Digital Marketing Defined: 9 Amazing Ways to Make Money Online + Proof

9 Amazing Digital Marketing Skills to Make Money Online [With Proof]

Struggling to make more money online? then you are lucky because, in this article, I will be sharing with you the exact steps to make money online from a high-income skill like Digital Marketing.

In fact, these are the same digital marketing skills that over 115,384 of our students are using to earn anywhere between $1000 to $100,000 monthly.

The best part is that I will be showing you proof along sides with how to make money online using Digital Marketing Skills.

If this interests you, you would want to read to the end of this article and also check out details of our Globally Recognized Digital Marketing Course.

Let me take a second to show you the results and testimonials of some of our students who have already achieved their individual goals using the digital marketing strategies that we have taught them.

See amazing results from students below:

For instance, this is Harrison Acha who got recruited by a Portuguese Company to work for Facebook in Nigeria within a few weeks into our Digital Marketing Course.

Also, this is Joy Akosa who made back over ₦600,000 (3x her entire course fee) just within 2 weeks into our digital marketing course just by implementing what she learned from us.

Another awesome result is Anselem Orisakwe’s, who got a Job in CANADA while he was in Nigeria after attending our digital marketing course using our globally recognized certificate.

And also, take a look at Ayooluwa Osemi, who Spent ₦5,000 on Facebook and Instagram Ad and made ₦320,000 in just 2 weeks into the digital marketing course.

Imagine you own a business or you want to make money rendering digital marketing services to businesses, this type of result is basically what you need to see in your first attempt on google and social media ads.

Take for instance you are running a real estate business or a car dealership business, you are certain that if you make use of our digital marketing strategies, you can actually convert more than 55% – 67% of your leads.

Now you see how businesses that sell out online, make their sales and convert their lead to customers.

Just to make sure you know that though other digital marketing training out there exists, they can never match with our strategies, and they are all about theories and words.

For instance, see below, one of our students who wasted money at other digital marketing training but got home and sank into frustration until she found us. Now she paid us to teach her what other digital marketing training out there couldn’t train her.

Aderonke wasted money attending another digital marketing training before she attended our digital marketing course and now she knows the difference in quality and standard of training that we provide.

Remember I told you we have different individuals with their unique goals, now Damola Akanbi who happens to be employed before taking our course, now he quit his job and now gets paid an average of $1,500 to help businesses run effective digital marketing campaign after attending our Digital Marketing Course.

Why did he quit his job? well, this is simply because his eyes got opened to different avenues that he could make money comfortably by sitting at his preferred comfort zone, why getting highly paid.

Now, with all these testimonials just to let you know that our trained students get real results, now, continue to read the article to find out how you too can get these types of results.

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Digital Marketing Definition

Have you ever come across a great product with a very low market share and you’re asking, why such low market share and popularity for a product this good?

Well, this is because of one thing… Or maybe many other things involved.

But one of the major reasons for such poor popularity rate is a poor marketing strategy.

In fact, check well, there is something wrong with the organization’s marketing funnel. To be honest, a good product without a well-drawn marketing plan is good for nothing.

Marketing is dated back to the 1940s. And in the 1960s, the focus on societal needs became the marketing concept.

The marketing concept which focuses on society’s needs has been one of the reasons why marketing has continued to evolve, and today we have a concept called digital marketing.

While digital marketing definition is all the marketing plans and strategies that are carried out on electronic devices, focusing on the customer’s need has been made easy by digital marketing strategies and tools.

Areas like Google analytics that analyses how customers behave on your site are some of the known ways digital marketing has made it easy for marketers and organizations to understand customer’s behavior on their website.

Do you know why digital marketing has been in existence for quite some time, and possibly won’t phase-out, but rather keep evolving?

Well, technology is the answer!

With the introduction of technology, how far and quick it can be used to reach a high audience – and the massive adoption of its use, is just one of the reasons why digital marketing will be around for a very long time.

So, do you think digital marketing is a good career choice? Let’s discuss below, the digital marketing career path, and most importantly how you can make money while working online.

Digital Marketing Salary – Is Digital Marketing A Good Career?

Before we continue to the juicy part of digital marketing salary, we need you to see a proof of individuals who have a full-time career in digital marketing, and the huge fee they charge for services they offer.

Make money online using digital marketing skillsMake money online using digital marketing skillsFrom these pictures, the amount charged, completed jobs and professional level of the digital marketer has answered the question “Is Digital Marketing a good career choice?”

Just the way a car depends on a tire to move, any job that is dependent on technology for its survival, is a good career job that should be invested in.

In fact, people agree that technology and the internet are the new oil and this is 100% right.

Every day, the way humans interact with brands using technology and the internet has driven brands to spend so much money on their digital marketing strategy, and this is where you come in as a digital marketer, to take the money and render a needed service.

Let me ask, what are you reading this article with? A phone, tablet or a computer?

Whichever device you’re using, it is an electronic device, and that’s a digital marketing tool.

How many times do you read a magazine to stay engaged, or check the signboards for information? Now compare it to the amount of time you spend on your phones, tabs, and computers.

Those billboards and newspapers are phasing away.

And now, you have seen why the organizations take advantage of your addiction to these devices and subtly market their products or services to you through the internet and devices you use.

So as one of the first and basic things to do as one who want to learn digital marketing and start a full time career working with agencies, as a freelancer or to start your own organization in digital marketing, it is advised that you first take a full training that covers all the areas of digital marketing, with this plan, you can then choose the areas that best suit your time.

At the Digital Marketing Institute, which is one of the best providers of the right skills you need to become a digital marketing expert, we train our students from scratch, all the areas of digital marketing and how to make money from each skill, either as an employed staff, generating leads for their business using the digital marketing skills, or opening a digital marketing agency.

You need to evaluate what you need as a career path for yourself, and how to get what you need. If what you need is to start earning a minimum of 200,000 from any digital marketing job, then click here to start your registration.

How Can I Learn Digital Marketing?

Okay, now you’re here. And this is one of the most asked questions by most people who need a good career path in digital marketing.

By the time you’re asking this, there are a lot of people who are getting results and taking your space and clients. The only good thing is that the need for more digital marketing experts is growing like wildfire by the day. Organizations are looking for more, skilled, equipped digital marketing experts.

These organizations want you, and you can only be useful enough or else you will miss an opportunity.

So to join the queue of the experts of digital marketing, you need to identify with an institution that provides an all-round digital marketing course, with real-life practical training.

With our 90% practical training and 4 weeks of your time, you can learn all you need to become a sort after digital marketer, and we will issue you an internationally identified certificate

For confirmation, look at what one of our students have to say about our course.

Key Areas Of Digital Marketing You Can Make Money Online With (As A Full Time/Part-Time Job)

One of the good reasons to choose a career in digital marketing is the vast areas of specialization available to you.

And all the areas are highly needed by organizations for one business reason or the other.

An e-commerce company, for instance, will need a social media account manager to handle their social media presence.

Also, the same e-commerce company will need a blog manager with:

  •         Content writing skills for writing compelling content
  •         Google analytics skills for reading the right metrics.
  •         SEO skills for optimizing the content on the web.
  •         Email Marketer for sending the right content to new, existing and potential customers, via email.

So you see, these are a few of the many digital marketing skills needed in an e-commerce firm.

If working from home is your most preferred choice, you can practically perform any of the digital marketing jobs from the comfort of your home.

Take a look at this picture below if you have any doubt…

9 Amazing Digital Marketing Skills to Make Money Online [With Proof]

What Is The Job Of Digital Marketing

To answer the question – what is the job of digital marketing – you have to understand that in businesses, the major goal is to reach more clients, convert them to paying and returning customers and that exactly is the answer to “what is the job of digital marketing”.

What Are The Types Of Digital Marketing?

Now, this is a list of all the digital marketing skills you can turn to a full-time job, for making money online.

  1.         SEO (Search engine Optimization)
  2.         Content management/marketing
  3.         Email marketing
  4.         PPC (Pay Per Click)
  5.         Social media influencer.
  6.         Social Media Advertisement.
  7.         Social Media account manager
  8.         Mobile marketing
  9.         Digital Marketing Analytics

Now, let’s break these areas down into tiny understandable bits.

These explanations will cover the basic knowledge on how you can make your first 360,000 ($1,000) or more online as a Search Engine Optimization expert, Email marketer, Social Media Influencer, Social Media marketer, as a Social Media account manager, Mobile Marketer, Content Marketer, or as a Digital Marketing analyst.

So these are the skills, explained in detail.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

9 Amazing Digital Marketing Skills to Make Money Online [With Proof]

Have you ever wondered why some sites or web pages appear on the right top of the search engine result when you search for a keyword, regardless of the thousand other sites relating to the same topic?

Do you know there are more than 2 million articles published worldwide daily? And yet, there is always a site or a web page that sits right on top of the search result.

Let me show you an example. See the image below.

9 Amazing Digital Marketing Skills to Make Money Online [With Proof]



9 Amazing Digital Marketing Skills to Make Money Online [With Proof]

From that picture, you will see there is a page that is sitting at the number one position out of the 13, 200, 000 number of results.

So if your blog posts can rank and seat at the right top position of the keyword’s search engine page, you are certain that you are visible enough.

Wowed right?

Now, do you know that this content has been strategically placed at that position using some digital marketing techniques and strategies, and some of the experts who do the background jobs not only earn a huge amount of money, they also work online, I mean, from the comfort of their home?

In case you have doubts, take a look at this picture below for proof.

9 Amazing Digital Marketing Skills to Make Money Online [With Proof]

These are the kind of well-sought after skills and strategies we teach our students at the Digital Marketing Skill Institute.

These strategies are exactly what clients want and need you to do for their business, while in turn, pay you hugely while you render these services from your home, regardless of the client’s base.

So the process of making your site or web page(s) appear at the right top of the search engine’s search result is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Before we proceed, let us take note of some of the key reasons why sites and pages rank on top of the search engine results.

They are: Original Contents, Backlinks (inbound and outbound backlinks), Keywords, Meta Tags, Images, etc. And all these elements play a vital role in helping your blog posts rank.

So, let’s quickly discuss SEO, what the big terms mean and how you can become an expert in this field.

Search Engine Optimization, according to Wikipedia, is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic, increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine.

Let us rephrase this in a simple understandable English.

Search Engine Optimization is the process and strategies you perform on your site and on your content, to make it more visible to anyone who searches for the keyword or related keywords that your content has been optimized with.

Okay right?

Take a look at the site that is ranking for this keyword “Digital Marketing training in Nigeria”, the arrows are showing the site that is ranking organically for this keyphrase, and not ads.

9 Amazing Digital Marketing Skills to Make Money Online [With Proof]

The way search engines see content and sites, and decide which should come first on the search results are all dependent on the algorithm of the search engine.

For instance, if you do not meet the Google standard for ranking, your content will remain invisible to searches, simple.

Search engines perform 3 basic functions, and they are Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking.

Let’s quickly look at what these 3 functions mean to search engines and how they assist your SEO strategy.

  •         Crawling – This is the process search engine takes to discover your content using links. A crawler or spider in the form of a bot is sent out to find new and updated contents.
  •         Indexing – Indexing is the process the search engine takes to store all the results it has gathered, processed and considered important for search keywords. These results are stored in the search engine’s database called the index.
  •         Ranking – This is basically the final stage before your site or web page is seen on the web. When a search query is made, the search engine orders the contents in its index based on the level of importance, this level of importance is the reason why a page comes first before others on the organic search.

NB: An organic search is a method of entering one or more keywords in the search bar of search engines. [See illustrative picture below]

9 Amazing Digital Marketing Skills to Make Money Online [With Proof]

Now that you have an idea of how the search engines see results and place them on the right order of importance, now keep that knowledge at the back of your mind let me quickly show you why SEO strategy is important and how you can make a career from it.

So Why Does SEO Matter?

SEO as an angle of digital marketing matter a whole lot because your content is nothing without SEO, no matter how good your content is.

Do you know that you can actually hide your money on Google’s second page and nobody will see it?

Why? How come?

Well, because nobody visits the second page and if your content doesn’t make it to the first page, it is as good as you are not ranking.

9 Tested and Proven Ways to Make $500/Day with Digital Marketing Skills working from home or anywhere.

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How Does SEO Help My Business Online?

When we say ONLINE, we mean the web or the internet, whatever you know it as.

So that means, SEO is just for everything that happens on the web and in your content, and how to make your content visible on the web.

If you run an online real estate business for instance, with a perfect SEO strategy, your website will likely be seen by anyone looking for anything related to real estate.

So, SEO kind of puts you on the web for easy visibility.


Okay, let me give you a list of how SEO helps your online business.

SEO gives your site a good position on the organic result.

Before we continue, you might be asking, what is the organic result?

So with the simplest form of definition, Organic result is the result you see on the web when you make your search using any keyword.

Though, there are other results that show up on the result list. The first sets of results you see on the very top are the “ads”, and these are different from organic results.

Using Ads to appear on a search engine is another way to appear on the search results, but this is not the same as the organic result.

We will be making use of “Car sales” as our keyword. Now see the organic results and how its position differs from that of ads.

Check this result out.

9 Amazing Digital Marketing Skills to Make Money Online [With Proof]

9 Amazing Digital Marketing Skills to Make Money Online [With Proof]

Do you know that there are about 3.8 million searches every minute on just Google alone?

