6 Fantastic Work From Home Ideas In Digital Marketing (+Examples)

work from home

Working from home is the new normal as most organizations and brands are adopting and promoting remote work, in a bid to move with the wave of technological advancement.

And you will wonder if digital marketing as a career can exist as a job you can do from the comfort of your home.

Have you considered if you could earn an income working from home?

Do you want to take a digital marketing course and you wonder if there are jobs you could take up from the comfort of your room/home with the digital marketing skill you acquire?

We did not write this article to dismiss your thoughts, everyone is entitled to their thoughts and opinions regardless of anything. But we wrote this article to serve as a source of answers to your questions and to also serve as a solution to your problems and worries.

This article is meant to serve as a guide for you to dismiss your current thought and embrace the new discovery.

In this article, we will be sharing 6 Fantastic Work From Home Ideas In Digital Marketing you can try out.

Meanwhile, the video below is the testimony of one of our students after she took our 90% practical digital marketing course.

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Before going into the ideas, let’s talk about working from home.

Why Work From Home?

To work from home is a setting that allows you to work in a less corporate environment. You don’t have to physically be present before utilizing your skill for a corporate organization.

[bctt tweet=” To work from home is a setting that allows you to work in a less corporate environment. You don’t have to physically be present before utilizing your skill for a corporate organization.” username=”dmsinstitute”]

Many years ago, no one would have thought that a corporate job can be done in a less corporate environment like the home, but look at us, it has now become the norm for companies, brands, and corporate organizations to make provisions for their employees to work from home.

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We have technological advancement to appreciate for this because it has made it possible to get skilled individuals to work from different geographical locations to achieve the corporate goals of an organization.

Companies don’t recruit based on your many certifications but on what you can do(your skill) with the certification. It is this skill that they are willing to pay for because it will not only generate more revenue and also accelerate their growth as a corporate organization.

There are many reasons why you should work from home or consider taking a career that gives you the privilege to work from home. We will be sharing a few of the reasons with you. We are sharing this with you to get you ready for the other part of this article which will be discovered in the next paragraphs.

1. You get to balance your work and life.

Most remote jobs come along with flexible work hours. You don’t necessarily have to resume work at the same time as when you resume work at the office.

Although in some cases, your duty/ task will require you to follow the official working hours, and this doesn’t still stop you from balancing your work and your personal life.

The hours or minutes you might have to spend on transit from your workplace to your home if you are working physically can be converted to better use like picking up your child from school, spending time after work with your family, stable exercise routine, and many other activities that would help you balance your work and life.

2. You reduce stress or eliminate stress from being in transit from your home to your workplace.

Spending long hours in traffic or in transit would likely affect your productivity at work and this will, in turn, affect the growth of the company.

When you work from home, this stress is eliminated because you don’t have to be up early to get to work in time to begin the day’s work. All you have to do is to wake up, clean up and resume work in your study or anywhere in your house where you can put up an office.

And at the close of work, you pack up and resume life back in your living room without having to queue at the train or bus station to get a bus that would take your tired body back home.

According to a research, commuting to work has effects on our health and whatever these effects are, they sure affect our level of productivity at work.

3. No geographic location limitation. With the option to work from home, you are exposed to a wide range of job opportunities. You are not restricted to jobs from your current location. You can stretch further than that.

You can be in a long-distant relationship with your workplace. Though miles apart, you still get the job done.

4. Companies can now practice inclusivity.

As employees don’t need to commute to the office, they can employ all manner of person to get the job done.

Irrespective of their socio-economic, cultural, and geographic background and as well their perspectives. Working from home also gives people living with disabilities a chance to make a living with their skills as they don’t have to commute to and from work every day.

5. Save more money.

You spend less on vehicle maintenance, reduced cost of transportation reduced cost of feeding, professional wardrobe. All these reductions put more money in your pocket as you spend less because you are working from home.

More money in your pocket means more money to save, you save when you have more money and lesser things to spend your money on.

Companies that permit their employees to work from home also save some money from the subsidies from the cost of transportation, feeding(for companies that provide breakfast and lunch for their employees), equipment for continuity of work, and many others.

As you can see, employees and employers also benefit from work from home.

Another reason to consider is less distraction at the workplace as everybody is working from their workplace and communications can be done virtually as well.

Lastly, office politics can be avoided. As close as you may be to your colleagues, you may not be best friends when you work remotely. The time for gossips and chit-chat during lunch break is no longer available and everyone is happy.

You can read more on the benefits of working from home here. Benefits of remote work.

To work from home is quite simple as long as you have the necessary skill and knowledge and with digital marketing having a huge role to play in technological advancement, you can be confident that there are many job opportunities in digital marketing that you can do from home irrespective of your geographical location.

In this video, another student of Digital Marketing Skills Institute got a job regardless of his geographical location after registering for our 90% practical Digital Marketing Course

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6 Fantastic Work From Home Ideas In Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is rapidly becoming one skill that is high in demand as most companies and organizations no longer want to rely on the traditional means of marketing their services and products.

