Social Media Influencer Marketing: What It Is and How to Make Money from It

Social Media Influencer Marketing

In social media influencer marketing, influencer marketers make an average of ₦85,000 ($236.25) per post. This means that 3 posts in a day will amount to ₦255,000 ($708.75) a day.

Continue the math with an average of 10 gigs for a month, this will approximately amount to ₦2,550,000  ($7,087.47).

Now you’ll agree with me that influencer marketing mainly on social media is a lucrative full-time job. This simply doesn’t come easy though, it requires a lot of hands-on projects as a practical learning guide.

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Truth is, in less than 2 months, with dedication, one can go from the novice stage to a level 2 of 5 experienced influencer marketing, just like we train our students.

In fact, below is a testimonial of Mrs. Mofolusade Shonaike who came in for the training with a lot of expectations and goals, but left with the in-depth model on how influencer marketing and social media marketing can be leveraged to scale her business.

₦85,000 ($236.25) per post is a perfect, dream goal for any social media marketing expert, and if you really admire this career path and its winning model, you should join our next class by clicking on this link to start your registration (click on this link), and watch what we will reveal to you.

Watch Mrs. Mofolusade Shonaike’s testimonial here and challenge yourself to scale your business like her:

Brands are always on the search for social media influencers for their rolled out products. Good thing is, this is a full-time career for so many persons regardless of their level of educational achievements.

Now, how much do you make from the comfort of your home? And secondly, do you know how much your favorite influencers make when you discuss the products on their pages?

By the end of this article, you will be amazed by how much you can gain from this article. Compare that to what is left unsaid for the practical classes, then you will make your choices right.

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Take your time to learn how Digital Marketing Skill Institute (click this link to learn more) will walk you through the knowledge path, with a 90% practical and 10% theoretical class.

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We will teach you the operational tools for social media influencer marketing, how to go from being unemployed to earning good monthly pay from your home. We will also extend our service to one-year support classes, just to assist you wherever you will need our help within one year.

Now, the great news about Social media influencer marketing is the substantial number of brands that are ready to inject money to reach a higher number of audiences on social media and retain a lasting buzz.

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Do you know that there are more than 100 influencers used yearly for the popular TV series, “Big brother Nigeria”?

They either promote the show (Working with the organizers), or they promote housemates to trend (working directly with participants).

Either way, influencers make an average of ₦100,000 ($277.94) – ₦150,000 ($416.91) every day. How much do you make using your social media account?

The only bad news about social media influencer marketing in Nigeria is the unbalanced number of social media influencers who actually know how to drive brand awareness on social media, to serve the need perfectly well.

But with our 90% practical and 10% theoretical training, you will learn the A-Z of Social media influencer marketing, with weekly support classes. Start your journey here (click on this link).

I will really love to be your prime guide into the journey of social media influencer marketing before your signup for that practical course. Now, you need to know what social media Influencer Marketing is and why you need influencer marketing.

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What Is Social Media Influencer Marketing?

Before we continue, let us learn a few things a social media influencer marketing is NOT.

  1. A social media influencer is NOT one with millions of followers but records a very less number of engagements. This is to say that your audience MUST be able to engage with your content and react positively, or negatively as the case may be. The math, Engagement should be relatively proportional to your followers.
  2. A social media influencer is not generic in audience interest.
  3. Social Media Influencer Marketing is NOT a big deal. You can become one and level up your financial status, read on!

So, What Is Social Media Influencer Marketing really?

Break down the three terms, Social Media, Influencer, and Marketing.

Social Media is an online platform in form of a website or application for sharing content among its users and networking.

Influencer as a word is strongly attached to the term Marketing and Social Media. It is very much self-explanatory to mean any person or item that has the ability to impact a product.

And marketing, according to

“refers to activities undertaken by a company to promote the buying or selling of a product or service.”

So these three definitions can be combined together to give you a snippet of what Social Media Influencer Marketing is.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is a form of marketing that makes use of people who have the ability to drive the market in a particular niche, using their large number of followers.

Here the influencer has a voice in a market niche, can stimulate interest, and has a strong impact on the general marketing plan. Social media is basically used in this marketing strategy.

The high number of users in a given social media triples over time and social media has been proven to be one of the most effective platforms for market growth, product awareness, and measuring and analyze the audience.

Learning social media influencer marketing is quite a great career plan and it can come quite easily compared to some other areas of digital marketing.

This does require a high level of practical experience and mastery, just like digital marketing as a whole.

In other to convert your social media account to a stream of income for a full-time job or a side gig, learn our most effective social media influencer marketing model here (click this link).

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The Importance Of Social Media Influencers?

I have a friend who is an expert CV writer. The problem was how to give a voice to his skill and sell beyond his circle of friends.

We explored the importance of social media influencers, so we devised a means and went right to social media, LinkedIn.

We dug deep in identifying our perfect social media influencer who is a career coach and we made payment for a one-week promo on his page.

Because of the number of persons who come daily to pick job-related news and tips, our post regarding our service got double the attention we were shooting for. Now that is epic, right?