And for such a volume of search, there are more than 50 million results for a keyword.

So with all being said about SEO’s function in positioning your site on the organic result, you need to also understand that no matter how great your content and your site is, a poor SEO strategy will deprive you that one opportunity to be seen, and if you are invisible on the web, you will experience LOW CONVERSION RATE.

SEO Helps Increase Your Conversion Rate.

In digital marketing, and web analysis, there is what we call Conversion Rate Optimization, and this simply means the technique of increasing the rate at which site visitors turn to customers.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is very important for any site because you might have a large volume of visitors on your site, but if the percentage that actually takes an action on your site, or becomes a customer, is relatively low, then there is a problem with your site or the pages your visitors go through.

For instance, have you ever made an organic search for an item like “Italian shoe shops near me”, you scroll through the top 5 results, you click on a page and for some reason, you leave the page?

Well, too bad of the site owners right?

Too bad because, you were ready to make a purchase but for some reason, you couldn’t stay on the site for quite some time.

So in essence, the process and strategy a website developer takes to hold you far longer on their pages and eventually make you perform an action, like, purchasing the Italian shoe, is the right definition for Conversion Rate Optimization.

So how does SEO help increase my Conversion Rate?

Search engines like Google have updated their algorithm to merge the SEO process with that of CRO, in a way that some of the practices of CRO has an effect on the SEO strategy.

For instance, one of the ways to optimize the Conversion Rate of a site is to reduce the loading rate of the site.

Can you remember the last time you tried loading a site that took more time to load? how awful was your experience?

Recently I tried using the ATM machine to make a withdrawal, I had to answer tons of automated messages before my card would be released. There and then I made the decision never to use that same machine anymore.

Do you know why I was turned off? My time was wasted for an additional 20 seconds or so, answering questions I didn’t want to entertain.

So, this is the same thing that happens with any internet user who meets a site that is taking so much time to load.

Nobody wants to spend so much time waiting for your site to load, make a potato chip, get married, have 3 kids and buy a dog, come back and still meet your site loading, NOBODY DOES.

So, techniques like shortening your site load time, making use of the right media contents, preferably explanatory videos, etc. are all the practices that make search engines think, “Hey, I feel this is a good site, let’s place it at the top position”.

Now you see how SEO and CRO work hand in hand.

SEO Helps Reduce Your Site’s Bounce rate

Another way SEO helps your online business is by reducing the bounce rate on your business site.

A bounce rate, according to Wikipedia is “an Internet marketing term used in web traffic analysis. It represents the percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave rather than continuing to view other pages within the same site.”

Let’s assume we make a search for “SEO strategies” and we see the usual millions of results, we pick a site hoping to find a quality, well-defined content on SEO strategies, but oops, the content isn’t engaging or relevant for us to want to navigate to another page or to continue reading a particular page, we will definitely leave.

And this is practically what causes bounce rate.

This bounce rate can be reduced by optimizing your pages and contents to be relevant enough for visitors to want to navigate your page, in search of the quality, relevant content on your page.

SEO Helps Drive Traffic To Your Site

SEO also helps your online business by driving quality traffic to your website from organic search.

This practice follows a particular pattern, and this pattern is gotten from the way the search engine sees our content. The way search engines see and qualify these contents as relevant enough for organic results can be seen in this order.

Crawling > Indexing > Ranking.

Search engine like Google, sends out a crawler or spider in the form of a bot, to scout for latest and updated contents using links.

Secondly, the search engine stores and processes the gathered contents in its index.

When a search is made with a certain keyword, the search engine goes into its index and orders/ranks the content based on their order of relevance. This exactly happens when you search for anything on the web.

So these are proven ways why SEO is important to any business operating online.

If there was nothing like SEO, maybe sites can only be allowed to appear on the first position of a page if your content is the latest or any other way.

Truth is, it would have been so tough to find relevant, perfect-matching content online.

How Much Can An SEO Expert Make?

If I tell you that as an SEO expert, you can be raking in up to 500,000 ($1,385) in 6 weeks, will you believe me?

With the 7 seconds, it took you to read this and evaluate the amount in your head, there is an SEO expert somewhere signing a contract with a client, for the same role you have been overlooking.

Now you see the good thing about digital marketing, the possibility of working from anywhere around the world.

And our students at Digital Marketing Skill Institute learn all the skills they need + our one year support to take remote jobs and deliver effectively, not minding the base of their client.

Let me show you an example from an online platform for freelancers with registered SEO experts, and none of them have met with their clients but yet, still make a huge amount of money.

9 Amazing Digital Marketing Skills to Make Money Online [With Proof]

How much an SEO expert charges can be based on the area of his role, the job duration or personal choice of the expert.

[bctt tweet=”SEO experts make as high as $260 (₦93,620) daily. This is a good full-time job for anyone looking to specialize in a digital marketing field and work remotely for both local and international clients.” username=”dmsinstitute”]

In becoming an SEO expert, you must know the difference between SEO and PPC (Pay Per Click) and how they both work for a site’s/content’s visibility.

So you might want to ask this question…

What’s the difference between SEO and PPC?

One of the ways to appear on the search results inorganically is to pay for a search engine advertisement.

Any advertiser who wishes to appear on search results of a particular keyword will have to compete with other advertisers, in a way of bidding for the space to advertise.

For instance, when we bid to appear on the top whenever the keyword “Burger joint in Lagos” is searched for, our ads will appear on the right top position of search results, with the “ads” tag on it.

So whenever our ad is clicked on, We are charged based on pay-per-click on the ads.

So this is the true explanation of what pay-per-click is.

So, the difference between SEO and PPC is that, as a site owner, to be seen on organic results (Results that are not ads, but ranked by search engine to be relevant enough to make the first page), you have to use SEO strategies to place your site in a position where search engine crawls it, index it and ranks it as a relevant site with content relevant enough for the first page, or first position.

The competition out there for SEO is really on the high side, this simply means that if any site is ranking well for a particular keyword, a lot of jobs must have gone into their SEO planning and implementation.

Otherwise, to appear visible on organic results, you have to pay for PPC, and this image below will show you how much an advertiser would have been charged to rank for the keyword “car sales”.

Make Money Online using digital marketing - PPC

The point marked 1 is the lowest amount you can bid this keyword with. Then the point marked 2 is the highest amount you can pay as the bid for this keyword

What Industries Need SEO The Most?

Let me open your eyes to the fact that you and I know.

There is an unbelievable number of buyers who make use of the internet to make purchases, make inquiries or seek information every single minute of the day.

According to, “there are 4.1 billion Internet users in the world as of December 2018. This is compared to 3.9 billion Internet users in mid-2018 and about 3.7 billion Internet users in late 2017” Including you, right?

You’ll agree that this number of internet users make at least one search a day right? According to, there are “Over 5 billion Google searches made every day.” Taadaaa

..and I guess, this is the way you found this article, Google search right? Good.

Let’s look at another internet fact of 2019. Again, according to “An estimated 1.92 billion people are expected to purchase something online in 2019”

What exactly am I trying to drive at? It is obvious that the entire world is turning to the internet, in search for one thing or the other.

So, no matter what business you’re doing online, you would love to be seen in better positions than your competitors. From industries in the medical line, down to eCommerce, lounges and restaurants, real estate, etc.

Even if your site is information-based, internet users still need to find your site online for guidance on a particular topic.

So the answer is, every industry needs SEO for visibility’s sake.

How To Make Money Online As An SEO Expert

So most SEO experts who have been in the industry for quite some time now first made choices in basically 3 areas of their job, and this is what they did.

They chose the Industry they will be serving, and also,

The Project Type and Platform.

Other areas like “How much per service/duration, Remote contractor or On-site contractor” are all secondary to their Industry, Project Type and Platform.

These 3 areas are basically what answers other questions.

So, for Niche, you have to choose who your service will cater for. You can’t serve every business or organization, or be in all SEO areas this early, you have to choose an industry.

Some popular industries you can start your SEO money making journey are:

  • The Niche on Health matters
  • The DIY (Do it yourself) niche
  • Relationship Niche
  • Finance and financial matters
  • The niche that educates about a new skill

You can make use of some tools like Google trends, Buzzsumo and Quora, to discover a niche with a high rate of interest.

With tools like Buzzsumo and Google Trend, you can key in and search for niches that have a high rate of reader’s interest. This will guide you in making a good choice in the niche you can invest your time in.

How to make money using digital marketing - Choosing an SEO niche

After choosing your most preferred industry, your project type should be the next area to look into.

This is a list of project types for SEO experts, according to, an online platform for freelancers who make money online.

  •         Keyword Research/Analyst
  •         On-Page SEO Audits
  •         Link Building
  •         Content Management
  •         Website Development
  •         On-Page Optimizations
  •         UX Design

Keyword Research/Analyst – [Tips on how to perform Keyword research like a pro]

The SEO experts in this field are those who perform an in-depth Keyword or key phrase Research with the goal of ranking the content that has been optimized with these keywords.

So, if you’re a Keyword Research Expert, the first thing you should do as your first step in getting the perfect keyphrase for your content is to analyze the target keyword using some tools, and then craft the keyphrase.

Let’s assume you write for a soccer blog. For your first step, you will make a list of possible queries or catchy keyphrases for any content related to soccer and then craft your content.

For example.


It is from that keyword “FIFA” you form your content keyphrase. But before you can find a keyword with a high search volume, you have to make use of some tools to tailor down your results.

Now, how do you craft the perfect keyphrase that will optimize your content’s visibility on search engines?

The simple answer is to craft your content keyphrase using a high search volume.

The keyword with high search volume is the keyword people make a regular search on the search engines.

Take a look at this keyword research I did with Google Keyword planner.

Make money online using digital marketing - learn SEO

So the keyphrase “digital marketing” has been searched for an average of 10k compared to the search volume of the keyphrase “digital marketing agency”.

Keyword Length And Difficulty

So one of the skills and competences of any SEO expert is knowing the keywords that are highly competitive. And because this will help you know how to make use of keywords based on its competitiveness, and how long it might take to rank.

In my first period of learning SEO, there were 2 pitfalls I didn’t miss whenever I was choosing a keyword for my content. I believe that you probably do not know this too, or haven’t mastered it perfectly, so we have to look into it.

What was my pitfall, and the common mistakes by amateur SEO agents?

The Mistake >> Choosing keywords with 2-3 words.

This is not a mistake though, your only crime is that before now, you didn’t know the difference between “FIFA 2020” (short tail Keyword/ head terms) and “FIFA 2020 End Game Missed shots” (Longtail Keyword), and how they can determine the time taken for your content to rank.

So, keywords of just a search term/one word are known as the Head terms. Keywords with 2-3 words are known as body keywords, while Keywords with 4+ words are called the Long Tail Keywords.

So, in other words, the length of the keywords will also determine the competitivity of the keywords. And this, in turn, will determine the length of time taken for the content to rank on social media.

So, with the aim to rank a new blog with low search engine authority or rank content in a very short period of time, you should go for a long-tail keyword like this >> “FIFA 2020 End Game Missed shots”

Choosing Keywords for PPC, based on the keyword’s level of competition.

You already know that short-tail keywords are more competitive than long keywords, this means that for Keywords with High competitive rate, you will pay higher if you are to rank for such keywords using CPC (Cost-Per-Click) for search engine advertising.

[bctt tweet=”Short tail keywords are usually more competitive than long-tail keywords. It is advised that you make use of long-tail keywords if your site or blog is new.” username=”dmsinstitute”]

Whoop, a whole lot, right? So, now that you know what Keyword Research and Analysis are about, let’s quickly look at how much these folks make from this area of SEO.

I went right on, another platform for freelancers who make money online while working from home, I typed the keyword “Keyword Research and Analyst”, and this picture below was my result.

Make money online using Digital Marketing

If this is your most preferred area of specialization, within the article, I will teach you how to choose the best platform, agency or organization for your choice of area of specialization so that you can have a good full time/part-time job online ( this is the reason why I wrote this article for you).

With what you have learned, you can successfully plan your site/blog’s SEO strategy with the right keywords, or include this skill in your CV for a higher chance to score a good-paying job.

Does this interest you? then you can learn more about SEO with our students who are trained with live projects, assignments and more recent tools. Check out our signature digital marketing syllables and details of our Globally recognized digital marketing diploma course.

On-Page SEO Audit.

Do you actually know that Google goes through some stages before your site, blog pages, and contents are certified relevant enough before making it to the search engine’s first page?

This is basically what we call “ranking” in digital marketing.

So, there are experts whose jobs are to conduct in-depth research on sites, to find out if search engines will be able to rank the site on their engine.

Curios right?

Well, you can learn all about SEO and choose to specialize in On-Page SEO Audit because

Let’s see what defined as On-Page SEO Audit.

“On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. On-page refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized, as opposed to off-page SEO which refers to links and other external signals.”

Link Building

You know, one of the ways Google discover your website is through links. This has made link building one of the essential strategies to power up a site for more visibility on the search engine.

When you have a lot of highly respected external websites linking to your site, you are automatically telling search engines that your site is worthy of citation.

Have you ever come across an article, and while hovering over the words, links to other sites pops-up?

That is linking at work. See this image below.

9 Amazing Digital Marketing Skills to Make Money online - linking explained

But the good part of linking isn’t when you link to other sites, it is when other sites are linking to your site.

