Nigeria. But I’m focusing on online businesses in Nigeria and I’m sure you have landed on this page because you’re are most likely searching for how to make money online without leaving your home.

Social media marketing helps you promote businesses online through social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and the likes, you can help businesses garnered brand awareness, sales, and recurring revenue.

But all these can’t be done for free you know?

Well, I will just stop there, you can click here to join our digital marketing training and learn how to drive more sales for businesses through social media. Also, you will get practical know-how on acquiring potential clients that will pay you big!

The end!

Hey wait, it doesn’t end there buddy.

…there are many online businesses in Nigeria and more are springing up day after day. I will continuously update this post to reveal the easiest way of making money in Nigeria.

But before you leave, I think it’s important that you read my article on how to build a profitable online business in Nigeria in order to know how to grow and manage your internet business.

I’ve also written articles on digital business ideas in Nigeria and more money making opportunities in Nigeria, why not check them out?

Now, over to you;

Why are you still contemplating about starting your own genuine online business?

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Making money online in Nigeria is easy if you implement what you have read up there. I’ve listed the latest online businesses in Nigeria and if you’re smart enough, I believe you will start making money while you sleep.

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We believe digital marketing is the most important and rewarding activity every legitimate online business in Nigeria needs to do and they need people that can deliver on promise to achieve their goals. And finally, we believe you will only go for the best and that’s us.

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