Email Marketing Strategies – 13 Crazy Email Marketing Tips For High ROI [With Examples]

Email marketing strategies

Want the most effective email marketing strategies that are void of fluff and full of result-driven strategies? Then I will show you how to get up to 40% ROI from email marketing alone.

In the paragraphs below, I will show you why your open rates might have slumped over time, and how to revive your leads by building value with your emails to get your leads hooked on your emails.

  • how to drive value in your emails and get your leads so hooked and looking forward to your emails.
  • the secrets to getting high click-through-rates
  • using sense of urgencies on your emails to get “quick sales”
  • avoiding “promotion inbox” and “updates inbox”
  • etc

Think of it this way, Imagine what would happen to your sales “if more than 65% of your email leads are actively looking forward to your email?”

These are the email marketing strategies I will show you here, so read on.

Email is the most cost-effective way to promote your products, interact with your customers, and reach your business marketing goals.

Email marketing is the number one direct channel in terms of daily use and consumer preference for both personal and marketing communications.

A report from HubSpot said that “80% of business professionals believe that email marketing increases customer retention”, this means that if you need customer retention strategies, you need to better your email marketing strategies.

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Email is thriving thanks in large part to the channel’s familiarity, flexibility, and universality. A whole new generation of mobile smartphone and tablet users are also driving anywhere, anytime email usage.

Indeed, when you dig into the data, any assertion that email is “dying” with consumers is laughable. Evolving—yes. Dying, absolutely not.

But Why Do You Need An Email Marketing Strategy?

With email marketing as a channel, you are holding all the cards for potential success.

  • to increase the number of people who open your emails overtime
  • shoot up sales
  • increase value and brand recognition
  • give your brand more authority in your industry
  • to sell out your products and sell-out in time

So for each marketer putting the development of an effective email marketing strategy on the top of your agenda and the to-do list seems like a no-brainer.

Listed below are what we believe to be the top tips to a powerful email marketing strategy.

This is the simple chain to an effective email marketing strategy.

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It starts with building a list, continues with data management, and ends with revenue generation.

Email Marketing Strategy For Your Business

The email marketing strategy examples listed below will help you get a very high return on your business investment if you implement them well enough. Some of the strategies work best when you combine it with other strategies for your results, for instance, it’s important that you know your target audience and what can trigger them to give you their personal details in exchange for a magnet that they need.

This is why you have to start your email marketing campaign right from designing a customer avatar that actually details who your ideal customer is, what they need, etc, before running any lead generation campaign.

So to kick off, here are the email marketing strategies that can get you good results in your business.

1. Design your customer avatar

Most businesses start to fail in achieving greater results in their campaigns because they fail to understand “who their ideal customers are”. This is simple, if you don’t know who you are designing your emails for, you will not know the most-effective “leads magnet” that will work best in converting your prospects to leads, as thus, you will waste tons of resources running ads and not converting your leads.

But what is then, a customer avatar?

Customer avatar defined – 

A customer avatar is a detailed profile of your ideal customer that contains every possible information about your customers which can help you identify how their needs, buying habits, regular lifestyle, etc.

Email Marketing Strategies

Source. Medium

The word “detailed” is not to be taken lightly because for you to understand who your ideal customer is and how likely they would react to your marketing strategies, you need to go as far as understanding where they get their breaking news from – stuff like that, to know where to market them.

NB: read on, I will show you how to find this information about your ideal customer, and how to use it to design a customer avatar.

Now, a customer avatar is designed with “a single buyer” in mind, but it should contain more information to give a profile of other ideal customers.

Here are steps to take in designing a customer avatar:

1. Identify the goals of your customers that your business is willing to offer them to achieve these goals.

For instance, let’s take “Jane” as our imaginative customer here, and Tem Autocare as our imaginative business that renders AutoCare services and has services like “maintenance for cars broken down on high ways around the town”.

If Jane’s goal for her new car is to maintain her new car and continue using it for the next 7 years, and she never ever wants to be stranded due to a car breakdown, do you see how Tem AutoCare can help her achieve her goal?