When we talked about the phases search engines go through before they consider ranking a site from their index, we discussed the three stages Crawling > Indexing > Ranking.

At the first stage, crawling, the search engines send out crawlers in the form of spiders, to crawl the web for new and updated contents.

Imagine that when crawling the web, and it is discovered that so many sites are linking to your site saying “this is the site we got our information from”, the search engine will pick your site and index it as a site with original, relevant contents.

Did you get the relationship?

Okay, let’s continue. Link building is considered one of the hardest job areas in SEO, but the advantage you have is to learn and master this area and become more valuable in SEO and render the service to businesses. Notwithstanding, this is one area we have simplified for our students at Digital Marketing Skill Institute, who are into SEO. 

With in-depth practical training across all platforms, they have been able to understand the hacks and tips of Link building in SEO.

How Do I Build Links To My Website?

This question would make a front page on any SEO magazine (if that existed). Why because it is one hell of a task to get people talking or referring you.

From the image above, Neil Patel was able to talk about an article on because he has found it relevant and fitting for his own article.

So to make yourself relevant for people to want to talk about you, learn these few steps:

Create A Blog with top-notch engaging content that people will want to steal from you. Yes, do that.

Link Out To Others – People don’t know this but linking out makes your readers believe that you have gathered information from other credible sources and they could have an extended read when they click on your links.

Make Use Of Niche Specific Directories – For instance, if you own a business blog, you could pay to have your article written and published in a site that has voluminous daily readers. When your article is published on these sites, Google finds links to your site while crawling the original site, and this is a way to tell Google that you own the original content on your site, and it is relevant, thus getting to be published on other blogs.

Internal Links. When you create your blog and it is time to create a post, Make Sure you do not send out a post without first linking to your other blog posts using their links.

Take for instance, if you run a Digital Marketing blog and you have an article on “Email marketing” already published, in your new article, if you mention “Email Marketing”, copy the link of the article on “Email Marketing”, hyperlink the word “Email Marketing” in your new article and drop the link in the space bar.

Let me show you what I mean with a diagram below.

Make money online using digital marketing

This is the exact way to link your own blog articles to your current articles yet to be published. It’s called, internal linking.

2. Content Management:

Make money online using digital marketing (content marketing)

I wouldn’t want to start this part of this article to teach you what I think you should know, No! Rather I want to start by first showing you the annual salary range of content Managers in the same area of digital marketing that I will spend the next 10 minutes teaching you.

Take a look at these pictures below. The first one is from, and the second is from

Make money online using digital marketing (content marketing)

Content Marketing salary/year [Digital Marketing]

Make money online using digital marketing (content marketing)

Source: ZipRecruiter.
A content marketer yearly salary

From ₦23,637,900 –  ₦29,456,460 per year. Juicy or not? Well, you decide.

[bctt tweet=”An average content marketing expert makes as high as $65,000 per annum. Good or Not?” username=”dmsinstitute”]

Now that you know how many content managers go to the bank while working from home, let’s discuss what content management is, and how you can make money online with this skill.

Content Management Explained.

If you type “Digital Marketing” on Google, you’ll see about 2,880,000,000 results for these keywords.

Incredible right?

Well, you need to know that this large number of results are made up of web posts, videos, books, images, and other media files.

These media files are the contents, and those who craft these media files are the managers.

Let’s quickly find out what others are saying about the term Content Management.

According to Wikipedia, Content Management is “a set of processes and technologies that supports the collection, managing, and publishing of information in any form or medium. When stored and accessed via computers, this information may be more specifically referred to as digital content, or simply as content.”

Contents are basically the reason why websites are visited, stayed on, bookmarked, saved, etc. In fact, content is the reason why you’re still reading the thousands of words that I put together for the topic “9 Amazing Digital Marketing Skills to Make Money Online [With Proof]”.

And most businesses use content to primarily drive sales to their business.

The conversion process follows the business unique funnel, which eventually lands them a customer.

Just like Digital Marketing Skill Institute, one of our source of leads is through contents across all content-based platforms.

Permit me to show you how some of the articles on our blog are generating traffic for us, and then leading to a high conversion rate.

make money online using digital marketing strategies - lead generation


Lead conversion is one of the primary goals of many organizations, and if your content has adequate ingredients to turn a prospective customer to a full-time customer, you are the eye of the organization.

Good content should be able to lead the reader to perform one or more actions. Actions that you have as your objectives before designing your content.

There are reasons why big organizations allocate a huge amount of money for content management and strategies, if these big players are doing it, you should look into it.

From lead generation to creating brand trust and loyalty, there is evergreen importance of great compelling contents that magnet your potential customers and convert them to full-time customers.

One of the problems that organizations face in a new customer’s acquisition stage (in the sales funnel) is the inability to build trustworthiness in the customer’s mind.

Many times I have been found in the dilemma whether to go ahead and give my money in exchange for a product, this is the period I need to validate the product if exchanging my money for the product will be a good decision.

Any in-depth, relevant content from that organization regarding the product in the form of testimonials, customer journey, etc, will fasten my time in deciding whether to pay or not.

There are so many reasons and needs for content management in every online business.

However, if you feel exactly what other readers of this post are feeling because of such high amount of money paid to content managers who work from home, or you want to boost your blog post with a more tactical, engaging contents that can generate up to 25,000 new monthly visitors, then continue reading, I have strategies you probably won’t see anywhere else.

So you want to build a career online as a content manager, here is a list of the services you can offer using your skill.

Copywriting –

People don’t know how much copywriters make from writing 300-500 words online.

On average, a level 2 member on charges up to $30 (₦10,800) to write 250 words of compelling web content within a day.

Though, there are challenges with Fiverr and other platforms on how to break in and make your first sales that new freelancers are complaining of. New freelancers on the platforms have difficulties securing their first deal.

The good thing about this issue is that at the Digital Marketing Skill Institute, we discuss issues like this, and many more others as one of the bonus topics for our students’ success in freelancing.

But on the ordinary, people make as high as $30 daily writing copies for clients.

So, before I conclude on copywriting, one of the copywriting skills that make you different from other copywriters is your ability to command actions using CTA.

Now I know you’re asking, “What is a CTA?”

Well, CTAs (Call To Action) is the links on banners or on a plain background that directs you to take an action.

Examples of CTAs are:

  •         Click here to subscribe
  •         Click here to register etc.

Though there is no perfect way to get a CTA right, you have to make it short, effective and direct enough to drive actions, and these are the simple tricks that compel your readers to click on the CTAs.

For instance, one of the hints that we reveal to our students regarding the power of actionable verbs in CTAs is the difference between “Click here to register” and “Register here”.

They might sound alike, but the verb “Click” is more enforcing, and well-directed, than the “register here”

Understood right? So, let’s move on to the next way to make money online using content marketing.

Affiliate Marketing –

How would you love to get a credit alert into your account on a Sunday afternoon while lounging and rubbing shoulders with friends, somewhere at a beach?

Cool right?

This is one of the magic, or say, one of the lifestyles that affiliate marketing can bring when you master the act and business moves of advertising amazing and high in-demand products on your blog or sites.

The idea is simple, 1. Advertise other people’s products on your site/blog. 2. Earn commission when these products are actually bought from your blog/site.

So basically, your marketing skills and ability to convince prospective customers should be very excellent, for you to easily make money from commissions.

And with digital marketing strategies, you will find marketing your affiliate products as easier as ever.

There are few of the frequently asked questions regarding the affiliate marketing business, and we will handle these as easily as possible.

How Can You Promote Affiliate Links?

Affiliate links are basically the website links that lead to the page where the customer can purchase the product you advertise on your blog/social media.

There are ways you can promote the products that you market. You can make use of these following medium.

  •         Post on forums or blogs.
  •         YouTube videos.
  •         A website or blog.
  •         Write an e-book or other digital products.
  •         An email or newsletter.
  •        Social Media

How Do You Sign Up To Be An Affiliate?

Before you sign up for any affiliate program, you should, first of all, identify the niche you will be marketing for. The reason behind this is to easily help you know where to look when searching for an affiliate program.

Before we continue, you are probably asking “what is a niche?”

Well, in fewer words and in a more understandable way. A niche is a specific product or service that is of interest to a small number of specific people.

So with the definition in mind, how do you find your niche?

Pick a niche out of what you love

Some of the popular niches are in Beauty, Health, fitness, fashion, etc.

To find a niche with a high area of interest, you can use tools like Buzzsumo, google trend etc

Tools For Affiliate Marketing

Just like every other area in Digital Marketing, affiliate marketing have tools that simplify the whole job and make it possible to perform affiliate marketing tasks with ease.

Some of these tools do some basic jobs like helping you build your personal affiliate site from the very scratch.

So this is a list of the tools that can help you get started with affiliate marketing, and start making money in the right niche, and with the right product.

CJ Affiliate
Make money online using digital marketing (affiliate marketing tool)

CJ Affiliate marketing tool for connecting publishers and advertisers

CJ Affiliate is one of the affiliate marketing tools that connects product publishers to advertisers that are looking for ways to drive sales.

Another tool that is widely used in affiliate marketing for performing competitor analysis and doing keyword research, researching competitive content and monitoring keyword performances.

Make money online using digital marketing (affiliate marketing tool)

LinkTrust – An affiliate marketing tool

LinkTrust is a customer support tool that is very effective for affiliate marketing and is used for tracking the performance of marketing campaigns.

Impact Radius
Make money online using digital marketing (affiliate marketing tool)

LinkTrust – An affiliate marketing tool

With tools like Impact Radius, you have access to affiliates and the ability to manage affiliates on a single platform.

There are a whole lot of other affiliate marketing tools out there that are making the tasks of affiliate marketers easy, all you need to do is to find the perfect tool for any task, while you focus on other areas.

One of other most frequently asked question in affiliate marketing is ‘how to choose affiliate marketing programs?’

To get this question right, we have to first discuss what an affiliate marketing program is before we proceed to know how to choose the right affiliate marketing program.

So first and foremost, an affiliate marketing program is the term that describes the business arrangements where an online market (a merchant) pays commission to affiliates for successfully sending traffic to the merchant’s website.

The commission paid is usually based on the number of people that successfully takes the desired action on the merchant’s site.

You probably didn’t know that a whole lot of youths who make money online started legitimately with this area of affiliate marketing.

So, how do you choose the best affiliate marketing program?

What you do first is to consider the niche.

Some niche in affiliate marketing are more popular than others and have more returning customers for their needs.

For instance,

According to AMNavigator, the top affiliate marketing niches in 2019 are fashion, followed by sports, travel, etc.

make money using digital marketing (Affiliate marketing Niche)

AM Navigator Statistics on affiliate marketing categories

make money using digital marketing (Affiliate marketing Niche)

AM Navigator Statistics on affiliate marketing Niches

So when you pick your favorite niche, go right ahead to…

..finding if the niche has a high monetization rate.

This is the most important part. You cannot do affiliate marketing without earning from it.

After you must have chosen a niche and the products that you find easy to sell.

Check the available affiliate program, commission rate or rewards and other policies.

There are affiliate marketing programs that are more generous enough, with quite flexible and easy policy.

For instance, the Jumia affiliate program gives affiliate marketers 11% of any successful order any customer makes, within the first 30 days of clicking on your affiliate link.

This means that if you successfully seal an affiliate deal of any product, you take home 11% of the product’s price, without working, without stress.

Let me give you a quick fact.

I bet you didn’t know that some social media influencers use social media as their affiliate marketing tool, leveraging their high volume of users to mass-market their affiliate products.

So, if you can use social media more than blogging, to reach a high number of potential customers, then go for social media.

Otherwise, go for blogging.

Apart from advertising other people’s products and earning a commission for any successfully completed desired action, you can also do the following as part of ways to make money online:

Start reviewing products using any medium where you have a high number of audiences. It can be a blog, on social media, YouTube or blog forums.

Also if writing email is your thing, you can start emailing prospective customers with product reviews, or product launch.

Make money online using digital marketing (affiliate marketing using emails)

Source: Neil Patel

From the image above, the sprout social product has been persuasively marketed to the readers, and when they take action to purchase the product, Neil Patel gets paid for his marketing effort.

You see, ways to make money online with all-round digital marketing skills are unlimited.

Start A Blog

Blogging as part of the many ways to make money online using digital marketing

Source: 99firms

I don’t think I can possibly have enough facts to justify the amount of money that can be made from blogging, and how it is turning everyone into a millionaire.

I couldn’t help but show you these facts.

So, what do you need to start and become the overnight millionaire (not overnight, but in less than a year, if you practice what I’m about to teach you)…


Yes, you will need a blog. But getting a blog is one thing, doing everything right is another, and I’m here to tell you how to do it right to make money online with blogging.

So since you’re here, we have a prewritten, detailed article on how to create a blog from scratch. Check this link out to get started. now that you have the step-by-step guide to creating a blog, let’s dive right in into making money from your blog.

How Do Beginner Bloggers Make Money?

There are people who blog just for fun.

There are people who blog to support an organization online by providing information that is related to the organization.

But then, there are people who blog to make money online… which is why you’re here.

So since you want to start blogging to create a source of income, you need to know how to do this with your blog.

