How To Market Yourself Online For Free [Infographic]
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How To Market Yourself Online [Infographic]

How To Market Yourself Online For Free [Infographic]

How To Market Yourself Online For Free [Infographic]

Standing out from the crowd is something everyone one who does an online business savour… If you truly want to know how to market yourself online to stand out from the crowd…


Here is an infographic showing you 8 steps for successfully marketing yourself online for free.

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Now that the internet is the new rave and everyone wants to be noticed online. There are certain tips if you want to get online and they need to be considered before jumping into the online space.

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So let’s get on the way:

8 Ways to Market Yourself Online

How to Market Yourself Online [Infographic]

How to Market Yourself Online [Infographic]

Tips for Marketing Yourself Online

  1. Create a personal blog and write weekly thoughtful posts on subjects relevant to your audience
  2. Optimize your social media profiles, so that your expertise will quickly become clear to any reader
  3. Build network. Remember that much like offline promotion the Internet is all about relationships.
  4. Post frequently about your industry on Twitter and LinkedIn so people searching these topics can find you
  5. Comment on popular blogs and online publications covering your field
  6. Write guest posts for well-trafficked sites, and save the self-promotion for the very end
  7. Offer valuable gated content and collect email addresses in exchange for downloads
  8. Setup Google my business profile for your business to improve your visibility online.


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