Latest Online Jobs For Freelancers In Nigeria To Earn Money

online jobs for freelancers

Are you a recent university graduate or stay at home service provider looking for how to make money online in Nigeria this year? Here are some of the latest online jobs for freelancers in Nigeria that pays.

Trust me, being broke can be very frustrating and annoying!

And even more annoying if your parents do not send you allowances, because they do not have enough…

Believe me, I’ve been there before.

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Online jobs for freelancers

Making money online in Nigeria is not as difficult as you have imagined it. Since we still live in the era of the internet, it’s not that difficult to earn extra money on the side.

Online jobs for freelancers require little or no experience to get started with.

Some poor people search the Internet hoping to find the potential ways to earn money online but they hit a block end.

In fact, a few of you might even end up on scam sites, which are ready to hunt you instantly.

Anyways, I have listed many ways with which you as a freelancer can make extra income that will help you through your basic financial needs like feeding, accommodation, clothing, etc.

9 Tested and Proven Ways to Make $500/Day with Digital Marketing Skills working from home or anywhere.

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Here is the complete eye-opener guide for freelancers who are searching for a part-time job online to start making money from their homes.

Another great opportunity to make some extra money blogging is by working as a part-time content writer for websites, blogs or online journals for any topic you have a fairly good and authoritative knowledge in.”

I’ll be sharing every scrap of crucial information with you in this regard.

Before you continue reading this article, here are;

Things you need to earn money online in Nigeria as a freelancer:

  • Basic understanding of how to use the computer and internet
  • Should understand and write basic readable English (another language is a good addition)
  • You should have a consistent, persevering and hardworking nature.

With that in mind, here are major online jobs for freelancers in Nigeria to earn money while they sleep.

List Of The Best Online Jobs For Freelancers In Nigeria That Pay Well

Online Jobs For Freelancers: Blogging and Content Writing


Blogging is in fact, one of the best ways to earn money as a freelancer.

What is Blogging?

A blog is a website that consists of entries called posts that appear in reverse chronological order with the most recent entry appearing first, similar in format to a daily journal. Therefore, blogging is the act of writing a post on a blog.

As a freelancer, before you venture into blogging you need to first come up with an idea (a niche).

What this means is, the area you want to build your blog around…your blog niche!

If you look around, you will find different types of blogs focused on different things in the area of technology, entertainment, real estate, fashion and so much more.

Here are a few ideas that you may like…

Start a news website. You can take the news from TV. As soon as news appears on television, post it on your blog before anyone else does.

You can also provide information services such as how to do things, how to repair gadgets, reviews about new technology products like phones, laptops, etc.

Blogging all begins with choosing a niche, immediately followed by creating the actual blog, promoting your content and monetizing the entire process.

How do you create a blog?

Creating a blog is not so difficult these days. In fact, I have covered blog creation in more details in this article.

Read this article to learn how to build your own website under 24 hours.

Alternatively, because we have noticed the many opportunities in blogging that freelancers and other interested people can take advantage of, we have covered website and blog development very practically in our digital marketing training.

With the course, you would be able to learn how to create a successful and monetized blog and make HUGE money from the comfort of your home.

How will you get paid for blogging?

Blogging has different monetization methods.

On the one hand, you can create your own blog and monetize your content, products or those of others through affiliate marketing…

…or you can write content for other people’s websites and blogs.

There are ready-made advertising and affiliate programs you can use to make money on your blog. Google Adsense is a complete package on the advertising side — basically, all you need to do is to sign up for an account, paste the ad code into your site, and you’re ready to go.

You can also choose to partner with PPC advertising networks such as Google Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika and more. You can also opt to monetize your website or blog by selling direct advertising space on it.

Still another way to make money from a blog is by preparing and selling your own e-book, guides, templates, etc. Pick a subject you’re knowledgeable in, one that people are likely to pay to learn about, write your e-book, then market it on your site.

If you can make your blog so popular by driving a lot of traffic to it, then selling advert space like Linda Ikeji would be easy.

Getting Started with Blogging as a  Freelancer

Another great opportunity to make some extra money blogging is by working as a part-time content writer for websites, blogs or online journals for any topic you have a fairly good and authoritative knowledge in.

