Sniply Review | A Social Media Marketing Tool For Driving Traffic & Conversion
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Sniply Review | A Social Media Marketing Tool For Driving Traffic & Conversion

Sniply Review _ A Social Media Marketing Tool For Driving Traffic & Conversion

Are you conversant with Sniply? The premise behind the site is innovative.

You add your Call to Action and link to someone else’s article in your business niche, and Sniply gives you a new link. When the new link is clicked, you and the website who wrote the article both get page views!


No problem, In this Sniply review, you will learn how you can use Sniply to increase page views, social shares, and subscribers.

Let get started right away!

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Sniply Review _ A Social Media Marketing Tool For Driving Traffic & Conversion

What is Sniply?

Sniply is a social media marketing tool allows people to add custom messages to any web page they post. Users can embed call-to-actions into every piece of content they share, including links to articles from top websites such as Forbes, Mashable, TechCrunch, etc.

Anyone who clicks on a Sniply link will see the original content with the call-to-action displayed inside, allowing businesses to convert social media followers into users and customers.

I really like how easy Sniply is to use, this is a tool that can be used to drive customers and conversion for your business.

The interface has been pleasing thus far. I didn’t have to read tons of material to get started and you get to see live updates as you edit the call to action and links. Sniply has allowed us to share meaningful content to our audiences without consistently pushing our own content.

Sniply Features and Benefits

Sniply Types

  • Button Snip: Attach an eye-catching button that visitors can click on to visit your page
  • Form Snip: Attach an email capture form so visitors can signup for your mailing list
  • Text Snip: Attach a hyperlinked text that visitors can click on to visit your page
  • Image Snip: Attach a custom banner image that visitors can click on to visit your page
  • Hidden Snip: Hide the Sniply bar entirely and still make use of Sniply’s powerful functionality


  • Themes: Customize your brand and call-to-action with a collection of beautiful themes
  • Custom Colors: Customize the look and feel of your snips with your own brand colours
  • Custom Positioning: Customize the position of where your snip shows up on page
  • Custom Domain: Customize the way your links appear by connecting your own custom domain
  • Custom Shortlink: Customize the way your Sniply links appear by writing your own shortlink
  • Remove Sniply Branding: Reinforce your own branding by removing the Sniply logo from your snips

Data Gathering

  • Analytics: Track and analyze all your clicks and conversions through your snips
  • Conversion Pixel: Track specific actions taken on your website by planting a conversion pixel
  • A/B Testing: Experiment with multiple variations to optimize for higher conversion rates

Connect Apps

  • Integrations: Connect with Hootsuite, Buffer, Sendible, Mailchimp, Zapier, and more
  • Extensions: Install Sniply on your browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Explorer
  • API: Build your own custom workflow using our comprehensive API

Custom Code

  • Retargeting Pixel: Attach retargeting pixels to your snips to build custom audiences for remarketing
  • Custom Tracking: Integrate with custom analytics software such as Google Analytics or KISSmetrics
  • Custom CSS: Write your own CSS to fully customize the look and feel of your snips
  • Custom Scripts: Attach code snippets and scripts to your snips for custom functionality


  • Email Support: 24/7 email support from our team for all matters of troubleshooting
  • Phone Support: One-on-one phone support for everything from setup to strategy
  • Setup Assistance: Full setup including branding, team management, integrations, and more
  • Invoicing: Custom invoicing based on the unique requirements of your organization


Sniply Pricing

Sniply Pricing

If you are not boxed up, then register to try Sniply for free or… CLICK HERE TO START ANY PLAN FOR 14 DAYS FREE!

Getting Started With Sniply

What is a Sniply Type?

In summary:

Sniply is a fun way to let people know about your business without posting your own content all the time and it’s easy to use.

The fact that you can customize the message and call to action button on each post is really great. It gives you the flexibility to create something people will actually interact with. You can also track successes as well.


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10.0 /10

Custom code

10.0 /10

Custom positioning

10.0 /10

Data gathering

10.0 /10

App integration

10.0 /10


  • Data tracking
  • Easy integration
  • Re-targeting pixel for custom audience


  • Limited customisation
  • Doesn't work on all websites