Digital Creator: What Is It & How To Become One (2024)

digital creator

Are you a creative Nigerian with a passion for making things happen online, becoming a digital creator has emerged as an exciting and rewarding career path for many Nigerians.

As the online landscape continues to evolve, the demand for fresh, engaging, and authentic content has skyrocketed, creating opportunities for individuals with a passion for storytelling, creativity, and a deep understanding of their niche.

As a Nigerian, you have the opportunity to turn your passion and creativity into a thriving career by becoming a digital content creator.

Whether you’re an aspiring Nigerian content creator or looking to expand your existing digital presence, this instructional content will equip you with the knowledge and encouragement to succeed in the world of digital content creation.

We will provide you with a roadmap to kickstart your journey as a digital creator in Nigeria, how to share your unique talent and build a loyal audience, and potentially turn your passion into a fulfilling and profitable career.

Get ready to unleash your creativity, build a loyal audience, and make a lasting impact in the ever-growing Nigerian digital space.

What is a Digital Creator?

digital creator (

A digital creator is an individual or entity that creates digital content for online consumption across various platforms and channels. The content created by digital creators is intended to educate, entertain, and engage people, rather than primarily influence them to buy something like influencers do.

They also leverage digital platforms and tools to create, edit, and distribute their content to build an online audience, establish a personal brand, or promote products or services.

Why become a digital creator?

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As a Nigerian, becoming a digital creator offers a pathway to express your creativity, engage with audiences, and potentially earn income through producing compelling content across various digital platforms. It also allows you to shape narratives, share your unique perspectives about a field or industry, and build loyal followers through creating high-quality and engaging material.

There are many reasons to become a digital creator:

  • Creative expression: Digital creation allows you to express yourself, share your ideas, and showcase your talents.
  • Flexibility: Digital creation can be done from anywhere, at any time, offering flexible schedules and remote work possibilities.
  • Opportunities for collaboration: Digital creation allows you to connect with others worldwide, collaborating on projects and building communities.
  • Career opportunities: The demand for digital creators is high, with various industries seeking skilled professionals.
  • Financial potential: Successful digital creators can earn a good income, whether through freelance work, entrepreneurship, or employment.

Additionally, being a digital creator allows individuals to explore different content formats, and leverage social media platforms to reach a wider audience. The content format will depend on the social media platforms and which content generates more traffic based on your goals.

What Types Of Content Do Digital Creators Make?


Digital creators often specialize in one or more content formats, depending on their skills, interests, and audience preferences. Some of them produce a wide range of content formats, including:


This includes vlogs (video blogs), tutorials, product reviews, comedy skits, and other forms of video content typically shared on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.


Digital creators produce audio content in the form of podcasts, which can cover various topics, from entertainment, technology and education information and commentary.

Written content

Digital creators produce written content such as blog posts, articles, e-books, and social media posts for platforms like websites, online magazines, and social media channels for their target audience.

Graphics and visuals

Some digital creators specialize in creating graphics, illustrations, animations, and other visual content, which can be shared on social media, and websites, or used for branding and marketing purposes.

Social media content

Digital creators often curate and create content tailored for social media platforms, such as Instagram posts, Twitter threads, or TikTok videos, to engage with their followers and build an online presence.

Digital products

You can also create Templates (graphic, web, document) for your audience’s needs, Plugins and software to operate on the website and online tools and resources to solve different problems

Successful digital creators continuously explore new content formats, experiment with emerging trends, and stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and platforms to keep their content fresh, engaging, and relevant.

How To Become a Digital Content Creator

digital content creator

Find your niche

As an aspiring digital content creator in Nigeria, the first crucial step is to identify your unique niche. What are you truly passionate about? What topics or areas of expertise do you have that can provide value to your Nigerian audience? When you identify your unique interests and strengths, this will help you create content that stands out and resonates with your target audience.

Also, take some time to brainstorm ideas and explore different niches. You can consider your hobbies, your professional background, or any special skills you possess.