So to become financially stable by blogging, these are what you need to start doing with your blog:

  •         Start selling on your blog through affiliate marketing, or your own products (like ebooks, online courses)
  •         Sell Blog Posts from Sponsors
  •         Charge people for advertising on your blog through CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per thousand) or direct advertising.
  •         Start coaching or consulting service.
  •         Freelance writing on other people’s blog (my favorite)
  •         Get paid when you write reviews

So now, in your fingertips, you have all the ways to make money online from blogging, there are some skills you need to learn so that you don’t find it hard scaling your blog business.

It is required that you learn some content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. that are used for blogging.

And also learn how to perform strong SEO strategies and how to use compelling CTAs on your articles to drive readers to perform actions.

And the good news is, these are areas we extendedly train our students in since the majority of business or side hustles out there are tilting towards blogging, content marketing, and SEO.

To find out more about how you could learn blogging and other areas of digital marketing, check out our Globally recognized Digital Marketing certificate and what and how to get digital marketing certified by us.

How Much Money Do Bloggers Make?

Do you really want to know how much you can make from blogging?

Ask yourself, “How much time am I willing to give my blog this period to turn it into a success?”

If you answered that, then that will determine how much you can make.

Linda Ikeji, one of the top Nigerian African bloggers makes up to $65,000 (₦ 23,406,500) monthly from her blog.

If you’re in doubt see a complete A-Z analysis of her blog business done by Find the link to the article here.

But this amount can’t come overnight. According to her, in the early days of her blog business, she spent up to 16 hours of blogging daily.

Which Blogging Platform Is Best For Making Money?

There is no ‘Perfect’ blogging platform, they all serve a good purpose, have cons and pros too.

All you need to do is to identify the one that is suitable for you.

Find blogging platforms that are easy to learn and setup. One that requires no coding skills, and is very easy to expand as your blog grows.

Some of the top blogging platforms are:, Wix,, Gator by HostGator, Blogger, etc.

So those are the top available blogging platform, with as the most popular of them all.

Because of this, we will be talking about some of its features.

Some of the features of that made it highly sort after are:

  • The ability to preview themes before you can activate them. Bloggers find it challenging to change their blog theme to a totally different theme. This has been made easy by the ability to preview your theme before activating the theme if you like it.
  •  Set Image dimensions and perform image editing.
  •  You can play around with widgets (Add, delete or Move)

How do bloggers find jobs?

According to The Balance Small Businesses, the Top 9 Places to Find Paid Blogging Jobs are

  2. Freelance Writing Jobs
  3. Elance
  4. Performancing
  5. Authority Blogger Forums
  6. Poe War
  7. Writer’s Weekly
  8. Craigslist
  9. Media Bistro

So, to continue with the areas of content management that can be turned into a huge source of income online, we will be looking at one of the most known areas that have turned people to millionaires.

The area we will be talking about is the eCommerce stores, and how to make money selling on eCommerce sites.

Selling On Ecommerce Sites

Make money online using digital marketing (ecommerce).

An example of an eCommerce site

There are items and stuff we don’t go a day without using, and some of these items are bought online.

In fact, whether it is an item you buy once in a while or the kind you buy every day, you should answer this question…

Why are you not selling it to people on e-commerce sites?

Anyway, you need to know, the statics of how the online stores are improving by the day is encouraging this area of content management, and it is fast turning to people’s full-time jobs.

According to Hosting Facts, 1.92 billion of people will make use of e-commerce sites to buy their needed items.

Now, where are you as a merchant? Will you rather choose to be a seller at this time of life?

This period of so much rise in the use of e-commerce should be enough reason why you should have at least one store online.

So, the average number of online shoppers in 2020 alone, is the kind of stats that push online stores like Amazon, Alibaba, Jumia and the rest, to inject millions of dollars into improving how people shop online, on their site.

The good thing about this is the ability to sell, whether you’re sleeping or awake.

So, this can be your part-time job or your full-time job.

Many haven’t found this to be a gold mining business in the digital space, but the few that have are really making this a day time job.

And this is why at Digital Marketing Skill Institute, we dedicated a whole lot of time for this area of digital marketing in teaching our students how to set up their store, design a landing page, or even a whole new eCommerce website using WordPress.

Check out our syllables and course modules and how you too can benefit from this training, selling any highly sort-after product from your home.

What Is The Best Way To Sell Online?

The best way to sell online is to get started with the whole process.

However, before you get started, you have to first find the online store you will be selling on.

And to find a good online store, you have to consider these following:

  •         Pricing – Starting to sell on e-commerce on an already established online store doesn’t come free. So before you go ahead to choose a platform, you have to make sure the platforms’ charge is one that you can afford.

Always compare the price range to other online stores.

  •         General Features – This can be widgets, plugins and other online store features that make e-commerce easy.

These can be tools for email marketing, tracking tools for shipping, or invoicing tools, etc.

  •         Popularity and search engine ranking – Because there are numerous online stores, there is a need to capitalize on the store’s ability to rank on search engines.

If you register with an online store that has a poor SEO strategy, you will have to struggle to make sales.

  •         Payment pattern – Another area to consider is the payment pattern for your customers. This is very important because there are some countries that ban some payment services. For instance, PayPal is not accepted in Iran, Cote d’Ivoire and others.
  •         Site Responsiveness – Site responsiveness is the ability of a website to be fit and responsive for desktop computers, mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches, etc. And this particular concern is very important because the number of internet shoppers that make use of mobile phones is rising.
  •         Security – The security of your customers’ should also be considered as well as other factors because a lot of your customers might be making payments online against a pay-on-delivery payment package.

So after you are satisfied with your results, the next thing to do is to define your niche.

To define your niche, let me show you the easiest way to get this done.

Go to a search engine, type in the domain name of the online store you will register on, give a space and type ‘bestselling products’ or ‘hot products’.

Make money online using digital marketing (ecommerce).

Amazon hot products

From the result, you can easily identify the page that can give you insight on some of the most popular products on their site.

Make money online using digital marketing (best selling products)

Amazon hot product page

You can as well check the ‘bestseller’ on Amazon’s categories. This should also give you insight on some of the bestselling products on e-commerce sites.

So, when you have identified your preferred online store, and your niche, continue with your registration on the online store.

Procedures for registration on online stores differ, depending on the store.

And when this is done, you should proceed to add products and product details.


So now you have set up your store, you will need the right marketing strategies to close sales. Because there wouldn’t need to set up an online store if you do not plan to sell.

And if you must sell, you must market your products strategically.

So, the question is, “how do I market my products and generate leads?”

How you market your store is up to you to choose. But you can make use of some medium that is very efficient.

Social media is a perfect tool for marketing your online store, and to get the most effective result from social media, you will need to run social media ads, with commanding copy that can convert customers easily.

There is one wrong tradition about social media users who market their businesses online.

They do not use the right marketing medium, rather they drop their links on pages, with captions “please patronize me”

Let me show you the statistics of such a shallow marketing strategy, compared to running an effective social media ads.

Make money online using digital marketing (Twitter ads analysis)

Twitter ads analysis

From this image, you can draw the difference between the two marketing strategies. Comparing the reach and impressions.

So, the next thing I need you to know is the channels/avenues you can make use of, regarding your social media marketing.

In your social media marketing strategy, you can make use of social media ads.

For social media ads, you can use any of these, or a combination of all:

  •         Facebook
  •         Twitter
  •         LinkedIn
  •         Pinterest

What Is The Best Site To Sell?

Amazon is seen to be the giant of e-commerce platforms. But truth is, so many persons will choose eBay, or aliexpress or other platforms over Amazon because of some personal reasons.

So to find out the best site to sell on, we will use ‘e-commerce site popularity’.

Make money online using digital marketing (ecommerce popularity)

Source: Similarweb. [Ecommerce site popularity]

The simple reason we used this method is that popularity is a result of people choosing the site over other sites, meaning that the site is relatively the best and most preferred.

The simple steps by steps I shared with you are the basic processes to start a blog and make money online.

Check our blog on 20 latest and Lucrative Products to Sell Online Fast and How To Get Customers Online | 15 Ways To Find More Clients For Your Business

The two blog posts are very effective guides that will assist you in your e-commerce journey.

Start a vlog –

So, there’s a name called ‘the method of marketing content using video’ (instead of writing), and the name is called vlogging.

I know you’re wondering “how do I get vlogging right?”

“There are millions of videos online, how do I join the club?”

See, let me tell you one simple truth if blogging was that hard to start and make money out of it, firstly, people won’t have testimonies for doing it.

And secondly, YouTube would have packed and gone home.

So what is happening? How are people making it?

Nice question.

They are using all the perfect tools and strategies, and this is why I am here, to teach you how to make millions from just short, informative videos.

Before we go right into the action, let me show you statistics, to make you seat up.

Find YouTube stats and blow minds

So because of the way people relate to video content, people are now getting more comfortable finding information passed via videos.

When I was learning how to knot a tie, I was never fulfilled by the ‘text-based’ information I was reading online.

In fact, my first and only time I got it right, I watched a video for it.

Image: Web page traffic for ‘how to knot a tie’ and the video compared

So from the above comparison, you see that people sort for videos when looking for information, more than they want to read.

One of the problems challenging video content is data consumption, which advanced video sites are already developing work around it.

So problem number one has been solved.

Secondly, if you ask how people feel about reading VS how they feel about watching the video, I can pull up statistics to show that watching videos is much preferred.

Check this out…

Make money online using digital marketing (video vs text reading)


Make money online using digital marketing (video vs text reading)

Source: Clumcreative

So name your challenges, there is an existing solution to it. You see… what else are you waiting for to grab a spot on YouTube, and madly make money?

If you’re still in doubt of how much a living people are making from this, watch my simple, clear calculation.

How Much Money Can You Make Vlogging?

So since you’re here, let me show you the road map.

When you create a vlog, you don’t start earning because you don’t have the channel to make money.

So you can only start earning when you have a Large number of viewers (if you vlog on YouTube) who click on your ads.

That means more subscribers, more clicks on ads.

More subscribers = More chances of getting sponsorship deals.

More sponsorship deals = More money.

It is actually that simple.

All you need to rack up subscribers is on YouTube (I’m using YouTube because everybody is going there)

A winning SEO strategy (for YouTube)

So with compelling content, and a great SEO strategy, Jenna Marbles was able to rake in up to $300,000 (₦108,000,000.00).

Hundred and eighty million naira, if you find it hard to understand.

And she was able to do this from the comfort of her home.

Impossible. Magical. Right? … That was what I thought until I saw this on business insider…

Make money online using digital marketing (vlogging)

Marbles makes about $300,000 just from vlogging

And this is just one out of the many YouTube vloggers.

So, how do you rank high in a congested place like YouTube?

To rank high on YouTube, you have to exhaust all your possible SEO strategy and all your strategy for captivating attention.

For SEO strategy…Do these…

  1.       Play around keywords that has a high search rate.

This SEO approach does not need further explanations.

Using Google trend and Google keyword planner for this purpose, search for high ranking keywords in your chosen niche.

The reason why you will be using high ranking keywords is to give other videos in the same niche, a huge edge over you.

You wouldn’t want to spend time creating a top-notch video, for it to end on the bottom of search results on YouTube.

So, to nail this, choose high ranking keywords with a high search rate.

How Do You Become A Successful Vlogger?

To become a successful Vlogger, you have to look past the norm.

We have gone beyond the time when people make contents before cameras, and rack up money for their creativity.

Let me ask you, do you know how many videos make it to YouTube on a daily basis?

But people still appear as number one when a certain keyword is searched for right?

So, to become a successful blogger, you need more than a face, content and a camera.

You need a very effective SEO strategy, monetization plan, dedication, time and a mix of other things.

So, starting from the very first thing you need, we will be counting down to the last process of securing your first 1000 subscribers.

So, to start, you need to decide the content type you will be making videos of.

There is a lot of content type (Topics) that people make videos of. You need to check what you have knowledge and passion for.

And topics that rank good on search.

To perform a search on the high ranking niche, we will use the Google Keyword Tool to see how many searches some known niche get on average.

So, in using the Ubersuggest tool, see our steps on the image below.

  1. Key in the Broad Niche you are interested in

Make money online using digital marketing (finding a niche

2. See and check if the search volume is encouraging enough to be invested in.


Make money online using digital marketing (finding a niche

3. See the more tailored down niche that should give you insight in which of the areas to go intoMake money online using digital marketing (vlogging)

After picking your niche, now you have to get creative to produce quality, engaging posts.

There’s a very slim line between people finding your video, and choosing to continue to watch your video.

Have you ever found a video, and 5 seconds into the video, you are already bored?

Yes, it has happened to you. And now that you are in the business of video making…

You need to try very much harder not to be like that person.

Engage people with your content, using creativity, captivating words, body movements, etc.

Let me give you quick hacks for engaging your viewers from start to finish.

Hack 1.

Spark Curiosity with your intro, in the first 5 seconds.

Check these examples for instance…

“So guys, I was researching on XYZ and I will like to share my findings that will help you do XYZ.

Did you take note of the Bolden words? How did you feel about them?

Now pay attention. The phrase ‘I was researching’, will trigger curiosity in your mind. Your mind, without your control, will ask a question like this “What was he researching on?…”

Hack 2.

One other way to engage your viewers with your videos is to tell stories… Stories are quite engaging.

Short stories, strategically placed inside your content will do more work than the usual boring videos.

Reason is…

Stories are captivating. You tend to want to know what happened next, and how the story ended.

Hack 3.

Using the right body language (for example, gesturing).