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So it is a tried and trusted deal to use influencers to rack up awareness on social media.

Big and small businesses require the role of a social media influencer, especially during a product or service marketing stage.

The importance of social media influencers can never be overemphasized, simply because, brands’ marketing strategy or goal is to reach a wider audience, on a particular platform, in a relatively short period of time.

Take, for instance, an influencer marketer with over 1 million followers on one of the top social media, is likely to reach 10% of his followers in less than an hour, which is 100,000 persons.

If the contents of the posts are quite engaging and the business model or product is benefiting, the number is likely to triple due to word-of-mouth marketing strategy or the power of the share button on social media. This is social media, people are online.

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Take a look at one of Beyoncé’s (one of the top paid celebrity influencers) most engaging Instagram posts.

Social Media Influencer Marketing

Source: Beyonce’s Instagram Page

This is one in a million Instagram posts that have gotten the most engagements within the first 24 hours of it being posted. Amazing right?

There is more similar evidence of the power and importance of influencers.

Strong personalities like Beyoncé, drive and influence the brand’s product. Imagine what a brand like Pepsi will pay for her to influence their seasonal event on her social media page? The amount will do numbers.

This is simply the reason why many have chosen the career path, mastered and perfected their skills in the career path.

Though, to become an influencer, you basically need formal training on Digital marketing in other to understand the scopes and skills for such practice.

An institute like Digital Marketing Skill Institute will simplify the learning process for easy understanding.

Our courses are 90% practical, which means you will get to test social media tools and run real influencer campaigns.

We will teach you how to choose a type of social media influencer that meets your style, the corresponding niche, and how to monetize the business. We have set your seat, click this link to claim the seat in our next class.

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There Are Mainly Five Types Of Social Media Influencers, Which One Are You?

Since you already know what social media influencer marketing is, and who social media influencers are, now it’s time to help you identify the one you’re so you start making your money.

Types Of Social Media Influencers:

1. Celebrities.

Social Media Influencer Marketing

Source: Kim Kardashian Instagram page

Celebrities actually enjoy the number of followers their career brings on board. Business-wise, these celebrity influencers take up “endorsement deals” (as we like to call it) from brands to help promote their brand online.

One of the disadvantages of this area of expertise is the inability to profile the audience. So your content might be falling on the wrong pages while you spend a hefty amount in paying these celebrity influencers.

2. Social media stars.


Social Media Influencer Marketing

Source: Tunde Ednut’s Instagram Page

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These are the folks who built their fame on social media. They are segmented into 3 categories. Macro Influencers, Micro-Influencers, and the Nano Influencers.

One of the problems brands face is performing audience profiling, which is very important in selecting any of the influencers for the right job, and without audience profiling, it is hard to find out who the target audience is.

3. Macro Influencers.

These are individuals with 500,000 followers and above, who have built their follower base around a particular niche. They are experts of particular interest and have the ability to drive brand or product awareness or stimulate deep interest in customers.

4. Micro-Influencers.

This is the same with Macro influencers. The difference is they have a smaller number of followers, ranging from 20,000 – 40,000. With Micro-influencers, there is a high level of engagement given that the content is best of the audience’s interest.

Take a look at the picture below.

Social Media Influencer Marketing

Source: Ogbeni Dipo’s Twitter page

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5. Nano Influencers.

This is another close description of Macro and Micro-influencers, the difference is that these influencers have a smaller number of followers, but in the real sense, the level of engagement is high, and it is niche-specific.

If you have not seen your area of specialization, then you cannot make money as an influencer, yet.

Do you know that it can only take you less than a month to learn social media influencer marketing, how to identify areas of interest, and grow your follower strength on any social media platform of your choice?

This is the one true reason we have a high influx of trainees daily, wanting to take a course in social media marketing and many other areas of Digital Marketing.

Your journey to this career path is just a click away. Click this link to start your 90% practical and 10% theoretical training today.

The journey is quite easy but will require real-life practices before you get on the water.

Real-life practical classes help your study journey and give you the feel of an existing influencer, where you run real-life campaigns with tools and models, just like a social media influencer.

Now Let’s find out how to start a career in social media influencer marketing.

How To Become A Social Media Influencer

1. Identify your niche market

Social Media Influencer Marketing

Source: Sorav Jain’s Twitter page

Like earlier stated, social media influencers are niche-defined. They grow rapidly and firmly when they discuss and deal with a particular topic or subject.

2. Choose a social platform

Social Media Influencer Marketing

Source: Ogbeni Dipo’s Instagram and Twitter page

The social platform you choose is directly influenced by your niche and audience. You MUST audit your audience and identify which social platform they belong to.

The listening tools for audience profiling are better defined and used in our 90% practical classes,  join the next class to learn with other trainees, click on this link to start your registration.

3. Build your content rightly

Content is simply the driving force for brand-likeability.

In becoming a social media influencer, you become a brand. And it is vital that you build your content around your audience while telling the brand story.

