Inbound marketing Strategy – 17 Effective Inbound Marketing Strategies For Fast Growth

Inbound marketing

When you talk about driving revenue to a company through digital means, then drafting an effective inbound marketing strategy would not be left behind.

Think about this, imagine if you can get your customers to call you or walk into your place of business every time as opposed to calling them yourself or having to advertise your business or products?

Awesome right?

In a short while in this blog post, we will show you how possible that is.

The goal of an inbound marketing strategy in a business is basically to attract, engage, and delight customers online, the way modern consumers shop and make purchases has changed dramatically, and as such, businesses must adapt to survive.

A deep understanding of inbound marketing best practices is vital to the growth and success of your business. No matter how busy you are, you simply can’t ignore the importance of marketing your brand effectively.

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This article shall take you through the most effective inbound marketing strategy all business owner needs to scale for fast growth.

One of the ways to help generate new business without having to be out in the field every day is inbound marketing. It is a reliable technique that helps in bringing customers closer to the brand through, videos, email newsletters, blogs, and social media.

Meanwhile, this strategy brings customers in, instead of having to try and gain customers through activities like buying ads, cold calling, a practice called “outbound marketing”.

Does Inbound Marketing Really Work?

Inbound marketing strategies work well especially when you understand your customers’ needs and capture your customers by solving their needs.

With the 3 inbound marketing strategies, attract, engage, delight, attaining a position where potential customers reach out to you for your products or services, rather than when you do the “chasing”, becomes effortless.

Inbound marketing Strategy 5 Effective Strategies For Fast Growth

Inbound marketing Strategy 5 Effective Strategies For Fast Growth – Similar web statistics

Here, the number of page visits plus statistics in the image will tell you greatly that inbound marketing is very functional and very effective.

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At the stage of attraction, your customers who are actively looking for a solution to their problem will continually look for your business for help, and when they find your business, you engage them with insights and solutions that will make them buy your from you, and also provide statistics of why your services or products is a solution they need for their problem, then at the third stage, you delight them by providing the help they need to turn them to loyal fans of your brand.

The final stage is way more important because the more delighted customers you have, the more you drive referrals from these satisfied customers.

What Is The Difference Between Inbound And Outbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing strategy involves creating content and value that draw customers into your marketing channels (email, website, social media pages), then engaging them and selling to them.

With this, you get your customers to come to you as opposed to outwardly searching for them.

Inbound marketing Strategy 5 Effective Strategies For Fast Growth

Inbound marketing Strategy 5 Effective Strategies For Fast Growth – Inbound marketing

While this is one of the sound angles of marketing, outbound marketing involves going after your prospects with the sole aim to convert them into paying customers.

Inbound marketing Strategy 5 Effective Strategies For Fast Growth

Inbound marketing Strategy 5 Effective Strategies For Fast Growth – outbound marketing

In inbound marketing, the content and value created are to draw your prospective customers to you, give them reasons to stick with your brand, get engaged, and convert to paying customers.

What Are Examples Of Inbound Marketing?

The sole aim of inbound marketing is to drive traffic (in the form of prospective leads) into your funnel, engage them, and convert them to paying customers.

So any marketing form where you’re not outwardly looking for leads rather leads find you and join your funnel, are all examples of inbound marketing.

Some of the examples of inbound marketing are:

  • Blog posts
  • E-Books
  • Podcast
  • Webinars
  • SEO
  • Social media advertising
  • PPC
  • etc

The reason why these are classified as inbound marketing is that you show a level of help to your prospective leads using content marketing, while they are actively looking for help.

When they find these strategies and your marketing items, they pick an interest, and if you’ve set up your funnel for conversion, you get to drive them to your channel, then market to them.

17 Effective Strategies Of Inbound Marketing For Fast Growth

There are so many inbound marketing strategies used by top brands and these strategies have proven to be quite effective, evident in their business growth and outcome.

However, there are more effective strategies that can guarantee rapid business growth when implemented intentionally, and optimized over time for even better results.

1. Create Your Customer Avatar

Having a well-defined customer avatar is one of the first and foremost actions to take in setting up an effective strategy for inbound marketing. And this is the reason.

Inbound marketing Strategy - 28 Effective Inbound Marketing Strategies For Fast Growth


Once you start to map out your strategies, you will realize that you can set up a marketing strategy without knowing who you’re marketing to.

