How to Make Money on YouTube in 2024


Do you know that you can cash in big like Jimmy Donaldson (Mr Beast), no 1 on the list of the highest Youtube earners and the likes who have mastered how to make money using YouTube.

According to Statista, it was estimated that he ranked first as the top-earning YouTuber worldwide with earnings of approximately 54 million U.S. dollars.

Can you beat that?… Do you even doubt its possibility?

Well, see proof below if you doubt this.

how to make money on youtube| Digital Marketing Skill Institute

Since you have the proof and doubt has been eliminated, now, let’s get to you learning all you need to know on how to start your journey in making money on YouTube legitimately.

This secret strategies will serve as an eye-opener and a guide on how to proceed from point A to point B.

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As a YouTube beginner some years back, I couldn’t find any precise guide on this topic. So, now that I have grown and know the ropes, I really want to share basic, simple information and ideas to the beginners who want to make money on YouTube from what I have learned in these years.

Not only for the beginners but to anybody who wishes to enhance their YouTube channel.

So, if you want to try your own YouTube channel or you are a beginner, this guide is for you.

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Digital Marketing in Nigeria

In this guide, you will come across different Ideas/Topics for your YouTube channel, how to create and monetize the channel, and how to gain more subscribers.

Let’s get into it!

5 strategies on how to make money on YouTube

#1 Setup and build your YouTube channel

latest online money making opportunities in nigeria

Step 1: Create your YouTube account

Your channel is your personal presence on YouTube. Each YouTube account has one channel attached to it. A YouTube account is the same as a Google account, and creating a YouTube account will grant you access to other Google products, such as Gmail and Drive.

Create your account or use your existing one. Add keywords to help people find your channel.

You can add keywords by navigating to the Advanced section of your Channel Settings. Make sure that your keywords are relevant to your content.

Your username can also work for or against you. If it’s short, easy to remember, and original, people will be more apt to remember you.

However, if you are using an existing account, you can always change your username by editing it on your Google+ account.

But you need to create a YouTube channel to upload videos, comment, or make playlists.

You can use a computer or the YouTube mobile site/App to create a new channel.

Creating a proper YouTube channel is not a big deal, here is a detailed guide to setting up a Youtube Channel.

You might be asking right now, out of thousands of YouTube channels and accounts, how does your channel stand a chance to be seen?

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Step 2: Add content

Upload content Youtube

Try to upload content that is of high quality, and isn’t super long. (This option can vary depending on what type of content you decide to upload).

Also, try to upload regularly and stay consistent with your uploads.

Even if your content isn’t great at first, keep at it. Practice makes perfect. Try to make each video better than the last. You will often learn on the go.

Improve your content by either using a better camera or trying better editing software or techniques.

Also, try to improve the way things are filmed. Use a tripod, have a friend help you or light your scenes better. It all helps for a better end product which in turn helps you get a better audience.

By uploading regularly you can keep an audience.

People are more likely to subscribe if you add content on a regular schedule, and maintain that schedule as much as possible.

Make sure to tag your videos with keywords that describe the content, as well as an eye-catching description. These will help drive people to your video from YouTube searches.

Step 3: Build an audience

Build audience YouTube

Building an audience is key to increasing your monetization.

You need people to watch your ads in order to make any money off them. There is no one secret to getting more subscribers, just make the best content and they will come to you.

Keep uploading content and try to get people hooked. Send your video out on Twitter and Facebook. Share it with people. Distribute it elsewhere on the internet. Subscribers are essential to you becoming a partner.

Interact with your viewers by responding to comments and making occasional videos directly related to viewer comments and questions. Connecting with your community will bring more members into that community.

#2 Join a Youtube Partner Program 

Youtube partner program

YouTube Partners are YouTube members who have monetized videos with a large number of viewers. Partners gain access to more content creation tools and can win prizes for the number of viewers they have. Partners also get access to much more community support and tips.

You can apply for a YouTube partnership at any time through the YouTube Partner page.

In order to gain access to the most powerful Partner programs, here is a guide:

  • If your channel has previously been in YPP: When you reach the program threshold, your channel will be automatically re-evaluated under the new criteria. You can check your monetization status at Creator Studio > Channel > Monetization.
  • If your channel has never been in YPP: Follow the 4 steps to join the YouTube Partner Program from your account in Creator Studio. Once your channel reaches the program threshold, you’ll be reviewed to join.

Step 1: Get a 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers

You can monetize a video as it uploads by clicking the Monetization tab and checking the “Monetize with Ads” box.

To monetize a video after it has been uploaded, open your YouTube Creator Studio, select the channel drop-down and click the Monetization to monetize your videos.

youtube monetization

Get reviewed after reaching 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers.

Upon reaching this threshold, your channel is automatically reviewed to make sure it complies with the YouTube Partner Program terms and their Community Guidelines. Youtube will email you a decision, usually within a week.