If you are aspiring to become a social media influencer on politics, your content will greatly differ from that of an influencer in Forex trading.

Building content that has the components and the ability to convert is the utmost strategy for lead generation, and this is one of the courses we take extra time to train our students.

From how to design a lead-generating funnel for an organization and how to redesign content for the purpose of re-targeting. These and many more are what you will learn from our 90% practical classes. And when it seems overwhelming, we have support classes once every week, just to take any student on a one-on-one support session.

Register here by clicking on this link to start your journey with us.

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4. Never you buy your followers and do not participate in following the train to rack up your followers

Buying followers is just an empty strategy to appear like one with a great number of followers.

The downside of this is that brands who make use of social media influencers audit your followers too, they focus on your post reach and engagement before letting you into their business.

[bctt tweet=”There is a possibility that social media influencers with a high number of followers but low engagement and reach on their posts are using bots as followers. #DMSInstitute ” username=”dmsinstitute”]

Follow train is a term to describe the act of joining a thread to follow all who engage with the thread, while they follow your page in return.  Follow train can only give you followers with unspecific interest. This can only lead to a very poor engagement on your posts, simply because your followers might not be of interest in the topic or brand you evangelize for.

[bctt tweet=”Unlike buying of followers, follow train will give you real followers but your followers are people with diverse interests and you will find it hard to influence their choice in one particular subject. This is bad for business. #DMSInstitute” username=”dmsinstitute”]

How Much Should I Charge As An Influencer?

For social media influencer marketing, how much you should charge as an influencer is one that will require proper research and decision-making points.

There are known factors that determine how to and how much a social media influencer should charge. Pay close attention to this list to avoid loss of money.

For instance, the social media platform used for influencer marketing can greatly determine how much or how the service fee should be charged.

Though Social media like Facebook and Instagram are ranking high on this list for top social media for influencer marketing, there will be a need for proper audience profiling and identify the perfect social media for the target audience.

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Other factors like:

The number of followers:

This is one of the main determinants in charging a client for your service as a social media influencer marketer. It makes it easier to understand and leaves no room for dead ends in the future.


The type and level of engagement on the posts will determine the fee charged for the service. By type of engagement, we mean clicks on the link, media view, share, comments, etc.

Industry or product:


The amount charged to promote a new movie on an influencer’s page will be different from one charged for e-commerce. This same applies to the product or service type.

Campaign type:

Who sources and designs content for the campaign? how often should it be posted? should the influencer delete or leave the post on his page after the campaign? These are questions you should ask a client before you draw up a payment pattern and your service charge.


The number of people who were converted through your page.

Here, attach a fee to the number of people who made a purchase, or signed up from the influencer’s page.

Value per percentage:

Value can be attached to the percentage of the total number of accounts reached from a single post.

There are other known models that will guide you in charging for rendered services. Theirs is no one size fits all here, just make sure your client understands and agrees with your term.

How Do I Find The Right Social Media Influencers For My Brand?

As a business owner or brand manager, the use of influencers to boost your brand awareness on social media can never be replaced in the marketing mix of business.

Social media plays a vital role in branding. The key players on any given platform must be employed to drive the market and generate buzz for a new product.

How Do I Find The Right Influencer For My Brand?

One of the challenges the marketing team faces is the ability to identify the right and genuine social media influencer for a given platform.

Do you know that brands who don’t know the right social media influencer for their market are spending an unbearable amount of money doing the wrong thing?

This is a case with Gap and Sarah Jessica Parker who was employed as the company’s ambassador, but everything took the wrong turn due to a mix of the influencer niche and business audience.

Truth is, you will most likely do the same if you do not know the right influencer for your brand.

So, in our classes, we teach our trainees how to identify the right influencer for any brand. We also teach the questions to ask, and how to do a background check on influencers using simple effective tools.

Join our next class to gain access to all these and more, click on this link to get started.

In identifying the right social media influencer for your brand, always note that You must NOT use a single-metric definition to choose an influencer marketer. This is a pitfall that should be avoided at all costs.

At DMSI, our trainees have mastered the right metrics to look out for in working with the right influencer.

One of the first things to do in choosing an influencer is to first audit your audience. It’s assumed that you already know your business/project.

You need to know your business audience and how it perfectly fits the audience of the influencers you need. When this is done, it will break barriers and simplify the process of choosing an influencer.

Whether you are aspiring to become a household name in the influencer marketing space or you will need to identify the right influencer for your campaign, following the steps above will get you started.

Your questions will be answered in our next digital marketing class (click the link to secure a seat first) on how to make money from social media influencer marketing, the type of influencer marketer you should choose as a full-time career job, and how to identify the right brand ambassador/social media influencer for your brand.

In conclusion, you need to evaluate your current financial position, comparing it to what could be benefited from taking the course on Digital Marketing Skill Institute, the toughness of your 9-5 job, and the convenience of using your mobile devices and your social media accounts to create a career path for yourself.

Let your today’s decision make a way for tomorrow. Continue to our registration page. 

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