7 Effective Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

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Imagine if I show you how to drive traffic to your blog, using my strategy you begin to hit more than 5,000 clicks on a single blog every month, and you can comfortably reciprocate the same strategy in more than 50 of your blogs, this would mean 5,000 clicks per blog X 50 = 250,000 clicks on your blogs every month.

Detailing this down, if you make money from Google ads, you’re off to a fat paycheque every now and then, and if you’re into affiliate marketing, mini importation, or other eCommerce business, this could mean selling out your products every month.

But the reality right now is this:

  • Your blogs right now might be an embarrassing “70 web traffic” every month
  • Your blogs should have been a source of the traffic to grow your sales but that isn’t happening due to poor blog traffic

All that would take a different turn once you pay attention to my strategy which generates me 16k web click.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog – My 16.2k Web-click Strategy

Increasing readership and driving online traffic to you could be quite cumbersome, the reason being that bloggers are yet to understand the key strategies in doing that. However, driving online traffic to your blog basically is essential.

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But in order to effectively do that, you must be able to understand these key killer methods which I’m about to share with you.

Note: This will actually help you in driving online traffic; as well as add value to you personally.

What Is Traffic In Blogging

Traffic in blogging means the number of people you’re able to get to your blog at a particular time. If 10,000 people open and engage in your blog post every month, that’s 10,000 traffic right there in your blog posts.

But then, there are two types of traffic (and this blog post will cover both types).

Paid traffic is the traffic you get from advertising your blog post on social media or using search engine marketing. For some reason, this is the fastest way on how to increase blog traffic fast and get your blog post out there for some of your chosen keywords.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog - My 16.2k Web-click Strategy

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog – Paid traffic

Unpaid Traffic

Unpaid, organic, or free traffic is the traffic you get naturally without paid advertising. This comes from your strategy in ranking your blog posts or web pages on Google search results for your focus keyword. This is one of the surest and most reliable way on how to increase traffic to your blog using unpaid traffic.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog - My 16.2k Web-click Strategy

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog – Unpaid traffic


1. In-depth Keyword Research Skills

Driving online traffic requires you to be good in keyword research and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization (SEO) is a strategy that requires special skills. Brainstorming effective keywords and phrases could be cumbersome if you do not have a clue about Search Engine Optimization.

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What the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) does is to affect the visibility of your blog or website in a search engine’s results. They often referred to as natural, organic, or “earned” results.

Researching these keywords actually gives you an edge over non-optimized articles

The more you write using the skill the more frequently your site appears in the search results list. This is what the visitors to your blog want and in that way you are driving online traffic. Another skill in line with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the Google Adwords search.

You just have to conversant with Google Adwords keywords planner tool and some other keyword research tools to estimate search volumes. With the skill, you will be able to know the statistics of various searches.

On picking the right keywords for your blog posts, this is the formulae that have gotten me the awesome results of 16k web hits.

Long-tail keywords + high search volume + low competition.

But truth is, it’s not this simple. In fact, where the strategy lies in how well you optimize your skyscraper content to be better than the best content out there.

Click here to read our detailed guide on SEO At this part, you’ll learn other strategies we have used to rank our blog posts on the first page of Google search results.

2. Email Marketing 

Most people don’t know this, one of the fastest ways on how to drive traffic to your blog is to use email marketing and blast your content to your thousands of email subscribers.

Let’s say you’re in a real estate business, and you’ve been generating quality leads to your email list, when you develop your well-detailed, skyscraper content, sending it to your list of more than 100,000 quality leads will mean that if you have 5,000 CTR on your email blast, that’s 5,000 quality leads on your blog at a time. This is a way on how to get traffic to a new blog when your blog post hasn’t gained a significant ranking position on Google search result pages.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog - My 16.2k Web-click Strategy

NB: I will tell you how to even double this number with a more strategic method, so read on.

Now, optimizing for dwell time on this blog posts will make your readers spend quality time on your blog posts, giving search engines the impression that your content is of quality, so it’s worth pushing up the ladder to rank for its focus keyword.

For even a better result, these strategies are our top-most recommendations:

  • Blast emails at strategic times when your readers can spend quality time on your blog post
  • Add links to other blog posts to encourage click-through and reading of other blog posts
  • Use social buttons on your content to encourage your readers to share your content

If 500 of your email leads share your quality blog post, this is additional free traffic to your blog posts.

3. Using Social Media

The number of active users on Facebook, Twitter, Medium, LinkedIn, etc combined will tell you that search engines are not the only place people depend on for great content, and as such, you must understand that sharing a link of your content on social media is another way on how to drive traffic to your blog.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog - My 16.2k Web-click Strategy

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog – posting our blog posts on Instagram

But how do you know the social media network that would have the highest per-share rate for your blog?

Truth is, there’s no way to ascertain other than mere testing.