Gesturing when making a video is a very good way to make your video more active and lively.

Let me show you some short videos that depict the proper body language that you can adopt.

Videos of the right gestures vs. the wrong gestures.

So, now that you know some tips on how to create an engaging video, from start to finish.

The next thing you need is:

Video Making Tools (Camera, tripod stand, mic, and light, etc.).

So, for the right video making tools, you will need a good camera.

As a beginner who is saving on budget, you might want to go for a camera that is within the range of your budget.

But most importantly, you need a tripod stand. Why?

A tripod stand helps stable your camera and keep the images still.

NB: If you do not use a tripod stand, but instead have the camera held by a friend, there is no guarantee that the image will be steady.

Then, a mic and light are very necessary to make a good quality video.

So, in shopping for a camera for vlogging, there are basic considerations you have to put in mind, to make the right choice on camera. These below are the basic hints you need.

Hint number 1: Do not go for a camera with zoom features. This is because, in blogging, you are in a very close range with the camera, and there won’t be a need for zoom features.

Unless you are vlogging about travel, nature or the likes. The reason for this exception is the simple fact that, for a travel blogger, you will be shooting videos of different environments and landmarks, this will require the zoom feature, for you to get a closer capture of distant places.

Hint number 2: Invest in a camera with a quality, wide lens aperture.

Hint number 3: Cameras with stabilization and autofocus features are the best for vlogging. Especially for travel vloggers, you might have to record videos while in a moving vehicle.

And the stabilization feature will play a very important role for holding still, the images you record, not minding how unstable your hands are.

And secondly, autofocus easily focuses on an object as quick as possible, to give the clearest image.

So, another key area to look into before spending money on vlogging tools is the microphone.

There are common good quality, affordable microphones that are used by most vloggers. The reason for their commonness is that one, they do not require to be charged before being used. Secondly, they can easily be carried around, without much hassle.

See the image of the most commonly used microphone for vlogging.

Make money online using digital marketing (Microphone for vlogging)

Most commonly used microphone

So, after you must have gotten your vlogging tools right, one other requirement you need before sending your videos out to any channel is to edit your video.

And to do this, you might need to learn video editing skills…or you outsource the task.

Whichever way, you must edit your videos before uploading them.

So, with this step-by-step plan, you can comfortably make a video ready for any channel.

With your chosen niche, your quality video, and your SEO strategy, you stand a chance to make money online through vlogging.

How Many Views Do You Need To Get Paid On YouTube?

As you know, monetization of your skill is the reason why you’re here, reading this blog post.

And since you’re asking how many views you need before getting paid from vlogging…

Well, there are majorly 2 defined avenues of making money from ads on YouTube, and they are not tied to the number of views you get from your vlog posts.

What basically converts to money on your vlog, is the number of engagements.

In vlogging, what we mean by engagements are the actions performed on the ads on your videos.

For instance, the first 5 seconds video of a product or a brand, you see before the main video you searched for, are known as ads.

When you click on this ad (action performed), money goes to the publisher (that is you).

And when the video is left to play for a minimum of 30 seconds, money also goes to the publisher.

So these are basically the two ways a publisher makes money online through vlogging.

So, before we continue, let us quickly learn the formal terms of these two types of YouTube ads.

Types of YouTube ads.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

Cost per click is the term to describe the marketing model where an advertiser pays money per number of clicks on his ads. The money per click is measured by the competitiveness of the keyword for the ads.

For instance, there are keywords that are more competitive than others, and these keywords, when used for creating ads, the CPC (cost per click) will cost more than keywords with less competition.

Study the image below…

Make money online using digital marketing (running google ads with high searched keywords)

So, from the indication of things, the keyword “Jumia Phones” has ₦19.56 as its CPC.

While the keyword “phones for sales” has ₦12.15 as its CPC. This means that any ad on your vlog that was created around the “Jumia phones” keyword, when clicked on will pay an average of ₦19.56.

If there are 1,000 clicks on that particular ad on your vlog alone, the advertiser will pay an average of ₦19,560.

Wowed? Now you know how money is made vlogging.

Cost Per View (CPV)

The second type of ads for vlogging on YouTube is called Cost Per View (CPV).

So, this is the kind of ads where an advertiser pays money when someone watches an Ad for a least 30 seconds or half of the time the ads have to last.

So, whatever action that is taken on the ads, maybe by clicking on the ads, or any other action, the advertiser does not pay.

So, from the explanations of the two different types of ads on YouTube, it simply means that even if you have 10 million viewers on a single video, without a single engagement (a click on the ads or 30 seconds watch time), you will not take home more than $0.00 (₦0.00).

Now it is clear that the right question to ask is “how many engagements do I need on my video before I can get paid?”, rather than asking “How Many Views Do You Need To Get Paid On YouTube?”

Why much emphasis is laid on traffic (high number of viewers of your vlogs) is because, the number of persons who see your vlogs, the higher your chance of getting engagements.

Let me show you how the funnel goes…

Make money online using digital marketing (vlogging)

How YouTube ads works

When you create a great vlog, optimized with high performing SEO strategies, there is a high chance that your vlog will be seen on YouTube using your keywords.

Make money online using digital marketing (vlogging)

How ads work on YouTube

At this stage of high visibility, if you have set up your channel for Google AdSense, you will be able to see ads embedded in your videos.

At this level, once there are engagements on the ads on your vlogs, you get paid.

So, my guess is that you took note of how we went from the very first stage of choosing a niche to get paid.

If you follow these processes well enough, you will get amazing results.

There are other ways of making money online by vlogging.

This is basically going to be dependent on your effort.

So, how does it work…

Well, this process is what I call ‘vlogging for partnerships’.

Partners are brands and companies that pay you to use their products or services and talk about it on your vlog, in the form of a review, or any form that highlights their services or products.

There is no predefined fee charged for partnerships, you can only come to terms with the partners regarding the payment.

Partners agree to go in a deal with you because of your high number of subscribers, and the number of your vlog views on average (views are also known as impressions).

In fact, this is one area that the number of subscribers and impressions matter in vlogging, and if you can rack up a good number of subscribers and impressions, you can have multiple partnerships for your vlogs.

At this point is where we will end all about content marketing and how to make money online through content marketing.

3. Email Marketing

Another way to make money online, from the comfort of your home, using just a laptop, and the internet, is through Email marketing.

Before we dive right into what email marketing is and how to make money out of it, let me debunk this general notion…

Email marketing isn’t dead, in fact, when done right, people will look forward to your mail.

Are you in doubt?

See these images below.


Make money online using digital marketing (email marketing)


Let’s also see few facts from Hubspot’s blog posts.

“73 percent of millennial prefer communications from businesses to come via email.”

“99% of consumers check their email every day.”

“80% of business professionals believe that email marketing increases customer retention.” –This is the most important of all actually, given that we’ll be talking about how to make money from email marketing… which when done rightly, will become a genuine source of income.

Another one more proof is this from the Digital Marketing skill Institute. See the image below.

Make money online using digital marketing (email marketing) 

Now you know that email marketing isn’t dead, and will always be effective, let us continue with the basics of email marketing and how to turn this to a steady stream of income.

How To Start With Email Marketing.

Before you go into email marketing, you have to know that no one, I mean, no single person will read your mail if the direction of the mail isn’t directed towards their need.

I mean, if you are not interested in soccer, will you read a mail from me, talking about soccer?

So this is the first thing you should keep in mind.

So, go ahead, find a niche, and find a product or service people will love.

If your preferred Niche is fashion wears for women within the age range of 25-35, then find an affiliate marketing program that deals on fashion wear for that age range of women or any business that will pay for your email marketing service.

In case you do not like the idea of affiliate marketing, you can find email marketing gigs on most of all the available freelance platforms like

Some of these clients on will pay as high as $100 to you for crafting an effective sales email for their email list subscribers.

Make money online using digital marketing (email marketing

Email Marketing On Fiver for $100+

But before building your list or registering on any freelance platform to start email marketing, you need to first learn how to write an effective email that can compel your recipients to take an action.

So, how do you really write an effective, mind-blowing email, packed with the right email marketing tactics and best information?

Read on to the next paragraph.

How Do You Write An Email?

Writing an effective email is different from combining words, and adding pictures.

To make money writing emails, you must have the ability to captivate readers, from the very first thing they see, which is the ‘email title’, down to the body of the email, and the closure.

To a very good extent, make your readers expectant of your next mail.

All these are what I will teach you in the next 5 minutes, stayed hooked.

So, how do you really write an email that will generate a high open-rate?

First, hook your readers with a compelling title…that’s the first thing they see…that’s where their decision making starts.

According to, 47% of email marketers test the effectiveness of their subject lines (email titles) to properly optimize their email performance.

If 47% of professional email marketers do this, then you should join the league.

So, to perfect your Email subject lines for the best open rate ever, do these:

Employ the power of curiosity.

I have never seen anyone who is subjected to curiosity and not wanting to know exactly why your statement is so. Or how the event unfolded.

One of the high performing emails from Digital Marketing Skill Institute, with a subject line that sparked curiosity started with “the truth is, you’ve been scammed. This is why”…

Tell me, will you see this email subject line and not want to know what and how you’ve been scammed?

Take a look at some other samples of subject lines that were crafted with the intent to spark curiosity.

Study them word by word and reflect on how they are doing magic in your mind.

Sense Of Urgency.

A colleague of mine got a mail from a travel company, the headline read, “Travel to Dubai now. Come along with your credentials and ₦42,000 ($137.05). Offer ends today.”

Boom, she opened the mail and even shared it to family and friends.

Now, why did she open this mail?

The word “Now” and “Offers end today” is the magic performers in this subject line.

And they are magic performers because they spike a sense of urgency.

So, if you would love to get an amazing open rate result, use a sense of urgency in your subject lines.

[bctt tweet=”To get a high email open rate, the elements involved is 1. Catchy and curiosity-based headline. 2. Timing.” username=”dmsinstitute”]

Relevance in subject lines.

There isn’t much to say here. If I subscribe to your email list, it is because of the relevant contents of your business or product.

But how will I know that your mail to me contains relevant information, worthy of my time and attention?

It has to be said all over your subject line. The first thing I see before the body of your mail.

Take a look at some examples of the email subject lines with high click opening rate, because of the sense of relevance it provokes in the mind of its readers.

Value is ultimate. It is what everybody wants.

If you make your email subject line to give me a sense of how valuable the content in the body of the email will be, I will definitely open your mail.

But can you do that?

Yes, you can, let me show you how.

Let’s take for instance, that I subscribed to your mailing list because you are a travel agent company and I travel a lot.

A mail with the subject line “Are you running late? This is what to do when you are about to miss your flight” will urge me to open your email. And why will I?

Because I want to learn what to do so I don’t miss my flight in case I’m running late.

Do you see how valuable that email is to me? Do you know I can actually go ahead in sharing that mail to my friends and family?

So this is exactly what you have to do. Create subject lines that give the notion of the value of the entire email.

Personalize the email subject lines.

Personalizing your subject lines with the recipient’s name breeds a great feeling of ownership.

Take note of these two subject lines.

Raph, learn about our Black Friday offer for you…and your special friend”

And this…

Dear, learn about our Black Friday offer for you…and your special friend”

Which of the two emails would you have the urge to open, if your name is Raph?

Of course, the first example will be perfect.

So, this is exactly the preferred way advised by MailChimp.

NB: MailChimp is a marketing automation platform and an email marketing service.

Questioning techniques

Another way to optimize your email for a high open-rate, using your subject line is to make use of questioning techniques.

Questioning techniques for subject lines provokes thinking in the mind of your mail recipients.

Tag big brands

Have you received a mail with a subject line like this “Coca-Cola sold 11 million bottles in a virtual shop, see how they did it”?

If you haven’t, expect it from any mail list you recently subscribed to, they will use this technique on you. And 7 out of 10 times, you will open the mail.

Wait, why will you open the mail even when you know this trick? The simple answer is: ‘you associate success to big names like Coca-Cola.

And because you want to achieve at least half of what this brand has achieved, your curious mind will want to learn. Thereby urging you to open the mail.  

I believe you understand now how to compel your readers to open your email.

So next. Because creating a mail with the most compelling subject line isn’t the end game, we have to go right into how to write the main part of the mail.

Writing the body of a mail is similar to writing web content. And some of the practices of web content writing is observed in email marketing.

Some of the practices to observe are:

  •         Keep paragraphs short. This makes your email easily read.
  •         Use bullet points to highlight important points.

This lets your readers easily observe important points in your mail.

  •         Use paragraphs to categorize parts of emails.

Another practice to obey when writing the body of a mail is to keep it short and simple.

Most of the time, emails are sent out early in the morning. And because of time management, nobody wants to spend much time reading only your mail. With the simple obedience to the K.I.S.S approach (Keep It Short and Simple), your email will appear short and simple and direct to the point.

With these, you are sure to nail a great message that will yield a high open-rate.

But creating action and information-packed email, and a compelling subject line won’t send money into your account. You have to learn how to turn this email marketing skill into money making the skill.

And this leads us to the monetization part of email marketing.

How Can I Make Money Writing Emails?

Before you start your email marketing business, you will need to sign up with an ESP (email service provider) and make use of their service for your business. (That is if you’re taking the side of affiliate marketing).