You can make decent money from this job. Today, blogging has become a trend and every website needs content writers. That’s where you come in.

[bctt tweet=”Another great opportunity to make some extra money blogging is by working as a part-time content writer for websites, blogs or online journals for any topic you have a fairly good and authoritative knowledge in.” username=”dmsinstitute”]


  • Blogging and Google AdSense monetization
  • Promoting affiliate products
  • Advertising products and brands on your blog
  • Freelance writing
  • Text proofreading
  • Writing paid product reviews on your blog

Job Platforms

Things to Note?

As a freelancer, I do not expect you to publish articles every day, so you don’t let this affect other routine activities. You should find a way to balance blogging and life because blogging requires frequent updating.

You must structure your website in a way that your audience understand when you will be pushing out new articles.

In addition, as a blogger, do not build your blog around plagiarism (Stealing or copying other people’s content). If you don’t refrain from that, you can be slapped with copyright infringement or even penalized by Google, thus losing all your organic rankings and traffic.

Here is what to do:

Instead, write and create everything on your website all by yourself in your own simple way of communicating. However, you can take an idea from blogs already existing on the internet and see how they craft their content.

A quick advice for you: Don’t think of money for the first few months of blogging, focus to get average 1,000 visitors daily. If you get that target you will get money as well.

One of my employees drives huge traffic to his website and how he actually achieved this will be covered in our digital marketing training course.

Here is a screenshot below:


Average monthly website traffic

So you see…

If you really want to take blogging to the next level and grow your website, then you should consider attending our next digital marketing training to get started. Click =>

Or check out this thorough guide on how to make money blogging in Nigeria.

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Online Jobs For Freelancers: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


SEO job is among the many digital jobs out there.

Becoming an SEO expert as a freelancer means learning an improved variety of Search Engine Optimization techniques to help improve a website search engine rank.

Remember where I talked about how one of my employees grew his website visitors above? SEO is one of the tactics he deployed and is currently deploying.

Once you can master SEO from our digital marketing course, you can even start your own company.

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for “Search Engine Optimization.” And it’s a strategy used to get exposure, rank and drive organic traffic to your website via search engines.

There are people who are making quite a lot of money from their SEO businesses after going through our digital marketing training and you would be surprised to know that they all started as an SEO.

You can start your own SEO company in Nigeria but before that, you need to understand what it takes.

To start up an SEO company is a very tough task. You can become a freelancepreneur if you know how the search engine works and how to ensure your client’s websites rank increases after optimization.

Getting Started with SEO Jobs as a Freelancer

Starting up an SEO job is not simple. You need to be very much defined by your core requirements, you need a process that works.

To start up your own SEO company and make it successful, you should follow the checklist below:

To make your SEO business thrive in Nigeria, you have to understand the basics of website optimization and ensure you’ve implemented what you are bragging about.

Calling yourself the best SEO company in Nigeria will warrant you’re on top on Google search when prospective clients search for the highlighted keyword.

For you to successfully set up an action SEO company in Nigeria, you should have acquired all the necessary digital skills needed to succeed and to be called an SEO expert or strategist.

These are some of the ways you can start earning money from your SEO firm in Nigeria. Before you start your company, you need to be defined what you want, how to get clients and how you want your company to grow.


  • SEO Auditor
  • SEO evaluator
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Consultant
  • SEO content writer
  • Link builder, etc.


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Online Jobs For Freelancers: Virtual Assistance


Virtual assistance is one of the best online jobs for freelancers and a better option compared to Blogging. It basically involves providing business support services to clients virtually and independently from anywhere.

A lot of people out there need help solving or fixing one or two things in their business. We can’t deny that not all can afford the services of a professional company.

A few online businesses today just need someone who can carry out tasks faster and more effectively without breaking the bank.

So why all this?

In today’s world, many are looking for ways to save money and cut down expenses by hiring freelancers to execute a simple task.

Imagine someone going to Google to search for “cheap graphic designer”?

What this is indicating is, this folk is looking to employ someone to help with the design.