According to HiP, Behaviorally targeted ads are twice as effective as non-targeted ads. And in inbound marketing, you’re strategically targeting your prospective customers who are to find your business or brand in their search for a solution for their problems.

How To Create A Customer Avatar

Review your Facebook page insight

By reviewing your Facebook page visitor, you can have insight into who your page followers are, more free information about them to help you design a customer avatar for your marketing strategies.

Inbound marketing Strategy

Source: Facebook page insight

Inbound marketing Strategy

Survey Your Current Lead

Another way to find out more about who patronizes your brand or business is to survey your current list. With this, you gain a solid insight into what your prospects would be.

For instance, if you’re in an eCommerce industry and sell baby products, you already know that your leads would-be mothers with babies.

But you might not have insight on where they work, how they found your brand, their career status, etc. This information is what will help you in designing a customer avatar for your business.

Inbound marketing Strategy

2. Produce Compelling Content

Content Marketing is a very important marketing strategy for inbound marketing. This is the reason.

When your prospective leads find your brand online in search of help to their problem, they consume your different forms of content and make up a mind to tag label you as an authority in the industry.

For instance, prospects looking for a homemade remedy for full body detox would rather spend quality time reading a well-detailed blog post that covers all the “how-to” steps in making a detox substance at home.

Inbound marketing Strategy

If your prospective leads prefer videos over blog posts, they will rather spend time on your detailed YouTube video that covers and teaches every step in making a detox substance at home.

Hint: this video must show that it covers every step-by-step guide that will teach the viewer how to perform these activities to get actions, not some random wordy contents.

Inbound marketing Strategy

3. Guest Post

Do you think guest posting is outdated?

Then think again because as much as you don’t practice this in your organization as one of the many inbound marketing strategies you can test your strength with, then you’re losing out from its effectiveness because there are hundreds of brands in your niche that are raking in a lot of quality leads using guest-posting strategies.

When you guest post, these are key brand structures you’re building.

Link Building. 

Industry Authority.

Solid online structure.

If you’re into the digital marketing niche, these blogs listed here accept guest posting.

There are series of websites that accept posts written by other people, who are also experts in that field.

Just look out for blogs whose audiences are made up of your ideal audience, and contribute the occasional article to establish yourself as a thought leader and help generate business leads.

Interestingly, leveraging on trending topics would give you an edge and also help you in getting your inbound marketing strategy right. This is a “quality over quantity” situation where you don’t need to be writing articles for different sites every week.

Most websites will always prefer content that is timely and burning topics. So, if you are poised in doing that, then you have to get yourself prepared.

The truth is that developing your own content is tasking, let alone writing trendy articles that would be sent to other websites.

4. Publish Content On Blogs With Active Readers

Just as a follow-up from the guest-posting strategy of marketing, you generate quality leads when people find your posts, actually interact with them, and possibly share them.

But.. all these are easily lost when you publish on blogs that have very low traffic.

So how do you know blogs that have high traffic?

Forums like medium, Quora, etc, are known sites that you can generate heavy traffic from because people actively visit these pages for the sole purpose of finding answers to their questions.

Inbound marketing Strategy

One of my favorite strategies is finding a niche that matches my brand and post, then make quality and valuable comment that will trigger other readers to want to connect with me, but then I drop links of my website or links to other blog posts to help anyone looking for a way to connect with my brand.

Though if you care so much about do-follow links, then forums aren’t your best place to build links.

However, forums are known for their wide number of traffic.

5. Optimize Your Keyword For Search

The Internet has made it easy for searchers to use keywords in search of help or solutions and actually get answers to their queries. And if you must appear as a source of solution to these searchers using your content, you must optimize your search to “rank” on different platforms with strong search engines.

Different platforms in the sense that so many forums, social media networks, etc, all have functional search engines.

Inbound marketing Strategy

Source: Quora

Inbound marketing Strategy


These two images are proofs that content can be found anywhere, and how you dedicate your time to optimizing for results especially on platforms that have a high rate of search is what determines if you’ll be found on these platforms.

But understand that out of all the platforms where people can find your content, Google and YouTube have the highest number of statistics.

So how do you optimize your keyword to help boost the visibility of your content?

  • Do keyword research
  • place keywords in your headlines, as early as possible
  • Use keywords in the body of your content
  • Save files with the target keywords

More resources on keyword research: How To Use Google Keyword Planner | The Definitive Guide For SEO Keyword Research

6. Host Free Webinars

Hosting a webinar is an inbound marketing strategy that has a high level of effectiveness. The free term there draws people to you especially when they trust your brand to share insider nuggets that can solve their problems, or give them resources for help.

