Snail Farming In Nigeria: 6 Effective Steps To Grow This Business With Digital Marketing

snail farming in Nigeria

Do you have a snail farming business and you are worried that you are not making sales? or do you want to start a snail farming business in Nigeria and you are confused about how to grow it?

The truth is, a large number of snail farmers/sellers shut down after few months because they don’t have the right knowledge. In this article, I will not only show you how to start a snail business, but I will also teach you how to grow it using digital marketing.

As a matter of fact, in our 90% practical and 10% theory course, we teach you how to position yourself well in the digital space to grow your snail farming business.

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This article is comprehensive enough for you to start and grow a snail farming business, however, in the next few paragraphs that I will share with you, I will be explaining the step-by-step process.

Farming used to be assumed to be a poor man’s job some years ago, but in recent times, we have come to appreciate them for being a sure source for our plant-based food. this literally means that attention is gradually being shifted to the farming occupation.

And snail farming is one of the profitable farm businesses you can think of. How do I know this? Read till the end of this article so you can also have a good knowledge of this.

What is Snail Farming?

So, let’s start with knowing the “what” of Snail Farming.

Snail Farming is also known as Heliciculture. It is the rearing of snails for individual consumption or for profit. You can decide to rear snails for your personal consumption but at a point, you might get tired of eating them and opt into making a profit from it.

Snails are a species of animals fit for human consumption and rearing them is a lucrative business.

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Snail Farming is one of the few businesses that you can start from the comfort of your house and with steady growth, you can expand your farm location.

It is lucrative because it is a rare animal and cannot be easily found everywhere unlike other consumable animals.

Snail farming in Nigeria is possible and achievable if you are willing to put in the work.

How to start a snail farming business in Nigeria?

Just like starting other regular business, the following should be considered;

  • Have a business strategy and plan. It should include your goals for the business and how you intend to achieve the goals. This will guide your steps and actions while running the business.
  • Get a business name. To promote credibility, your business should have a name that will distinguish it from other similar businesses. Everyone can go onto snail farming business but your name distinguishes you from other people.
  • Source for capital. With your business plan and identity in the bag, you can take a step further to get capital.

Your capital might not necessarily be only your savings, you can get capital from your family and friends interested in partnering with you.

  • Go ahead and activate your business strategy and your snail farming business is live and ready to start bringing in a profit.

Just like the snail itself, your growth can be at a slow pace if you don’t take some steps to accelerate your movement and growth to generate more profit.

If you will follow me, I have some steps you can take if you want to position your snail farming business in the digital space, and don’t forget that it is free.

If you look around you, the new normal is a digital world. With a business like snail farming, you should be equipped with the right knowledge to drive sales and meet the needs of your consumer

Meanwhile, see for yourself in this video how one of our students made use of digital marketing and earned more using all the resources provided in our digital marketing course.


Your consumers might not necessarily be your next-door neighbor, it could be though but they might not know that you have a snail farm if you don’t optimize the internet. Keep reading.

How To Grow A Snail Farming Business

Step 1- Create a Social Media Presence

As a business entrepreneur interested in starting a snail farming business in Nigeria, you build your business authenticity online.

Have a business name and identity, just like I said earlier in this article. Register your business with the appropriate authority.

Doing this builds your credibility, as your potential customers won’t buy from you without it and this would in turn not promote your snail farming business.

snail farming business in Nigeria

Snail Farming Business in Nigeria

This registered business name is what you use when establishing your presence on social media. Social Media is an interactive platform that allows you to have access to thousands of people that can be converted to potential customers.

You can find these potential customers on various social media platforms.

One way to start with this is to create an account on all social media platforms. and to achieve this, you should have a business name. Your business name gives you credibility and your potential customers won’t see you as a random stranger selling snails.

One of the advantages that a market woman has, is that their customers can see them and they are not bothered about the authenticity of the market woman.

Also, you rarely find someone who is into snail farming in Nigeria on the internet and this gives you an upper hand in the digital market.

Click here to find our step by step guide on effective social media campaigns you can use to grow your business

Step 2 – Engage your audience

After establishing your presence on social media, it is very easy to just abandon your audience. That is a wrong approach to growing your snail farming business.

You don’t want to leave your audience who might become your customers, stranded and clueless about what your presence is all about.

 How do I engage my audience?

The following steps are intertwined as you can’t do one without the other if you really want to have a profitable snail farming business in Nigeria.

  • Identify your audience and where you can find them. For example, for someone with a snail farming business in Nigeria, your potential audience might not be on TikTok, they could be on Facebook.

N.B: Understanding your customer avatar is important if you want to grow your snail farming business and meanwhile our digital marketing course teaches you how to know and understand your customer avatar.

  • Describe your audience. After identifying your audience, it is necessary that you define and describe them. Doing this helps you identify their needs and how to meet their needs.
  • Develop your content. After identifying your audience and describing them, you develop contents that will suit them and also convert them to your purchasing customers.
  • Provide reasons for people to buy from you or even engage you. Don’t be too focused on your snail farming business that you ignore the part of relating with your audience as a regular human.

Read more about how to engage your audience.

Step 3 – Share an article weekly

To show that you know what you are doing and you are not a random snail seller on the road, do this the right way. By sharing what you know about what you do, you establish credibility.

To share articles, you will need a blog. Just like the image below.


Over here, you can see that The Balance SMB uses blog content to drive value to its readers.

Now, I will like to quickly take a digression to give you the basics of a blog, you can get full hands training on this and how easy it is to set up a blog for a small-scale business.

The good thing is, in our digital marketing paid course we teach you how to use blogpost or how to use blog content to drive traffic or value to your readers.