Before you choose an email service provider, your decision to choose should be guided by these factors:

  •         Availability of Templates
  •         Possibility to track mail result
  •         Device compatibility
  •         Ability to automate mails
  •         Subscription fee
  •         Customer support system
  •         Security
  •         Storage for Mailbox
  •         Limit to sending size

Some of the best email service providers that are not only widely used but have an average of 75% pass mark for the factors we listed above are:

  •         Aweber
  •         MailChimp
  •         G Suite
  •         Office 365
  •         Zoho Workplace
  •         Rackspace etc.

After making your choice, you need to build your email list, consisting of real recipients who will be interested in what businesses you will be marketing.

So, how do you build your first 1,000 email list and go live with your email marketing?

This part always gets tricky and a bit overwhelming because you have to build your list from scratch. Consisting of real people who should voluntarily join your mailing list.

Your questions might be, how do I get people to give me their email addresses?

These are the effective tactics for building your mailing list.

  1.       If you own a website, you should create a pop-up form that requires the email address and

name of the reader. Before you can effectively collect the email address of your site visitors, your website content must be engaging and valuable enough to make your web visitors want to subscribe to your mailing list and ask for more of your content.

Make money online using digital marketing (email marketing

Contact form for collecting site visitor’s details

  1.       You can organize an event related to the industry your business is, then seek registration with name and email address as one of the avenues for attendance.

For instance, if I need the email address of people seeking to buy landed property, I can organize a free site see, question and answer session and free impactful education for landowners.

Before the event, I must urge my potential attendees to register for the event using their name and email address. In that way, I am gradually building my email list.

  1.       Use social media:

In using social media, you can make use of influencer marketing. Here you pay influencers to hold a social media session for your service and send out your landing page to interested individuals. Their email address is collated when they register on your landing page.

Aside from using influencer marketing, you can collate email addresses by pasting a link of your landing page on your social media profile and urging your followers to register for your mailing list by clicking on the link on your page.

One other way to collate email addresses using social media is to run social media ads, with the link to your landing page and a compelling CTA (Call To Action).

  1.       Search engine ads: running ads on the search engines to build your email list is another effective way to build your email list.

Using this method, you will design a landing page that requires the viewers of your ad to submit their email addresses and names, with the intention to receive valuable information from you.

Another way of collating email addresses for your mailing list, using social media is to run contests and giveaways. A contest or giveaway program that requires social media users to join the contest or giveaway using their email address.

From social media, they click on the link of your landing page where you will collate their details in exchange for a valuable asset.

Make money online using digital marketing (lead generation via social media

Source: Udemy Twitter page

NB: If you are not in for affiliate marketing, you can register on any of the freelance platforms available.

How Much Do Email Marketers Make?

How much you make from email marketing is dependent on the program you sign up for. If you sign up for affiliate marketing, you can earn up to $1000 (₦360,000).

This is the breakdown. If a product with a $100 (₦360) actual price has a commission of 10% for each successful sale, and your mail (well-crafted and optimized for high open rate) hits 10,000 open rates. And 100 recipients go-ahead to make a purchase from the seller, this means that from your 100 successful sales, you earn 10% of $100 which is $10 x 100, that is $1000 (₦360,000).

Cool right?

There shouldn’t any need to tell you that there are successful email marketers who earn more than that from a single mail. But as a beginner, $1000 is motivating enough.

4. Pay per click (PPC)

Make money online using digital marketing (pay per click)

According to ‘Social Media Today’, more than 7 million advertisers invested a total of $10.1 billion in PPC ads just during 2017. This could be more by this time of the year because of the high competition in the search engine, and everyone wants to be seen online, everywhere.

So, how do you come into the game, and turn this into a career?

Read on to learn my simple guide to becoming a PPC expert that works for top brands, from home.

What Is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Pay Per Click is a form of advertising run on search engine’s result pages and on web pages. Here the advertiser pays a certain amount when the ads link is clicked on.

In this form of advertising, the advertiser chooses a keyword that best suits his adverts, then bid for the keywords.

How Does PPC Work?

Because you have to run your ads with a keyword or keywords mostly used for searches, relating it to your business, you must, first of all, perform keyword research.

This is done with keyword tools like Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, etc.

Let’s take for instance you are in the fashion and beauty business for women within the age range of 20-35 and you would love to run ads for your business.

First, think of a realistic set of words that these sets of ladies can use while searching for the kind of product you sell online.

For example, you can make a list of keywords like this:

  •         Poker dotted skirts
  •         High-heel summer shoes
  •         Ladies beach hat

Then choose the one that best suits your business type. And this is the keyword you run your ads with.

How Do I Get PPC Experience?

One thing about scoring a job is that nobody will employ you if you do not have a relatively good experience.

And if your career line is in PPC, the perfect way to gain PPC experience is to:

  •         Intern for any company that would give you the opportunity to test run ads on their site.

This can be a bit difficult because of their doubt on your ability, but with the little knowledge gathered on blog posts like this, you can successfully run ads and perform some basic skills.

  •         Secondly, you can learn on your own. If you have a site, an online store or your Facebook business page, you can run ads, experimenting with the few tips you have learned online.

A $3 experimental ad can give you much knowledge you need. You get to see what worked and what didn’t.

  •         You can earn a professional certificate in PPC through Digital Marketing skill Institute online, or at any of the offices.

This covers practical classes, assignments to track your study record and also a one full year support from trained coaches

How To Become A PPC Consultant

Becoming a PPC Consultant/specialist is very easy, especially when you are well seasoned in running effective, converting ads on social media and search engines.

But before you shoot to become a PPC consultant, you have to know that this an entirely different ballgame, different from running your own personal ads.

First, you need to learn your duties, KPIs, and expectations from the agency you will be consulting for.

These are the basic tasks of a PPC consultant.

  •         In-depth keyword research
  •         Performing analysis of competitors
  •         Generating ads reports for your clients/agents
  •         Ad copywriting and execution
  •         Searching and comparing closely related queries
  •         Bidding for high ranking keywords.
  •         Designing landing pages

So now that you have a clear idea of what your KPIs and your tasks are, let’s proceed to learn the different ways to become a PPC consultant.

There are areas you can function as a PPC consultant:

  •         PPC consultant at marketing agencies
  •         Freelance PPC consultant
  •         In-House PPC consultant

How To Score A High Paying Job As A PPC Consultant For An In-House Organization, Or A Marketing Agency.

After getting trained for your journey in PPC, the next thing in line is to find an organization that is willing to pay for your skills.

Realistically, it is best to get a good presence on platforms for professional needs like LinkedIn. List your experiences, your completed tasks, and your competencies.

You can also apply to some job sites. A simple keyword search on job sites can list the available jobs on any job site. Include your competencies, finished projects, and experiences in a well-crafted CV and proceed to submit your CV.

To stay notified when a job for a PPC consultant is mentioned on Google, you can make use of Google alerts.

This is the way to turn on Google alerts for any keyword of your choice.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts

How To Get A Job As A Freelance PPC Consultant.

This is my most preferred choice because of its remoteness and the ability to work at your own pace. To secure a job as a PPC consultant as a freelancer, find a freelance site like or, register with your details, list your previously completed jobs, competencies and experiences.

Your complete profile should look like this:


This blog post on 15 Real Freelance Websites for Nigerians to Make Money from Home will be a perfect guide in helping you get it right with registering and securing your first job on any freelance site.

5. Social Media Expert

Make money online using digital marketing (social media expert)

Let me make a quick guess. You have at least two social media accounts that you are very much active and dedicated to.


Let me make another guess… You haven’t made the smallest $50 (₦18,000) from any of the social media.


So, why am I so sure you are in the category of those who haven’t made up to $50 from any social media since your registration?

I know this because there is a very little number of persons who have turned their social media to a money-making platform.

And most of the students who register with the Digital Marketing Skill Institute are very much interested in this. Calling in and asking questions like “how can I become a Facebook influencer and makeup to $100 a week?”

So, to get started on how you can successfully turn your social media account to a money-making stream for you, let’s quickly check out some kind of jobs that can be done for clients using social media.

The Social Media Jobs For You.

  •         Social media account manager for clients or individuals.

o   How much does a social media manager Charge?

  •         Social media advertising expert
  •         Social media influencer
  •         Social media page optimization

But before you start your social media job which relates to the audience and real people, you have to pay very close attention to who these people are.

That is, audit the audience you are posting for…Ask yourself questions like:

  •         Who am I posting for?
  •         What are their age, sex, interest, location, average income, interest, etc?
  •         How does their problem relate to the posts I will be creating?
  •         How will my post, from now on, proffer solutions to their needs?

The reason why the audience is audited is to make sure that you do not create posts that do not relatable to your audience.

There are inbuilt social media posts that are used to answer some of these questions.

For instance, to get the age, geographical location, gender, and even the time of the day they are most active online.

Make money online using digital marketing (social media analytics)

Instagram Analytics

When you must have gotten this information, you have to define the contents of your posts, and the tone, to match who your audience is.

For instance, will you address a 25-year-old lady, with the same tone and style as you address a 45-year-old woman? If no, then make sure you tailor your content down to who your audiences are.

So, to head on to the different types of social media jobs you can use in making money online.

Let’s look at it…

Social Media Account Manager. (For Clients Or Individuals).

So basically, there are people of all works of life, full time/part-time employed, students, youths and old who earn a living from managing social media account for clients.

The same amount of time you spend on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. posting, engaging, growing your followers, following and creating trends, others are earning and building a life from doing the same, the difference is, they do it for profit, for clients and businesses online.

Before you continue, how much have you made from the social media that takes up to 5 hours of your daily time?

If your answer is “a little”, then continue to read and see how well you can maximize your skill and earn more.

But if your answer is “none”, then you need to pay very much attention to the best areas to start with, and how to make your first $1000 (360,000) in less than 3 months.

So, to continue, Social Media Account Management, according to,

“is the process of creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with content posted on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. A social media manager may be employed by a brand, individual, or business to reach new customers online or to improve and maintain their reputation.”

Let’s break the key components of social media account management down into understandable terms.

Creating posts

Before you decide to create a post for any social media platform, there are key points you need to focus on, to help you craft a relevant post that has a high percent chance of converting your audience.

In Digital marketing, there is a model that is widely used in all stages of a buyer’s journey.

In buyers journey, I mean, the stage where a buyer becomes aware of your product and its benefit, to the stage where the buyer’s interest is aroused, down to the stage where the buyer decides to make a decision to actually buy your product.

Take yourself as an example. Will you buy a strange product from a stranger like me the very first time I try to sell a product to you?

You will definitely go through stages before you decide to spend your money on that product.

So, because of this, the model was designed to teach and justify the stages of the buyer’s journey.

The model is known as AIDA

Awareness. Interest. Decision. Action

With the use of AIDA, your social media posts should make use of this model, if you want to stand out as an expert in social media management.

The AIDA model is segmented into stages which are:


This is the stage you make your audience aware of your product or draw the buyer’s attention to a new or existing feature of your product or service.

And your social media posts should have ‘awareness’ as its objective.

This is a perfect example of where a social media post is used to create awareness of a product.

Make money online using digital marketing (awareness campaign)

Source: BMW Twitter Page

Now you know that, instead of the generic ‘motivation Monday’ that do not relate to your business, you can craft a similar ‘motivation Monday’ post and link it to the brand or organization whose social media account you’re managing.

The second is the INTEREST stage. The stage where you spike and maintain the interest of the buyer using the benefits of your product or service.

Does your product have a specific benefit that the buyer will gain or a benefit that is absent on a competitor’s business/product? This is the time to make your social media post, bearing interest in mind.


After seeing a post on your social media relating to a product, have you ever felt so in need of the product to the extent that you think you will lose out on something very good if you do not purchase the product?

This is exactly how you should make your audience feel with your social media posts.

Take a look at this image below.


Of course, this stage is self-explanatory. This is the stage where your main objective is to convert the buyer into taking a desirable action.

With this well-defined model, you can easily create posts that are sure to meet your audience at any stage of the buying journey.

Social Media Best Practices That Stands You Out As An Expert

Refrain from posts that say “woman crush Wednesday”, without liking to the business, at any stage of the buyer’s journey.

For example, if your organization deals on automobile parts, your content on any Wednesday can be of a lady mechanic who achieves a lot in lesser time, using an automobile part that makes work easier.

If you’re in the cake business, your Friday post can be how your clients are daydreaming of your cake at work, and couldn’t wait to go home to eat from the cake you sell.

What to do at all times is to get creative with your content, linking it to the stages of your buyer’s journey.

So, now that you know how to not just schedule any type of post, but to intentionally create compelling posts for the sake of conversion, let’s look at another duty of a social media account manager.


‘Scheduling’ is the term used to describe the act of crafting a social media post and either publishing the post on the spot, or saved to be published for a later time.

For some, scheduling is a very simple task.

Open a social media of your choice, type, add a picture and then post.

But truly scheduling a post is pretty more than that.

There are posts that will yield a high rate of engagement on platform 1, more than they would do on platform 2.

There are posts that will reach a better audience on platform 1 more than it will do on platform 2.

To effectively get the act of scheduling a post, and how to pay attention to small details that can maximize your chances of reaching a wider audience, with a high rate of engagement, we will look at the dos and don’ts of scheduling a post.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Scheduling A Post On Social Media

  1.       The first rule of scheduling that almost everyone is missing is ‘paying attention to the different audiences of social media platforms’

If you have audited your audience well enough before carrying out any task in social media account management, you will discover that the audience found on Twitter, for instance, is very much different from those on Facebook.