2. Find their go-to source for information – for example, newspaper, Twitter, Facebook, Facebook pages, their followers and the pages they like, etc, these are ways to know how they reason and where to place your ads on.

3. find out their demographic information – age, gender, marital status, location, etc

4. find out their challenges and pains, and how your business is ready to proffer solution for them

NB: click here to read our complete guide to designing your customer avatar

Once you achieve this, the next is to design the most effective “magnet” that will work best in converting your traffic to leads on your email list.

2. Design an effective “leads magnet”

When running a lead generation campaign, it’s important you design a compelling leads magnet, this is one of the most effective email marketing strategies that most campaign creators fail to understand. And in designing a leads magnet, this is a checklist of the anatomy of an effective leads magnet you can use to design your own leads magnet.

  • Your leads magnet must solve a real problem
  • ultra-specific in design – this means that your leads magnet must be specific, not generic to solve tons of problems
  • quick to be laid hands on, and easily digestible
  • high perceived value and high actual value
  • it should express your authority in your industry

For instance, the leads magnet used for our lead generation campaign is our 14 Days free digital marketing classes that our leads actually find so insightful and full of actionable strategies.

Email Marketing Strategies


3. Build An Acquisition Strategy

Approach customer acquisition with a solid plan. Build the foundation by developing relationships with your target audience. Acquire customers differently by driving progress toward strategic goals.

If you’ve prioritized audience growth, begin by examining the places where customers are already engaging with your brand.

Then, determine how to enhance those experiences and drive interactive engagement with new tools and techniques.

For instance, always optimize acquisition forms for mobile. If a customer is on a tablet or smartphone and can’t fill out your form quickly and easily, you’re sure to lose the opt-in.

[bctt tweet=”If you’ve prioritized audience growth, begin by examining the places where customers are already engaging with your brand.” username=”DMSInstitute”]

Here are four lessons to guide your team:

  1. Build Engagement.
  2. Limit Spending.
  3. Educate Prospects.
  4. Develop Partnerships.

Although, I have covered this more in-depth in one of my customer acquisition strategies. Click the link below to learn more about it.

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4. Optimize For Mobile

Do you want to know one of the email marketing strategies that has gotten me tons of results? read on.

Fact: According to data from MailChimp, “Launching a mobile-responsive email design can increase unique mobile clicks by 15%.”

Now, the question is, are your email newsletters optimized for mobile?

If they’re not, now’s the time to get on board. Mobile open rates have never been higher.

For brands that do not optimize email for mobile, the penalty is stiff.

Return Path points out that 63% of US consumers delete emails immediately if they are not optimized for mobile.

[bctt tweet=”If your initial welcome email is perfectly optimized for mobile, subscribers will know they’re in for a pleasant mobile experience.” username=”DMSInstitute”]

According to the 2015 State of Marketing report that mobile opt-ins are currently the number 1 most effective type of campaign.


Offer an elegant mobile experience from the start.

If your initial welcome email is perfectly optimized for mobile, subscribers will know they’re in for a pleasant mobile experience for the duration of their time spent with your brand.

Right now, email marketing tool developers have designed their email marketing tools to give you a preview of what your email copy would look like on a mobile device before you send out, I will show you a screenshot from SendPulse, but I will also give you guidelines on how to write email copies that don’t feel overwhelming and clustered to the eyes.

Email Marketing Strategies

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These are hacks to write emails that are mobile responsive

  • write no more than 20 – 25 words per line
  • break sentences into understandable bits
  • use bullet points
  • Use ancho texts and hyperlink your links
  • make sure your images are easily seen on mobile devices, that means, scale those images to appear bolder but fitted on mobile devices
  • don’t write too long emails
  • etc

These are few email marketing strategies neglected by most brands, and hurtfully, their sales get affected due to their negligence.

5. Your Data Should Always Be Relevant

Assess your current data to make sure you’re sending targeted communications, not “batch and blast” messages.

Using simple data points like gender and location can dramatically improve the subscriber experience.

Similarly, on social media, use Facebook’s geo-targeting features with status updates.

Strive to never repeat the same promotional messages on social media that you are using in your email template, as customers are looking for different information in each of those channels.