But fundamentally, you have to do these following to get the best results.

  1. If your niche is career-centered, LinkedIn would be your most preferred option since active users on this platform are articles and blog content consumers.
  2. If your blog contents are short breaking news, you can use post your blog contents on Twitter for your readers to get their hands on.

Once you’ve figured this out, you would want to cultivate the habit of designing your content calendar to stay organized in posting blog posts on social networks.

In using a content calendar to organize how often you want to post your blog content on social media, and what social media you post on, you can make use of Google calendar to organize your post, stating the following:

  • what day of the week
  • which social network
  • CTA
  • the objective of generating traffic from social media network
  • estimated traffic per blog

Once you’re able to sort this part of traffic generation out, then you take on the next step which is one of the key strategies in putting your content out on social media right in time. Here we recommend you use scheduling tools like Buffer, HootSuite, etc.

4. Write Skyscrapper Blog Content

Driving online traffic requires enormous effort. This means that you have to be an active writer, with a sense of depth and value in your content. Do your research very well to ensure that your blog contents encompass the needed perspectives of that subject. By doing this you are generating data-backed content that will help in not only driving quality online traffic to your blog but also that would trigger your readers to share your content.

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More so, use explanatory videos, images, infographics, etc so as not to lose dwell time. Get acquainted with new trends and innovations.

At least you have to ensure that you post up to two to three times a week.

It has to be good enough. Always make sure that visitors will always find your blog a go-to source for well-detailed industry-related information, with this, your blog becomes a frequently visited source for quality information.

In writing a skyscraper content, here is our recommended strategy.

  • Make a search using your focus keyword
  • Open top 10 ranking blogs for your focus keyword
  • Study their headlines and vital points
  • Write a far-better blog content that will cover all their key points
  • Link to sources, statistics, etc and provide a backing to your claims

Following this thread, your blog content will become a much more valuable post that covers the top 10 ranking blogs for your focus keyword, and this would simply mean that your much time would be spent on your blog posts once it gets to the top page of search engines.

Here is one of our most-detailed blog posts in digital marketing. It covers the core 9 digital marketing skills to make money online, how to start and build a career with those 9 core skills. Click here to get access to the link.

5. Let Your Content Go Viral

If you must be driving online traffic and have at least up to 10,000 visitors on your website or blog, you really have to go as niche as possible. Picking a specific niche would position your blogs as an authority in the industry.

Now, this is one of the main reasons why you need to niche down in an industry, to make your content go viral, you can use influencers who are authoritative in your industry, to post and discuss your content on their social media networks.

This is where niching down will save you. If your influence has grown and nurtured their network in a particular industry, say digital marketing, any blog post they recommend will become the next top-rated blog content in your industry.

For instance, Seth Godin, one of the top-tier influencers in content marketing, has helped drive traffic to hundreds of blog posts that aren’t originally his, but due to his influence, he made these blog posts go viral.

Another way on how to increase traffic on blog is by making your content go viral is to use emotional-triggering marketing strategies like controversy. Most controversial blog posts, from headline to the body of the content, are all controversial in nature.

See a list of hot controversial headlines we pulled out from OptinMonster.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog - My 16.2k Web-click Strategy

Source: OptinMonster

6. Optimize Your Meta Description

Your headline and your meta description have the key power in driving a high CTR when your blog shows up on search result pages. Now, this is where you lose click-through rates, or get your most clicks.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog - My 16.2k Web-click Strategy

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog – Words to boost CTR

Use this simple methodology to optimize your meta description. 

  • Use your focus keyword in your meta description
  • Use keyword synonyms
  • Use social proof to drive the reader’s attention to your blog post
  • Adding phrases like “no prior knowledge required” will speak loudly to readers who want simplified How-To’s

7. Use “Emotional Marketing Words”

Doing a good SEO job to get your blog on the first page of Google search results isn’t the only strategy on how to bring traffic to your blog, you must optimize your headlines with emotional marketing words that will trigger the emotional part of your readers, compelling them to click on your blog post in a pool of search results, other than your competitors’ blog posts.

This is what we do in this light:

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog - My 16.2k Web-click Strategy

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog – Using emotional marketing words to optimize your headlines

with these listed strategies, you’ll see a great impact on how you drive traffic to your blog. Now, your job isn’t finished here. This last strategy will help you in re-optimize the process over and over if there you’ve not met your monthly blog visit (or achieved your goal).

How Can I See Traffic On My Blog?

The best way to see what your blog or page visitors are doing when they visit your blog, and to see your traffic sources and how many traffic you drive to your blog every period, you can use Google webmaster to check your blog posts and how it’s performing in relation to your goal.

Open Google webmaster, and perform the 1 and 2 actions on the image below.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog - My 16.2k Web-click Strategy

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog – using Google webmaster to check for page traffic


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