And most importantly, these two diverse personalities reason differently, act differently, so your social media posts have to be tailored down to relate well with any of the set audience.

NB: you must keep in mind that an organization’s tone matters. Maintain the same style across the board.

  1.       Always proofread your posts before they go live.

Your assumption about your post being void of mistakes can be wrong. For grammar check, you can use Grammarly, but make sure you pay attention to the information on your graphics.

  1.       Make use of relatable visuals, they are engaging.

You can make use of canva to design simple graphics for your social media posts.

  1.       Take note of the time of the day when you post.

Make money online using digital marketing (social media analytics)

For instance, this image from the Instagram analytics tool is telling us that most percentages of our audience are online at 6PM on Fridays. It will be unwise and waste of time to publish posts outside the range of this time.


Because Instagram said so. If I am not online to view your post when it drops, will you say you have successfully reached me? The answer is no.

  1.       Make use of an auto-scheduler to arrange your posts ahead of time.

There are social media account managers that make use of the tools to schedule a post that will auto-publish in the future.

This feature is mostly appreciated by those who handle more than 1 account.

Take for instance, if you handle 4 social media accounts daily, to be able to effectively attend to all at all point of time would be strenuous, if not impossible.

So with tools like HootSuite, buffer, schedule, etc, you will be able to schedule posts that will auto-publish in the future.


Let’s make use of HootSuite as a case study

make money online using digital marketing strategies [HootSuite dashboard]

HootSuite Dashboard for managing social media accounts


make money online using digital marketing strategies [HootSuite pricing]

Different Pricing option for HootSuite

HootSuite comes as a free tool, and also as a paid tool. Depending on the plan that suits your needs and budget, you can choose a monthly plan as low as $19 (₦6,854) for 10 social profiles, Unlimited scheduling for just 1 user.

This means that you can add a maximum of 10 social media accounts, with unlimited possibility to schedule posts. But this plan can only be used by you (1 user). Not for an organization of more than 1 person.

Otherwise, you can as well go for the free plan. Which will give you the access to add 3 social media accounts, the ability to schedule up to 30 messages which are only accessible to one user at a time?

Another important task of a social media account manager is to perform social media analysis.

So, you might be asking, what is social media analytics, and why is it important for businesses?

Social media analytics is the act of collating and reading data from social media sites. The data collated can be used to make a decision that will assist the organization in knowing how their social media followers act, and how they engage with their posts on social media.

I would have shown you what other analytics tools are, and how they function, but let us experiment with social media inbuilt analytics tools, the ones you might have seen, and the one built into the social media that you’re familiar with.

So, to make use of inbuilt analytics tools on social media platforms, we will be looking at these social media platforms:

  •         Facebook
  •         Instagram
  •         Twitter
  •         LinkedIn
  •         YouTube

And with this tool, we will be able to look at some key information about your account and how the gathered information can be leveraged to create more audience-based social media content.

Facebook Inbuilt Analytics Toolmake money online using digital marketing strategies [Facebook Insight tools]To start with Facebook analytics, navigate to your page link (the page you want to analyze), then go to insights.

make money online using digital marketing strategies [Facebook Insight]

You’ll find the blocks that represent each metrics and corresponding data you wish to analyze.

make money online using digital marketing strategies [Facebook Insight tools]

So to head on to the information of each block, in other to learn the kind of data you can collate and analyze from it, click on the information icon (i) on the right top of the page.

For the first block ‘Actions on-page’, when you click on the information icon, you will notice the information like this ‘The number of clicks on your Page’s contact info and call-to-action button.’

When the block is opened, you will see a page like this…

make money online using digital marketing strategies [Facebook Insight tools]

The first report tab represents the time of which the information on the ‘actions on-page’ is measured. It is adjustable.

make money online using digital marketing strategies [Facebook Insight tools]

An adjustable time which reflects the actions on the page

The second tab represents “page views”, which represents the number of times a Page’s profile has been viewed by logged in and logged out people.

While the third tab represents the number of times people hovered over your Page name or profile picture to see a preview of your Page content.

make money online using digital marketing strategies [facebook insight

Facebook page insight

The fourth tab represents the information of the people who liked the page.

The fifth and sixth tab represents the information of the post reach and story reach respectively.

For an insight into your audience’s data, this specific information will give you a clear insight into who your audience is.

For instance, if your audience is teens between the ages of 15-30, you will note that a content designed for people within the age of 50 will not have a good conversation.

So, the trick to getting the right data and metrics from the Facebook analytics tool is to set your analytics goal, which will comprise of the major data you will like to read and analyze.

Make sure these data are the right, needed data that can help you make your business decision.

Instagram Inbuilt Analytics Tool (Instagram Insights)

Just like other social media, Instagram has an inbuilt analytics tool called ‘insights’.

There is no way to learn about your followers if not to analyze their activities on your page, their profiles, etc.

With the right data and smart analysis of who your audience is, your organization would be able to make the right decision on the kind of content that is suitable for their audience.

But before you can get to use the Instagram analytics tool, you must have a business account.

This is the way to get a business account on Instagram.

Open the Instagram page for your business, head over to settings > Accounts > Switch to a business account.

Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your business account. This gives you more features which ‘insight’ is one of them.

So, one of the things you can analyze on Instagram is the activity. These comprise of the actions people take when they engage with your account.

Activities like Interactions:

  •         Profile visits – The number of times your profile was visited
  •         Website clicks – If you added a link to your website on your Instagram page, the number of clicks on your website link will show here.
  •         Emails – If your email address is made visible on your profile, this insight will show you the number of times your email address was clicked at.
  •         Calls – This will show you the number of times your audience called in from your Instagram page.

These four sets of insights are represented using a bar chart which shows the days of the weeks that have the highest number of engagement.

See the picture below.

make money online using digital marketing strategies [Instagram Insights]

Instagram Insights

Discovery: These metrics show how many persons who see your posts and the days of the week with the highest discovery.

  •         Reach – This is the total number of times people saw your posts on Instagram. This simply means that if you post content, and your follower sees it the first time, it is counted as reach.
  •         Impressions – This means the number of times your audience saw your content.

Take note of the difference, reach is the number of people who saw your post. While the impression is the total number of times it was viewed by those who saw it.

If you drop a post and your audience sees it, it is reached. If the user comes back to it again, and again, it will count as +2 impressions.

Another way to analyze your posts and contents on your Instagram business page is by using the ‘Content’ bar.

The content bar comprises of 3 different tabs. The posts, the stories, the promotions. If you work for as a social media account manager for a client and will need to analyze your post, your stories or promotions to ascertain its effectiveness, this is the way to do it.

From the content bar, click on Post, this will show you a good number of your posts arranged from best to worst.

Click on any post you wish to analyze, you will find the ‘View Insights’ button, when clicked, this will give you insight about the number of likes the post got with time, comments, profile visits (who visited your profile because of the posts), and reach.

Why Do I Need To Learn How To Analyze These Simple Metrics?

You need to learn all these analytics skills for the purpose of knowing which of your posts is doing better and which you should work on.

For instance, a post with much engagement, and a high rate of profile clicks signifies that the post is good for your audience.

Because from audience reaction and activities on your post, you can tell what they like most.

The most important key area of the Instagram insight is the ‘audience’ bar.

Do you know that you can learn about your audience and know where the majority of them live, their age, etc?

Take a look at this picture below.

make money online using digital marketing strategies [Instagram Insights]

Instagram Audience Insight

From the image, you will see that the majority of my audience lives in x, and x% of them are female, which means that when I post contents for tailored for women, it can easily get a high rate of engagement more than when I post contents for men.

Take Victoria secrets (the lingerie brand) for example, if you could gain access to their Instagram account to run analytics of their audience gender you will find out that the majority of their audience are ladies.

Likewise, when you run analytics for the FIFA Game Instagram audience, you will discover that their audience is majorly men.

So with this simple information, you can easily understand who you are posting for, and what gender-based content you should create.

Another noteworthy area to look into is the ‘followers’ information, right after the gender tab.

This, when analyzed, will give you insight into the days of the week when your followers are most active, and hours of the day when your audience is online.

This is a good information based tool, given that when you find out your Instagram audience is less likely to be online by 1 pm, due to their profession, any content you post at that time of the day has a high chance of not performing very well.

Twitter Inbuilt Insight tool

The Twitter analytics tool is an inbuilt web-based analytic tool for twitter. It is more in-depth than the Instagram insight tool. Reasons being that, you can analyze beyond your reach, audience data and all. Given you a microscopic detailed view of what is happening inside your tweet, in every single section.

The Twitter analytics tool is not designed for organizations alone, but for personal uses also. This means that you can make use of the analytics tool for your personal page.

I personally recommend you keep a tab open alongside this post, to practice with your personal twitter page.

So, how do you access your twitter ads insight?

Twitter ads insight is a web-based tool, which can only be accessed by clicking on the analytics tool on your page, from the web browser, or by this link

So to begin with the Twitter analytics tools, we will take a step-by-step check on the different tabs and pages of the analytic tools, and what you can archive with them.

Twitter Analytics Tool – Home

From the home of the Twitter analytics tool, you can see a dashboard with information about your tweets, profile clicks, tweet impressions, mentions, followers, etc.

On a more professional stage, we could call this your ‘Monthly Tweet performances’

This tab will tell the following:

Tweets – if your analyzed month’s tweets were higher than the previous month.

Tweet Impressions – The number of persons who saw your tweet on twitter

Profile visits – were you able to lead your audience is visiting your profile to see what your account is about? This is where to find out.

Mentions – the number of times you were tagged on a post. Both by your followers and non-followers.

Followers – the average number of your added followers. There will be a decline if you lost some followers, and this could be a dent in your report. Organizations could query what has gone wrong to warrant a decline in followers.

Twitter Analytics Tool – Tweet Activity

From the second tab ‘tweets’, this is where you can analyze the performance of your tweet within a defined date.

From the first section, you have the impressions of your total number of tweets per day of the week. This can be used in your reports for a client, tell how many tweets you have posted per day, and the corresponding impressions.

NB: when you hover your mouse over the bars on any of the dates, you will see “organic impressions” and “tweets”.

Here organic impression means the number of impressions gotten from twitter excluding paid ads or promoted tweets.

So to find out more information on your personal activities on twitter, you can toggle between these bars IMAGE: to find out their impressions, engagements and engagement rates.

Depending on your KPIs and your analytic goals, you can find more information about your engagements using the information on the right-hand side of the page.

These metrics are key in learning how you have performed over time. The number of link clicks on your tweet, a number of retweets, likes, etc.

Mostly, organizations ask for this data to read your key performance indications.

However, if you are using twitter analytics tool for your business, this is where you will find out if your tweets are performing the goals which you have created them for.

If not, you have to make a new and effective business decision about your posts.

Twitter Analytics Tool – Audience Insights

Catering to diverse audience profiles who individually have different likes, are of different gender and have different backgrounds can be a bit challenging.

But most importantly, analytics tools assist businesses and individuals to take a look into what their audiences are, in other to serve the right, tailored content for maximum engagement.

These analytic tools might not be spot on regarding the gathered information, but on a good average range, the tool can give you insight about your audience that ordinarily you would have to conduct a manual analysis to find out.

Every segment of this page is as important to your twitter content, the way your goals are important to your business/organizations.


make money online using digital marketing strategies [Twitter audience analysis]

Twitter Audience Analysis [Interest]


make money online using digital marketing strategies [Twitter audience analysis]

Twitter Audience Analysis [Demographics]


make money online using digital marketing strategies [Twitter audience analysis]

The charts for this audience analysis will show you what areas your audience have more interest in

Mobile Footprint

make money online using digital marketing strategies [Twitter audience analysis]

Twitter Analysis [Audience Analysis]

Twitter Analytics Tool – Events

Twitter events are designed to give insights into the regional events that are mostly discussed on twitter. These events can be used to plan campaign ads to reach a wider network of a likeminded audience on twitter.

This is the press release from twitter regarding the twitter event and how it can be used in running effective and direct ads to reach the audience of a particular event.

Twitter Campaign/Event Targeting

To analyze events on twitter, and look into its most useful information, toggle to twitter events, and this page will appear.

This page includes a number of tweets regarding this event, total reach, and impressions.

This is what it looks like when you click on the details.

With this information, it will be easy to plan for an event like this when designing your content.

According to Twitter, you can do event targeting “to quickly and easily discover, plan for, and activate events on Twitter. Our Event calendar, found in your ads account, surface hundreds of events around the world showing the people who are interested or participating. Our one-click campaign activation allows you to easily and directly reach that audience.”

In another angle of the twitter analytic tool, there is a way to analyze your video contents (if you have posted a video before), and this analytic tool will help you see how the percentage of your video views, and the completion rate.

Completion rate – here it means the total number of completed views, divided by the total number of video starts.

If your video has a low number of completion rates, this could be a problem with the retention gap on your videos.

And this simple information can be used to make a business decision for video content marketing.

There is no social media account manager without an adequate understanding of what analytics tools are, and how to make use of them to read metrics for personal and organizational purposes.

If you must get into the career of social media account management, you need to gain this highly sought-after knowledge to scale your chances of landing big gigs.

truly, if you follow all that has been said here, you will be able to do a lot with any social media analytics tools listed here.