[bctt tweet=”If you persist to send mail that the email recipients do not want, you will negatively affect your ability to get your message to your potential customers that are most likely to buy and grow your business.” username=”DMSInstitute”]

Ways to Stay Relevant to Your Recipients in Your Email Marketing

  1. Allow subscribers to opt-out of specific types of email.
  2. Honor the preferences of your recipients.
  3. Send subscribers relevant and expected mail.
  4. Be clear about who the email is coming from.
  5. Test your email sending parameters.
  6. Prune your mailing lists.

All of these tactics are designed to guarantee that when you send messages to a recipient, the information is more likely to be opened.

The relevant the content or call to action, the more likely the user is to click through to your website.

If you persist to send mail that the email recipients do not want, you will negatively affect your ability to get your message to your potential customers that are most likely to buy and grow your business.

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6. Personalize Email

Personalization, in the context of email marketing, is the act of targeting an email campaign to a specific subscriber by leveraging the data and information you have about them. It could be information like their first name, the last product they bought, where they live, how many times they log into your app, or a plethora of other data points.

According to Eventbrite, two-thirds of consumers have bought something because of email personalization.


Because targeted emails particularly address your recipient’s needs and interests, while mass emails get deleted or marked as SPAM.

[bctt tweet=”Adding personalized recommendations into marketing emails can increase sales conversion rates by 15-25%, and click-through rates by 25-35%.” username=”DMSInstitute”]

Your website visitors, email, and mobile subscribers, and those who have connected with you on social media will appreciate your messages even more if they’re personalized emails sent to them.

Inject personalized recommendations into marketing emails for the ultimate in one-to-one communications.

For example:

You can create a unique email containing personalized recommendations based on each subscriber’s browsing behavior on your website. Adding personalized recommendations into marketing emails can increase sales conversion rates by 15-25%, and click-through rates by 25-35%.

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7. Work On Your Subject Lines

According to Adestra subject lines with 60 to 70 characters shows no increase in email open rate or click-throughs. They also found that subject lines with less than ten characters had open rates of 58%.


Email Marketing Strategies

[bctt tweet=”Beware that what works for a while might wear off over time as the novelty factor wears off. Adjust your subject lines if need be.” username=”DMSInstitute”]

For example, Barack Obama’s election campaign emails. They were known for using email subject lines like “Hey” or “Wow”, which worked very well. The vast majority of the $690 million raised online, came from fundraising emails.

In fact, if you are a subscriber to my newsletter (You can use the email form to signup for our newsletter and offers), you’d notice that I frequently use short email subject lines.

How do you create subject lines that work well for you?

Consider Using the Following Steps:

  • Develop a hypothesis to test
  • Prepare to A/B test subject lines
  • Track data on all email campaigns
  • Beware that what works for a while might wear off over time as the novelty factor wears off. Adjust your subject lines if need be.

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8. Take Advantage of email accessibility

The ability to easily archive and access messages at a later time influences consumer channel preferences.

While smartphones and tablets replicate much of the desktop messaging experience, many consumers purposely “park” messages to take later action from their computers (which may have faster internet access, larger screens, full keyboards, etc.).

Email remains a powerful channel for its ability to bridge the three-device environment of smartphones, tablets, and PC.

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9. Use Opt-in forms

Opt-in forms allow you to “seek permission” from your subscribers before sending them email updates, and it is also important in any campaign because it allows them to opt-in on their own accord.

Email Marketing Strategies

Thanks to the good work of Seth Godin, the email channel is permanently linked with the concept of “permission marketing”—namely, that brands should first seek permission before sending customers email marketing messages.

Permission marketing is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them. It recognizes the new power of the best consumers to ignore marketing. It realizes that treating people with respect is the best way to earn their attention.

[bctt tweet=”When it comes to email marketing, permission is the act of getting consent from a subscriber to send them commercial email marketing messages.” username=”DMSInstitute”]

Why Does Permission Matter?

  • You’ll get a better return on investment from your email campaigns
  • You’ll get better open and click-through rates
  • You won’t destroy your deliverability rates

Once you receive permission the next step is personalization and building of data around the consumer.

