How to Write a Product Description: Quick Guide for Beginners


Over the past few years, the online marketing sector has experienced tremendous growth. It is projected that over 2 billion individuals purchase online, and this figure will only rise. What criteria then guide their decision-making on how to write a product description? How do they locate the necessities among the products?

Well, a lot of things influence their decisions, and product descriptions are just one of them. Helping them realize why this product is beneficial to them allows you, as the seller, to attract more attention, more consumers, and more purchases.

We’ll walk you through the process of writing product descriptions that sell well in this post, as well as dive further into the factors that will ensure your success.

What is a Product Description?

what is product description

A product description is one of the forms of marketing copy used to describe your product and explain why it should be purchased.

By making your site appear professional, knowing how to write a solid product description will help you increase sales and improve the consumer experience. Make sure you provide them with the necessary information.

One of the main reasons your potential customers could decide to buy your goods is a well-written product description. It’s crucial to take your time and consider your preferred method of approaching this phase.

Why is it important to Know how to write a product description?

Product description is very important as there are several advantages, and benefits that a well-written product description can give your online business:

It makes you stand out from other competitors

Making the effort to write your own product description can help you stand out from the competition, and improve your page’s engagement rate. It may have a significant impact on your customers’ decision to buy a product.

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Therefore, you’ll be more successful in selling your goods, if you craft descriptions that persuade prospective customers that they need it.

It increases SEO rankings

Your product page will appear higher in search results for your audience if you conduct keyword research and use it wisely in your product description. Paid search advertising has a conversion rate that is six times lower than that of organic SEO-generated traffic.

It helps to increase the chances of selling your products

You get to highlight why consumers should purchase your product by describing the use case and sharing a narrative, as opposed to just providing technical details about it.

Storytelling has a major role in online marketing. Describe to your prospective clients how this specific product will enhance and help their daily life. Recognize their issues and provide answers.

How to Write a Product Description That Sell

how to write a product description that sells

If you are creating a product description for your website, Here is how to write a product description that sells.

Each of these components has the very important roles in closing a deal. Product descriptions and product images have the greatest influence over a buyer’s decision to buy.

Here’s a straightforward guide that will help you write good product descriptions that will sell:

Define Your Ideal Audience

The first step in creating product descriptions that convert well is to identify your ideal customer.

Based on data and study, they are representations of your ideal clientele. Break down their habits and characteristics as best you can. This will walk you through their thought process and make their issues more understandable.

The objective is to identify the aspects that your target audience would find most intriguing to read about. Consider why they are on your website, what they are looking for, how they want to be contacted, and what features of your product most interest them.

Ask them questions and get their advice on what styles and what features to emphasize on.

Highlight Benefits over Features

When creating product descriptions, it’s critical to recognize the features and benefits to emphasize after establishing your target audience and knowing how to communicate with them.

Typically, entrepreneurs are excited to discuss every aspect and characteristic of their goods. But sometimes, consumers are more interested in learning how a product can help them than in learning about all of its characteristics.

To effectively demonstrate benefits rather than just emphasize product features, you should do the following couple of things:

  • Define your features. Consider which features your target audience would find most appealing.
  • Consider why it matters and make a list of the issues your product helps your target market with. Create a range of use cases for which you have a solution.
  • Redefine the message and emphasize the advantages for your customers. You now possess all the necessary elements to convert these features into benefits.

Employ storytelling Techniques

story telling techniques

Using a narrative and an emotive punchline is one of the greatest ways to present your product description and emphasizing all of its advantages. If you give your product more personality, your audience might find it special.

By telling the story of the thing you sell, you may connect with your audience and gain their trust in one of the greatest ways possible. Emotions have a demonstrated impact on consumer behavior, which can help your online store expand and increase sales.

When you are writing your story, try to address the following questions:

  • Who is the product’s creator?
  • What motivated them to make this product?
  • What difficulties were present during the product production?

These stories will grab the reader’s interest and make you stand out.

Make Use of Natural Language

Product descriptions that are compelling should sound like genuine conversations you would have with your closest friend. It should be enjoyable to read and not sound like something that was produced by a computer for your potential clients.

In addition, you ought to adhere to the tone and voice of your brand. This is an example of how your brand’s distinct viewpoint is represented. It is important to adhere to it consistently and to include it in all of your product descriptions.