They are now adopting the digital way to promote and grow their business. This ultimately means that there is a high demand for individuals who have the required digital marketing skill to grow and promote a business.

One good thing about digital marketing is that you can take up a marketing job from the comfort of your home and carry out your task successfully. Digital Marketing has to do with the internet and as long as you can access the internet, you can take up a digital marketing job.

Meanwhile, in our 90% practical digital marketing course, you get to learn all you need to know to be a digital marketer.

In the next part of this article, we have much work from home ideas you can do in digital marketing.

1. Content Marketer

As a content marketer, what you do is to market content also known as content m marketing. Content marketing and creation is the ability to design creative and interesting content that connects to the target audience of a brand.

Contents in the form of educational material that helps the reader or visitors get answers to their questions, promote services and products of a brand. This content could be in form of a blogpost, newsletters, social media posts, gated content, videos animations, and many more through different mediums.

The reason why we have content marketing is to persuade a person to take any action, and this can be done by creating enticing and valuable content for your audience.

As a content marketer, you should be a storyteller and a data analyst. Yes, tell the story of the brand and at the same time as a data analyst, you need to evaluate the strategies and see if you are getting results.

As a content marketer, you are also part of the digital marketing strategy of a brand or corporate organization by identifying, targeting, and engaging your audience.

As a content marketer, your responsibilities include:

  1. Creating written content: This can be done by yourself or with a team of writers or freelancers. You get topics and assign them to create written content for the blog, emails, and social media posts.

And to successfully do this, you should have a clearly defined audience because it will guide you in creating content that will meet the need of your audience. Your content should be able to convince and persuade your audience.

work from home

An example of written content displayed on a blog. Source: Digital Marketing Skills Institute

work from home

An example of email marketing as part of the content marketing activities.


work from home

A social media post from google on Facebook. Source: Facebook

In our 90% practical digital marketing course, we will teach you how to create written content that would represent a brand and its products.

2. Creating Video content: You do not only create video contents to represent the goals of the brand, but you also distribute them on different platforms

YouTube and Vimeo are good examples of tools that can be used to distribute video content. There are some contents that will be more convincing enough in a video format and that is why we have video content.

An identified audience will guide you in determining which content tool will be more effective in sharing your brands content with your audience.

You don’t need to have a degree to be a content marketer, the same way you can work from home as a content marketer.

An example of video content from coca-cola. Source: YouTube

Read More about content marketing in this blog post. Content Marketing | A Complete Beginner Guide To Crafting Quality Content

2. Social Media Manager

As a social media manager, your responsibility is to manage the social media account of a brand or an organization. One of the ways to promote and grow in the digital market is to exist in the market and social media platforms are one way to establish the presence and existence of a brand.

Talking about social media, from wherever you are you can access the internet which makes it perfect as a work-from-home career. The content created by the content marketer is what you as a social media manager will share through the company’s social media pages.

Basically, your job is to create awareness of the brand on social media. You respond to comments made on the contents you share, inquiries from visitors and the general audience as well.

You are the face of the brand on social media, so everything you do must represent the vision and the mission of the brand.

A social media manager helps to promote the visibility of a brand or organization on social media.


social media presence

An example of the result of a social media manager on Twitter. Source: Twitter

As a social media manager, you can’t go away from social media except for when it’s time to sleep. Other than that, you have to be online interacting and engaging with your audience.

Just like a content marketer, you can do this irrespective of your geographical location and who you are, as long as you can have access to the internet, you can work from home as a social media manager.

Kindly note, you can combine being a content marketer and a social media manager into one position along as you have the capacity to function efficiently in both positions.

3. Search Engine Optimizer

The job description of a search engine optimizer is basically to do keyword research, page optimization, inbound links, backlinks, managing duplicated content, page indexing, and many more.

As an SEO expert, you report to the digital marketing manager of the organization and you can work from home.

Another part of your job is that you help to create and monitor marketing content to ensure that they are in line with the SEO goals. Talking about SEO, let’s give a view of what SEO means.

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization, and it is about optimizing the search engines to drive traffic and generate leads for the organization or brand you are working with.

[bctt tweet=”SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization, and it is about optimizing the search engines to drive traffic and generate leads for the organization or brand you are working with.” username=”dmsinstitute”]

A search engine is engines according to their names, they simply crawl through your website and rank it so when an internet user makes a request for products and services that your brand offers, your brand/organization comes up.

To get this search engine to rank your brand’s website, that is when you come in as a search engine optimizer. All you have to do is to ensure that your websites and internet presence are well optimized for the search engines.

work from home

An example of the results of an SEO Optimizer. Source: Google

As you can see in the image I shared above, the search engine optimizer did a good job and as such immediately an internet user asks a question regarding what the brand does, Google shows it first.

Google is not the only search engine that internet users use, there are others like Bing owned by Microsoft, swisscows, StartPage, and many more with Google being the most popular of them all.

You can read more about the tools you can use as a search engine optimizer 18 Free SEO Tools To Grow Traffic On Your Website

Meanwhile, in our 90% practical digital marketing course, our curriculum has been adequately prepared to teach and guide you as you practice the knowledge you will be getting to become a search engine optimizer.

