Nairaland Forum: 5 Amazing Ways To Promote/Advertise A Business On Nairaland Forum

Nairaland Forum

Imagine having your business seen by more than 12 million online visitors within a space of a month? Now that is what viral visibility is, and that is exactly what this article on how to promote a business on Nairaland Forum is all about.

Take a look at the monthly search of the keywords “Nairaland Forum” and “Nairaland”

nairaland forum

Nairaland Forum monthly statistics on google keyword planner


In this article, I want to show you how most businesses leverage the millions of visitors on the Nairaland forum to exhibit their products and businesses to different audiences.

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Now, let’s get down to the business of the day.

According to Wikipedia, Nairaland is ranked as the 10th most visited site in Nigeria as at August 2018, (and the 4th most visited indigenous site) according to

People go to the Nairaland forum because of the vast areas of topics people love to discuss on the forum, and most of these topics are by-the-minute news.

nairaland forum

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Nairaland forum vast areas of topics for engagement

So, to appear in the eyes of more than 12 million monthly online visitors on this platform, you need to understand that you can do this in two ways, which are: the FREE WAY or the PAID WAY.

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But before we get to how to benefit from the free ways and the paid way of promoting and advertising your business on Nairaland forum for a genuine maximum reach, let’s answer these few frequently asked questions about Nairaland forum then start from the very beginning, which is the steps-after-steps to be taken.

Is Nairaland a blog?

According to Wikipedia, Nairaland is an online community created by Seun Osewa in March 2005. It is targeted at Nigerians. Nairaland is ranked as the 10th most visited site in Nigeria as of August 2018, (and the 4th most visited indigenous site) according to

With a simple and well-detailed explanation, a blog is more like a website where you post updates or content on a particular topic, which you are in control of.

While a forum is a place where different people with diverse opinions come to air their vast opinion on topics.

So, with this simple explanation, the Nairaland forum is not a blog, but rather, an online forum that accommodates diverse opinions of people with their unique and specific viewpoints.

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How Can I Join Nairaland?

The process of joining Nairaland Forum is quite simple and straight forward. 

  1. You get to visit
  2. Click on the space with “Join Nairaland” and follow the on-screen instruction to input your valid email address. Then wait and check your email for a registration link.

The reason why your email address is required is a protocol to check that the submitted email address is a valid one. If you input an invalid email address, you will not get the registration link for which you will register with.

  1. Once you get the registration link, click on it to go to the registration page where you choose a username and password for when you need to login on the forum.

Then click on the “Join Nairaland” to activate your account.

nairaland forum

browse nairaland forum official website on on search engine

nairaland forum

nairaland forum login

nairaland forum

registration link for nairaland forum

Congratulations, your account has been set up.

NB: when setting up your account, it’s is adviced that you register a business account with the business logo, business name and other necessary information that will be needed for easy business identification.

In this way, your posts are considered credible and genuine when the platform visitors see your posts. This can greatly boost engagements on the post.

How Do I Post On Nairaland Forum 

Now, this is the part that will teach you how to promote/advertise your business on Nairaland forum and also the right forum to go for if you need a high rate of engagement.

So, how do you get this done?

Before you can “post” on Nairaland forum and also reply to other users, you must be logged in on the site. Otherwise, you can only view posts only when you visit the site as a “guest”.

If you do not have a Nairaland forum account, then you can refer to the “How Can I Join Nairaland?” session of this article and apply the steps to get started.

But if you do have an existing account on the forum, you can log in and follow these steps below to get started with how you can post on the forum.

Step 1. When you login into your account, you will come across a page like this below. 

On this page, you will click on the forum that matches your content which you want to publish. In this case, we will be using a travel agency business as our preferred business.

When you click on the travel forum, you will get down to this area where you click on “create new topic”

Then read the instructions, guidelines, and rules. 

NB: these rules are to be obeyed strictly to avoid your account being flagged as a spam account.

When truly digested, enter the headline of your content, and then the body of your content.

After this, you can choose to add images or other files for your post. And these images must not be above 4 MB and 250KB for other files.

After you must have clicked on submit, you can go right on your profile to see your past posts and even see the number of views it has gathered.

Now, those were the frequently asked questions that most internet users ask before getting on Nairaland Forum

Now, you need to understand that after you have learned these processes, you can go ahead to what to post and how to post your content on the platform.

Basically, there are two ways you can take advantage of the millions of monthly visitors on the forum. 

One, you can go for the FREE-WAY which is the same way as posting on forums.

Or you can go for the  PAID WAY, which is paid ads and sponsored posts on Nairaland forum

Some Of The Popular Forums On Nairaland For Maximum Reach:

Nairaland Politics

Because visitors are very interested in reading topics as important and engaging as politics, they tend to engage more on the Nairaland Politics forum.

And in times of heated electoral events, you can leverage the traffic on the Nairaland Politics forum to channel attention to your business.

Nairaland Romance

Though there are no particular seasons for a hiked engagement on this forum, but it is quite a forum that has a high number of visitors. If you run a dating site, or a business in-line with relationship and romance, you can promote your business in the Nairaland Romance forum.

Nairaland Jobs

If you own a job-hunting site, this is a good forum to promote your business or to promote vacancy news for maximum reach and engagement.

Other quite popular forums on Nairaland are Nairaland education, Nairaland general and Nairaland entertainment, so depending on what business you would love to promote or advertise on the forum.

Now, with these are some of the Nairaland forum where you can promote your business and generate leads for your business.

The FREE Method Of Promoting Your Business On Nairaland Forum

  1.       The FREE way, is to post your business or product on specific forums where people often come to engage in posts.