As a freelancer, assisting clients virtually is just the best alternative if you don’t have all the patience for blogging.

So, who is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a self-employed person offering services, usually to businesses and often to multiple clients at a time without necessarily doing so physically.

Getting Started with Virtual Assistance as a Freelancer

Here are some tips on how to get your virtual assistance career started:

  • Choose your industry and niche
  • Define your service offerings clearly
  • Understand your client persona
  • Build your portfolio and do more projects
  • Build your credibility and thought leadership in your industry
  • Leverage on your existing network and create more within your industry
  • Sell your skills via as many channels as possible
  • Perfect your pitch
  • Set and scale your service pricing

The honest truth is, without the required skills, you can’t freelance. As a matter of fact, you can’t impress whoever is hiring you.

So, how do you get all the skills needed?

[bctt tweet=”As a prospective virtual assistant, you have to look deep into yourself to know where your passion lies — is it content writing, Search Engine Optimization, email marketing, graphics design, and so on.” username=”dmsinstitute”]

Simply follow your passion and acquire the needed ability.



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Since virtual assistance is an expert-intensive sector, you would need to acquire enough professional skills to help you get started.

You know the best part?

You can learn all of these and more at our digital marketing training course starting soon. We’ll show you everything you need to know if you really want to become a freelancer and how to attract the right customers to your offering.

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Online Jobs For Freelancers: Social Media Agency

latest online jobs for students in nigeria

Utilising social media to its fullest potential can propel a business to the next level — if done the right way.

Yet the world of social media marketing is still new to many people and is constantly evolving especially in Nigeria.

A lot of business owners today claim to be social media experts but, have persistently made these social media mistakes without taking a look at the effect it has on their brand.

Young people have a habit of wasting precious time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. and that’s one of my reasons for mentioning this as one of the online jobs for freelancers in Nigeria.

Freelancers in Nigeria must learn that social media marketing plays a huge role in today’s marketing.

Thus, those who have a knack for social media can leverage that medium, grow an exciting career and make money from it while at home.

Entering the digital world can be intimidating to those looking to expand their online presence. For business owners who aren’t interested in handling social media marketing themselves, outsourcing is an option. And providing these social media services to other companies can be a business in itself.

If you’ve ever thought about how to start your own social media business, consider looking at existing social media companies in Nigeria.

These companies are social media management agencies and they basically specialize in maintaining the Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blog presence for other businesses. Sometimes, these such companies also assist other business owners with planning social media strategy.

Getting Started with Social Media Agency Jobs as a Freelancer

Starting up a Social Media Marketing business is not simple. You need to be very much defined by your core requirements, you need a process that works.

To start up your own  Social Media Marketing company and make it successful, you should:

Our digital marketing course covers all the aspect of social media marketing and will assist you in the following areas listed below;

  • Create your own social media marketing agency from home
  • Offer a wide range of social media and digital marketing services
  • Have the products and tools necessary to find and close clients
  • Up-sell and cross-sell your clients on other related and value-added services
  • Create a website that advertises your services and gets leads


  • Social media analyst
  • Social media auditor
  • Social media manager
  • Social media marketer
  • Account manager, etc.


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Online Jobs For Freelancers: Survey Filling


Ever disliked those moments in when a person walks up to you to plead that you help them fill out a survey? Not just any survey, but a  long and 5-page survey?

Filling out surveys can be a really annoying task. Especially when it’s a research proposal or project.

What if I told you that there were online platforms that allowed you to easily fill out forms and surveys and still get paid doing it?

Well, that’s what I’m going to tell you now.

I am usually hesitant to recommend online survey filling jobs to freelancers because of the uncertainties in the industry, but then it will be unwise to throw both the baby and the bathwater away.

Making money by filling out surveys is another very interesting online job opportunity for freelancers to make money, and the best part is that the only investment you would be making is signing up to the platform for free.

Many big product and service companies from Nigeria and all around the world are ready to spend millions of naira and dollars to contract online survey platforms to get their members to fill out market research survey forms for them.

These portals already have a large number of people under different communities worldwide in their database and when those market companies offer survey opportunities, these survey portals select members from their database based on many parameters.