4. Copywriting expert

According to Wikipedia, Copywriting is the act or occupation of writing the text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. The product called copy, or sales copy is written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action.

As you can see, copywriting is similar to content marketer but their roles are different. As earlier stated, the roles of a content marketer are to inform, recommend and create awareness while a copywriter sells, persuades, directs, gets people to take action.

A content marketer can write long content to recommend while a copywriter writes short and compelling content to persuade an individual.

As you a copywriter, your role is to create brochures, billboards, jingles lyrics, magazines, newspaper advertisements, scripts for radio or television commercials, and other marketing communications. Anything that has to do with writing to increase sales, is your duty.

And the good thing about being a copywriter is that you can work from home, you don’t necessarily have to be at the physical location of the company.

You can kickstart your career as a copywriter by registering for our 90% digital marketing course. 

5. Email Marketer

Email marketing is marketing through emails. As an email marketer, your focus and job description are basically on email marketing. It is your responsibility to create and monitor a wide variety of email marketing strategies.

You also ensure that designs and layouts are well optimized, mobile, and user-friendly. You generate leads with email marketing for the company and you can work from home as an email marketer.

All you have to do is to write compelling emails and also monitor the emails to ensure that they are carrying out your desired function so you can get results.

email marketing

An example of email marketing.

You can read more about email marketing and how to get started here How To Start Email Marketing | Free Email Marketing Guide For Beginners

6. Digital Marketing Manager

As a digital marketing manager of a firm, you are charged with the responsibility of overseeing all the affairs of everyone on your team working in one capacity or the other as a digital marketer.

You manage your team to ensure that whatever content is going out, digital representation, and all others around digital marketing represent the goals and visions of the company.

Apparently, you are the company’s representative in that team. To unction in this position, you must have proficient know knowledge in everything around digital marketing. From content to SEO, to Advertising, to social media, and the rest.

One thing about this position is that you do not need a degree to function as a digital marketing manager, all you need is the skill and that is what we offer in our 90% practical digital marketing course.

Hear what one of our students has to say after taking our course with no knowledge in digital marketing.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRHyi_6kMXA[/embedyt]

As a digital marketing manager, you are responsible for every member of your team and you have to ensure that company goals are being met.

There are many other digital marketing jobs that you do from your home, and we’ve given you a preview of some of them in this article.

You can get full access to training and lessons on digital marketing skills that you convert into a work from home idea for yourself when you register for our 90% practical digital marketing course.

Frequently asked questions

What job can I do from home?

You can do any job that doesn’t require your physical presence for the day-to-day activities of the company. One of such jobs is digital marketing.

With digital marketing being a form of marketing in the digital space or technology world, your presence is only required on the internet. You can sit down in your favorite spot in your home and carry out your daily task.

Technological advancement has made this possible, and all you need is digital marketing knowledge/skill and you can do your job from home.

Digital marketing jobs like social media manager, content marketer, SEO specialist, email marketer, and so on are jobs you can consider if you are passionate about working from home.

Alongside learning a skill like digital marketing so you can work from home, there are many other jobs you can do from your home. Jobs like data analyst, virtual assistant, software developer, and many others.

How can I do digital marketing at home?

You can do digital marketing at home by first positioning yourself and your skill online. The nature of this job has to do with the internet and so you have to position yourself online.

Most work from home jobs are not necessarily within your geographical location, could be within the same state but far apart and could be in the same country and still be far apart, it might even be countries apart but there is a common meeting point, which is the internet.

If your potential employer is searching for someone with a skillset like you and can’t find you, obviously, there is no way you can get to digital marketing from home because you don’t have the job.

There are many platforms that you can use to promote yourself and your skill and that’s one way you can get to do digital marketing at home.

Another thing to consider if you want to do a digital marketing job at home is to know the latest trend in your field of interest.

This way you are not only ahead of your contemporaries but you have sound knowledge about what is going on which is an added advantage for you during the recruitment process.

To work from home you should have a digital/internet-related skill, and with that skill, recruiters expect that you will take advantage of the internet to keep yourself updated about trends.

Nobody wants to hire a person who has access to the resources but decides not to use them.

Get experience with your digital skills. Don’t just sit back, expecting a job you can do at home to come knocking at your door. Get your hands busy by getting experience with your skills.

A good way to get experienced is to volunteer your skills anywhere you can. Could be with your family, your friends, or random persons you meet on the internet.

Doing this helps to sharpen your knowledge and gives you confidence in what you can do.


As you can see in the article, digital marketing as a career can be done across the internet from different geographical locations. You can work from home and get all the benefits attached to it by having sound knowledge of digital marketing.

Alongside this knowledge that you need to be an outstanding digital marketer, you also need certifications as evidence and projects as well to show that you did not only acquire the skill, you know how to utilize them to achieve the goals of the organization.

Hands-on projects and certifications are part of our 90% practical digital marketing course. We won’t only teach, we will also give you projects to ensure that the skills you are being taught are practicalized.

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