Now, this is the tricky part, reaching even a thousand views on YouTube can be quite a challenge because you have to master the laws of engagement, and you can only get such engagements on your videos when you can hook your viewers using the right engagement strategies for visual contents.

But the good part is that with our course, you will master this strategy and be able to hit even 10,000 watch hours for your videos.

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Step 2: Set up Google Adsense

youtube adsense

You can set up Google AdSense for free at the AdSense website.

Click the “Sign Up Now” button to begin creating your account. You must be 18 years or older to create your own account. If you are younger than that, you will need an adult to help you.

You need either PayPal or a bank account and a valid mailing address as well as other information so AdSense can verify who you are and who to send the money to. You only gain money per ad click and a smaller amount per view but it adds up over time. This is why having an audience is key.

And because you know that this is dependent on your audience, you will learn from our training how our students reach their first 1,000 subscribers which turn to their first money off YouTube.

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Step 3: Check your analytics

Youtube analytics

Once you have some videos online, monetized, and being viewed, you can check out the analytics on them to see how they are performing. Click the Analytics option in your Channel menu.

Here you can view estimated earnings, ad performance, video views, demographics and more.

Use these tools to see how your content is resonating with your audience. You can change your content or your marketing if you’re finding that you aren’t attracting the users that you want to.

#3 Market your videos elsewhere to make money on Youtube

video marketing

Don’t put your videos just on YouTube! Start a blog, create a website or post them on other video or social media sites.

The more views it gets, the better. By sharing the link or embedding the video on the internet, you are increasing the chance of it getting noticed.

And, we have an existing blog post on how you can get free traffic to your business (businesses like Affiliate Marketing through YouTube channel) by using online directories that have a minimum of 12 million monthly visitors.

Imagine how such a number of visitors can boost your watch hour on your YouTube channel…

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#4 Increase your YouTube revenue with affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

Affiliate marketing” means selling products in exchange for a commission.

Hundreds of thousands of companies offer attractive deals to affiliate marketers who promote their products/services.

What is YouTube Affiliate Marketing?

YouTube affiliate marketing is the process of creating videos and placing affiliate links in the actual videos (via annotations) or in video descriptions, which includes links to products you review and use in your videos that will track a purchase.

If someone makes a purchase using your affiliate link, you receive a small commission for the sale.

You can Sell/Promote others’ products as an affiliate marketer. From huge companies like Jumia, Konga, Amazon, and eBay, to smaller companies in the affiliate marketing field, they all offer good deals to promoters.

Additionally, as a Nigerian, there are many affiliate networks you can join and they are covered here: affiliate marketing programs.

Here are some ideas to make money on YouTube through affiliate marketing:

  • Product Unboxing – In these videos, you can simply open a product in a YouTube video, showing viewers exactly what’s inside the packaging. Then provide the affiliate link to that product website, where it is available for sale online.
  • Reviews – YouTube reviews are another great way to relieve buying anxiety and provide an affiliate link.
  • Training videos – Lastly, many affiliates make money by simply training viewers how to use a complicated product, and then sending those educated leads to their affiliate link.
  • Comedy videos: These are funny videos made in an attempt to make people laugh. These types of videos are very engaging and can drive massive traffic o your channel. E.g Mark Angel Comedy, Ay Comedian etc
  • News: News channel is another type of channel that is popular and can gain viewership in no time. You can cover breaking news, multimedia, reviews & opinions, business, sports, movies, travel and more. E.g Naij, Channels etc.

#5 Encourage fan support through exclusive membership to make money on Youtube

This method is used for make money on YouTube and it supports different revenue streams. It’s a seamless way for your followers to display their appreciation using their credit cards.

Step 1: Organize Live Chats with Super Chat Feature

In the beginning of 2017, YouTube introduced Super Chat, replacing the prior Fan Funding feature which is exclusively accessible to YouTube Partners during live broadcasts.

This means exclusive offerings to your subscribed audience. Example is heightening of their comments visibility in your live chats, all because they are premium or subscribed members  These comments are emphasized and pinned for a specified duration based on the kind of offers subscribed to through payment. 

Step 2: Cultivate Audience Channel Membership

YouTube provides the option for your viewers to financially support your channel by becoming members. In return, they gain access to special perks such as customized emojis, badges, and exclusive content like Live Chats with you. However, creating a comprehensive promotion strategy is required to encourage individuals to join as members. Just like Super Chat, the feature is also only accessible to YouTube Partners.

Step 3: Encourage Your Fans To Subscribe To YouTube Premium

The final step in this strategy offers an indirect benefit to your channel. When viewers who are YouTube Premium subscribers engage with your content, you receive a share of their subscription fee.

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So there you go! 

I hope this guide helps in your adventure to start making money on YouTube.

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Now, one of the good things about these strategies is that while you make money from your YouTube channel, you can also monetize all you will learn from the digital marketing skill institute training which is strategy-packed along all you have learned here.