When you host free webinars, you build brand authority as an expert in the industry. When you eventually put out a paid version of the solution they need, which of course would cover wider scope and breakdown ideas into understandable bits on how your help will be a lasting solution to them, your audience turns out to buy.

The most important thing is that with free webinars, your audience feels rewarded for having reached out to your brand.

Secondly, webinars are strong, compelling lead magnets that have the potentiality of converting up to 60% of your site visitors.

According to, in their study on how webinars boost leads generation, they stated that 60% of webinars are oriented at creating loyal customers and a single webinar could get you over 1,000 leads.

This is a fact given that most people tend to trust webinar sessions from industry authorities more than blog posts. And the idea of face-to-face interaction can assist your visitors to ask questions and get answers immediately, unlike blog posts where you have to leave a comment and hope for answers.

7. Engage On Social Media Live

Social media live, just like webinars, have seen a very high increase in engagements. Startups who plan to grow as fast as possible tend to answer one doubt question with this strategy.

The doubt question: “Are they a fraud?”

When you engage with your leads publicly, discuss your products, take answers from them while in a live broadcast on social media, this tends to position your brand as a trustworthy brand.

Good thing is, your leads want you to engage them, to answer their doubt questions, prefer solutions, and reaffirm to them how your products or services would be the lasting solution they need.

In starting with social media live broadcasts, one of the ways to promote your live events is to:

  • Use hashtags
  • Use industry influencers
  • Run remarketing ads to your site visitors

The practices will help you reach out to potential leads who would love to give you a chance to speak about your products on social media live events

8. Launch A Free Course Using Email

Email courses are courses you teach for a defined time by pushing out the course content via emails. This can be a lead magnet to attract quality customers who want to learn from your free courses, and with these free courses, you can agitate them because they tend to get quality from the courses.

Now, this builds your inbound marketing strategy because you have leads who would pay attention to your emails because of the value they get from your free course on your emails.

When your leads get value from your email courses, they have a high tendency of sharing your email course with a similar audience who are their friends, and this builds your strategy to attract quality leads who would eventually pay for your services or products.

Take a look at how we use this as our lead magnet and this alone has been a strategy we have been using to nurture leads that join our email list and agitate them to pay for our main course.

Inbound marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing Strategy – 28 Effective Inbound Marketing Strategies For Fast Growth

Another strategy that has proven to work for businesses when choosing a marketing strategy is the use of influencer marketing to drive traffic down your funnel, and this will be discussed in the next point.

9. Use Influencer Marketing

Influencers are another driving force in any business marketing model, and this is the reason.

Influencers are known authorities in a particular niche. Their power in a marketing mix lies in their ability to influence their followers in taking action towards a goal.

This is how influencer marketing can be fused with inbound marketing to drive quality leads down the funnel of a business.

Brands reach out to influencers in their industry to engage with them on either their social media pages or for live events, the followers of these influences automatically become aware of the brand and when they spend time on the content provided by these influencers, they get to know more about the brand.

NB: this is a detailed guide on how influencer marketing works, how to start an influencer marketing business, and scale it to a profitable stage.

Social Media Influencer Marketing Explained: What It Is And How To Make Money From It

In using influencer marketing for your business, some statistics could guide your decision and provide an insight into how your audience can react to influencer marketing.

According to, 77% of fashion micro-influencers prefer Instagram, this isn’t as a result of guesswork, rather as a result of tested and proven fact.

This means that if your business belongs to a highly visual niche like fashion, you would consider Instagram as one of your main sources of traffic.

And you must work with influencers who have a high engagement rate on Instagram compared to other social media networks.

Inbound marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing Strategy – 28 Effective Inbound Marketing Strategies For Fast Growth

The number highlighted is the number of people who became aware of the brand being promoted, and this can only happen when an influencer in a highly visual niche like fashion engages with your campaigns and makes it known to their audience/followers.

10. Educate Your Audience Using Email Marketing

Email marketing has been proven to be used to remarket to your audience or existing customers who haven’t bought from you. But one mistake that so many email marketers make is in selling, instead of being of value to their audience.

Email marketing has guidelines on how to subtly sell, but 70% of the time, you’re providing value to your audience, and when you provide value consistently for a longer time, you build a list of the audience who trust you as a source for valuable information in the niche you belong to.