Getting Started with Online Survey Filling Jobs as a Freelancer

To start making money by filling out surveys online,  you should:

  • Register to create an account with a survey company
  • Complete and optimize your profile with all your likes interest, skills and experience
  • Market your skills with strategies from Digital Marketing Skill Institute
  • Bid for survey gigs
  • Or wait for the system to email you whenever they find a survey that matches your profile
  • Upon successful completion, you will be either rewarded with cash or gift vouchers


  • Website reviewer
  • App reviewer
  • Fill out forms
  • Fill out surveys
  • Data analysis
  • Data collector
  • Market researcher, etc.


Now, here’s the gist guys…You won’t get stupendously rich taking surveys, but it may be one of the easiest and cost-free ways to make money from your hostel.

Online Jobs For Freelancers: Language Translation


Nigeria is a multi-ethnic country with multiple local languages and dialects. This makes Nigerians one of the most multilingual people in the world.

A typical Nigerian is able to speak more than one language fluently. With this trait, as a Nigerian, you are naturally disposed to learn many local and foreign languages.

And the best part is that you may not simply need to learn these languages for communication alone, but you can also make money from them by offering language translation services online.

Getting Started with Language Translation Jobs as a Freelancer

Here’s how you can start making money from language translation:

  • Learn multiple local and foreign languages fluently
  • Find great and lucrative online language translation services
  • Register to create an account
  • Search for translation gigs and bid for them
  • Get paid for your services

A language translator and a writer are very similar. They do the same job of content development. The translator, however, focuses more on developing the same content of a written work in another language. This means that the translator has to be fluent in two or more languages required.


There are many language translation job opportunities you can explore but here are a few:

  • Text to voice translator
  • Voice to text translator
  • Online language teacher
  • Website content writer in a foreign language
  • Software/app translator


Online Jobs For Freelancers: Online Tutoring


Due the to the growth of busy lifestyle of many people nowadays, people prefer to take online courses rather than the physical training.

The rise in technology and the internet has made the experience of online coaching extremely realistic. As a result, demand for online tutorials like our digital marketing course websites is growing really fast.

If you have an expertise in anything that is helpful and can get people to solve problems and you like to help others learn, online tutorial could be the earning ticket for you as a freelancer looking for online job opportunities.

And it’s not just academic. You can offer tutoring or consulting in things like music, art, social media, fashion, tennis, football, or nutrition, etc.

Getting Started with Online Tutoring as a Freelancer

Here’s how you can start making money from online tutoring:

  • Attain a mastery level in your chosen field
  • Search for great online tutoring opportunities for tutors
  • Complete your profile and create a course
  • Get people to register and pay to learn from your course
  • And begin to make money once they register


  • YouTube tutorial courses
  • Live webinar trainer
  • Language teacher
  • DIY tutor
  • Online school tutor


With digital marketing form our digital marketing course, you can generate more leads for your online tutorial website and even track followership and performance of your programmes.

When you register for our digital marketing course, we will show you how to start your online tutorial platform, attract paying students, smart tools you can use, as well as how to monetize your efforts.

So Therefore

I am going to stop here for now.

To conclude, you should know from this article now that online money making in Nigeria is not at all, a difficult activity but a pleasurable one, indeed.

In a world where the internet and information consumption is rapidly becoming a global culture, people are increasingly exploring new ways to make fast money online in the most cost-effective way possible and there’s no need for you to be left out.

Especially since resources may be limited.


With the information from this article, you should now be exposed to the worldwide opportunities in online money making. You should have also learned some strategies, platforms, tools, and tips that can get you started.

I promise to frequently update this post with new online job opportunities for freelancers to make money in Nigeria as soon as I find some more.

Did I leave out any online business that you are currently exploring and making money from?

Or are there some opportunities that you are aware of, but would like to learn more in-depth, then leave a comment in the comment section and I’d reply you with the best tactics.

Alternatively, if you want to learn these techniques practically from me and other top experts, then you need to register for our digital marketing course which is starting very soon.

(Click here to learn more about the course and when it starts)

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