You could do this base on your choice, either as a YouTube expert who helps businesses leverage YouTube to make sales for their business or even train others on all you have learned.

Let me show you one of our trained students who actually make money rendering services to other businesses using the strategies we have taught her.

#6. Create sponsored content

Sponsored content involves collaborating with brands and content creators to produce and promote content on their platforms. It is an effective way for a brand to reach new audiences the creator and build brand credibility through the post.

Sponsored posts on YouTube can take on various formats, such as videos, shorts, or reels, it is addressed to the target audience and feature a strong message from the brand to their target audience.

Additionally, sponsored content can be repurposed and leveraged to expand reach and connect with customers who match the buyer persona of the brand on other platforms. When done right, sponsored content can deliver unique value and improve brand credibility.

It is important to ensure that sponsored content is marked and disclosed appropriately to avoid misleading the audience.

#7. YouTube Premium Revenue

YouTube Premium Revenue is another avenue for content creators to earn money on YouTube.

When viewers with YouTube Premium subscriptions watch your content, you, as a creator, receive a share of the revenue generated from those premium subscribers.

YouTube Premium allows users to enjoy an ad-free viewing experience and access exclusive content.

As a result, creators can benefit from the subscription fees paid by Premium users who consume their videos.

This additional revenue stream adds to the overall monetization potential for YouTube content and provides creators with an opportunity to earn income beyond traditional advertising methods.

#8. Channel Memberships

Channel Memberships on YouTube provide a way for content creators to engage more deeply with their audience while generating additional revenue.

By offering exclusive perks to subscribers who become channel members for a monthly fee, creators can provide special benefits to their most dedicated fans.

These perks may include custom badges, emojis, members-only community posts, early access to content, or even exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

This feature not only strengthens the bond between creators and their audience but also offers a sustainable way for content creators to monetize their channels beyond ad revenue.

#9. Merchandise Shelf

The Merchandise Shelf feature on YouTube empowers creators to showcase and sell their branded merchandise directly beneath their videos.

This tool enables content creators to leverage their influence and engage with their audience by offering a convenient way to access and purchase merchandise related to their channel.

By integrating the Merchandise Shelf, creators can boost their revenue streams by tapping into the potential of selling custom-branded products, such as apparel, accessories, or other items that resonate with their fan base.

This direct-to-fan sales approach enhances the overall monetization strategy for YouTube creators, providing an additional avenue to turn their online presence into a sustainable income source.

#10. Crowdfunding 

Crowdfunding offers a unique opportunity for content creators on YouTube to receive direct financial support from their audience.

By utilizing platforms like Patreon or Kickstarter, creators can engage with their fan base on a more personal level, offering exclusive perks or content to supporters who contribute financially.

This approach allows creators to diversify their income streams beyond traditional advertising and opens up the possibility of establishing a more direct and sustainable connection with their community.

Crowdfunding empowers creators to pursue ambitious projects, improve content quality, and build a loyal fan base invested in their success.


How many views do you need to make money on YouTube?

The exact number of views required to make money on YouTube varies and depends on several factors, including the viewer engagement, location, and the monetization methods you use. Like I earlier mentioned, generally, as a YouTuber, you can start applying for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) when your channel reaches 1,000 subscribers and accumulates 4,000 watch hours. However, the actual earnings from ads and other monetization methods depend on viewer interaction and the ad revenue in your target demographics.

How much will YouTube pay me for 1000 views?

On average, Youtubers make money on Youtube with around $0.25 to $4 per 1000 views, but this is a rough estimate and can be higher or lower. Keep in mind that YouTube takes a percentage of the ad revenue, so the exact amount you receive might be lower than the total revenue generated. Additionally, earnings can also come from other monetization methods like channel memberships, merchandise shelf, and Super Chat. So, it’s crucial to focus on building a strong and engaged audience to maximize your earnings over time.

How does YouTube pay in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, YouTube offers different ways for creators to receive their earnings. They include:

AdSense Payments: YouTube creators in Nigeria can connect their YouTube channel to a Google AdSense account to get paid. AdSense provides various payment choices, like bank transfers and checks. Many creators prefer bank transfers since they allow payments to be sent directly to their local bank accounts.

Wire Transfer: Some creators choose to receive their payments through wire transfers directly to their bank accounts. However, this method might have fees for currency conversion and international transfers. It’s a good idea to check with your bank for more information.

Western Union Quick Cash: This option lets creators receive their AdSense payments at certain Western Union locations. It’s a simple way to get funds in person, but keep in mind that Western Union may charge fees.

PayPal: PayPal is commonly used for online transactions, including YouTube earnings. However, please note that PayPal’s availability for receiving payments in Nigeria might be limited. You can check PayPal’s official website for the latest details about their services in your country.

Also, you can explore the payment options in your YouTube account settings and pick the one that matches your preferences.

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