Now, here is how to get started with blogging.


Do you know the amazing thing about a blog?

It is that you can do it on your own especially if you are operating a small-scale snail farming business in Nigeria.

You don’t need to have a computer science degree to be a blogger, not at all.

Now back to the discussion on what is a blog.

A blog is a discussion or information published on the world wide web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries.

Literally, a blog is a website where you can publish and share your written words of knowledge for everyone on the internet to read, learn and even patronize your snail farming business.

I have made provisions for you in our digital marketing course where you get to learn how to create and publish on your own blog. Our coaches are willing and available to put you through all you need to be a pro blogger.

I know you are getting good value from this blog post, however, here is an article you can read about blogging 

I forgot to tell you the meaning of a blogger, my bad!

A blogger is simply a person who blogs. Don’t be surprised that the definition is that simple, it is what it is.

Step 4 –  Have a website for your snail farming business

For the audience you generate from your social media presence and existence, a good place to direct them to is your website. Let them have a view of what you do.

Right now, I’m going to show you a website that shows you how to promote your business.

Snail Farming Website

Obviously, all our tools will be in the digital space and we will definitely utilize them to our best advantage.

Interesting, right?

Well, this is one of the advantages of a website. The fact that you can create a shop on your website, attach images to attract potential customers

You get to reach a large audience. If Digital Marketing Skills Institute does not have a website, you might not be aware of our existence if you don’t reside on the same street as our physical office.

Social Media presence is similar to a website because they are both in the digital world right? But there is a difference between them and they don’t completely have the same function.

This brings us to the question, what’s the difference between a social media presence and a website?

For starters, social media is a means of interacting with other users and engaging with them while a website is your virtual market store. You showcase what you do on the website.

And the other part is that provisions were not made to convert social media pages to websites when it was created. Also, there is a limit to what you can share on your social media.

Another thing is that post published on social media pages doesn’t get optimized and so your prospective customer might not have the patience to scroll down to view images you uploaded months ago because they want to purchase from you.

Stories, Images, Testimonials, and many more on your website will not disappear till when you want to either edit or remove them.

With all this having been detailed, this is just a bit of what you get to learn in our  90% practical and 10% theory digital marketing course.

Resources have been provided to give you clarity on why you should have both social media presence and a website. You can access them and learn when you register for our course.

Step 5 – Optimize your Snail Farming website for search engine

A search engine according to its name is an engine that does a search on websites, blogs and optimizes them. Just like you visit a market and you have to tour the market to get what you want.

The next time you are going to that market, you won’t have to tour the entire market like before because you know where to find what you want and how to get it.

The same goes for Search Engine Optimization. A user who comes to google and searches for your business or where to get snails from.

The engine crawls through the internet, searches for what has the features, and perfectly answers the question of the user.

Here is a simple search on snail business farming in Finland
snail farming search

I could go on and on but I need you to learn this aspect and properly get a full grasp of the gist around search engine optimization.

And fortunately, enough our digital marketing course has just the right thing you need to learn and practice search engine optimization for your business.

Step 6 – Email Marketing for Snail Farming Business

If you followed through the previous steps, then we can be sure that your customers have an email address that they registered with especially from the website.

In the case whereby, they do not come from the websites, you can request their email address.

Doing this will help foster a seller-buyer relationship and also promote your snail farming business.

You don’t only keep their email address to fulfill righteousness but for you to occasionally send them emails about your newly matured snails from the snail farm.

You keep them updated about new upgrades from your snail farming business and also celebrate with them.

Make them know that you are not only interested in the money you make from the sales to them but also interested in their wellbeing and existence.

Celebrate moments and memories with them

What the brands in the same industry as you do that gives them an edge over their competitors are how personalized they take their relationships with their customers and client.

This is how to build a client base.
Words of referrals go a long way in promoting a snail farming business in Nigeria.

A good number of people are excited and eager to talk about a product they used and this is an advantage you can leverage for your snail farming business.

Read more about email marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to learn more about Snail Farming Business in Nigeria, I made a list of the questions other people are asking. I also provided sufficient responses to them.

Why Snail Farming?

Snail Farming is one of the underrated small-scale businesses that you can start from the back of your home. Snails are a good source of protein hence the high demand but it has a small existing market.

It also has huge earning potentials with low startup funds. You don’t necessarily need to have a huge capital to start up a snail farming business in Nigeria.

Another reason why you might want to consider a snail farming business in Nigeria is that they don’t require too much space and location to breed. You can create a farm at the back of your home for a start and grow from there.

Is snail farming in Nigeria possible?

Yes, snail farming in Nigeria is possible. The existence of snails is not restricted to a specific geographic location. This makes it easier to harvest and rear them.

Although snails are largely found in Africa, and Nigeria being a country in Africa has a surplus of snails which makes it fit for a snail farming business.

How long does it take for a snail to mature?

An average snail takes up to 6 to 16 months to mature and be fit for consumption.

Within the 6 to 16 months, the growth process takes place. If you want to supply quality to your customers from your farm, you should take note of these processes.

Also make sure, that everything the snails need is made available to facilitate their growth.


With the wave of covid19 and the lockdown that came along with it, every business is gradually finding its feet in the digital community.

Business success doesn’t happen overnight, a lot of processes and steps are involved and vital to growing a business in Nigeria.

One of the tools with which this can be achieved is a digital marketing and our digital marketing course is a good place to start from and also hone your digital marketing skills.

There are inside-industry hacks that we teach only our students when they register for our 90% of practical digital marketing course. For instance, how to optimize and rank your website, targeting techniques and hacks and so much is what we teach our students in our paid course.

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