3 Step Digital Marketing Blueprint | The Ultimate Guide That Works

3 Step Digital Marketing Blueprint

In this article, you will find a 3 steps digital marketing blueprint that will help you get started digitally.

You may be a great business owner, entrepreneur or marketer. You know how to provide your customers with value and help them reach their goals.


If you are like most of the business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers we’ve worked with, the common challenge they face is getting more customers.

And most importantly,

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How can you attract customers on a predictable and consistent basis?

All those have been covered in our digital marketing training course. Click here to check out our course outline.

Many business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers find that referrals help them to get their first few clients.

But referrals from your network don’t always last.

In fact,

The most successful business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers don’t rely on referrals. They don’t ‘rely’ on anything. They take action.

They master their marketing and sales. They build a system that predictably drives new leads and ideal clients.

This isn’t a one-off campaign. It’s a system that once planned and built (the RIGHT way) becomes one of their highest points of leverage in their business.

It’s what drives the growth of their business and makes it so profitable and sustainable.

With our experience in at least 5 countries, we have created the system – a 3 Step Digital Marketing Blueprint that works for any business to consistently drive traffic to your site, converts site visitors to customers, and retains more customers as well as increase customer retention.

If you are interested in getting more customers, maximizing lifetime-customer-value and growing your business, then this may very well be your lucky day and the most important action you need to take today!

What is the 3 Step Digital Marketing Blueprint?

3 Step Digital Marketing Blueprint

3 Step Digital Marketing Blueprint

Step 1: Drive Highly Quality Targeted Traffic

Drive only interested ready to buy people to your Landing page from search engine, online advertising and social media channels.

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Step 2: Converting your Site Visitors

Use a landing page to convert your website visitors to sales leads or customers. Increasing website conversions sets you on a path to dominating your market.

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Step 3: Nurture your Sales Lead and Customers

Nurture your converted sales leads and customers to build strong relationships and trust which in return drives new, returning, and referral customers.

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Why This Strategy

Simply because only 1-3% of your first-time website visitors convert to customers (a lot of websites convert zero). Your website is there for a reason to generate leads or customers for you.

Most of your first-time website visitors exit your website and forget about you that very moment.

In marketing, a prospect needs to engage with your brand more than 3 to 5 times before they trust your brand. I am sure you do not buy from someone you do not trust.

Well, the solution is to focus on converting most of your site visitors into leads and then nurture them to build trust and they will convert to customers.

The Implementation

This is why we created our digital marketing course (click here to learn more) that takes you step-by-step and walks you through how to implement our 3 step digital marketing blueprint to grow your sales and revenue more quickly.

Let me share my story with you:

When you’re growing a business, an increase in email subscribers leads directly to more sales and traffic.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize this on time.

When I moved back to Nigeria and started my website business (I do not develop websites again, though I have an article that will show you how to build your own website), I used to do the following:

  1. Drive from one office to the other dropping proposals and hoping to see the manager in charge. Absolute waste of my time then, not even one conversion.
  2. Got tired of driving around, so I started printing out a lot of proposals and sending it out through DHL to companies at a time. High Cost and Little or No Result.
  3. Then, I thought I should spend more money in branding my brochure, maybe this would help but then I realized that won’t necessarily attract more customers or make more money.

I was lucky at that time because I was enjoying referrals. Then, for 3 months I had no referral, meaning no money. So, I had to change my strategy.

I realised 2 things:

Marketing yields more results when people who need you find you and when they find you, they need to build trust with you.

  1. Maybe all the offices I went to and all the letters I sent got to the wrong people or they were not even looking for my service in the first place.
  2. And if the right person got it and they are looking for my service then, they need to build some trust with my company in order to do business with me. Nobody does business with people they do not trust. If my company was popular maybe they would have given me a chance.

I learned that marketing yields more results when people who need you find you and that when they find you, they need to build trust with you. Stop looking for customers, let them find you.

Here is exactly what I did:

1. I optimized my website to get found on SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages). If you go to Google and search “Digital Marketing in Lagos” or anything digital marketing my website will come up.

It became important for me to only get found by people who were looking for me. I would be wasting a lot of my time and money, trying to attract people who don’t need my service in the first place.




2. Because I knew, I needed to build a relationship that will lead to trust, when you visit my website I will do everything to get your email.

Then build a relationship with you via email nurturing. For me to get your email, I will offer you something you can’t resist. We call it the lead magnet.


I can’t build a relationship with you if I am always asking and not giving. So, I give a lot of my knowledge in exchange for your trust.

These 2 things changed my business, I had more time and was making sales. I realized how important email sign up was. I knew if I could double my daily sign ups, then I could double my revenue as well.

So I found out that on LinkedIn, you can find your exact target audience/person extract his/her email, and nurture them to conversion. The result here is awesome.

I also run paid lead generation campaigns, where I drive targeted paid traffic to a landing page to get their emails for nurturing to conversion.

If you want to learn how to make more money for your business then, click here to learn how we can help you achieve that.

What Are The Benefits Of A Digital Marketing Blueprint?

  1. A digital marketing blueprint provides a clear marketing direction, reduces redundancies, and outlines a concrete, actionable path to success.
  2. It helps in strategic decision-making, reduces budget overages, and ensures that all marketing efforts are aligned toward the same goals.
  3. A digital marketing blueprint allows for the measurement of success and the creation of KPIs, enabling businesses to prove the value of their marketing efforts.
  4. It provides a clear, specific, and actionable plan for achieving marketing goals, making the path to success easier to navigate.

In conclusion:

Digital marketing is a very innovative field right now and everybody is trying different things in different combinations. You just have to find the right combination for you and your customers.

If you follow carefully the 3 steps digital marketing blueprint mentioned above, you will have at least a basic understanding how to drive high quality targeted traffic, convert your site visitors, and nurture your sales lead and customers.

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