Though I will love to refer to you, a more practical class in digital marketing, which encompasses all the areas of digital marketing, including but not limited to social media analytics.

Here, all that has been said are being practiced with real brands/organizations and tools, and you are entitled to one full year of support.

To start your journey to mastering social media analysis, click on this link.

One other needed skill of a social media manager is social media advertising. And this is one of the most required skills, aside from social media analytics that is greatly required by organizations.

Let’s take for instance if you are employed to manage the social media account of an e-commerce organization, or a real estate company, you might be required to market and advertise products on social media, and this is where the social media advertising skill comes in.

Social media is becoming one of the most crowded places, taking the spot for both offline and online space. And wherever you have a good number of persons, this is the place organizations go to for adverts.

If not for any other reason, the fact that everyone is going on social media should trigger your need to learn social media advertising.

According to, there are 3.499 billion Instagram active social media users.

That is just one of the many social media platforms we have in existence.

Imagine how many of these users you can reach using just Instagram as your social media advertising platform.

So, to get started, this is our well-detailed blog post on social media advertising that will guide you on your journey to learning how to generate leads for any kind of business and convert the leads to real-life customers.

Click here to go straight to the blog post, it’s free and well-detailed.

Mobile Marketing

make money online using digital marketing strategies - mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing as a digital marketing strategy

This is one of the biggest, most needed, digital marketing skills. And anyone with this skill in a top-notch degree can decide who to work for, and how much to be paid. Quote me anywhere.

Why is mobile marketing skill one of the most needed skills in digital marketing?

The simple answer is, because of the high number of mobile users around the world.

Unless you’re reading this with a laptop or a PC, you are using your mobile phone.

So in this light, I will teach you how to scale a business using some mobile marketing tips and how you can even make money online as a mobile marketing consultant.

Cool right? Let’s dive in then.

So, as a future mobile marketing guru (if you pay attention to all the details I have for you), you will need to know basically what mobile marketing is, and why it is so important in digital marketing, and today’s online business strategy.

What Is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is the marketing strategy that involves marketing your business and optimizing your content and channels to appeal to mobile users.

There are some mobile apps that are well designed for mobile use. And the way they are integrated into some tools, for instance, the mobile GPS, to easily help a user find a location when on the go.

And other design mechanisms like making a website mobile responsive and targeting marketing to mobile users.

These are ways to make sure that mobile users are not left out in the marketing mix, that in fact, there is a designed system to give them the same value and experience given to the user on computers.

The essence of mobile marketing can never be overemphasized because, you may have a PC or a laptop, but most likely still own a mobile phone or two.

If marketing does not reach you on those mobile devices, then marketing is missing out from a great opportunity in selling to you.

The Best Mobile Marketing Practices For Every Kind Of Online Business

Some of these mobile marketing tactics are already being performed by so many businesses that own space online.

But may tactics are yet to be identified to be worthy of trying, and that is where they miss the opportunity.

Let’s dive right into how to optimize your online business for mobile users.

Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly.

The simple truth is that, If I open your site on my mobile phone and I find out that I will have to view the contents on your mobile page by moving some parts of your site out of the way to view others, I will close your site no matter how relevant your contents are.

It is very simple.

This is 2020, nobody wants to spend that time moving, zooming in and out just to read a part of your page.

So, to make sure you do not lose a website visitor like me, pay attention to the themes you purchase for your site or your back end mobile developer.

For WordPress users, there are some WordPress themes that clearly state the mobile-friendliness of the theme.

See this image below for guidelines.

make money online using digital marketing strategies - mobile friendly sites

Source: MilesWeb

As you can see, this is one of the selling points of that theme seller. And these are the kind of themes that you should go for.

Though the general term might be “responsiveness”, but the simple truth is that, as much as you can operate and navigate the site on your desktop or laptop devices, you should be able to do the same exact thing using a mobile device like a tab or a phone.

And that is what we call mobile responsiveness.

Alternatively, if your site has been developed already, you can go for the WPtouch mobile plugin or any other plugin for making a site mobile friendly.

After your download and installation process, you can test the mobile-friendliness of your site by using this tool “”.

Open the site, type in your own site’s URL, then click on “Go”

For a mobile-friendly site, this is what you’ll see.

make money online using digital marketing strategies - mobile responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness of a site

Optimize Your Ads To Be Seen On Mobile Also

With the wild-growing rate of mobile users, I doubt there is a need for me to remind you that your ads should run on mobile devices as well as it runs on computers.

According to, 75% of people learned about new products through mobile advertising…

Is that the number of people you want to miss from while running your ads?

In addition to running ads that cross the border to mobile users, make use of ads strategies and tools like the Google ds extensions.

Now, what are Google ads extensions?

Google ads extensions are extra ways to expand your ad with more relevant information. According to Google, Google ads extensions increase an ad’s click-through-rate by several percentage points.

And Extension formats include call buttons, location information, links to specific parts of your website, additional text, and more.

Take a look at what they look like.

make money online using digital marketing strategies - Google ads extentions explained

Example of google ads extension explained

These extensions help you identify key areas of a website. It’s useful for easy site navigation

For additional information on Google ads extension, click on this link to see the original description from Google.

Google My Business Is Your Best Bet For Going Local.

One of the greatest features of Google My business is Google Maps.

I have never seen anyone run around the streets, carrying a laptop trying to locate a business using the Google Map.

If you have, then skip this part and get right into the next number. But if you haven’t, you need to know that making use of Google My business is a basic requirement for gifting your customers the opportunity to find you on the go.

All you need is to start your registration here, and follow the steps gradually till your business is successfully verified.

Text Messaging Is Still Alive, Use It.

I do not want you to get skeptical about SMS like others and lose out from selling more and securing deals with people on the go.

Yes, I understand that it can be disturbing for those who might not be interested in your messages. But are you targeting the wrong people?

Are your marketing video gamepads to 65-year-old grannies? No don’t do that, get your audience right.

So, instead of buying mobile numbers of random users who are not interested in your line of business, you can generate viable leads and their phone numbers when you:

  •         Collate numbers at events which is targeted for your direct customers
  •         Collate mobile numbers with social media ads etc.

After this stage, you can register with any bulk SMS platform. A good one charges about 2 ($0.0056) per SMS page.

From here, you can personalize your SMS using the platform’s dashboard.

Your Site Should Be Easy To Navigate

I doubt that anyone would be happy trying to find details of your site when they need to. Do you know how frustrating it is to click on a “download link” for instance, and you land on an ads page because of the clumsiness of the keys on the page?

If you ever miss this point, you might never get the second chance to explain or to resell your content to anyone ever again.

[bctt tweet=”Sites should be responsive in any device it is opened on. Otherwise, you lose the interest of users visiting your site.” username=”dmsinstitute”]

Also, pay attention to the way the menu appears. Your fonts, font colors, links, and thumbnails should all perfectly fit. This will boost your click-through rate.

Below is an example of a site with a very poor user interface.

make money online using digital marketing strategies - paradise bad web design

A site with a bad user interface

An example of a site with a good user interface. See how the menu bar aligns and see how the color and fonts play a role in making sure you can navigate freely.

make money online using digital marketing strategies - paradise bad web design

Source: Interaction Design Foundation

Make Use Of QR Codes

How would you like to relay a load of information to your customers in less than 5 seconds, when they take a camera shot of a picture designed with shortcodes and dots?

Yes, this is where technology has taken us.

The first time I took a camera shot of a QR code, I was thrilled by how it opened my browser and took me to the landing page of my favorite magazine. Wow.

Since then, I am always on the lookout for a QR code, because it isn’t only fun to use, but they are quick and direct in giving information.

But meanwhile, what do you understand by QR?

Okay, QR codes, according to, a “QR stands for Quick Response Code. QR codes are square barcodes (two-dimensional barcodes) that were first developed and used in Japan.”

Because of its design centered on mobile, it is best if you maximize the use. Loading the codes with information that would have lagged your site, or taken your customers some minutes more to perform.

I bet you, without these 6 key knowledge about mobile marketing, there is nothing you can offer as a mobile marketing expert.

Digital Marketing Analyst

Have you ever seen a business plan before? All the thinking and strategies mapped out for business success, road map, competitor analysis, etc.

Now, see the work of a Digital Marketing Analyst as one who sits behind the business plan and its strategies.

But this area of digital marketing is deserted because people want quick results.

Nobody wants to plan. It is preferred to jump into starting a journey than planning the journey right?

So even before they start, they are already shooting for failure. Drastic failure.

Too Bad…

But what if I tell you that businesses are beginning to realize the need for a digital marketing analyst, and in-depth one? So they are on the lookout for people with that intelligence.

So even before any digital marketing plan is executed, before any agency kicks off their first task, there must be thorough analysis that determines the road map of their direction.

So many agencies and institutions have packed and left the business for people with a clear and concise plan. Some of these are attributed to the lack of an in-depth Digital Marketing Analysis.

The same thing applies to Businesses. There is never a good business without proper research and analysis.

And this just doesn’t happen only at the beginning of the journey. Whenever things seem static and the plans aren’t doing numbers, businesses go right back to the drawing board.

So, What Is Really Digital Marketing Analysis, And How Can One Make Money As A Digital Marketing Analyst?

We are looking at Hubspot for a more detailed answer to that question… and according to their definition,

“digital marketing strategy is the series of actions that help you achieve your company goals through carefully selected online marketing channels. These channels include paid, earned, and owned media, and can all support a common campaign around a particular line of business.”

One of my favorite addition to that definition is that a good Digital Marketing analysis does not happen without a proper audience auditing.

If you do not know who you’re selling to, how will you know what to sell to them?

So let’s go straight to how to perform a detailed digital marketing analysis.

My preferred model in getting to the root of this and doing an all-round digital marketing analysis is to use the SOSTAC approach.

According to Wikipedia, SOSTAC is a marketing model developed by PR Smith in the 1990s and later formalized in his 2004 book, Strategic Marketing Communications. It is an acronym for Smith’s six fundamental facets of marketing: situation, objectives, strategy, tactics, action, and control.

It covers all areas of the right question to ask for you to properly analyze your client’s business.

  •         Situation Analysis
  •         Objectives
  •         Strategy
  •         Tactics
  •         Action
  •         Control

Situation Analysis – The situation analysis is basically the first model to look into, to learn the cross-boarder information about the organization. It helps you learn the answers to questions like:

  •         What does the organization do? Is there an existing online presence for trading or any digital channel the organization makes use of? If yes, who are the online customers? How do they relate to your brand? What is the breakdown of the customer’s demographics?
  •         Then you progress to acquiring knowledge of the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This is called SWOT analysis.
  •         Competitor analysis – Competitor’s price, product packages, their online presence, and effective channels, etc.

Why do you need this information?

This information would help you structure your organization in a way that is scalable.

For instance, learning about your digital audience will reveal to you where they hang out online the most, what their discussions are and how they search for products that you offer.

For your SWOT analysis, it can never be overlooked during your planning stage. Performing a SWOT analysis of an organization can help you know the areas the company is struggling with, and also know the potential that the organization can bank on.

There are tools with templates that make it easier for you to design your SWOT analysis. Some of these tools come with a prerecorded video as a guide.

You can check some free tools like Smartsheet, which comes with a template on Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Smartsheet-specific templates.

Another similar tool is MindTools, which comes with a prerecorded explainer video, infographic, and questions for auditing organizations.

There are other free and paid tools under $10 for a basic subscription. The tool you choose is one that best suits your needs, and helps you easily design your SWOT analysis.

Another job for you as a digital marketing analyst is to perform a competitive analysis.

There is no possible way to go shoulder-to-shoulder with your competition without having a good knowledge of who your competitors are.

Doing a competitive analysis, and cross-matching the data with your organization’s will give you the following insights

  • To establish a guiding data about your competitors on the strength of their online presence. When and how they interact with customers in your niche.
  • To see what works for your competitors and their edge over you
  • To discover untapped opportunities in your industry… and a whole more reasons.

Just like the few reasons stated above on why you need to perform an in-depth competitive analysis of your competition, you need to establish more reasons based on:

  • why you think your competitors are better than you
  • How you think you can take over the large market portion of your industry

By the time you have researched and answered these questions, you will be faced with a list of metrics you will measure to arrive at your points.

The few collected metrics that should form the base of your research and analysis.

To Conclude

Just like earlier stated, this is the complete guide to making money online using digital marketing, which means that, with this guide, you sure have the step by step on how to choose your most preferred digital marketing field, start and build a career in digital marketing.

All these, and many more strategies and skills (in a 90% training) are what we teach our students at Digital Marketing Skill Institute.

One of the good reasons why we are certain that our strategies are effective is:

  • We use the same digital marketing strategies used by multi-billion dollar companies like BMW and Coca-Cola use for their digital marketing strategies.
  • Secondly, our certificate is globally accepted. You can present our certificate anywhere and easily get a job with it. See below, one of our trained students who took advantage of our resources and our in-depth training to score a digital marketing job in Canada.

  • Thirdly, we offer a one full year support system. This simply means that even after your training with us, you are still able to have access to us anytime you need our help, or advice is any area of digital marketing and with this, you are sure to always learn from us even after your learning period has elapsed.
  • We also conduct weekly webinars twice every week, this is to continue to teach you who is our registered student, more important and recent updates in digital marketing, and for this, we do not charge any additional money for.


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