Making as much of a connection as you can with your audience is the aim. Your focus should be on adding the personality element to your product. This is what can distinguish your products from that of your competitors and add value to your goods. Consider what phrases best express the ideal lifestyle of your target audience.

One of the best methods to establish a connection between your brand and your customers is to use natural language when describing your products. This produces good results and fosters great customer loyalty.

Keep it brief and sweet

Product descriptions should be simple to read generally.

Keep in mind that customers typically read approximately 16% of the entire page, so don’t overthink your writing. Therefore, the most crucial information should be succinctly conveyed in the product description. Descriptions that can be scanned are one of the finest ways to accomplish it.

Use Short descriptions to interact with the prospective customer. Briefly summarize the most important details that your client would find interesting in bullet points. Note that few sentences should be all that will make up a short paragraph. That way, more people will read the entire description.

Add Some Social Proof

Your clients will probably ask for recommendations from other people if they are unclear about what goods to buy. Then, they purchase the goods that have received the greatest number of reviews and testimonies.

Having a rating system and user reviews on your product page will make it easier for prospective customers to learn about your product or service.

Including an image of a satisfied client together with a statement from a positive review is another typical technique. By doing this, your audience will find your business more relatable. Getting immediate feedback about your product is another important function of social media. Integrate user-generated content from social network feeds on your product page.

Allow customers to interact with you and share their product reviews with you. Most consumers wish to purchase well-known goods. Your chances of making more sales are increased if you can promote the products that your customers find most appealing on your website.

Add Quality visuals

Selecting excellent images can be a crucial component of showing your product to potential customers. As a matter of fact, the majority of customers believe that the image holds greater significance than the product description.

Thus, in addition to crafting product descriptions, you want to focus on incorporating a high-quality image onto the page. This will enable your intended market to assimilate the salient characteristics and product information straight from the displayed images.

When you are shooting images for your product page, there are a few things you should consider.

Picture quality

If you have the money, hiring a professional photographer is the best choice. You may use a high-quality phone camera to accomplish it yourself as well. When capturing photographs, keep the lightning in mind. A sleek white background, for instance, makes your goods stand out.


Customers generally want to engage with your items to the extent that their screens permit. This implies that you need to have sizable, sharp images with a zoom feature.

Different Angles

Including a variety of perspectives and angles in the collection of images on your product page is another excellent way of using images to highlight your brand. You ought to explain to them the various uses for the product. Additionally, if a thing comes in numerous colors, snap different shots of it.


Ensuring that each picture complements the others and provides a seamless browsing experience for viewers is crucial. Images should try to be as similar as possible in terms of size, shape, and overall style.

Make Use of Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimization

It’s important to remember to optimize your content for search engines while creating product descriptions for your online business.

Increasing the number of people that visit your product page and expanding your audience’s reach can be achieved through search engine optimization, or SEO. The objective is to rank better in organic search results and show up in your customer’s search results.

One of the biggest contributors to a greater conversion rate is SEO. Keywords are the first step in everything. These are the keywords that consumers may use to search for a certain product.

You need have a reliable keyword research tool, such as SEMrush, KWFinder, Moz Keyword Explorer, etc. Using these tools, you can get useful information about:

  • Search Volume: This indicates the number of individuals in a given region of the world that are looking for this keyword.
  • The term “keyword difficulty” measures how challenging it is to rank for a specific term.
  • You can utilize longtail keywords as related terms.

Once you have selected appropriate keywords for your product description, you need to consider where to put them strategically. Ensure that the following sections of the description contain the keyword at least once:

  • The page’s URL
  • Product description title
  • Alt image tag
  • In the main body of your product copy

By taking these actions, you can increase the effectiveness of your results and attract more customers to purchase your goods.

You can click here to read more on search engine optimization and how to use it effectively.

Set KPIs and goals.

Setting objectives and determining your key performance indicators (KPIs) before you start writing your product description can be useful. You can test whether or not your descriptions are effective in this way.

The metrics that will be used to monitor your performance must be chosen. Setting up goals and KPIs can assist you in determining which aspects of your future product description need to be updated. This will assist you in ensuring optimal performance.