One thing about this particular option is that you have to choose “strategic forums” which will have relatively high visitors, and also visitors who are most likely going to relate well with your business.

Take for example, 

If you run a travel blog/website as a travel agency and you need to post your business on Nairaland forum for visibility’s sake, you will need to select a SPECIFIC NICHE that is very much in line with travel and other related terms in your business area.

I will show you a simple strategy on how to find terms/keywords in your business niche so that you can easily identify your place on Nairaland forum or other online forums.

But before then, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of using “niche-specific” forums on the Nairland forum and even any other forum.

Whether it is to find the right niche and online forums for promoting their business online or identifying the right product category and trendy products for their affiliate marketing business, this strategy is very effective.

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Using keyword everywhere to find niche-specific areas and related keywords

Now, that is a way of promoting your business on Nairaland forum without paying any penny. But have you thought of how to promote your business on other platforms aside Nairaland forum for free and generate massive traffic which eventually converts to sales?

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The Advantage Of Using A “Niche-Specific” Forum On Nairaland Forum

  1. Visitors on the Nairaland “niche-specific” forums are intentional and specific about what they are looking for. 

Someone who is interested in vacation and looking for ways to get destination visas will easily relate well with your travel blog/website/business/agency because it is in line with what they came to search for.

The Disadvantage of Posting on “Generic Forums” on Nairaland Forum

  1. Your post will be seen by people WHO ARE LIKELY NOT interested in your business line.

Why?… because if you are going through a soccer thread on a soccer forum on Nairaland and see a business-post of a travel agency, there is a high chance you will not click on the post, pay it any mind or of worst, report it as spam.

  1. Your post can easily be lost in the crowd because these generic forums have quite a large number of visitors. 

But in a Niche-specific forum, the number of visitors there is relatively low compared to that of the generic forums, and to make it best, they will be interested in your business. 

Now that you have found out how to choose a Niche for your business type, let’s get down to what you should do next on the forum.

Steps To Take Before Using The Free Method Of Promoting Your Business On Nairaland Forum

Step 1. Monitor, Learn And Know The Community

This is quite simple and effective for your future posts on the forum. 

Learning about the forum and monitoring their engagements from afar before posting on the forum will unveil to you who and how the visitors of this forum act.

  • What is the focus of their discussion?
  • Do they discuss extensively on these forums or have a lukewarm level of engagement on this forum?
  • Do they make use of any hashtag or term?

These are the few studies you should make before thinking of engaging them with your posts.

Step 2. Create An Engaging Content

One thing you have to know is that to make the front page position with your content, your content must gather engagements, in terms of likes, comments, and shares. 

So, your content must be engaging, educational, informative, and have the elements to buy people’s attention.

Some businesses make use of GIFs, images, and other files to engage their visitors, so you can employ such tactics and provide adequate information.

One of the tips you cannot afford to miss is the use of CALL-TO-ACTIONS.

Call-to-actions are short, action-packed verbs that will drive readers and viewers to take actions that are desirable to you.

For instance, “click here to proceed” “apply here” “subscribe on this link” and so on.

When you add a Call To Action (CTA) to your content or copy, you can get readers to perform some desirable actions. For eg, “click here” is an example of an effective CTA.

Step 3. Provide Support [A Strategy To Promote Your Business On Nairaland Forum]

Once you can direct people toward a breakthrough, help them solve their problems, and answer their questions, you have their hearts already. 

And from this point, you can SUBTLY sell your product to the gathered audience.

For instance, if you are running a travel agency business, you can help answer people’s questions and provide support, then sell your agency/business to them.

Another way you can take advantage of “providing support” on Nairaland forum to sell/promote your business, is to use the Nairaland forum signature.

Use Of Signatures To Promote Your Business

What Is Signature In Nairaland Forum

Signatures on Nairaland Forum are just like having personalized information on your social media profiles. 

Here, you could decide to post information about your business as your signature, so that when people click to see your signature after they have found your support/help useful, they can be introduced to your well-written signature, which sells/promotes your business.

Do you want to know how to promote your business using Nairaland Forum? Try Nairaland signature..

How To Check Signature On Nairaland Forum

The first thing to know about checking other people’s signatures on Nairaland forum is that you must have added a signature on your profile to be able to see other user’s signatures.

To add a signature to your profile, click on your profile. 

Under the “personal text” tag, 

Beneath it you will see the “Signature Box”, then edit it to whatever information you want to have there, be it your business information like address, or the website. 

Then click on “update profile” on the right.

edit your profile

step-by-step process to add a signature to your profile on nairaland forum

And if you have a signature on your profile, then, click on the person’s profile, scroll down to see the person’s signature. It’s that simple.

Great right?

Another way to take advantage of Nairaland Forum in promoting or advertising your business is to go for PAID ADS

The Premium Method Of Promoting Your Business On Nairaland Forum (PAID ADS)

Simply put, paid ads involve placing your business advertisements on people’s spaces.

In this case, the space you take advantage of is the spaces at strategic positions on Nairaland Forum and where they can easily be seen.

To get started with Nairaland forum targeted ads, first of all, design your banner ads using these dimensions, 318 pixels wide, 106 pixels tall, and make sure the banner size doesn’t exceed 30kb in size with a PNG or JPG format.

Then go to and upload your banner and landing page while you wait for its approval.

After this process, you will be provided with the process of making payment.

This is what paid ads on Nairaland forum look like…

And this is what paid ads on other platforms look like.


Now, with you is the step-by-step guide you need to promote/advertise your business on Nairaland Forum either taking advantage of the free method, or the paid ads.

And these methods just listed for you are very effective that you might not need external strategies or channels.

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