Once you’ve identified a niche that excites you, start researching the competition and identifying ways to offer a fresh perspective or unique value. This will help you carve out your space in the digital content landscape and build a loyal following.

Remember, choosing a niche that you’re genuinely interested in and can consistently create high-quality content around will make you create educative content regularly. This will also make the process more enjoyable and also increase your chances of success as a digital content creator.

Choose your platform(s)

Once you’ve identified your niche, it’s time to decide which digital platforms you’ll use to share your content. The most popular options include YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and blogging platforms like WordPress or Medium.

Depending on your niche, consider which platforms align best with your content type and target audience. For example, if you’re creating visual or video-based content, platforms like YouTube and Instagram might be a great fit. If you prefer a more text-based approach, a blog or Twitter might be the way to go.

Experiment on the different platforms when you are just starting– and focus on a few key channels and do them well, rather than spreading yourself too thin or using a platform that is not giving results. When you experiment with different platforms, you can analyze your audience’s engagement and adjust your strategy as needed.

This will allow you to choose the platforms that is effective to reach and engage with your target audience, while also playing to your strengths as a content creator.

Invest in equipment

As a content creator in Nigeria, you need to invest in the right equipment is crucial for creating high-quality digital content. Depending on the type of content you plan to create, consider investing in a good camera, microphone, lighting equipment, and editing software.

Start with the basics and upgrade as you grow. For video content, a decent camera and microphone can significantly improve the quality of your videos. Good lighting can make a big difference in how your content looks. For audio content, invest in a quality microphone for clear sound.

You don’t need the most expensive equipment to get started. The goal is to focus on getting equipment that suits your content needs and budget and upgrade gradually as your audience and skills develop. Remember, quality content is vital, and investing in the right equipment can help you produce content that stands out.

Develop your skills

To become a successful digital content creator, it requires more than just having a great idea or the right equipment. You’ll also need to develop a range of skills to create, edit, and promote your content effectively.

You have to take your time to learn the basics of content creation, such as writing, video editing, graphic design, or audio production, depending on the type of content you want to create.

Additionally, focus on developing your storytelling abilities, understanding your target audience, and learning how to optimize your content for different platforms. These skills will help you create engaging, relevant, and impactful content that resonates with your viewers or readers.

To learn about the various skills available to help you improve your writing skills and content promotion. You can take our digital marketing course to understand more about content creation.

Finally, becoming a skilled digital content creator is an ongoing process, so be patient with yourself and continuously work on improving your abilities.

Build an online presence

Building a strong online presence is vital to becoming a successful digital content creator. Start by creating profiles on social media platforms relevant to your niche, such as Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter.

This platform will be used to post engaging content that showcases your skills and personality regularly.

You should interact with your audience by responding to comments and messages, and collaborate with other creators to expand your reach and to get more audience.

You should incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) techniques in your content to make your content more discoverable online and visible.

When you actively engage with your followers and consistently share quality content, you’ll gradually grow your online presence and establish yourself as a reputable digital content creator.

Create a content strategy

For aspiring digital content creators in Nigeria, developing a solid content strategy is key to success. Your content strategy is like a roadmap that guides your creation process and helps you connect with your Nigerian audience effectively.

Developing a well-thought-out content strategy involves planning the types of content you’ll create, the frequency of your posts, and how you’ll promote and distribute your content.

Set clear goals for the content you are creating, e.g., increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, or building a loyal following. Then, create a content calendar to help you stay organized and consistent with your posting schedule.

Also, consider the different platforms and content formats that will work best for your niche and target audience. Will you focus on written blog posts, videos, podcasts, or a mix of these? Experiment with different types of content to see what resonates most with your audience.

Remember,  be flexible and adaptable as you learn what works best for your brand and audience. Regularly review and refine your strategy to ensure you’re creating the most effective and engaging content possible.

Promote your content

As a digital content creator in Nigeria, effectively promoting your content is crucial to building a strong online presence and reaching your target audience. There are various strategies you can employ to amplify your content and connect with your audience.