The most common KPIs are:

  • Conversion rate
  • Return rate
  • Organic search rankings
  • Support inquiries

KPIs are a highly useful tool for tracking performance since they allow you to monitor outcomes properly and determine whether your organization is moving in the right direction.

Do A/B testing

A/B testing is a technique for contrasting two versions of a webpage or app to see which one works better. It is also referred to as split testing or bucket testing. In essence, A/B testing is an experiment in which consumers are presented two or more variations of a website at random, and the variation that converts the highest is identified using statistical analysis.

You can gather information on the effects of changes to your website or app by doing an A/B test that directly compares a variant against the current experience. This allows you to ask targeted questions regarding potential changes.

By removing uncertainty from website optimization, testing helps your business make data-driven decisions that go from “we think” to “we know.” You can make sure that every modification yields benefits by tracking how those changes affect your metrics.

Product Description Template

product description template

Now that you are aware of the procedures involved in writing a quality product description for your web store, let’s test and use this understanding.

When it comes to writing a product description, there is no one-size-fits-all method. As a result, there isn’t a single product description template that can ensure you of a job well done. Nevertheless, there are a few pointers, which can assist you in getting going.

First, try answering these questions:

  • Who is your ideal customer?

Knowing your target market is essential for effective product sales. Consider the wants of the ideal persona and attempt to comprehend what they require on a regular basis.

  • Which issues are you resolving on their behalf?

Consider the issues your product will help your audience with on a daily basis after you have an understanding of their problems.

  • What are your product’s fundamental features?

Write down every feature, material, measurement, and other aspect of your product.

  • What makes this product unique?

List all of the special advantages that your product offers. Consider the reasons this is a better option compared to what your competitors are offering.

Steps to Take When Writing a Product Description

These are the steps you should take to write your product description after you have done your research, and gathered this data.

  • Write a headline. Try to think of a title that will catch the attention of your target audience while keeping things simple.
  • Create a paragraph. This is the primary copy that you use to market your goods. Consider the qualities and advantages that your product provides.
  • Add bullet points. Make it easier to read and include technical details. Making it scannable is essential for readers who don’t want to spend a lot of time reading it.
  • Add testimonials. Request reviews from current clients and post them on your website or social media accounts.

You are now prepared to list the items on your online store!

The difference between a good and great product description

It is enough to have a good product. As it is made purely for the purpose of finishing a task that consumers find enjoyable. Nevertheless, having a good product description is not enough to drive good sales and bring in more online customers.

For an effective online website, a great product description is the best as this foresees issues down the road, consistently gains customer insight, and closes any gaps that competitors’ products—or even users’ own—might have overlooked.

FAQs on How to Write a Product Description

Why is it necessary to create a product description?

A product description’s main goal is to assist consumers in making decisions by providing them with information that may be helpful in their decision-making. A product page’s description is your finest salesperson, working around the clock to help you sell more of your goods.

What format works well for how to write a product description?

  • Title
  • Descriptive paragraph
  • Technical details
  • Testimonials and social proof
  • Call to action (CTA)

What should one avoid when crafting a product description?

When drafting your product description, there are a few things to consider.

  • Length descriptions: Long sentences are frequently skipped by readers.
  • Boring text: make sure the description provides readers with pertinent information that makes you stay on topic.
  • Exaggeration: Don’t exaggerate the benefits of your product. This can affect your product review from customers.
  • Legal issues: make an effort to select language that will not place you in any type of legal trouble. Copyrights and trademarks are a few examples of it.


If you want to sell your products online and globally, you must have well-written and concise product descriptions. The best course of action is to conduct a thorough study, generate concepts, and test various strategies.

You can make sure that your product descriptions resonate with your audience by following these nine tried-and-true procedures. Recognize their needs and provide them with something of worth. These actions are:

  • Define Your Ideal Audience
  • Highlight Benefits over Features
  • Employ storytelling Techniques
  • Make Use of Natural Language
  • Keep it brief and sweet.
  • Add Some Social Proof
  • Add quality visuals
  • Make Use of Search Engine Optimization
  • Set KPIs and goals.
  • Do A/B testing

Over time, you should experience higher sales if you follow these instructions carefully. Consider the goal of the goods you are attempting to sell. Strive to maintain a consistent voice and tone for your brand. Take the time to create excellent product descriptions because many consumers rely their selections on what they read.

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