How To Choose The Right Domain Name For Your Website or Blog

Right domain name

Is there a right domain name?

This question pops up on the mind of anyone who is about to make that 1..2..3.. decision to register a domain name to build a website.

Now, do you think there’s a right or wrong domain name? Want to find out?

Read on to find out how we analyzed all you need to know about domain names, and what they say about your business and SEO.

This is based on how we chose our domain name, and how it has benefitted our business and contributed to our rank on Google, so consider this a guide that you need to make your quick decision.

A lot of businesses today have made mistakes when it comes to choosing the right domain name for their websites.

Without a doubt,

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You need two important things. And you really have to get them right from the beginning.

These two components are:

  • A reliable hosting provider and
  • The right domain name.

Hosting providers offer different plans that will enable you to store website data (Click here to find out cheap hosting plans).

The right domain name does a lot more when it comes to your website’s visibility on SERPs.

There are factors that determine the rankability of a website and having the right domain is just the first leap.

Here is a quick explanation of a website domain name.

What Is A Domain Name?

A Domain Name System, or DNS, is the friendly naming system for giving addresses to web servers and web pages.

right domain name

an example of a domain name


What Is Web Hosting?

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.

A hosting plan is where everything you put on your website lives, everything like media files, articles, videos, audio, etc. An example of web hosting is

For the WordPress training module of our digital marketing course, you will need a domain name and hosting plan to get started with building your website.

So, with the two and a simple installation process, you can build a website/blog real fast.

It’s important that you know what to consider before choosing the right domain name for your business blog or website.

That is exactly what I am here to explain!

This article will help not to make mistakes when selecting a domain name for your proposed website.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing The Right Domain Name For Your Business

These factors will assist you in choosing the right domain name for your business, but you have to pay attention to the strategies on how to choose the domain name that will suit your business type, and also get you quality leads.

1. Go For A .COM Domain

A .com Domain has been the most Blogger’s Choice and it really sounds professional. .COM domains are the best as it helps to provide SEO boost, So .com domain is SEO friendly and will help you to rank high in Search Engine Rankings.

When you have domain name extensions such as; .COM.NG, .NG, UK, .CO.UK, .KE are not the best if your target audience is global.

I only recommend such domain extensions when you have defined who your customers are. And where their geographical location is.

For example,

If I’m going to build an E-commerce store and my target audience in Nigeria. It simply means that having domain names with.COM.NG,NG etc will automatically target the Nigerian market.

If your audience is the entire world, please do not use these kinds of domain name extensions because they will limit your local SEO effort.

A .COM domain name is globally recognized and can target any country.

Now, there are a host of other mistakes you possibly would make if you do not pay attention to the next few guidelines, and in the guideline, you’ll figure out why you shouldn’t use hyphenated domain names.

2. Easy To Remember And Easy To Pronounce

Always remember, the shorter is the Domain, the more visitors it will attract as it could be easily remembered.

A long domain name loses its visitors as most people forget its URL.

Think this through…

How difficult is it to remember a domain name like this “”?

This is a terrible business choice especially when your business serves the public.

3. Avoid Hyphens and Numbers

Do you know why most businesses with a number figure or text on their domain name have accounted to a high number of domain misspelling?

Numbers and hyphens are often misunderstood — people who hear your website address don’t know if you’re using a numeral (5) or it’s spelled out (five) or they misplace or forget the dash.

It’s not a serious reason but still, various readers forget about hyphens while typing a URL of the Website. So, it’s a genuine reason.

If you need these in your domain, register the different variations to be safe.

Now imagine you pronouncing to a friend…

?Sounds funny, right?

So avoid it!

4. Avoid Your Own Name Just For Branding

Yes, many people create their websites with their own names for branding.

At some points, it sounds cool but in the eyes of Search Engines, it’s a Poor Quality Domain.

I know some will be like…What of LindaIkeji?

Well…one truth is…

If Linda Ikeji started now, believe me, she won’t be that famous because the battle for who stays on top of SERPs is crazy.