Start by leveraging the power of social media platforms popular in Nigeria, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Share your content across these channels, using eye-catching visuals, engaging captions, and relevant hashtags to make it more discoverable.

You can collaborate with other creators or influencers who have a similar target audience. Co-creating content or cross-promoting each other’s work can help you tap into new audiences and expand your reach.

Incorporate SEO techniques to ensure your content is easily found by searchers for topics related to your niche and to improve your visibility on search engines.

Additionally, you can consider running targeted advertising campaigns on social media or partnering with brands for sponsored content opportunities. These promotional strategies can help you reach a wider audience and build your credibility as a digital content creator.

Monetize your content

One of the main reasons for creating content online is to get to a stage where you are getting paid for it and making income from the content you create. Once you’ve built a following and continue creating engaging content, you can explore ways to monetize your efforts.

There are various ways to monetise your content, we have options like affiliate marketing, sponsored content, selling digital products or services, brand ambassadors and joining ad revenue programs like Google AdSense where you get paid when people watch your videos.

Remember, monetizing your content takes time and effort, so focus on providing value to your audience first. As your following grows, explore different monetization strategies to generate income from your digital content creation efforts.

Analyze and adapt

Analyzing your content performance is crucial for growth as a digital content creator. Use analytics tools provided by platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or Google Analytics to track metrics such as engagement, views, and audience demographics.

You can also use each social media platform’s analytic tools to study which content performs best and why. This will make it easy for you to adapt your content strategy based on these insights, for you to create more of what resonates with your audience.

As the digital landscape is evolving, stay open to trying new approaches and adapting to changes. This analysis will help you adjust your content, improve your content quality, increase engagement, and your overall success as a digital content creator.

Stay consistent and persistent

Becoming a successful digital content creator requires consistency and persistence. You have to maintain a regular posting schedule to keep your audience engaged and build a loyal following. Consistency helps you establish your brand and credibility in your niche.

Even when you don’t feel inspired or see immediate results, keep creating and sharing your content. Building an audience and achieving success as a digital content creator takes time and dedication.

When you persist through the challenges, you learn from your experiences and continuously improve your skills and content. You will succeed

Remember, consistency and persistence are key to standing out in the crowded digital landscape. You have to stay committed to your goals and trust that your hard work will pay off as you continue to grow and develop as a digital content creator.

How Do Digital Creators Make Money?

Digital creators can make money through various methods, including selling their products or services related to their content, offering subscriptions for exclusive content, creating and selling online courses, joining platforms that connect them with brands for sponsored opportunities, earning from ads on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok, and diversifying income streams by combining different monetization models.

Additionally, digital creators can make money through consulting, selling exclusive content, public appearances, affiliate marketing, donations, direct advertising, social media advertising, and more.

When you leverage your content, skills, and audience engagement, digital creators can generate income and build a sustainable career in the creator economy.

Digital creator vs. influencer


They are often used interchangeably, but there are some key differences between the two:


Digital Creator


Definition A digital creator is someone who primarily creates and produces original content across various digital platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, podcasts, blogs, etc. An influencer is someone who has built a significant following and established credibility in a specific niche or industry.
Focus Their focus is on creating high-quality, engaging content that entertains, educates, or inspires their audience. Their primary role is to influence their audience’s opinions, behaviors, or purchasing decisions through their content and endorsements.
Specialization They may specialize in a particular content format such as video, audio, writing, or visual art. While they may create original content, their main focus is on leveraging their influence and reach to promote brands, products, or services.
Audience Building and nurturing a loyal audience is a priority for digital creators. Influencers often collaborate with companies through sponsored posts, brand ambassadorships, or affiliate marketing.
Monetization Monetization comes from platforms like advertising, sponsorships, merchandise sales, or subscription services. They are valued for their ability to drive engagement, sales, and brand awareness among their dedicated following.

While there can be overlap between digital creators and influencers, the main distinction lies in their primary focus and goals.