Inbound marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing Strategy – 28 Effective Inbound Marketing Strategies For Fast Growth

Educative emails like this provide in-depth, broken down strategies for your audience which in turn will look forward to your emails, or consider buying your services or products.

11. Give Out  A Free eBook 

Free materials like eBooks have been used as an inbound marketing strategy to drive traffic and build followership by businesses who have mastered the strategy of gifting their audience a gift.

Your eBook can cover industry guidelines, how-to’s, hacks, and strategies on how to achieve a particular goal.

The good thing about these materials is that your audience can easily share them with other interested friends and families. And it could be one of the ways to drive interested leads down your funnel.

12. Use Email Marketing Consistently

The act of using email marketing consistently to drive quality and brand loyalty in the mind of your audience lies in how you make use of emails. Consistency, in this case, means that you have to give value to your email, engage with your audience who leave replies after reading your emails, perfect your timing and how often you push out emails, know how to sell, etc.

This is how we use email marketing consistently to drive brand loyalty.

  • We use compelling headlines to drive open rate
  • Compelling anchor texts to drive high CTA
  • Give value in our emails to drive loyalty
  • Push our content daily on the email

These are just a few of the things to do consistently to build your use of email for inbound marketing.

13. Optimize Your Site For Mobile-Use

According to Statista, 60% of Google searches are done via mobile devices, this means that sites that have poor mobile usability lose out from free traffic to their website.

So as this is the case, optimizing your site for mobile usability is one way to improve and optimize your inbound marketing strategy since free traffic from Google goes straight to your site, if you lose this traffic due to poor mobile usability, you’re costing your business so much.

Take a look at our site on its mobile usability, test.

Click here to test your site’s mobile friendliness.

If you got a score like this, then congratulations to you.

Inbound marketing Strategy

The reason why SEO is one of the most effective inbound marketing strategy is that

14. Create Reports And Make It Free To Drive Leads

Reports are believed to have detailed insight and have gone through extensive research, so people tend to believe reports more than just blog posts.

But with this fact, businesses can leverage this to build an outstanding inbound marketing strategy for an audience that would love to have an extensive report before making a purchase.

When your report is out and ready for download, you can use it as a lead magnet for your email signup, or use it as an additional gift and reward your audience with this free report.

A report in any industry is worth more than a mere blog post, so if your report covers knowledgeable points that people will love to have, then know that you’re in for explosive inbound sales or signups.

15. Convert Your Blog Post Into A Lead Magnet

One of the lead magnets that rake in leads for us is an upgraded blog post of about 28,000 words. This is one of the most detailed skyscraper blog posts in digital marketing and how to earn money using digital marketing skills.

This isn’t just an average blog post but one that has been detailed to cover a very wide area of digital marketing and how to earn money with the skills.

Click here to see our blog post on how to make money online using digital marketing skills.

This blog post has acted as a pillar post that has also driven quality leads down our funnel.

16. Exert more pressure on online profiles

Leveraging your personal social media accounts to link back to your business site is a simple first step to begin inbound marketing yourself in a less conventional way.

It helps drive traffic from a wider variety of touchpoints and increases the potential audience you can reach.

Unfortunately, business owners make the mistake of assuming that their website is a one-stop marketing shop. Your online presence should go beyond your company’s website.

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In line with that, always ensure the “About” sections of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn have a short elevator pitch about who you are, what you do, and why someone should seek the services of your company.

However, if that strategy correlates with your business, do not hesitate to inject some personality into it. If you do that, then you are on the verge of getting your inbound marketing strategy right.

17. Have well-developed content on your blog.

This is an important strategy in inbound marketing. Having a blog may not be the issue but the content. Sometimes bloggers and business owners fail to develop and inject valuable content into their blogs.

This can take a lot of time, but there is serious value in good content development.

Not only does it help establish you as an expert in your field, but it also helps to increase your chances of being ranked on search engines.

Producing content that answers questions clients have will mean they’re more likely to land on your site and in turn will be able to read how much you know about your area of expertise.

Inbound marketing Strategy

Mind you, you don’t just decide haphazardly on any topic.

When deciding what kind of posts to write for your blog, consider what your potential clients will be searching for when looking to hire someone like you.

Building backlinks to your site should be a sure way to reference back to their site or consider seamlessly synchronizing your blog with your website for a one-stop-shop for value-added content and the services you provide.

It’s a great one-two punch to show potential clients that you know your stuff and your business can solve their problems.

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