5. Include Site Keywords

More and more websites are being created and as such, there is heavy competition in the Search Engines for a particular keyword.

So, you must include the Keyword of your blog niche in your domain name to get more SEO Boost.

Right domain name

Using your target keyword as your site domain name

Earlier this year,

Our website was before we strategically changed it to

Let me ask you a question?

If you find these two websites after searching for digital marketing training in Nigeria,

Which one would you rather click?, right?

That’s the power of infusing keywords in your domain name.

Because we are known as a digital marketing institute, that name was just the perfect fit for our business.

I believe you now have an idea of what I mean when I said “Insert Site Keyword“?

Niche keyword is essential when selecting a domain name.

And I believe you see reasons why I said you should not use your own name just for branding purposes.

How you get these keywords is by understanding what people search for on google.

When you learn Adwords and SEO, you will be introduced to keyword research.

You will learn how to do proper keyword research using the Google keyword planner tool Google.

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This next point is for those who can’t come up with a domain name. It isn’t utterly a criterion, it’s just FYI (For Your Information).

6. Try Getting Older Domains

This strategy is very famous in that people have been buying domains that are old and have Good PR.

These Old Domains have authority in the eyes of Google which will help your posts to be indexed fast and rank higher in search results.

Facebook was bought for $200k, was bought for $1.5M…


Do you even know how much a domain name is??

It’s about $10!

This step is for those who can’t come up with an ideal domain name or someone else has bought that name for reselling. You have no choice other than pay to have your favorite domain name.


7. Act Fast

Domain names sell quickly.

Thankfully, they’re also inexpensive, so register your favorite domain names as soon as possible.

If you’re having trouble finding an available name, domain registrars like Finddigitaltools will suggest alternate names during your domain search to help you find the perfect domain name.

There you go.

These 7 steps are things you should consider before choosing the right domain name for your website or blog.

My advice:

Think keyword first!

As a digital marketing, I don’t expect you to think like that ordinary blogger who has no knowledge of digital marketing.

Here are some domain names bought by our past students:

  2. (coined from “affiliate marketing”)
  3. (coined from “digital solutions”) and her name is “Tolu”..what a coincidence!?

You totally have no excuse.

Don’t tell me your favorite domain name has been picked!

Those domain names mentioned above have keywords in them.

How To Come Up With Domain Name Ideas

As for coming up with domain name suggestions, follow these guidelines to have the most awesome domain names for your businesses.

Step 1. Come Up With Keywords

Keyword research seems to be everything if you are serious about driving quality targeted traffic from search.

Before you choose a domain name, you have to understand how to do keyword analysis.

This will help you spot keywords that have buyer intent, high search volume, and most importantly… are available for purchase when used as a domain name.

right domain name

Using keywords as your domain name due to SEO

How do you then go about keyword research?

I have written an article on how to do a keyword research.


You can simply register for our digital marketing training to get more expert coaching on this topic.

Step 2. Use Namemesh

I recommend using

This website is very good at helping you come up with unique domain name ideas.

All you have to do is:

Enter two or three keywords you want to rank or optimize your website for, then hit GENERATE!

See the image sample below:

right domain name

Generating possible domain name ideas

Step 3: Buy Domain Name

Once you have verified the availability of your preferred domain name. Go ahead to secure it.

You can use the link to register your favorite domain names as soon as possible.

It’s only $9.99 or between ₦3,000 to ₦4,000 Naira in Nigeria.

But remember,

If you will buy hosting from, you stand a chance to get a FREE DOMAIN and 10% DISCOUNT (for registered students)!

Now the question is…

I have a domain name ready…

What’s next?

The next thing is HOSTING! 

This brings us to another topic!

I will cover things you have to consider before choosing the right hosting platform in another article. Or simply attend our digital marketing training to get hands practical!

And bear in mind that Digital marketing skill Institute has a partner website called — this website offers hosting services.

Once again… If you will buy hosting from, you stand a chance to get a FREE DOMAIN and 10% DISCOUNT (for registered students)!

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