Digital creators prioritize content creation and building an audience, while influencers leverage their existing influence and reach to drive marketing objectives for brands.

That being said, many successful digital creators also become influencers within their niche, and influencers often create high-quality content to maintain their influence and engage their followers.

Examples of successful digital creators in Nigeria

digital creator

Mark Angel Comedy

This YouTube channel, created by Mark Angel and his cousins, is one of the most popular digital content creators in Nigeria. Their comedy skits, featuring the hilarious characters of Emanuella, Mark Angel, and others, have amassed over 9 million subscribers on YouTube.

Fisayo Fosudo

He is a highly influential Nigerian Digital creator, Designer, Tech YouTuber and Visual Storyteller who has made a significant impact in the tech industry. With a massive following of over 618,000 subscribers on YouTube, he has established himself as a trusted authority on technology trends, product reviews, and tutorials.

Fisayo’s expertise in the tech field has earned him credibility among tech enthusiasts, industry professionals, and brands. His honest and detailed reviews have helped many make informed purchasing decisions, while his tutorials have empowered others to maximize their tech skills.


SisiYemmie, whose real name is Yemisi Odusanya, is a renowned Nigerian food and lifestyle blogger, content creator, and social media influencer. She has built a massive following online, showcasing the rich flavors and diversity of Nigerian cuisine, as well as sharing aspects of her personal life and experiences.

With over 1 million follower on Youtube, and lot of followers across other social media platforms like Instagram, and Twitter, SisiYemmie has leveraged social media to share her passion for food, family, and lifestyle. Her engaging content has attracted collaborations with top brands, making her a sought-after influencer in the Nigerian digital space.

Tayo Aina

Tayo is a popular Nigerian YouTuber and Film Maker known for his exceptional content creation skills on is Channel. He has built a significant following online on all his social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Tiktok, showcasing his passion for photography, videography, storytelling and Travel.

He is a Travel content creator and has shown his passion by travelling to many countries to create content and adventures through stunning visuals. His work has also gained international recognition, making him a proud ambassador for Nigerian creativity and talent.


As a Nigerian digital creator, you will be responsible for producing engaging content online across various platforms. To become one, identify your niche, develop skills, create a content strategy, build an online presence, and monetize effectively. With dedication and creativity, anyone can embark on a rewarding journey as a digital creator and create content that resonates with your Nigerian audience.

If you’re ready to take the next step and turn your passion into a thriving digital content creation career, consider joining our digital marketing course and learn about content. Our program will provide you with the tools, strategies, and support you need to succeed as a digital creator. Don’t wait – start your journey today!


Can Anyone Be a Digital Creator?

Yes, anyone can become a digital creator. The barrier to entry is relatively low, as long as you have the skills, passion, and dedication to create and share content online.

Is Being a Digital Creator a Career?

Yes, being a digital creator can be a full-time career. Many successful creators have built sustainable businesses and earn a living through their content creation efforts. However, it does require consistent effort, strategic planning, and the ability to monetize your content effectively.

The key is to:

  • Find your niche and create valuable, engaging content
  • Develop the necessary skills (e.g. video production, graphic design, writing)
  • Build an audience and community on the right platforms
  • Experiment with different monetization models
  • Continuously analyze and adapt your strategy
  • Treat it like a business and be persistent

With the right approach and dedication, being a digital creator can become a fulfilling and lucrative career path.

How does a digital creator get paid?

  • Sponsored content and brand partnerships: Creators can earn money by partnering with brands to create sponsored content, product placements, or endorsements.
  • Advertising revenue: Creators can earn a share of advertising revenue by monetizing their content on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok.
  • Brand ambassadors collaborate with brands to represent them authentically, promote products, and engage with their audience effectively.
  • Affiliate marketing: Creators can earn commissions by promoting and linking to other companies’ products or services.
  • Live events and workshops: Creators can host paid virtual or in-person events, workshops, or masterclasses for their audience.
  • Consulting and freelancing: Creators can offer their expertise as consultants or freelancers to brands, businesses, or other creators.

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