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10. Send Emails on the Right Day & Time

The reason why this is included in the list of email marketing strategy is…

Knowing the best times to send emails, or the best days will ultimately help you get more opens and more clickthroughs to get more traffic to your blog.

And you want all of that because your email list is your most loyal audience who’ll share your content once they read it, which generates the snowball effect of more trafficmore subscribers, and more customer conversions.

According to these studies from Coschedule, prioritize your send days in this order:

  • Tuesday: This is hands down the #1 best day to send emails according to the majority of the data from these studies.
  • Thursday: If you send two emails a week, choose Thursday for your second day.
  • Wednesday: While no single study showed that Wednesday was the most popular, it came in second place several times.

This isn’t written on a rock as you can decide to send emails every day, weekends, etc.

Here’s a quick recap of the process contained in that study:

  1. Send your emails on Tuesdays.
  2. Send them at 10 a.m.
  3. Test the best days and times to find out when your audience is most active with these two Google Analytics reports.
  4. Write compelling email subject lines that stand out.
  5. Use plain text emails and write messages that assume your subscribers have already clicked through to read your blog post.

[bctt tweet=”Knowing the best times to send emails—or the best days—will ultimately help you get more opens and more clickthroughs.” username=”DMSInstitute”]

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11. Encourage email sharing

If your brand is emphasizing only that consumers share via social networks, you’re then reaching just the tip of the iceberg.

Below the surface are the introverted, the private, and the cautious consumers who share content off your radar via email and word of mouth.

These private sharers don’t get as much press as the “likers” and “retweeters” precisely because their activities cannot be seen publicly and they are difficult, if not impossible, to track.

Private communications, however, are extremely valuable to brands, as a friend’s thoughtful personal endorsement will often realize a better response than one broadcast to thousands.

[bctt tweet=”If your brand is emphasizing only that consumers share via social networks, you’re reaching just the tip of the iceberg.” username=”DMSInstitute”]

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12. Automate “abandoned” cart emails

Tailor the frequency and number of abandoned cart emails to the purchase at hand, and that item’s typical purchase window.

For example, some expensive acquisitions require added time to justify the spending, so the purchase window is larger.

Conversely, an abandoned cart email about a heating or cooling system should be sent quickly to be helpful, as people with dysfunctional furnaces or air conditioning will likely want a quick solution.

Pay attention to your industry’s typical purchase window, and send abandoned cart emails accordingly.

Here are some abandoned carts email samples you can learn from.

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13. Automate Email Campaigns When Possible

Trigger-based emails are emails that are sent out automatically based on user behavior.

The most common forms of trigger emails are ‘welcome’ emails, ‘thank you’ emails, and ‘transactional’ emails, such as order confirmation emails and email receipts.\

Email Marketing Strategies

The data behind trigger emails shows us that trigger emails perform much better than traditional email.

For example, Epsilon found that:

  • Open rates for trigger emails are as high as 49% (95% higher than traditional email open rates)
  • The average click-through rate (CTR) for trigger emails is more than double the rate compared to traditional email click-through rates
  • The best converting websites in the world, sites that convert as much as 40% of their traffic, use trigger emails.

And not only that, but Forrester’s research has found that trigger-based email marketing campaigns can generate 4x more revenue and 18x greater profits!

Does this sound too good to be true?

We’ve tested it. And it works!

Trigger mails perform really well because they hit the email marketing sweet spot.

Looking to enhance your own email marketing skill? Check out our Digital Marketing Training Course Outline


Email marketing continues to present great results.

But email marketing has evolved. It’s no longer as simple as sending the same email to all your recipients.

It’s time to refresh and update your email marketing strategy.

Now, you need to send targeted messages. Messages that are personalized, and optimized for multiple devices.

You also need to test new elements. Trends change quickly, and what worked 12 months ago may not be thriving today. Be open to testing. And when you understand what works, find ways to automate it through triggered emails.

If you implement these latest changes into your email marketing strategy, your customers will be more responsive, your email campaign performance will grow and your business will continue to evolve.

What do you think makes modern email marketing tactics successful?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment using the chatbox below.

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