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November 9, 2015
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Online advertising in Nigeria: Different forms of online advertising

Online advertising in Nigeria


Online advertsing for Nigerian Businesses need brand awareness, mores sales, more conversion and others but that can be achieved through advertising. But the question remains which form of advertising will be more result driven, cost effective, and achieve that?

Can online advertising solve that problem? Absolutely, online advertising is the answer to cost effective and result driven form of advertising. Nigerian firms should anchor their marketing budget for 2016 on online advertising and make a U-turn to traditional form of advertising.

Factually, some companies in the past few years leveraged the online form of advertising in Nigeria and other various forms of digital marketing jettisoning the usual traditional form of marketing. And their returns were quite impressive.

Interestingly, I came across some finding that was released recently; the study analyzed the behavioral pattern 13, 500 people who own, or have access to a TV and a smartphone and/or a tablet across 42 countries and, also includes learning from parallel copy testing conducted across TV, online video and mobile video ads.

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The study found that in Nigeria, among multiscreen users between ages 16 to 45, videos are viewed for up to four hours and a half daily that is about 272 minutes on the average.

While half of this video viewing, about 134 minutes, is on TV, one-third view through mobile devices, about 70 minutes on smartphone, 24 minutes tablet, and the remainder 45 minutes is viewed on laptops or computers.

Those are real mind blowing findings that send a message that the extinction of traditional marketing in Nigeria is imminent. With online advertising, any business in Nigeria can easily reach millions of people online, as well as building an audience of loyal customers.

Apparently, online advertising is very broad and actually takes the following forms of email advertising, Pay Per Click advertising, social media advertising, content marketing, display advertising, banner advertising etc.

All these forms of online advertising use the internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers.

Display Advertising


Online advertising in Nigeria

One of the ways you can actually drive traffic to your website and create brand awareness is by using the display advertising network.

One of the ways you can actually drive traffic to your website and create brand awareness is by using the display advertising network Click To Tweet

With the display advertising, your products and services becomes very visible to large number of persons through eye catchy banners displayed on websites.

The display advert is quite different from other forms of advertising; it solely relies on images, audio and video to speak a specific message.

Rich Media Advertising

online advertsing in nigeria

Enhancing the visibility of your brand through the rich media will boost your Return on Investment (ROI).  The advent of the rich media form of advertising shows that there is tremendous change in the way advertising messages are passed to the right set of people.

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People do not just look at the ads but also have access to interact with the ads. Meanwhile, the rich media ads are web page adverts that use advanced technology such as streamed video that interact instantly with the user, and ads that change when the user’s mouse passes over it.

Search Advertising

online advertsing in nigeria

People usually go on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines to make queries; they enter some specific keywords after which search engines bring out result.

When you advertise your products or services using some keywords that are related to your brand, whenever a search is being made on search engines your advert comes up.

Meanwhile, if you are a small business owner it is recommendable to go for the search advertising maybe due to your limited budget.

The search advertising will likely drive direct conversions. This in the long run will make it easier to measure and justify your Pay Per Click efforts. Subsequently, you can migrate to the display network.

This will boost brand visibility and search volume for your business.

Video Advertising

online advertsing in nigeria

Video advertising can also fall under the category of display adverts but the video advertising cover the Mid-Page Units (MPUs) that have video within them.  It has really attracted strong propositions from top marketers, but Nigerians are not doing badly when it comes to creating and posting videos online.

The basic constraint with video advertising majorly deals with the data. Streaming larger files of video could be a challenge but the value of video advertising cannot be overemphasized.


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